What brand is most responsive to customer feedback?

The brands that immediately come to mind would be: Bite Beauty, ColourPop, Makeup Geek, OCC, Smith Cosmetics, Tarte, Urban Decay, and Viseart. They might not always institute changes or create products asked for, but I get the feeling they listen and consider overall.

— Christine


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Mariella Avatar

I don’t really know because I don’t have many dealings at the level where I might have experience of this but still, I’d say Urban Decay (the success of their original Naked palette showed they had a sense of what women needed and then the ongoing introduction of more versions of Naked seemed to be a response to those who wanted a cooler or warmer or smokier version), MAC – as much as I dislike what seems like a stubborn refusal to repromote or make permanent many, many products customers have loved, they DO make some popular items permanent, like some of the Extra Dimension shadows. And they developed things I really wanted to see – a pressed version of Prep+Prime powder, for example.

Lindsey Avatar

Not Viseart unfortunately. After reading your review on the bright editorial palette, I was concerned if it was eye safe. I asked via private messaging on twitter and IG. After several weeks of no response, I asked under the comments section of a post on IG. I was immediately blocked from Viseart’s page. The question was asked tactfully and factually. No attacks or anything at all worthy of blocking. Just a question.

Confused, I viewed their website. (Not super helpful- Us version at least). It listed an email. I sent an email explaining my question and immediate blocking. The CSR said I was blocked for asking a question unrelated to the picture. This is to stop scammers and hackers. (??) I said ok I’m neither just trying to buy this palette as well as three others during the VIB sale. So can you answer my question first of all and second of all unblock me. Several emails later they were unable to unblock me. Then Anastasia herself emailed me. She said the opposite- that Viseart did not intend to block me. It must be an Instagram issue for which she tried to fix several times but was unsuccessful. In fact, maybe *I* have *Viseart* blocked. She said that could be the issue, as Viseart does NOT have me blocked and wouldn’t have done such a thing to begin with. She seemed personally offended when I said Viseart blocked me (laughable considering if she read the chain of emails I had inserted between Viseart and myself she’d see her own employee telling me yes they blocked me…) So yes the head the company is quite involved to the point she emails customers personally. Although she didn’t read the emails sent by her own employees and blamed me. Which at the end of the day I was getting nowhere fast and said screw this, who cares it’s Instagram.

I ended up buying the palette (and 3 others) and it is ok. I’m not blown away but it’s not bad. I’m a bit disappointed as some people act like they are the best shadows ever, but not you. You rated them ok too. I should have listened 🙂

Miska Avatar

Geez after all of that back and fourth I myself would have been so frustrated that I would’ve written the brand, or any that carried on that way with a customer off for good. I used to be much more brand loyal but so many things are a miss these days. No consistancy. Very happy to read Christine’s reviews before I spend my $$$! Did ABH ever address all of the customer complaints/issues with their newest eye palette? If they haven’t, I’m disapointed. Brands should listen to their customers feedback. This makes me happy for all of the up and coming makeup brands out there. There’s a lot of competition out there and brands need to “be on their game” or people can and will move on to other brands that show they care about customer opinions/feedback.

HS Avatar

Dose of Colors is hands down the worst. I emailed them repeatedly, because I can’t call during their available hours. Never heard back, I had to open a PayPal dispute. Even commented on their Facebook. I still haven’t heard anything from them. But hey, they got my money, so what do they care?

Alice Avatar

I would have to say that the worst response is Neutrogena. Right before my college graduation their face wash gave me a massive chemical burn. They refused to pull the lot from shelves to protect their customers. When I called them about it they were very rude and refused to take responsibility. They refused to email me back or return calls.
That was the worst response I have ever had. I still refuse to use their products for fear of getting another chemical burn.

Nancy T Avatar

For brands most *responsive* to customers; ColourPop and Bite first popped into my head! ColourPop DID and HAS reissued very popular products that customers have requested to have a chance at getting. I have the distinct impression that they may not have the ability to make huge amounts of product at a time? Also Bite, when that first Month’s LE Lipstick failed, they got on it and rereleased its much improved version!
Another one that has won me over is MAC. No, they’re not perfect. But they have shown that they DO listen and the DO respond. The petition for an Aaliyah collection was, after much effort on the part of us promoting it, finally approved and accepted by MAC! In addition, they have made some very loved LE items permanent, as in the MSF cheek line and the EDES formula, too.

Lindsey Avatar

I totally agree with you Nancy! When the Taraji debacle went down awhile back MAC definitely earned my respect with how they handled the situation. I am also a huge Aaliyah fan (own all of her music catalog) and I am thrilled that MAC is honoring her legacy. I do hope though that they take thought and care in how they release the collection. I don’t want to see a repeat of the initial Selena release, although they did come back with another release, so it worked itself out. Anyway, just my two cents. 🙂

Selina Avatar

I wish MAC in my country had handled the Taraji debacle the same way. I ordered 3 products and not only did it take 10 days to arrive but I was only sent one of them because apparently the other two had gone out of stock. Yet I wasn’t notified or given any explanation (let alone an apology).. I sent them an email and NEVER heard back. I was so furious and sooooo disappointed because I really wanted those products 🙁 Their CS might me good in the US… Over here, not so much!

Susan Avatar

Drunk Elephant and Vitner’s Daughter are wonderful! I have emailed both companies, DE several times, with specific questions and received very personal and thoughtful responses within a day or two. Drunk Elephant even went so far as to research another product I use from another skin care line for me! I had asked if it would work well with one of theirs and I received an in depth response the next day. Whoever emailed me back had not heard of the product I was using so she researched the ingredients to see if it would work with the product I wanted to purchase. That kind of customer service is rare and greatly appreciated.

lisa Avatar

Urban Decay, Mac, and several others I have contacted regarding the lack of makeup tutorials on their websites with their recent palette releases (Urban Decay to be specific) targeted at the more mature women and they answered me, but did nothing. Have to rely on you tubers which I don’t like doing.
So I would say everyone yeses you to death and does nothing. That’s what the invisible generation gets these days.

Rachel R. Avatar

Urban Decay, MAC, ColourPop, BH Cosmetics, Bite Beauty, Nyx, e.l.f., Wet n Wild, Medusa’s Make-up, and Notoriously Morbid. I’ve had good customer service with all of them. I think they’re all pretty good about doing one or more of the following: Listening to customer requests or petitions for new products, making popular items permanent, and/or fixing products that people have complained about.

NARS and Portland Black Lipstick Co. are probably the worst I’ve dealt with. They don’t even answer their emails.

Natalia Avatar

I’ll start from saying that there I live I do not deal with most of the brands I favor directly (apart from MAC and Inglot). Mostly, it is the multi-brand stores (Sephora’s counterparts), so this is where all the issues and good instances originate and are dealt with mostly, not with brands directly. Also, we do not get to return makeup here, you bought it – you’re stuck with it. That makes their lives much easier here IMHO 🙂

With that in mind, MAC has always been wonderful. They are responsive and helpful, will tell me straight if I don’t need smth (and suggest smth else instead, of course 🙂 ). On the other hand, I’m a fan of the brand, so they admire how much I know (sometimes more than a SA, unfortunately) and how excited I get there so they always treat me great. Mind you, I am pretty sure that if I was unhappy with a product, they would find a way to make up for it somehow, but I have not needed it so far.

MAC aside, I’ve only dealt directly with Inglot and NARS (emailed them once) and both times I got the responses that were helpful, to the point and professional.

So, what I’m trying to say is that the issues I have had were mostly with the multi-brand stores, my direct encounters with the brands have been positive so far.

Silvia Avatar

WetnWild, Essence and Colourpop have been wonderful replying quickly. Especially WetnWild and Essence do fix order issues quickly and nicely. Colourpop I wish you could reach a person for better details on products such as color, shine, cause j like them a lot.

Iron Maiden Avatar

Let me tell you about Tarte Cosmetics.

I have celiac disease and use mostly gluten-free products. I looked to Tarte after I was diagnosed, especially for lip products, because they claim that their products are cruelty-free, vegan, gluten-free, etc.

While looking at foundations on their site, I noticed that one foundation contained barley extract (barley, wheat, rye, and some oats contain gluten), so I contacted them (twice–they did not answer the first email) about it. This is the response I received:

“Thank you for contacting customer service at tarte. The barley extract found in the empowered hybrid gel foundation is from a synthetic source and therefore has the moisturizing and anti-aging properties of the ingredient but does not contain gluten.
All of our products are formulated without gluten. While tarte can ensure these products were formulated with ingredients free of gluten, the plant where they are manufactured may or may not produce items with raw materials containing gluten. Since we cannot confirm this, and our priority is the safety and health of our customers, we decided to voluntarily remove the gluten-free category and therefore no longer state that any of our products are 100% gluten-free. Please let us know if you have any further questions!”

There is no synthetic source of barley extract, which makes me wonder what else they’ve been lying about. And their “gluten-free” claim was/is false, because they obviously never investigated their supply chain or facilities, but made the claim anyway. Have they removed the “gluten-free” designation from their products? No. I’ll not be buying from Tarte again. Ever.

Optional reading (FYI about celiac disease)–most authorities say that using gluten-containing personal-care products is up to the person with celiac. Others say that by the time a cosmetic ingredient is reduced to an extract, the gluten is gone. However, many celiacs have real skin issues (rashes, etc.) that are sometimes their only symptom. I make sure that anything that might get into my mouth (facial cleanser, shampoo, any lip products) is gluten-free, but other must be more strict about what they use. Every ingestion of gluten for a celiac is a hit to the small intestine that takes two years to heal. Celiac, if not controlled by diet, destroys the lining of the small intestine that absorb nutrients from food, and the results are myriad and serious, from skin rashes to malabsorption syndromes to cancer. This is no joke, and Tarte’s lack of honesty is a serious problem for a growing number of people. If you can’t tolerate gluten or have celiac disease, beware Tarte products.

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