What discontinued products have you loved and lost without being able to replace?

Chanel Dragon Rouge Allure Laque — nothing really replicates the depth and then the way the shimmer came through the very rich base, plus the texture/wear. Guerlain Gems Rouge G was limited edition to begin with if I’m remembering correctly, and it’s an oddly warmer-toned take on a more common pink-coral with gold shimmer kind of shade, plus the luminous finish is hard to find.

— Christine
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Sabrina Avatar

Givenchy Rose Plumetis. Everything about it was perfect. And, I know that it was a limited edition; but, sometimes, I wish brands would keep products around. The way it felt on my lips was amazing. And that beautiful leather case!!! I miss it.

Erica Avatar

I don’t have too many discontinued products I cry over bc there are so many new ones that come along.
But what comes to mind is Maybelline had an eyeliner called the Line Stylist in Bronze Gleam. They replaced it with their Master Precise Skinny Gel pencils. They have a black, grey and brown but they do not have any bronzey brown color. I loved Bronze Gleam. It was perfect! Super precise lines. Stay put all day. I cannot do liquid liner so this was perfect for me to get as close as possible to the lashline. And best of all, the bronzey color really brightened up my eyes. I went through multiples of it. Black liner is too harsh on me. Matte browns can be flat. I do like the charcoal grey but I don’t want grey every day. And it never dawned on me to buy back ups. Wish I did!

Erica Avatar

I’ve seen it on Amazon. I am just not sure I trust buying it there. I don’t want to buy a dried up expired liner (since it is not coming from Maybelline directly). I have been tempted to purchase it from Amazon but I just haven’t bit the bullet 🙂

M Avatar

Have you seen Maybelline’s Lasting Drama pencils? They’re current and they have a bronze, albeit not a skinny. (It is a gel though. Whether they say it or not, I’m pretty sure you can’t find non-gel shimmer pencils anymore. )

Mizlexia508 Avatar

Physicians Formula makes some pretty bomb brown shimmer liners.. I’d say they have a good bronze. My holy Grail was MAC Molasses Pearl Glide and I’d give my left boob for one!

Karine Avatar

This question comes in a “funny” timming. With all the drama about lipsticks going on, I decided to check my stach and see if my older lipstick smelled expired. My all time favourite Mac Drive me Wild (limited edition though, not discontinued) has gone bad. I see BEAUTIFUL LIAR by NARS as a dupe, but it’s not as similar, looks more sheer and WAY more expensive.

I really like L’Oreal Panoramic curl mascara. I found some ok substitutes, but not as cheap as the original.

Seraphine Avatar

The only product I can think of that really devastated me when it was discontinued is Laura Mercier’s Discretion lipstick. I still remember going to the store several years ago to repurchase it for the third time, and when they told me it was discontinued, I took my almost empty tube to every makeup counter I could find to try to find a dupe. Not even MAC had a true dupe of this shade. I finally gave up. I still have that last tube, which is used up, but there is still some product in the bottom of the tube.

thirteenthirteen Avatar

If you are ever near a Bite Lip Lab, they can make custom lipsticks! I haven’t done it because I really don’t need any more lipsticks but I happen to live not too far from one and it sounds like a cool experience, so I hope to try it sometime. bitebeauty.com/lip-lab

Seraphine Avatar

Wow, that looks like it would be so much fun! Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately for my bank account), I don’t live near one. If you ever try it, be sure to tell us all about your experience.

Laura Avatar

This is so dumb, but I’ve been chasing Bite’s Kir Royale limited edition from 2015 and really wish I had hoarded more than two. I LOVE Bite’s formula, and that color was the perfect bridge from winter to spring and summer to fall. There are a million dupes – it wasn’t a really unique shade – but it’s not THAT lipstick, you know?

thirteenthirteen Avatar

I have a mini (from a Sephora points perk or something?) that I don’t think I’ve ever used except to swatch it. If you’re in North America I’d be happy to send it to you as it isn’t really a great color for me and it’s just sitting there. You can email me whythirteenwhy at gmail. I promise i’m not a stalker. 🙂

krb Avatar

MAC Strawbaby and High Top lipsticks, both from Fafi. I am thinking about sending Strawbaby to the place that creates a dupe for you. I’ve used them in the past and the result was good.

I often wonder why MAC never released Pleasureflush again. I thought it was a hit and I was so hoping I could try it!

ouineque Avatar

hello, I happened to see this post and I think the person above means Three Custom Colors. I haven’t tried this myself yet, but apparently they do a good job at recreating your almost gone lipstick or gloss or whatever you want.

krb Avatar

Yes, it was 3 Custom Color. I didn’t know if I should mention the name since I might look like a shill. I sent them a discontinued Kevyn Aucoin lipstick and they reproduced it perfectly. I just wish you could buy one tube at a time. Two tubes is the minimum order.

Wendy Avatar

MAC Ready to Kiss lipstick. A classic red, it was part of the Liza Minelli collection. I just checked your archives-it was 2003! I guess I should give up. It was the perfect red for me.
The original Makeup Forever Artist Shadow formula. While I appreciate the new pan shape, the formula is not as good.
I also loved a 90’s Revlon lipstick called Exotica or Exotika. It was a brownish berry (or more of a berry-ish brown, if that makes sense). I don’t know if it would work today, but I wore it almost every day in the mid nineties.

Lily Avatar

Milk Makeup’s Lip Color in the dark purple, I lost the one I had right before they came up with the new one and discontinued that color. Another one, that’s not exactly discontinued, Nars’s matte foundation, I had finally found the right color for my skin and now I can’t buy it since they’re no longer cruelty-free.

Jessica Avatar

I 100% agree about Dragon Laque. It is my all time favorite red. It’s the epitome of red IMO. I now have real issues finding the right red, the one that I think I look really pretty in. I always wonder what the decision was to discontinue it. I wish they would at least bring the color back in a different formula.

Erika Avatar

I also was in love with Chanel Dragon Rouge Allure Laque. In fact, the formula was wonderful and I am so disappointed it was discontinued.

Sarah Avatar

I still have my Dragon ? it hasn’t changed smell yet, and I’ve never let anyone else use it from the applicator. I always regret not sticking up on Lollipop Lovin. The green shimmer does such an amazing job of neutralizing the extra redness in my lips to actually have a nice nude lip.

eshum Avatar

NARS x Charlotte Gainsbourg Lip Glosses. Wow, I love them!

Lush Jackie Oates Skin Tint (this really should have been discontinued since it came in one shade. But I’m still hoping they’ll bring it back and with a good shade range!)

Stacey Avatar

Gone of the yester years. This is why I hoard cosmetics….due to the bygone era. A bad habit.
Halston – cosmetic collection especially the blushes and the heart shape casing
Stendhal blue color mascara
Christian Dior- blush and powder duo…..no bronzer in this compact
YSL original collection…the original standards with 24K cases and the bold, saturated colors
Chanel pink and purple eyeshadow duo, the black cloth covers
Ralph Lauren cosmetic night and daycollection- foundation was so yummy

The list goes on…luxurious makeup

Ciara Avatar

My two favorite lip colors are (or were) Colourpop Ribbon and Cheap Thrills. Ribbon was the perfect deep blue red, and Cheap Thrills was a versatile bright but dusty purple mauve. I lost Ribbon at my cousin’s house in Fort Lauderdale, and I just ran out of Cheap Thrills. The dupes for Ribbon are missing *something*– some critical dimension I just can’t put my finger on– and the dupes for Cheap Thrills are either too lavender, too dusty, too light, too pink, too deep. Embellishment by NYX seems like the closest thing, but it’s a little too light and purple… while Lumiere by Colourpop is too pink. Le sigh.

Tessa Avatar

I have (and never wear Ribbon). I’ve written it exactly once — bummer that liquid lipstick is maybe weird to use secondhand, because I totally wouldn’t mind sending it to a more appreciative home!

Ariel Riley Avatar

UD Lip Junkies (Naked was my fav) and Benefit You Rebel in the red tube. Still bitter about not being able to duplicate those two and it’s been YEARS, lol.

xamyx Avatar

I had the black & white. I still have remnants of both just so I can compare newer products. The closest I’ve ever found was Lancome Poudre Kohl (or something like that), but only as a “dry” product, and only in black…

Natalie Avatar

Not sure if this is a discontinued product, but Kat Von D Beauty’s old eyeshadow formula with the brights was just so lovely and exactly my taste. The tones as well were really unique, I still can’t find dupes for some shades in my MetalMatte palette. I never got the Mi Vida Loca palette but I’ve always wished that I had.

Pearl Avatar

MAC Viva Glam Rihanna lipstick (the red one) – I’ve got dupes but there was something about the texture and that ultrafine pearl that was just PERFECT. It was creamy and gave a lovely texture to my lips. I loved the packaging also.

MAC Silver Sun Extra Dimension eye shadow – This was the perfect green for me – muted, shimmery, pale but not pastel and it looked just as pretty faded (gleamy) as it did when first applied. I’m not sure if that had to do with the texture, finish or color but it just works. I bought 3 back ups so I am still using freely as I’m not quite done with the first.

Chanel Empriente du Desert – the colors all work together flawlessly and the formula gives the perfect amount of pigment and glow and I love the way it looks after its been worn for a day, kind of a faded gleamy look. I haven’t come across anything like it since and am glad I bought 2 back ups.

Giorgio Armani Lasting Silk UV Foundation – my HG perfect formula for foundation. This formula is for me what most people say about the Luminous version. It gives me a beautiful subtle glow and was the perfect satin but natural finish and the coverage was perfect. Other formulas had come close but just haven’t had the right amount of coverage and finish. I have 3 backups in the fridge. I am hoping Pat McGrath’s foundation is a dupe because she used to work for GA on a few campaigns and GA discontinued the formula but maybe the time for such a formula has now arrived and with PMGs endorsement, I don’t think it can go wrong. Then again there was that mediocre mascara… anyway, fingers crossed for her new formula.

Tom Ford Something Wild lipstick – The perfect coral for me. It is akin to the way Pat McGrath’s Emmanuelle looks in swatches but not metallic on me. It is creamy, long wearing and gives a lovely texture to my lips. It looks like it has this faint amount of pearl (it doesn’t I don’t think) that gives such a pretty sheen. It’s the same kind of finish and texture that the MAC Rhianna Viva Glam gives me. I have 2 backups in the fridge. I have been wearing it quite a bit because “eat the cake, buy the shoes, wear the lipstick”. It is my most expensive lipstick and I used to always think, “is this Tom Ford worthy?” whenever I went to wear it but now I want to make room for other new things to try. I’m not really crazy about TFs lipstick formula other than this one lipstick. I think I would hold the formula and the lipsticks in general in much higher regard if it wasn’t such an exorbitant price. The lipsticks are fine but not worth $55 and that, to me, brings down my personal rating because it seems extravagant for a regular, non-remarkable formula at that price point. Even the packaging feels cheap compared to Pat McGrath’s or Guerlain’s luxurious heft. But there is something special about that particular lipstick.

Seraphine Avatar

“Eat the cake, buy the shoes, wear the lipstick” … words I need to say to myself more often. I have a few makeup products I don’t use because they are LE and I’m afraid of running out. Stupid, I know. I also have expensive products I save for special occasions. Stupid again. I really need to get over this fear of running out, so you’ve just inspired me to do a makeup theme next week: Use at least one “special” product every day! 🙂

Maya Avatar

Guerlain’s Rouge G in Giulette (63). Nothing comes close to its beautiful colour. Bright coral pink with a refined gold sheen. I used up all 3 of mine and I’ve been sad ever since Guerlain discontinued it.

Helene Avatar

MAC Viva Glam Rihanna the red is one of my all time favourite red lipsticks. I rarely buy backups but for this one I did, I really love the gloss as well and have a back up for it. And as it was Viva Glam I don’t feel bad for buying extras, I but Viva Glam even if I look kind of weird in some of the colours, it’s such an excellent charity.
I love MAC Silver Sun Extra Dimension eye shadow. Gorgeous shade of green.

Rachel R. Avatar

Almay Intense i-Color Mascara in Raisin Quartz. It was the best mascara shade *ever* for bringing out the green in my eyes. When I had plum-red and auburn hair, I’d use it on my eyebrows, too. I was gutted when they dc’d it, and I’ve never found a close dupe. They dc’d it right as colored mascaras were making a comeback, which baffles me.

Beth Avatar

By Terry Ombre Blackstar in 16 nude milky way. It was the perfect base for any shadow applied on top. It made the shadows appear more vibrant and nothing would ever crease. I realized it was limited edition, although it remained available from multiple websites for a couple of years. It finally is no longer available and I am on my last one. I have tried numerous other shadow sticks from all different companies and have yet to find a decent replacement.

Peggy Schuerholz Avatar

Going way back: Prescriptives had this incredible lip gloss called Glossy Fudge. In the pot it looked like a shimmery chocolate brown (a color I can’t wear) but on my lips it was an incredible deep, shiny, cherry-brown that looked like nothing else. Also, Estee Lauder lipsticks in Alfresco Brick and Copper Brown.

Gilad Avatar

I still miss Prescriptives!! The colors were distinctive and always looked incredible – I loved knowing which colors would work for me with total certainty. I don’t understand why no one seems to think there’s a market for a cosmetics line that creates colors for specific skin tones.

Stephanie Avatar

Yes, Prescriptives! A perfect concept. The Custom Blend is still available on line, with limited products. I miss the Oil Free Moisture Lotion, All You Need Oil Free Lotion and Victorian Porcelain foundation.

Cassie Avatar

MAC’s Pink Meringue lipglass, which was stolen by a coworker years ago. I’ve tried so many different glosses since but have never been able to find anything quite right.

Lesley Avatar

Laura Mercier lipstick in a color called Pomegranate. Dark colors don’t look good on me but this was somewhat sheer so it worked. Chanel nail polish in Vendetta was the color of a black plum. Everything else is too brown or too blue.

Nancy T Avatar

Oh, Essence what have you gone and done. Essence DC’d their very well-loved on Makeup Alley, and so very needed by many, Midnight In Paris Gel Liner. The one thing I could use to make impeccable wings and have them last through ANYTHING. Even my hellascious acidy allergy tears, monsoon downpours, my rare crying jag, sweat, you name it. Well, it’s gone. Except on eBay, where it’s fetching a hefty $.

MAC just keeps DC’ing beloved products. Smdh. Tempting e/s, VG IV and VI, Sandy B, and Liptensity Lipsticks. WHY??? Pray tell!

Tessa Avatar

Bonne Bell Lip Lix in “Can’t Elope” was my very first colored lipstick type product! Does it count as a “lipstick” lipstick? Anyway, it was a perfect pop of medium coverage coral. I STILL gravitate to medium coverage and have lots of corals… Oh, Lip Lix.

Daphne Avatar

MAC Venomous Villains – Evil Queen’s Oh So Fair Beauty Powder

Hands down my favorite MAC collection everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

moonchime Avatar

I spent a lifetime using Bonne Bell’s Ten-O-Six facial toner. It was the absolute best toner ever. The smell was wonderful as well. It was discontinued and the supposed “New” formula is nothing like the original at all. I will forever mourn this product.

Helene Avatar

Lancôme rose crystal lipstick. I used it forever. When it was discontinued I called all over the country and got as many as available. Have just 1 tube left and it is still fabulous. I want it back in the lineup again!

Lucie Avatar

I’m not sure I can really come up with anything make-up wise. There’s stuff I’ve loved and lost but I eventually found something I loved, I guess, because nothing is really screaming out at me. I will say I miss the plum color of the Benefit Badgal mascara. I loved that it was subtle and didn’t flake or give me raccoon eyes.

My two drop dead miss forever and have never found a suitable replacement product are actually a perfume and a shower gel.

I have four holy grail perfumes from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab and one got discontinued quite a few years ago – Loviatar. It was leather, amber, red musk, and myrrh and it was the single best leather scent I have ever encountered and no perfume with a leather note has ever lived up to it.

The other is Skinny Dip shower gel from Lush. It had notes of clove bud, clary sage, cedarwood, and ylang ylang. It was a very watery shower “gel” with bits of cocoa butter in it and you had to shake it to make sure you distributed the cocoa butter evenly because it was that watery…but the herbally spicy scent was odd, yet crazy addictive and the cocoa butter made it so moisturizing. But the lack of preservatives in it made it less shelf stable and they eventually ended up discontinuing it. They tried bringing the scent back in a different form for awhile, but it wasn’t the same.

I have never been able to duplicate the scent or the feel of either of those products.

Ippy Avatar

Ciaté® Olivia Palermo Satin Kiss lipstick in Praline. Perfection! It broke me out of my liquid lipstick obsession and got me back to using bullets. The formula was smooth an creamy, opaque enough to cover the discoloration on my lips but thin enough that it was comfortable and sleek. I bought 4 when Sephora had it on sale, and I bought 4 more from a reseller. I’m going to cry when I finally run out 🙁 I’ve never been able to find a dupe for the color. It was a warm rosy brown that leaned more brown but still had enough pink to give it a feminine sophisticated look.

T Avatar

Smashbox cream shadows were my every day go to. Beach bronze cream shadow by Bobbi Brown was/is my long missed favorite smokey eye shade. And finally my most missed, cant find a dupe no matter how hard I try, Stila’s primepot in taffy. .. my oily lids really love a high quality cream shadow =] I also can’t believe Smashbox discontinued bb eyes and their chubby eye pencils. I also can’t seem to track down perfekt mascara anymore or the old erase paste from benefit.

Lulu Avatar

I’m going back to the ’80s to my true love lipstick. It was Laura Mercier or maybe Bobbi Brown. Sure don’t remember the color name. Absolutely do remember standing in Neiman’s buying the last 16 they had in stock.
There are at least a couple of companies that recreate makeup in specific shades/formulas but you have to have a tiny bit of your fave to formulate. Can’t recall names. Keep you posted.

Claire Renee Avatar

Where do I begin? Cover Girl Marathon Mascara-waterproof mascara that didn’t ever budge; an old MAC shadow-Dovetail-a gorgeous smoky mauve/greyed dark lavender that has no dupe; Prescriptives Powder Blush in Mystic; a late 1980’s/early 90’s L’Oreal lipstick Café Rose (before I developed an aversion to perfumey lipstick) it was a gorgeous shade; Make Up For Ever’s original formula HD foundation.

Esther Avatar

I love everything I bought from the Nars Charlotte Gainsbourg collection and wish I’d bought more. Particularly love the formula of the multiple tint, Jeanette is the only product I’ve ever had a stress dream about running out of and I still regret not buying the Alice shade as well. Also love the lip tint formula, Ephelide was always in my purse until it ran out.

Amalia Avatar

Chanel Malice nail varnish, the old MAC Warm Soul blush, Estee Lauder Rhubarb lipgloss, Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective Dark Circle Perfector Broad Spectrum SPF 30… a fragrance-free under eye cream, with vitamin C, with sun protection that doesn’t sting the eyes, with a concealer -y color, in an opaque squeeze tub! Why? I still have two Dragon Laque … in the fridge.

Jackie Avatar

Clinique Dramatically Different lipstick…several shades. Their new lipsticks are nothing like the old formula.
Fresh Black Tea Toner. They replaced it with the Kombucha essence which is more expensive and not as good as the toner.

Helene Avatar

I wish UD hadn’t reformulated their lipsticks as I so much prefered the old formulation.
MAC Pink Poodle, it came back as LE and stupid me didn’t buy one as I had one, rather old, but still going strong. Some few months after the LE mine turned.
MAC Sprout, a very spring time, happy green. I still have it, but it’s not really usable anymore. I think it must have been one of the first, if not THE first MAC product I bought.

I think so much new is coming it almost feels as if I’m drowning in announcements of new makeup. There are some interesting releases, too many to buy from and therefore I don’t really think if DC’ed products all that much, though the other day I was trying to find a dupe for the brown in the Dior trio, and most dupes were DC’ed or LE’s

Stephanie Avatar

Lancôme Masque No. 10, a blue gel mask, incredible when used in the under eye area.
Prescriptives Victorian Porcelain Foundation, my perfect match.
Lancôme pink cream blush with subtle silver sparkle.
MAC cream blush, Brit Wit.
Armani powder eye shadow, Maestro 25, beige pink satiny, a go to neutral.
Maybelline Express Blush, Plummy Shimmer, my kind of bronze.

Lisa Phillips Avatar

The Original Clairol Herbal Essences shampoo, the one with the girl with the flowers on her head. And Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific shampoo. Vermont Country Store sells them, but they don’t smell like the originals. Don’t understand why Clairol can’t bring it back.

Belle Avatar

For years, I wore Wet N Wild Pearlescent Pink blush, the perfect color for me. It was cheap, yet awesome! Then they reformulated, and the new Pearlescent Pink is a totally different color, more peach than pink. That was several years ago now, and I’m still bummed about it. 🙁

Sarah Avatar

Mac discontinued their nail polishes and I totally missed it. Two of my absolute fave shades are from this line – Sour Cherry and Anti-Fashion. I event tried the EL program where they try to find the last of discontinued items in North America but they were totally out. 🙁

Z Avatar

Rimmel’s Boho Nude (one of the special metallic pink packaging of the Kate Moss nudes) is that magical unicorn color for my skin tone that goes with Every. Single. Eye. Look. Seriously, every one. I purchased a five-pack off ebay that I hope lasts me a little while before having to find a real, exact dupe.

Guerlain’s loose Kohl in Brun Dore. It’s deep and dark without being black and has little flecks to add depth. For years I wore this every single day and it was all I needed for makeup. Haven’t found a dupe yet with the same wear and lasting power.

Z Avatar

I thought of another. A few years ago KVD had duo sets for the holidays of Bow n Arrow liquid lipstick and the Tattoo liner. My little Bn’A is a different color than the current full size one sold in Sephora so now I don’t even know how to go about replacing it. It’s a perfect shade on my lips when patted on top of balm.

Natasha Avatar

Long time reader first time poster. 🙂

Revlon Lip Butfed in Peach Parfait and they had a pink/brown nude tone that was divine too. I’m ashamed to admit I still own them. But I don’t use them.

Cat Avatar

Maybe I’m romanticizing it because it was my first mascara, but Cover Girl Long n’ Lush. It’s been gone for like eleventy billion years, but I remember loving the wand and the formula. I’ve tried tons of other mascaras over the years, but I still think about that one. I was also going to bring up Max Factor 2000 Calorie mascara since I wasn’t able to get that in the US for a while, but I see it’s available on Amazon for a normal price! I hope it’s still as good as I remember.

Someone mentioned Bite Beauty Kir Royale lipstick (there was a mini gloss too). YES. When I got that as a perk at Sephora, I was lukewarm on the color. Then I tried it on and wow! The formula, the color…stunning. I have two deluxe samples that I use sparingly and hope Bite brings it back at sometime soon. It’s my perfect Fall lip color.

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