What brand do you feel most loyal to?

What brand do you feel most loyal to? Share!

None anymore. When I first got into makeup, definitely MAC, but the longer I review, I find loyalty to be at odds with trying to be as objective as possible.

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Hard question because I have a handful that I always go to for the bulk of my makeup purchases. Definitely MAC ,Urban Decay, Nyx and Maybelline. And lately I’m falling for MUFE for eyeshadows, even though all I have ( so far, LoL! ) is the Nudes You Need palette.

There are a handful of brands I’m pretty loyal to, especially for specific products, but overall I’d have to say Urban Decay. It’s been my go-to and favorite brand for 15 years.

In high school through college – MAC all the way. I liked having all packaging matchy-matchy and I really believed in its superior quality. (Pre-internet, Youtube, online reviews, etc).

Then I discovered Sephora a few years ago…and there’s definitely a big world outside of MAC. I now buy each “type” of product based on the product itself, not brand and very rarely go “back to MAC” — though I do prefer their brushes still.

I’m not loyal to any particular brand. But I’m loyal to some HG products and have re-purchased them over and over again (Paula’s Choice retinols, Shea Moisture soap, LM Caviar Sticks, GA Eye tints, Wet N Wild Fergie Eye Primer, etc) I still check out other products but always come back to these

Estee Lauder. Although not my favorite brand for color selection or packaging, I do find myself gravitating toward them when looking for a quality range that is classic and timeless, and I never came across anything from them – be it cosmetics or color makeup – that I hated. And that is saying something for me, as I am extremely picky when it comes to what I buy.

Me too! I worked for them for over 15 yrs and even though I’m not with them, they still put out a quality product. They may not be “hip’ as other brands, but they’re my go to for quality skincare . BTW Doublewear rules!

MAC hands down. The quality is there, the price, although quite steep, is still better than of the higher end brands like Lanc么me, etc., with comparable quality (IMHO 馃檪 ) . The most important factor is sales assistants. In my city, only there you get a proper, professional advise, they actually “work” with you, steer towards the products that will suit you, not just give you what you ask for, like they would in a big multi-brand store. Also, they do not try to “determine” by how you look whether you’re worth their time.

I don’t think I’m loyal to brands in the sense that I’ll only use that brands products, but once I find something I like I keep going back to it. So I suppose I’m product loyal rather than brand loyal! I can’t count the number of Bobbi Brown foundations, Lancome mascara, MAC eyeshadows or Benefit brow gels I’ve repurchased over the years!

When it comes to makeup brand loyalty, I have commitment issues.
“This Mo ain’t loyal.” ?

Like many of us, I had started out being fully committed to MAC. But as the years passed, I’d begun to branch out to other brands. Now I’m halfheartedly loyal to a brand per calendar season.

Winter 2014: Yves Saint Laurent
Spring 2015: Lanc么me
Summer 2015: Guerlain
Fall 2015: Stilazzi


I used their acne stuff in high school. When I’m interested in a new moisturizer or sensitive sunscreen or makeup wipes, I default to Neutrogenea . When I’m out of my twenties I’m sure I’ll use their anti-aging products. It’s not quite cradle to grave (middle school to grave?) but if it’s an intentional strategy, it’s genius.

I always find myself coming back to Neutrogena all the time! I try to branch out, and end up defaulting back. I realized recently that all my skincare coincidentally was all Neutrogena lol

Either Urban Decay or It Cosmetics–the former has such a good lineup of color products (shadows, liners, lipsticks, blushes) and the latter produces my HG (so far) foundation, plus lovely brushes and my favorite concealer. P

Overall loyalty: MAC
Loyalty for certain or specific products: NARS Audacious lipsticks, Tom Ford Eye Creams, Giorgio Armani Eye Tints, Giorgio Armani Lasting Silk Foundation, Guerlain for finishing powder/Meteorites

None really, maybe Zoya nail polish because they strike the right balance of price point and interesting colors for me.

On the make-up side, I was first super-loyal to UD and MAC, but now I know that everyone does different things well and focus on that instead. Ultimately I prefer quality over brand loyalty and my drawer is a mix of products! 馃檪

I am loyal to brands that promote and represent women that look like me. That would include BlackUp, Sacha Cosmetics, IMAN, Lancome, Colour Pop, and MAC to name a few.

I was so excited to hear Sephora started carrying BlackUp (though only online, ugh). We need more brands that are focused on non-white women to be more readily available and promoted in mainstream cosmetics. I don’t think that will necessarily happen any time soon though, unfortunately.

I go through phases. Basically if a brand keeps putting out a broad range of products with consistent quality, I don’t feel the need to explore other brands. But once the quality falls, I start looking. Right now I’m really liking Armani products.

I used to be loyal to IT Cosmetics and Eve Pearl. Now I am not loyal to any brand as I like to try all different products from all different brands but I do find myself using Charlotte Tilbury more than my other brands.

For skincare and foundation, Lanc么me. For everything else, I pretty much stick to Chanel, especially for blush, lipstick, and their Glossimer!! I don’t use any other lip gloss.

I have to agree, Christine. I do not feel any particular loyalty to any brand. I have a fondness or even some nostalgia attached to a few, but ultimately it does not affect my purchasing decisions. Good example: I despise TF advertising and the whole ultra exclusivity appeal for the label, but I love the quality of many of the cosmetics. Conversely, I love NARS for the nostalgia, but I find I do not buy a lot from the label anymore and I truly hate their base products.

I’m not label driven in makeup or fashion. I buy what I like whether it is low end or high end with an eye towards quality over name.

Hmm, I’d say I’m pretty loyal to Isadora. They have good prices and a lot of my staple products are from them, I know I have something to rely on! Also The Body Shop, their products work well for me and I think it’s an ethically good brand!

To me this question is more like, “what brand do I have faith in their quality and performance”. I build my trust and faith with brands based on the products I get, their public image and review and customer relationships. All kinds of information as long as I can gather, it all goes to the “trust fund”. I barely stay with one or a few cosmetic brands just because I’m always looking for variety. For each brand has their own style and aesthetic statement, there isn’t one and probably won’t be one which I could promise to be super loyal to.

Too Faced, because I’ve been using their products the longest out of any high-end brand, and I like what their brand supports and the playful packaging. Also Makeup Geek because I like supporting Marlena and her business and I think it’s great how a beauty community can help produce affordable high-quality makeup that’s also cruelty free. I also really like smaller companies like Melt, Scentbird, and Pinrose because I feel connected to their social media and watching them grow.

I’m pretty varied as well now as I started reading blogs and picking up that a certain name does not mean anything. Though my launch pad brand was mostly Nars. Now, I have hardly no Nars comparatively as I feel the quality and creativity has waivered. Hoping there is a comeback with the Holiday collection.

Overall, I am finding myself always buying MAC (because they have a large selection of colors) and I love their lipsticks. With skincare, usually Origins and for other stuff, I really like Tarte and Urban Decay. I do like trying new stuff too though, and will usually go outside my comfort zone.

I like a lot of Laura Geller & Mally. They have great deals on sets on Qvc & sometimes at Ulta, too. Right now I’m loving Laura’s Delectable Eyeshadow palette in Nude and just ordered the Cool one at ulta & am getting a free Tropics baked blush as gift with purchase.

Urban Decay. Like Alice, I’ve been buying it for about 15 years. I just feel like they “get” what I want in makeup. Lately I’ve become really committed to Kat Von D.

In loyal to certain products no brands
Clinique city sheer SPF 25 – I’ve been using this for years and years
Laura mercier is a brand I turn to a lot
Bobbi brown is another fav
The only skincare brand I ADORE is paulas choice

I’m not loyal to any as I save my loyalty for people (not things).

I have some products that I keep going back to but if something better comes along I don’t hesitate to try it.

I guess I’ll go off loyalty based on how much of each product I have compared to other brands, and if they were to launch something, I would definitely feel compelled to try it out due to multiple products I love by the brand.
So I guess it’d be Tarte, Too Faced, and MUFE

Hmm… define loyal?
If it just means that I buy a lot of their products and I’m always excited about their new releases, that I’m a real follower in other words, I’d say Lanc么me these days.
If you mean a brand that I’d show allegiance to in all circumstances, none. I’ll be the first one to say it if my favorite brand starts doing mediocre products (kind of what happened with Dior within the past few years).

Probably TheBalm! I just feel they really care about quality and consistency in their products. When I buy from them I’m never concerned that the product will suck. So good, I love that brand. Kat Von D is getting close in my heart, but with inconsistencies in the Studded Kiss lipsticks and last year’s holiday palette she’s not quite there yet. Used to be Urban Decay but I have no idea what to expect from them anymore, one palette is great, the next is kinda lame, idk, they’d have to work on quality consistency to win me back.

Oh and Zoya for nails. After trying different brands over time, I used to only buy either Zoya or Illamasqua. Now that Illamasqua is harder to get in the US, it’s just Zoya.

Hmm, there isn’t one brand I’m totally loyal to, but there are certain brands I go to more than others, especially for certain products. For example, if I think to myself “oh I need an eyeshadow in X color” I’ll first look at ColourPop and Makeup Geek before thinking about other products or if I want a matte lipstick in a certain shade I’ll check to see if MAC has something, since I already know I like the formula. But there’s no one brand I exclusively stick to.

I always feel the most loyal to brands that are cruelty-free. I don’t use it as a litmus test for my reviews nor do I buy those brands that are cruelty-free exclusively. I just look to those brands first to find something that might work for me. If they don’t, then I will try other brands.

If you twisted my arm I would say Urban Decay and Too Faced. But lately I find that there are hits and misses amongst any and all brands. I do need to give a shout out to Colourpop tho! Their bouncy eye shadows and liquid lipsticks are the BOMB DOT COM! And you can’t beat the price! I know… More than you asked for, but I luv luv luv makeup.

Although I use many different brands, I would say Urban Decay. Virtually all my eye makeup is UD. I also have UD blush and am considering trying UD face products. I also swear by UD eye shadow primer and Perversion mascara. I have the mascara primer but not sure it makes a difference. I love the 24 hour finishing spray. It really fixes makeup, take only a couple sprays and a bottle has lasted over a year for me.

probably MAC and Clinique but i’m more keen of product loyalty than whole brand. ex. mac matte lipsticks, nars audacious lipsticks, maybelline gel eyeliner etc. holy grail products that i know i would repurchase in a heartbeat.

I’d have to say that mine is constantly changing/evolving (devolving??). Five years through three years ago I was hardcore UD. Then I finally found MAC (where I grew up we didn’t have any MAC counters or freestanding MACs) & fell in loooooove.
Lately I’ve been on a MUG & NYX kick. Basically I’ll use anything as long as it works and is quality (& I thank you, Christine, for helping me weed through the bad to find the good!)!

I think for me, it’s NYX. They’re my go-to when I’m trying out new colors. They have such a great range of colors and such great prices, it doesn’t hurt my budget if I get something that doesn’t really thrill me, where I would probably return something I spent $20+ on and then didn’t like it. A $6 lipstick is cheap enough that if it doesn’t work, I don’t really worry about it much.

I skip around a lot, but most of my re-purchases are Tom Ford, and most of my go-to products of the moment are TF. Can’t beat those lipsticks!

For makeup, Urban Decay followed by Mac and Nars. I love UD’s philosophy and boldness; plus, the original Naked palette was my first luxury makeup splurge ever! And I’m very loyal to some Mac and Nars’ products for the face and cheeks (Mac Face and Body, Nars bluses and tinted moisturizer…) For skincare, I’d go for Kiehl’s at this moment. My bathroom is filled with their cleansers and moisturizers 馃檪

I think people are more loyal to their skincare brands than they are to cosmetic brands. Simply because a particular skincare brand works for them, whereas cosmetic brands are all over the map with their quality and colours they release.
For skincare: QV – an Australian cruelty free brand and Cetaphil
Cosmetics – foundation – Rimmel; lipsticks – Maybelline Colour Sensational range and Milani; Eye shadows – whatever gets rated the best by you Christine and it is what I would wear.

There are several brands – MAC, UD (despite some misgivings about their silly names), Too Faced (ditto on the names) and Clarins, which I’ve used for much of my skin care for many, many years. And I have to mention Lise Watier – great Canadian company with some truly amazing products (some stinkers too, but some real winners).

I’m not committed to a particular brand since I’m always looking out for what’s new and talked about. I tend to get the “best of” with certain brands. (Becca highlighter, Hourglass blush, MUFE foundation, LM Secret camouflage, etc) I like to discover different brands and see what they’re about.

Nars!! I used to be a MAC girl but over the years I’ve noticed some MAC products are hit or miss. Although Nars is a lot pricier than the most but I know I can always always count on it. Some of my favorites are its concealer, foundation, tinted moisturizer, lipsticks, bronzer and of course its blushes. Needless to say if I can only choose one brand for the rest of my life it’d be nars. I did however start to purchase a lot of the LORAC products. I think they have the best eyeshadows!!

Guerlain – lipstick, lip liner, foundation, mascara – LeCils, moisturizer and eye creme. I will look at others as well – Dior an Chanel. I always check with Guerlian first!

It’s been Urban Decay for years, and I really love their eyeshadows and their face products. However, for colors, I’m finding that if I want a trendy color, or a very specific type of color, I’m looking at Colourpop first because it’s so affordable. I got six eyeshadows and three lipsticks from them recently for what I would have paid for one of each from UD. I’ll probably always buy products from both, but I’m not running first to UD for color cosmetics anymore. I will, however, probably always be loyal to Naked Skin foundation and to a few of their eyeshadows/palettes.

I find myself loyal to some brands for specific types of products because I’ve had consistent success with their other products in the past. For instance, when I want to try a foundation, I shop MUFE. When I want a new gloss, I check for MAC Lipglass. When I want to try a new drugstore product, I turn to NYX. Everything else is pretty much fair game.

I shop a variety of brands. The brand that I am least loyal to is Chanel. About 5 years ago I purchased 3 lipsticks from them and the cases cracked in 6 months. They were very nasty to me about it and never did anything. I like to shop brands that stand behind their products and treat customers with respect.

I’m too fickle to be loyal to any one brand. I’m open to trying products from most lines, because I’ll never what works (or doesn’t) for me until I do. That being said, I do love NARS & Giorgio Armani, & I’m developing an affinity for Tom Ford. What can I say? I have expensive taste. LOL!

Nowadays I feel most “loyal” to beauty products from Giorgio Armani because the quality is always great and the color ranges and textures always work for me.

nothing in particular but MAKE UP FOR EVER is a brand of which i can use *almost* all the products from. and among those products, a lot of them ard my HGs.
i have no love for their mascaras and eyeliners. those i prefer giorgio armanis or urban decay ones. i truly live NARS brand and generally gets along with them.
next one is probably BURBERRY, which i think is seriously underrated.

giorgio armani all the way
best foundations , best powders , best mascara
love armani
i am so angry they discontinued the cream foundation i used for many years but i am still super loyal to them

tom ford for lipstick and stick foundation

I have always been loyal to Urban Decay. They were the first “real”makeup brand I ever used. Over the years though it seems that the formulas consistently change, in the eyeshadows at least. I still love them, but I’m probably more loyal to Kat Von D now. Her products are always incredible and consistent, and she continuously impresses me with her ideas and new products.

I would say I don’t really do “loyalty” to a brand as I’m very aware everything they do is in order to get me to spend my money there. I find that I am fond of certain brands, or tend to look their way first, but if the quality changes or I find some place that does it better, cheaper, and/or more ethically, I’ll go there instead. For example, I have been a “Mac person” (as in Apple) since I grew up right near there and was raised with MacBooks and such, but as their quality goes down (RIP Steve Jobs!) and their prices go up, I’m more and more likely to buy something else when I next need to get a computer, phone, mp3 player, etc. It’s the same with a company like MAC Cosmetics, where as the quality becomes more iffy I’ll look elsewhere, but when they come out with a great collection like their new Matte Lip one, I’ll head over there. Loyalty + capitalism = people getting screwed.

For me, it has to be Urban Decay. The original ‘Ammo” palette was my first non drugstore purchase at age 16, with the ‘deluxe shadow box’ swiftly following. Back then I loved and rocked the bright colours, and all the ‘natural’ colours(apart from Maui Wowie’ were never used. 26 now, and I still love UD, however, now I’m a strictly ‘Naked’ fan. I also LOVED a lipgloss of theirs in the shade ‘quickie’. Pretty sure it was called ‘XXL gloss’ or something similar, it was like a sheer red and SO sticky, but I can’t even find a mention of it online anywhere. It came out wally 2000s I think.!

I don’t really consider myself “loyal” to any brands in particular. I do have a lot of products from some brands (like Nyx, KVD, MAC, etc.), but I don’t think any single brand can have ALL of their products be great. Every brand puts out duds every now and then.

MAC, Love the quality of the permenant items such as; foundations, powders, blushers, brushes, eyeshadows.. you name it! But when it comes to limited edition items I can’t be so sure.

I love Dior as well, always bringing something new to the table.

New obsession is Color Pop and their Shock Eyeshadow! GAWD! Can’t get enough of them!

Right now, I have to say Urban Decay. I have loved their products since their inception, and they have a lot of great products that work so well for me. My only concern now is that the current owners have been raising the prices so much, it may be pricing itself out of the market it originally set out to entice. They have also discontinued many great products as well as many great colors. I do like some of the new formulations of some of their products, yet others weren’t so great. L’Oreal has made them more of a high end brand rather than the niche brand they were when they were created, and if the prices keep going up, they won’t be attracting the base they were attracting when they first began, so it may turn off some loyal customers. Many of us liked them because they were so unique, quality was great, the products were affordable. I hope they continue with their initial philosophy, I am not fond of the philosophies of other L’Oreal owned lines, and I want great products at their higher price points. If they stop delivering, I can jump ship. Some of the eye shadows are lovely, and the basic L’Oreal line available at the drug store are almost identical, as well as more affordable. It appears as though they want to attract a more diverse consumer, but I don’t see a whole lot of women in a more mature age group using products with so much glitter as well as the bright colors their initial base consumers love.

I used to stick to UD for eye shadows and I have 3 palettes from them but recently I find Mac, MUFE and MG eye shadows are even better. For lipsticks, MAC and YSL forever. For blushes, MAC. I still finding the brand that I can stick to for foundations and base products.

I think it would have to be Clinique, because there are a couple of products that I’ve been using for years and years, and intend to continue repurchasing as I run out. And whilst I have issues with some of their formulations, I am at least starting from the position of knowing that I don’t have to worry about any fragrance problems with a new product.

Instead of loyalty, it comes down to what products in what brands work best in my opinion. You have to stick to the products of the brands that work for you. I don’t stick to one brand. It’s good to have variety.
Here’s my picks…
1.) Nars- Pure Matte Lipstick in Amsterdam, Matte eye shadow in Sophia, Cream eye shadow in Paper Tiger-Discontinued, and Eye shadow base.
2.) Dior- Diorshow Volumizing Mascara in 090 Catwalk Black , Diorshow Lash Plumping Serum, and Hydra Life Pro Youth Sorbet Moisturizer.
3.) Make Up For Ever- Artist Rouge Matte Lipstick in M3 Matte Caramel and Matte eye shadow in M100 Matte Black
4.)Lanc么me-Artliner Liquid Liner in Noir
5.) L’Oreal- Lineur Intense Liquid Felt tip liner in Carbon Black
6.) MAC- Lip liner pencils in Stripdown and Mahogany
7.) Sephora Collection-Makeup Remover and Pro Makeup brushes
8.) Chapstick Moisturizing lip balm SPF 15-I use this as a base before applying my lip liner and lipstick.
9.) Watkins Peppermint Lip Balm-Moisturizing lip balm I use at night to prevent my lips from chapping and makes the application of my lip color smoother.
10.) Dove Soap- I always wash my face w/Dove soap whether I have makeup on or off. It is never good to sleep with your makeup on. Treat your skin good and let it breathe.

Not sure I would call it loyalty, but when it comes to buying eyeshadows my go to brand is Inglot. I don’t have many of the brands available here that people have in the US, so I’m really fortunate to have an affordable brand with great quality eyeshadows where I can create my own custom palettes! What more can a girl ask for?

I’m definitely a loyal follower of Urban Decay and NYX! Honestly, they could sell cotton swabs under their brand name and I’d probably pay extra for ’em. 馃榾

it was Maybelline until I found out that they test on animals! I was completely devastated so I’m going to pick a higher end brand which is bareminerals/Buxom I love to Maybelline because no matter what products of theirs I used it never irritated my eyes or skin but I also feel the same way about bareminerals/Buxom Products

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