What brands do you wish you could find at drugstores?

I can barely find brands like Wet ‘n’ Wild and NYX in drugstores, though I know they have distribution in some! I’d honestly love to see some of the overseas “drugstore” brand equivalents in U.S. drugstores (Sleek Makeup comes to mind).

— Christine
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Lots! Mostly the one’s overseas in France, UK, and Japan.. I’d love to have Bourjois, Biore (Japan), Bioderma, just to name a few.

So sad that CVS no longer carries Milani, one of the best and most innovative DS brands out there. I can still find it at Walgreens, but they don’t get a lot of shelf space

I work at a cvs, and we totally still carry Milani. But the Walgreens across the street doesn’t. I think it’s a regional thing of which carries what.

Nyx would be a great one to find not just in Ulta, or in very scaled back amounts in CVS or in the Harmon’s inside a very few BB&B stores! Some other really cool brands to see sold in DS’s would be Makeup Revolution, Black Opal, Catrice, Essence and definitely, like you mentioned, Sleek. There are so many worthy brands that I’d really love to see made more easily accessible!

I can find Wet N Wild and NYX at the drugstores/Bed Bath and Beyond near me, but I wish that Sleek and Bourjois sold in the US. I also wish that LA Girl was easier to find around me. I only know of Ricky’s that sells it near me and that’s in Manhattan. I also wish I could find Hard Candy, they’re supposed to sell it at the Walmart near me but they don’t have a display.

Like you, I wish more drugstores in my neighbourhood carried NYX and WnW. I only know of 1 drugstore in the city that carries those brands but it’s so troublesome to get them… Other brands I wish we had are Physicians Formula, CoverGirl and just a bigger selection of stuff from Maybelline and Revlon! Would love to properly try out the Maybelline Creamy Matte range.

The Revlon lip crayons are always completely picked over. It can also be hard to track down specific Neutrogena cosmetic products in a store like Target; their product line is probably too big for one big-box store to carry everything. The lighter spectrum of Loreal’s blushes are out of stock a lot.

Milani – I wish that brand was available here (for a short time it was, years ago, at some grocery stores near me but it wasn’t around very long). Also, a full line of Wet n Wild and NYX (they’re available but only a smaller selection of items). And “Jane” cosmetics. It would really be nice to be able to get Sleek as well – you’d think with the closer connection between Canada and Britain that we’d be able to get Sleek here but we can’t.

Having seen the replies of others, I realize it’s PRESTIGE, not Jane, that I’d like to be able to buy. The drugstore near my school used to have a very limited selection of Prestige cosmetics but now, it’s gone entirely and I don’t think it can be purchased anywhere else.

I rarely RARELY shop at a drugstore so for me, it’s irrelevant. I’ve thrown out far more barely used products (makeup, hair, supplements) from a DS than from anywhere else. I think I have a tendency to walk around tossing stuff in my cart I really do not need by virtue of just being there. I’m miles and miles away from a city so when I shop, I think mentally I feel this urge to make it worthwhile; worth the trip. I pick up DS necessities at Costco or the grocery store instead.

I agree- Nyx and Wet and Wild is poorly stocked. The items or shades that I hear about are rarely in stock. I’d love to be able to check out Borjois & Sleek. I have a feeling Ebayers would scoop up all the good stuff and it would be the same situation as Nyx & WnW!

Hmm… I would like to see a wider distribution of Milani. It’d be nice to see Quo, Barry M, Max Factor again, Bourjois, better Essence selection, Gosh, Innisfree, Etude House and other Korean brands. Oh and LA Girl’s concealers would be nice to find in stores too.

My Ulta has Catrice and Essence in store. (They are both Cosnova products.) Course it is a morsel, compared to Catrice’s German website (drool). M/U Revolution is online only. Bought one product & found the color swatch/ description was not very true to shade. Would like to see Zoeva and Kiko, needless to say J & K drugstore products hit the shelves. Considering how this country (US) is dominated by corporate chain d/s, it is likely that they would only enter into a contract with a biggie, like Cosnova. Little and niche players need not apply. Anybody see a business opportunity here? I miss Bourjois, too. Nyx is terribly represented in Target, and the true d/s selection is laughable, not to mention ravaged and empty. Nyx in Ulta also does not compare favorably to their website. Milani could certainly be better distributed and have more visibility. Cosmetics are better seen, and preferably tested, than relying on the online descriptions/ photos. Catrice’s Goldy Brown l/s is nothing like the color shot, nor is it like the tube color. Hands-on and testers, please. Expansion of the existing lines, to be more inline with their home country lines. Let’s try Brazil, Argentina, Kenya, Norway, Malaysia. Let’s get he world on a drug store level, before some evil empire blows us up!

I live in a very urban area so my drugstore is usually a complete nightmare. We get collections late (they JUST got the Star Wars stuff), and things are not restocked regularly. I wish they sold Wet N Wild (they well another brand, Black Radiance, which I’ve been told is similar) or Jordana. Their Milani collection is severely lacking, and for some reason their Rimmel section is usually trashed. It was a big deal when they finally got a little NYX section but they don’t put a lot of effort into keeping it clean and stocked. That’s what I get for living in West Philly I guess.

Before looking into expanding the amount of brands, retailers need to look into maintaining what already exists, and brands need to supply displays with more than 3 slots for each product… I also wish brands/retailers would be more consistent with when collections are made available. Finally, can we get rid of “Limited Edition” in the DS range, or at least make products available online? With so much hype from blogs/social media, it’s become more difficult to find DS products; here’s a novel idea: if product is available, consumers will buy it, and the brand will make a higher profit…

I so agree with the LE in drugstore! Especially since most drugstores get 2-3 of each item, if they get them at all. You have to catch it at just the right time or collectors and ebay resellers scoop it all up.

I miss Max Factor and Bourjois (Walgreens online has a limited selection).

My Target has a small selection of NYX products which are better stocked than at Ulta. I would love to see stocked lines at stores I get frustrated when I see a product that everyone is talking about online that is Drugstore, but all the drugstores around me who carry the lines, do not have the item in stock or don’t even carry it due to their limited selections within a given makeup line. So, I find that I have to do more and more online purchases on items in lines that are already carried in drugstores, etc.

There is a Food Skin and Kiko’s in the Los Cerritos Mall [Cerritos, CA] now.

I also would like to see Makeup Revolution, Sleek, Australis, Biore, ColourPop in stores.

I don’t buy DS makeup anymore. 😐 I have in the past, thinking that I will use it in place of buying an HE product, and I end up just getting the HE anyway and giving away the DS dupe.

So many! Sleek, Makeup Revolution, Nyx, e.l.f., bigger Milani and Jordana displays, Jcat, Profusion, City Color Cosmetics, Hard Candy, Jane, Black Radiance, Black Opal, Catrice, Kiko, Bourjois, Max Factor. More LE and holiday displays for Wet n Wild and other brands.

Well, everything I listed is drugstore, but they’re all brands that I don’t see carried in my area’s drugstores. I’ve never seen Black Radiance or Black Opal in a store display in any store, ever. Your area might have them; mine doesn’t. I have to go online for them.

i wished NYX was available in stores here in the UK. Online alone is a nightmare as they never have the full range and are always out of stock! Milani and colour pop would be another great one to have too!

I wish to find Essence in every drugstore!!! It is a so inexpensive brand but with so good products, excellent quality, variety and lovely packaging… everything is made in Germany, Italy and in other european countries.

Mostly overseas brands like Bourjois, Collection, Sleek, Bioderma, Catrice, more Essence products, the Soap and Glory makeup line, Makeup Revolution, a wider selection of La Roche-Posay and Nuxe products (you can get some of them at Target but not much), Kiko, Barry M, Gosh, and a lot of brands I’ve only vaguely heard of from various East and Central Asian countries. Also some Brazilian brands I forget the name of but sound good.

I would also love if the Topshop and H&M makeup lines came to the US.

I want to see more of sleek , and I kind of wish Inglot had a better distribution. Oh, and now that boots UK and walgreens are indeed one company ( official name is walgreens boots alliance) , I would love to see more of the products carried in boots carried over here. I hope this deal will help with distribution – the UK could get more American products that they wouldnt necessarily get , and we could try more products that we wouldn’t get.

In Australia, I would love to see Wet N Wild, Sleek and Milani open up here. NYX is only available at Target and ELF at Kmart. We do have Bourjois and Max Factor.
From Italy I would love to see the KIKO brand too.
I also think that brands like Maybelline sell different lip products here to what they have in the US and then again, different products in the the UK. Certainly the names of the their lipsticks change – which is confusing. L’Oreal sends only part of their eye shadow range – annoying.
I just wish the DS brands would send their whole range out here.

Sleek definitely! Speaking of Sleek, I hope you’ll review more of their products Christine!
Also I noticed nobody mentioned CHI CHI (from AUS). I see “chi chi palettes” all over IG, some people collect and rave about them, some say they’re mediocre. I would love to try a couple though.

Milani’s full range of products. The drug stores near me never carry half of what they offer online and they don’t update their displays when the brand has limited edition products. I have to find out about the pieces I do want from the internet, youtube, etc. It’s really annoying. Where I live I also have the exact same problem with Shea moisture beauty products and the Covergirl Queen Collection pieces for woc. I have no choice but to find what I want from their website or amazon. It would be so much easier if they were more local. Ugghhhhhh

I really wish Colourpop would come to drugstores!!! But, I wish LaSplash, NYX, Wet N Wild, Essence, Makeup Revolution, Circa, and Milani were more readily available. Oh, and I wish Sleek would come to the states!

Hi – In London UK I’d love to have Milani, Physician’s Formula, NYX, Wet n Wild, Catrice, Essence (all we get is nail polish) Covergirl, Neutrogena, the whole range of colours from Maybelline and Revlon – the list goes on and I would like to take the opportunity to moan that we don’t have any Sephora stores any more. Boo hoo.

I miss Bourjois! Milani is only at Walmart now in my area and I won’t shop there. I’d love to see more asian and european brands in our drugstores in the USA.

We recently got NYX at drugstores in my city, but the selection isn’t complete… Same for WetnWild and Essence which I wish they had a better selection for. I would love to see Milani and ColourPop in stores here – I never have. I’d love to see UK brands like Sleek and MUA.

I agree about NYX, Bourgeois, Barry M, LA colors and Asian brands. But I wish online brands also were in stores. Like Jeffrey Star, lime crime, colour pop, etc. I also wish that Sephora carried everything from certain lines not just popular items.

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