What categories are least represented in your stash?

I’m just going to think about my general go-tos rather than everything I have, because then the answer would be NONE. I tend to be more minimalist when it comes to bronzer, powder foundation, liquid eyeliner, face primer, and all hair products.

— Christine
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Katherine T. Avatar

Bronzers and contours – everything usually looks too dark, warm, and orange, I don’t have the time to apply these products carefully, so I rarely wear these products, and I don’t feel like I really need to.

Katherine T. Avatar

Oh, and no perfumes whatsoever. I always end up tossing those fragrance cards and small sample tubes they give out. The strong smell usually gives me a headache, and they irritate and dry out my skin. It’s too bad, because I do like some natural smells like lavender, vanilla, cocoa, chocolate, herbs, coconut, etc. Sigh. But that means more money for makeup!

Dianne Avatar

Because I have (what I believe to be) a reasonable stash, this is tough. I keep my face and eye primer, mascara, bronzer, and contour powder more or less the same each day, so I have only one of each. I only have a couple liquid liners and lip glosses because I don’t use them often. I wouldn’t say I have a lot of foundations, concealers, powders, brow products, or highlighters either but I do have a few options in each category for a bit of variety.

Tracey E. Avatar

Definitely eyeliner. I’m just not that talented at applying it. I’m light on the mask side, I suppose. My brush collection is not extensive, but meets my needs.

Kirsten Avatar

Contour products. I have one dark taupey blush that I can use to create shadows and that’s about it. I generally use bronzer and highlighter instead if I really want to contour.

Rachel R. Avatar

False lashes & glues, hair products, bath products, skin care, nail care (I own tons of polishes, though), fragrances, brow products, bronzers, contouring products, setting sprays, setting & finishing powders, cream color cosmetics in general (aside from lipstick, of course), matte eyeshadows, and matte lipsticks.

Mariella Avatar

Probably bronzers (though I do have a few, including one I really like, but I honestly rarely use them) and contouring powders along with brow products (again, I have a few but most of the time, I leave my brows alone and when I do darken them/fill them in, I’m more than happy to use a powder shadow).

nicole Avatar

mine would be eye products. my daily makeup routine is just base, concealer, blush and brows – to create a natural look.

the weirdest thing is i feel eye makeup creates the greatest difference hence im reluctant to do it. what if i overslept or jusr decided to be lazy one day? i would look ‘uglier’ than normal then. contemplated falsh lashies but my eyes would look dull one day when they eventually fall off.

when i have fancier events, i just slick on waterproof mascara (esp for weddings, must be waterproof!) and by terry ombre blackstar in bronze moon.

Lisa Avatar

Primers. Eyeshadows tend to last well on me so I don’t use it. I’ll sometimes use Mac paint pot as a base and it works really well. I don’t have a face primer I’m really into.. And I forget to wear them usually.

Anne Avatar

If the question is: What category of cosmetics do you have the least of? Then my answer is lip liners. I have a total of 3, and I don’t plan to buy another any time soon. If the question is: What category will you need to replenish next? Then my answer is hair products.

LindaP Avatar

Hmmmm…what do I keep one or two of and have no desire to get others?

Face primer – one illuminating and one BB cream. Happy with them. Done.
Mascara — one good black one is all I need
Eyeliner — one black, one brown because that’s all I’ll ever use. Can also change it up and smudge it out with shadow tones.
Foundation and concealer — one system for summer, one for winter (getting there and choosing what works is a whole ‘nother story. That involves LOTS of store samples. 🙂 )

Overloaded in lipsticks. No doubt about that.

Kayle Avatar

Base products for sure. At any given time I’ll have one foundation/cream, one concealer, one highlighter, and one blush. I don’t contour so I don’t have any contour products. I just don’t see why I’d want to spend more than I have to on the essentials! I also only keep around one or two mascaras and brow products.

Alecto Avatar

Without looking at the answers, I’m going to guess that almost everyone will say primer, foundation, and powder, since you can justify 30 eyeshadows, but who’s going to have that many of a base product (unless they’ve spent a lifetime buying product looking for the right color, texture, and coverage, and never disposed of the ones that didn’t work). Regardless, I’ll say it too. In the following order of least to most (but not much compared to eyeshadows, eyeliners, lipsticks, blushes, and nail polish):

Pressed powder (not counting true total quantity, as I buy 3 or 4 of exactly the same pressed powder every time for touch-ups and stash them everywhere so I have then when I need them), loose powder, corrector/concealer, primer (including eye), foundation, brow products, non-pencil eyeliner (liquid, gel pot), mascara, non-powder (non-CP) eyeshadow (liquid, cremes from a tube). Everything else I own more of than any one person should.

Lucie Avatar

Brow products – I really wish I knew what I was doing and could put more time and effort into it, but as it is I pretty much have a Benefit Brow Zings I haven’t touched in 9 months and a Nyx wax pencil I’ll use when I go too long between brow waxes.

Lip liner – hardly ever use it and if I do I only own one (Urban Decay Ozone)

Eye liner – I own a couple from Smashbox that I like, but I suck at putting on eyeliner and just do a more diffused look with a darker shadow and pencil brush 99% of the time.

Meanwhile, I have more eyeshadow, blush, and highlighters than two eyes and two cheeks can reasonably use.

AB Avatar

I’m satisfied with having just 1-2 or a few of: mascara, foundation, brow products, blushes, setting powders, face primer. I believe I have no bronzers, contouring products, liquid eyeliners,

Stephanie Avatar

I have one pencil eyeliner (antonym cosmetics in the color brown ) it’s amazing and non toxic but I hardly use it because it’s an extra step I don’t feel I need in order to feel complete with a makeup look. And the other product is a lip liner I have just one (I’m a minimalist) lip liner is zuzu luxe in the color terra-cotta it’s amazing beautiful and non toxic but again not a step I feel I need so I usually skip this too lol

Kylie5 Avatar

I Do not use bronzer so I have None. I also Do not use blush but I have some because I like the packaging or the colour very much. And you Never Know so When I want to use blush I have some. Bronzer is the only product I am sure I Will Never use.

Susan Dowman Nevling Avatar

i have few brow products, only what I need and like. Same with bronzers, only matte and very light. Two setting powders. I use only one mascara but do have some unopened samples. I do not have false lashes. I don’t use many hair products because my hair is straight no matter what I do. I do use hair spray so it stays out of my face.

PETA Hagan Avatar

Lip gloss. I have 2 as I don’t really like glossy lips.. Matte rules for me ! Also bronzer, I have the Chanel one which is perfect for my tone.

Deborah Avatar

I don’t use bronzers, matte lipsticks, face primer, brow products, very little highlighters but I like to buy the highlighters because they are shiny and pretty!

Bonnie Avatar

Things I never use: false lashes, liquid eyeliner, contour, primer, any lipliner other than reverse lip liner (I currently have Cargo and NYX for this). I probably have at least 1 of each of these thanks to beauty boxes, but I never buy them. I don’t have much highlighter. I think I bought 1 once and didn’t love it, but loved the brush that came with it. I have a few others that came in beauty boxes. I tend to use the contours and highlighters I get in those boxes for eye shadow, because my bone structure is my best feature and I don’t like to mess with it. And I don’t have much powder. I have a loose one and a pressed one, and I replace them when they are gone – yearly? Like most of you, the stuff I have most of is color stuff – lipstick, nail polish, eye shadow, eye liner.

Glenda Avatar

Highlighters (don’t use them and don’t like them), eyeliners (can’t use…beyond any skill I could ever have!) and bronzers (don’t care for them – haven’t found one that works on my skin tone).

Dawn Avatar

Eyeliners of any kind – I use a damp brush and shadow when I want a lined look. Blushes – I have probably only 6 or so, peach, pink and plum and a few others. Contouring products – I have Mac Sculpt powder and NYX Taupe blush, that’s about it. Lipstick, mascara and eyeshadow, oh my!! And several different brow products. I don’t really feel like I’m missing anything in particular – and if you take emotion and sheer love of makeup out of the equation, I have more of pretty much everything than anyone could ever need. But my, it’s just SO much fun to buy, apply, carry, look at – I can’t imagine how drab and uninteresting life would be without it!

Debbie Avatar

I have a holy grail foundation, a holy grail concealer, a holy grail mascara a holy grail gel eyeliner and a couple of holy grail brow products. I have always been blush poor, sticking to three or four shades only, just one or two bronzers, one contour and a couple of highlighter and I am done. Also I am not a fan of liquid lipstick, so not many of those. My eye pencil collection is shrinking, as is my lip pencil collection.

Karen Avatar

As I thought about my answer to the question I realized that the categories least represented, across the board, are those that I do not wear on a regular basis; Liquid lipsticks, liquid eyeliner, and face powder products. No surprises here for me. 😉

Bonita A Schermerhorn Avatar

I’m not big on bronzer or foundation powders so they sit idly by except the bronzer some in winter. I only have about five facial brushes but use the dickens out of two. I don’t use my eye shadow brushes since I started on cream wands. I’ll not let them go tho in case I go back to my UD Naked2.

Janie Avatar

Contours. They always look way too dark on my Irish-pale skin. I need to look into highlighters, though, as I’m now in my forties and not “dewy” from higher estrogen production. :-p I have too *many* eyeshadows! And nail polishes, my downfall. Need more weird mascaras. And a good brow product that stays put. Clinique brow liners are good — I use two different shades — but don’t stay put if I make the mistake of rubbing a brow. Also need to find another foundation since the Stila one I adored is no longer made. What else is new, right? You fall in love with a product, use if for years, then hey presto, it gets dropped or “improved.”

Not enough blushes, but again, hard to find subtle shades, or at least buildable ones. Have yet to find an eyeliner I can tight-line with on the bottom and not have it irritate my eye or sweat off. Any suggestions, Christine?

Janie Avatar

Addition: no false lashes, and never will unless it’s for a costume, but luckily I have dark, fairly long lashes. No lipliners… can’t stand how liner looks without lipstick and will never over-line; I use a no-color liner when I think I need it. No bronzer – just bad wrong on me. Peachy blush mixed with a little moisturizer works much better. No liquid eyeliner because of allergies.

Stephanie Avatar

Bronzers, highlighters, and setting/finishing powder. I don’t even have a bronzer that’s not part of a palette, and I only have two non-palette highlighters (WnW Reserve Your Cabana and one of the UD Naked Illuminated highlighters that’s a little glittery for everyday). Of course, I’ve also been known to use shimmery eyeshadows to highlight, so I’m not worried about any deficits in that area.

Foundation is not particularly well represented in my collection either, but I still have more than the average person who’s not as fanatically obsessed with makeup as many of us are! ?

snowy Avatar

I have quite a stash not as organized as it will be someday (soon). Good representation of certain items I wouldn’t buy but were included in sets or kits. I am a big lipstick fan but doubt I will ever purchase gloss again so that is one that wouldn’t be represented much otherwise. I also have not gotten into highlighting. Purchased one on like a preview from Colour Pop not really thinking about what it was. I like the idea but I love how Bare Minerals complexion products work as is. Maybe when they put out crush mineral highlighters, which they may already have come to think of it, lol.

Astrild Avatar

False lashes. I don’t have any cause I’ve never used them. Other than that, primers, both for face and eyes.

At the beginning of the year I had barely any bronzers, but I’ve been a little bit obsessed lately and right now I have a decent collection.

Jenny G Avatar

Humm, let me think, What I have leats represented is a holly grail product:
– moistureze
– sunscreen
– primer
– liquid foundation
– concealer
– bronzer / contour
– luminazer
– mascara

The rest os in test to find a holy grail for each category so I have more products for it

Silvia Avatar

Primers I only purchased one to try and really don’t see much difference how my make lasts i don’t think I’ll be buying another. A good foundation applied lightly with sponge is enough coverage for me. Foundations, love eyeshadows, plenty of lipsticks and blushes/highliters I have purchased this year. I also love to play with different eyeliners pencil or cream type in purples, blues, green and gold for my hazel eyes besides black and brown I’ll wear them more in winter. Lip liners. Powders I have a few translucent ones. This year I tried a bronzer first time and am liking it applied ever so very lightly. I will wear in winter also, very pale unless I’m running long distance then catch a bit of healthy color.

Yenners Avatar

Face primers – I stopped using them as I found they didn’t do anything for me. I also don’t bother with false eyelashes – too much faff, and I don’t use lip liners either.

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