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What brands do you hold to a higher standard than others?

When reviewing, I don’t hold certain brands over others, but personally, I expect high quality if a brand is going to charge a premium for their products–there is no justification for something like poor texture, short wear, etc.

— Christine


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Erica Avatar

To an extent I hold every brand to high standard, whether inexpensive or mid to high end. If you’re selling products, you should strive to satisfy. With that said, I do expect if you sell a lipstick for $50 (ahem Tom Ford ) to be wowed and not feel like I’m getting an overpriced MAC lipstick. BTW, I adore MAC lipsticks but why pay $50 for a TF one when I can get the same for $17? I feel the same about YSL. Their lipstick/lipgloss shouldn’t feel like I’m getting Loreal. Tired of luxury brands charging more for name and pretty packaging but then delivering the quality of their less expensive sister brands. Not cool imo

Sarah Avatar

Most of the luxury beauty brands (Chanel, dior, Tom ford, Burberry etc.) because if I’m going to be paying an arm and a leg for a tube of lipstick, I always hope the price tag will be justified by high quality. Otherwise it leaves me highly disappointed. If, for example, I’m purchasing a blush from the drugstore and it has crappy color pay off and doesn’t last long, while I would be a bit bothered by it, it doesn’t make me regret my purchase compared to me buying a crappy blush dior.

Nicole D Avatar

With respect to makeup, all the high-end and luxury brands. I feel that they have become complacent lately as they rely more on their already established brand reputation and recognition and less on the quality of their products and of their ingredients. And please, stop using talc as the first ingredient in all the powders/highlighters/blushes and bronzers. Don’t be cheap and change the formula because you can afford it (see CoverFx, they eliminated the talc and other harmful staff from their products). If we factor in the quality of the product itself and that of the ingredients, their products are overpriced most of the time. I do not care about the super fancy packaging or design if the ingredients used are of not so good quality and may cause harm or make my skin sensitive in the long run.

Erica Avatar

That’s my problem with La Mer. Extremely expensive but has the cheapest of ingredients :glycerin, lanolin and mineral oil. Also I hate when brands think natural is better but they simply use plant fragrances which are still fragrances and are irritants. It doesn’t makes sense that more innovation is found in less expensive brands than luxury brands

Nicole D Avatar

Agree with you Erica ! The luxury brands have enough money to invest in R&D and to come up, as you said, with innovative and less irritant formulas and still make a good profit.

Nancy T Avatar

I definitely hold well reputed, established cosmetic companies to a much higher standard than either newbies or those who I know have a history of being finicky. For example, I have come to expect more from a company such as Chanel than say Dior, and Nyx more so than Covergirl. Also, when I do buy a HE or Lux product, that bar has been raised even higher!

AB Avatar

Yes, that’s my answer to: if a product/brand is more costly, I have higher expectations of quality, as well as service. For any brand that maintains a website and especially if they drive customers to their site (like when they have limited offers in-store), I expect a working site and access to customer service, and responsiveness to issues.

Mariella Avatar

Even if a product is “budget-priced”, I expect it to perform well, otherwise, it’s a waste of money, whether the item costs 5 dollars or 50 dollars and I do not like wasting even a few dollars on something bad. But there is no question that I expect absolute excellence from brands like Chanel, Hourglass (their eyeshadow “palettes” were unforgivably bad for items in that price range), Nars, Dior, etc.

Neonails Avatar

I think Bite is the only brand that I generally hold to a higher standard, and expect that any and every product they release will be on the same level and quality as all their other releases. Fortunately, they rarely disappoint me.

Aj Avatar

Higher-end brands altogether because if you’re going to charge that price for a product, it better do what it claims.
I think I do hold Milani to a semi-higher standard than other brands at the drugstore because of how many great products they have in their line, so I am disappointed if a new release isn’t good.

Samira Avatar

I definitely get upset if I’ve spent a lot on something and it underperforms – more so than if it’s a budget item. My current beef is the Charlotte Tilbury eyebrow pencil, which I love, but the spooley end just totally snapped off for no reason (didn’t drop it, bang it against anything, etc.) I now have to use the spooley from my ABH pencil but the pencil from Charlotte Tilbury. It’s a minor thing but I’m pretty frustrated that a premium brand has such shoddy packaging.

Denise Avatar

WOWWWW a nd OMG!!!!! Samira, same crazy thing happened to me and I was so annoyed. The end snapped off, and that was that. Did’t expect this from higher end product. I mean its not a biggie, but I now have to use another spooley. Very annoying,

Samira Avatar

Wow, that’s good to know! I was wondering if I got a dud but now I know it’s a chronic problem. Sigh. I really liked that pencil. I’ll have to find something else I guess.

Anne Avatar

I guess I look at this question a little differently. I hold each product from any line I purchase from to a ‘quality’ standard that meets my needs at a price within my budget. So, if I can buy that product at a lower price relative to other products on the market — great. If I have to pay more for that product relative to other products on the market — at least I can justify it as money well spent.

I have items in my collection that are relatively inexpensive that I wouldn’t trade for any high-end product dupes, even if the latter were given to me. And visa versa. It’s not about what my expectations are regarding any specific brand, it’s about finding the product that meets my expectations, whatever the brand. Do I have favorite brands? Sure. But no one brand fulfills all my needs, and I don’t expect it to. What is HG to one person may be totally useless to another person.

Rachel R. Avatar

Like most, if I’m paying more, I have higher expectations. Which is one reason I rarely buy very high end/luxury: I usually don’t think the product justifies the cost. Nine times out of ten I feel like my money would just be paying for a name and pretty packaging.

Also, brands I’ve liked in the past, regardless of price point. For example with drug store, I’ve always been impressed with Nyx, Milani, and e.l.f., so I hold them to a higher standard than Pixi or Flower, which I’ve never cared for. I expect the quality to continue.

Shelley Avatar

Like others, I expect a beautiful product and beautiful packaging from a high end brand like Burberry, Tom Ford, Charlotte Tilbury, etc: not one or the other. My expectations for brands that put an emphasis on being “green” is also high. I expect them to truly back up those claims with ingredients and available documentation. I don’t expect a brand to be the end-all, be-all but I expect it to perform at the highest level in its niche. Chances are good that if a brand doesn’t have an identifiable niche then it doesn’t interest me.

Glenda Avatar

I hold all brands to the same standard, but if you’re going to charge me many times over for a product…it had better deliver. And I mean DELIVER each and every time.

Sallyc Avatar

Chanel! Any brand with $60 lipstick will not even get a look from me. It’s lipstick! Rather eradicate world hunger and help educate empoverished children. Priorities, people.

Maria Avatar

Yes it is much more disappointing when you have spent a small fortune for a beauty product that is high end and it is poor quality. It makes me angry like I am being taken advantage of and lied to by the company that is making a huge profit to begin with and then the overpriced item is less than good. I think that when that happens the company should not only take the item back but they should make a public apology to their customers. Tom Ford is at the top of the list for all his LIMITED EDITIONS that he keeps bringing back and on top they are of lesser quality even though they are suppose to be the same item & he charges more money for less product. I find that it is hit or miss with his makeup and it is definitely outrageously priced. He makes a lot of the same thing over and over again and raises the price every year. I really respect Cle de Peau they are high priced but it is a makeup line that prides itself in consistently making quality products and they don’t bombard us with the same like money hungry, publicity whore Tom Ford.

MacKenzie Avatar

Same for me. I don’t necessarily think money = quality, because a lot of drugstore brands are really killing it right now (Nyx, Milani), but I do have higher expectations when it comes to a higher price tag. If I had to name brands though, I’d say my expectations are usually pretty high for Nars, Make Up For Ever, Bite, and Nyx.

JoAnn Moran Avatar

Chanel is usually consistent and very pricy. I expect superior things for them, and haven’t been wowed in the past few years.

Silvia Avatar

I expect both drugstore & high end to satisfy just as well. Expect that ‘mica’ to be smooth and soft on my blushes, bronzers, foundations, eyeshadows, etc. From high end beauty I expect more beautiful packaging most of the time but not necessarily if the product performs well. Lately I been very pleased with many drugstore purchases the quality and colors payoff have been great. I don’t mind a flat basic sturdy packaging as NARS (love all thing NARS) or Elf simple black case or see through clear it looks clean to me and easy to spot the colors inside. Good ingredients and softness on beauty as well as skincare.

Adriana Pedersen Avatar

I agree. If I pay high dollar than I expect high quality. I return anything that doesn’t meet those standards. Sixty five dollars or more for a eyeshadow palette, or high end lipstick, etc and it’s so so!! When I worked for Chanel I couldn’t use any of their skin care line. My skin would break out in pumps, their eye creme caused my eyes to swell. When I discovered Paula Begoun’s book Don’t Go To The Cosmetics Counter Without Me, I realized the problem in many skin care lines at the time were the inferior ingredients and high fragrance content. When I began using her products my skin cleared up completely and is in better condition now than 12 years ago. Because women as consumers are more aware of label content, the results have been better products in food and cosmetics. That’s not to say they’re isn’t still a lot of cosmetics poorly made in high end lines. And there are some great products in the more reasonably priced lines.

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