What beauty trends have you tried that you’ve had to admit just don’t work for you?

What beauty trends have you tried that you’ve had to admit just don’t work for you? Share!

I like super mattes on other people, but I’m not a huge fan of matte lips on myself with a few exceptions – I will almost always opt for something with some shine! I love a satiny matte, though.

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Still not a big fan of liquid lipsticks, especially the matte ones. Even with improved formulas coming out, they tend to be more drying, harder to apply/re-apply, and more things can go wrong (cracking, flaking, wearing off unevenly). I like to spoil my lips with hydrating lip products, even if that means I have to re-apply more often. And some traditional lipsticks leave behind a nice stain

Matte lips for me too. My face gets so shiny it makes super matte lips look weird and parched and I dont like the feel of really dry matte lips.

Smokey Eyes. I don’t know why, but my friend loves smokey eye. Always want someone to do a smokey eye on her.
She just bought the new a Urban Decay Smoky Eye palette though I told her that the review is not good and that the feel is dry and patchy and the light colors do not show up when swatched. But she bought it anyhow. I told her had I known, I would had told her to get the smoked out palette when it was half off.

I don’t like the smokey eye look on me. No one ever can do my eye makeup right. I always end up looking like I have two black eyes after an application. My face is round and flat. I have monolids. They try to put a crease. They put the brow highlighter. I look like Panda at the very end.

The other thing I don’t like is matte eyeshadows. With my flat face, the matte shadow does not give a three D look.
I do like Urban Decay shadows…..it gives my eyes some contrasts.

I also have a round face and monolid eyes, and I stuck with shimmery neutral shadows for a very long time because they’re easier to blend and apply. However, 2 specific ELF products have really changed my mind about matte eyeshadows: the studio crease brush and the mad for matte palette. I used to apply eyeshadows with a flat shader brush all over the lid and a pencil brush in the outer corners for the darker color and then blended out the colors. Now, I just use the studio crease brush for all of my eyeshadow application. It provides an even layer of eyeshadow without being too precise, and everything blends together so easily. It has made smokey eye looks so easy to do, but still natural looking. The mad for matte palette has extremely wearable colors that are pigmented and smooth, and there are beautiful looks you can do just with that palette. You should give these a try!

I completely understand. I loved smokey eyes on other people but on my I looked like I had 2 black eyes. Idk the eye shape or how much space you have on your lids. I taught myself to not bring it higher than a certain point and not to use certain mattes. I can do some styles now.

BB creams is just not for me. Korean bb cream is way too light and greyish, US bb cream is too orange for me. For one that lives in tropical climate, BB cream is too sticky.

I’m with you there, Sophie! I’m experimenting with extending shadow beyond the lid as a ‘lift up’ trick. I’ve given up on the wing thing.

Stephanie Lange on YouTube has some good winged eyeliner tutorials for hooded eyes. Pixiwoo has one that’s very thick and dramatic, if you’re wanting that style.

Has to be contouring and Kylie jenner lips on me ! Somehow I look old and dirty , though I have seen many people rock both these beauty trends.
Btw this is my first post on temptalia ! I am new to makeup so have always been intimidated to post ??

Corpse lips!!! By which, I don’t mean a healthy nude, but skin-colored or just too pale. Which was why I didn’t like MAC Naturally Transformed, it looked like my face! I have gotten talked into Pure Zen and Blankety, both of which I can wear, but not w/out liner & gloss. I much prefer MAC Marque or UD Liar instead! And, I agree, super flat mattes are usually too dry and uncomfortable looking!

Cat Eyeliner. Hooded eyes are not the best for a statement eyeliner. I’m not a huge fan of matte lipsticks either. I like it for bold lips but nude or pale matte lipsticks look horrible on me.

Contouring. I just can’t get into it. I’ve tried it and I feel like it’s too over the top. I do lightly bronze around the cheekbones and have always felt that was a contour in itself. Call me old school but I just enjoy to wear makeup that simply enhances my features in a beautiful way rather than a full-on dramatic mask-like effect.

Oh let’s see here-
Contouring- looked like I had dirt on my face.
Skinny brows- In the 90’s I looked very SURPRISED.
Hair extensions- pulled out chunks of my natural hair.
Lash extensions- clumpy, spidery mess in 2 days.
Mineral Make-up Powder Foundations- NOT for dry skin.
White eyeliner- made me look clownish rather than awake.

The upside down triangle undereye concealer thing. For some reason it just always looks weird on me. Also a super matte face or eye. I just can’t do it. I always have the urge to add a sheen or highlight in the end somewhere.

Strobing. I love a glow but I think YT gurus are overdoing it. When I see one glowing nose after another I think of Rudolph and it just makes me laugh. I also don’t think it makes them look better. I realize make up is an individual choice but I think they are all just following a trend and not actually looking carefully into the mirror.

I’m with you about strobing, all I see is when YT gurus do it…it makes the face look oily, shiny and a bit greasy. I already have very oily skin and I do whatever I can to get rid of that look.

A matte face on myself just ages me. Although in my younger years ( under 30) , I think I was always trying to achieve this. Now , as my skin starts to age, I have learned it looks better dewey. Thank goodness that’s a look too! I know matte skin is going to come back with the whole 90’s resurgence. But, no can do here!

Matte lips almost always make my lips look cakey and dry, accentuating all of the lines on my lips, even if I exfoliate and use lip balm. I’m also terrified of bright colors on the cheeks, the eyes, and the lips. I’m a neutral girl at heart!

Light/white liner on waterline, darker liner underneath. My eyes are somewhat big and round already, and this look is NOT an improvement!

Also, I don’t like emphasizing the Cupid’s Bow in my lips. Given how much plumper my lower lip is than my upper, it actually works a bit better to sort of “cheat” on my upper one and form a straighter line across the top of my lip.

Finally… heavy contouring is just a no on me (smaller forehead, very pale skin). A little cheek definition, sure, with a light hand. But anything else just overwhelms and isn’t actually an enhancement.

I’m the opposite with eyeliner. Since dark liner in the waterline makes eyes look smaller, it makes my already-smallish eyes almost disappear! Really, it’s a look that only flatters a minority of people who were born with nice, big, either round or almond-shaped eyes. The rest of us, not so much! LOL

Although I hate to say some things don’t work because of my age and my older skin, it’s true. Sigh. Matte lips (look dry and dead), an all-shimmer eye (dem wrinkles), and overly done eyebrows (scary).

I hear ya. Also dramatic eye liner makes me look frightening.
However, no matter how wrinkled my eyes look in shimmery eye shadow, I still wear it. There are some concessions that are too much to ask 🙂

Matte lipsticks – I don’t think they look good on anyone because they just look so dry and dull and even on young lips, they emphasize lines. Nude lips….well, the less I say on that subject the better. One thing I keep trying but which simply doesn’t seem to work for my eye shape is the “flick” at the outer corners. I’d love to do an eyeliner “flick” to raise the outer corners of my eyes but it never looks good on me. I think my eyes are just too round.

There are so many things I love on other people that I’ve had to accept just don’t look good on me. I love the look of an eye that’s been lined top and bottom in black, but I’m too fair to pull it off. Same goes for a deep, sultry red lip. I also like a bit of a cat eye, but since I have hooded eyes that are somewhat downturned, the “flick” just kind of gets lost in my eye socket, and there’s really no point in doing it.

Nude concealer like lipsticks. Just doesn’t look good on fair skin!!!! But thankfully there are more pinker nudes on the market that I can wear in both higher end and drug store stepped up their game this past year.

The 2 that immediately come to mind are bright lips & full brows. I’ve never been drawn to bright pink/fuschia/coral, etc… when it comes to lips, and I tried them long before they were trendy, but I knew going in they weren’t for me. Between my greige skintone & personal aesthetic, they just aren’t flattering. I would just try them if I found them in a set or GWP, but I never expected them to work. The same can be said for blush. As for brows, I just find thinner to be more flattering. I haven’t tried fuller brows for some time, but looking back at old photos, I think my brows just don’t work quite as well.

I had trouble with winged liner for a while, but I eventually found a technique that works for my eyes. This was long before the Internet/YouTube videos, but with countless hours of trial and error, I eventually figured it out. Although not so much a “trend”, I just recently figured out how much I really don’t like gel liners…

Like others, winged eyeliner due to hooded lids. I could kinda make it work when I was younger but my eyes are way to foldy now.

And I’ve never gotten on board the liquid lipstick trend. I keep trying them but they’re so fussy and unforgiving and they make it obvious if your lips aren’t totally symmetrical.

I’ve never been able to pull off eyeliner on the lower lash line; it just makes my eyes look like “two raisins in a bowl of rice pudding”.

I have a few:

BB creams-none are ever close to my coloring, most are way too yellow or orange
Tons of contouring-I do light contouring with powder over top of my foundation but not like all the layers of it or the double step-the cream contour under the foundation and then powder contour over top
Brown lipstick- just has never been my favorite, I will do a pink with a bit of brown in it
Skinny brows- I like to have fuller brows and have never had skinny brows
Highlighting using concealer- I just don’t have tons of time to sit and blend the concealer in and would rather use a bit of highlighter instead
Concealer lips- I am fair with light eyes so I need a bit of color on my lips, I do like nude lips but nothing that washes me out

What trends don’t I like on myself… Most of them? Ha!
Greige lips, overly thick/straight brows, smokey eyes, contouring, strobing.

Completely matte skin. I have dry skin, so no. I feel like this can make a person(me) look like a corpse.
Using a concealer 2 shades lighter for the undereye- nope. It looks a bit foolish to me
Matte lips- I also have dry lips, and I feel like these dry me out even more. Plus, I like a glossier lips

nude concealer lips like myth by mac//cool toned pink lips like snob and saint germain … they just don’t work for me, i look awful but i like how they look on fair skin… other thing i dont really like are the instagram brows some people overdo them and it looks kinda bad. but you do you boo.

I can’t bear the look of matte lipsticks – I’ve been wearing lipstick/gloss for many many years and men have always commented and liked a shiny/glossy lip. Matte looks like chalk. I don’t get it.

False eyelashes for me. I don’t like the way they look or feel. And super pale lipstick. It looks like I’m wearing concealer on my lips.

I have two: contouring, just no. I have a round face and maybe I don’t know what I’m doing (likely) but it just looks muddy. That’s a big old no. The other for me is nude lips. I love them… on other people. But they’re absolutely horrendous on me. I don’t just look dead, but like I’ve been dead for a while, was buried and they dug me up again. A bigger big old NO!

Red lips just don’t work on me. I feel so self conscious.
Also, smoky eyes make me look like I got beat up. Black liner on my bottom lash line looks awful too.

Red lipstick! As a fair, cool complected vintage babe of some life experience *ahem*, it seems no matter what shade I try- cool, neutral or warm- I end up looking like the Bette Davis character from “What ever happened to Baby Jane?”! A real fright! And to apply this color using one of the new liquid ultra-matte lippes just doubles the horror by accenting my already dry, lined, thinned out lips.
Red looks great on some, but I couldn’t wear it even in my 20s when my skin and lips were in good shape.

Any kind of black eyeliner, winged eyeliner, anything like that. It makes my eyes look really close set for some reason. It’s also just very sharp looking, and my features are already pretty bold (large nose, heavy jawline, etc.) so I just prefer the softer, more diffused look of eyeshadow versus the graphic, solid eyeliner which makes me look very closed in.

Also a super sharp contour looks very harsh and unflattering on me. I still place a contour or bronzer color in the hollows of my cheeks and along my temples, I just do it in a more diffused way. Again, I think this is because of my strong features. It’s just a lot more flattering on me if my makeup is more blended out and diffused (how many times can I use that word in one post!).

Finally, thinner eyebrows. I know those are now going out of style, but I still felt very pressured in middle school and high school to get rid of my bushy locks! I’d get them waxed but within a week I’d be like a caveman again. I’ve stopped fighting them, as they cannot be tamed!

Most trends usually work for me or I find a way to make them work. However, my greatest fail has to go to “tinted moisturizers”. That product does not agree with me. I had gotten caught up in the summer hype, from a couple of years ago, regarding the NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizers. It had looked so beautiful on so many women of color and I too wanted to try something that was considered weightless summer foundation. I bought and wore the shade that was supposed to match me, and NOPE! It looked awfully gray. I tried giving the product the benefit of the doubt, and thought maybe I should get a different shade instead. Within a few weeks, I had bought 4 different shades, and they all had that weird gray-like cast. I also tried buying some drugstore versions and they too were awful on my skin. Tinted moisturizers are just not for me.

I can’t do a nude lip without looking totally washed out, or matte lips. After a certain age, matte lips just look too dry and old. Gloss gives a youthful look. If you’re very young, I guess matte is okay, but I don’t find it really flattering on anyone. Mascara on my lower lashes and black liner under my eyes close off my eyes and make me look hard. I do a 3/4 line under the eye in a less stark shade than black ( basically any bright or medium dark color).

Contouring will never work for me – I’m way too angular and thin for it unless I’m trying to look like an actual zombie.

Liquid lipsticks – too sticky and dehydrating for my lips
Matte eye shadows – they get lost on my hooded eyes
BB/CC creams – a waste of money for me – I like a good foundation with primer first
Nude lipstick – it makes me look unfinished – with colourful eye shadows the look is unbalanced with nude lips
Winged eyeliner – hooded lids make this really difficult
Overly done eye brows – my eye brows are very pale and it looks artificial on me.

Ooooh contouring! I have barely there cheekbones, even when I make the “kiss face” that doesn’t help. I can barely do my nose. But I can highlight my butt off, lol.

winged / cat eye eyeliner after so many attempts its my eye, its just too hooded 🙁 so when i open my eye it just looks like a hot mess, also contouring which i plan on trying again !

bright lipstick! i’ve tried and tried but i’ve never been able to find a color that works. so i’ll just sit here hoarding all my neutral and dark lipsticks…..
also the weird cut crease stuff that everyone loooves but it’s mostly because i’m asian and i don’t /have/ a crease with which to work lol


Cool toned lipsticks that don’t have any brown in them literally make me look like death warmed over. (So not cute for darker skin tones) Besides that it’s a losing battle just trying to find a bronzer that doesn’t totally melt into my skin tone or look like a blush instead of a true bronzer. At this point I give up on both of them.

as for makeup trends… im not good with some of the pro-longwear lipsticks. i always manage to wear it off in the center and leave a ring around the outer edges of my mouth. hate that. i bought all the jeffree star lipsticks and i love love love them, but i hate when it wears off in the middle. (they are AMAZING though and i highly recommend everyone buy them).

other trends..
super thick eyebrows. i just dont like how they look. I have let them grow in a bit lately, but i dont think i could go full delavigne.

dark lipliner with light lipstick.

any sort of nail art or really even painting my nails. im a bartender and my hands are constantly in water or wet. losing a false nail would require me to melt all the ice, to ensure it wasnt going to end up in someone’s drink. also last time i had acrylics i sliced open my cornea trying to remove my contact lens.

tanning or lots of bronzer in general. i just look like an oompa loompa. the one and only time i used a tanning bed (for 3 minutes) – i was hospitalized. my skin just started blistering and peeling off it was awful. i cant be in the sun for more than 5 minutes without burning. so ive learned to love being pale.

skinny jeans. NOPE. i look like a triangle balanced on its point. shirts that are very very loose around the belly, they make me look pregnant. tent dresses make me look like a walking tarp. not wearing a bra is a hazard to myself and everyone around me.

when i DONT wear my signature cateye liquid liner, i look dead. people ask what’s wrong. ive worn it since i was allowed to use makeup.

when i am forced to wear my glasses, i have to keep my eyes neutral (usually greys, the naked pallettes, etc) or my super strong prescription makes me look cray.

wearing fake eyelashes during the day. i just cant. it’s a pm thing for me.
other than that, anything goes. i firmly believe anyone can wear any color on eyes or lips, just need to find the right shade and application style for you!

For me is the hype of liquid lipstick, especially those that promises 24 hours anything-proof, will never work for me. I tried a brand and I just think I will never ever try another.. even the high end one. It feels uncomfortable on the lips and heavy. I will stick to regular lipstick or lipgloss.

My dry skin just cannot handle setting powder under my eyes. I have tried repeatedly and just look old, tired and dried-out whenever powder goes anywhere near my under eye concealer (I’m only 28!). On the plus side, it is one less step in my makeup routine! 🙂

How much time do you have? 🙂 1. Any type of eyeliner that sticks out beyond my eye — cat eye, wings, whatever you want to call it. 2. Sculpting. I’ve tried, and it felt and looked ridiculous. It’s not that I don’t know how; I used to be a stage makeup artist and I can make a face look like anything. But … I can’t get away from how false it looks on me, even when it would be undetectable to a stranger. I have a round face, and everyone I know and care about knows that; who would I be fooling? For me to start “shaping” my face to meet some ideal would just be ridiculous. I don’t have (and will never have) that definition in real life, and to do it just for photos is ridiculous. 3. Cut crease (though I’m cheating a little on that entry since I don’t think it works on ANYONE). 4. If I’m to be realistic, any non-neutral lip, or any lip that draws attention away from my eyes. Doesn’t work, but … I still wear strong lips sometimes; I just can’t help it. 5. Pastels. Don’t know if they’re currently in, but every time they come around, I avoid makeup displays like the plague. Pastels look like death on me. 6. Lip gloss, glossy lipstick. Not sure you can call it a trend so much as a staple for some, but I don’t think it looks good on me, and I just have psych issues with sticky, shiny lips. Ick.

I’m going to stray outside the original question and chew a bone: 1. Enough with the strobing, uber-highlighting, whatever they decide to call it next. Only works for photos, and the trend has now gotten to the point where it doesn’t even work in photos.

To end on a positive note: 1. I used to think highlighters wouldn’t work on me because of my combination skin. I finally came up with a routine that keeps my oily t-zone at bay, so if I touch the highlighter to the tops of my cheeks (which don’t get oily), it does have a positive effect. 2. I used to think the smoky eye didn’t work for me, but I finally realized that it’s the traditional dark crease that doesn’t work. I have non-hooded eyes, but I can only make my eyes attractively dark and dramatic by starting with the darkest color right next to my lash-line and gradating it out from there in a slowly lightening oval. I can work the medium to medium-dark color out to just beyond the crease, but from there it has to go back to skin color pretty quickly. I can go wide with the dark (a long oval, but it looks bizarre to make my crease darker than the rest of my eye.

The feline flick. My eyelids have some creasing at the outer corner and I cannot get a clean angled line up on the outside edge of my eyelids.

Corpse lips very light or strange greige colors, overly matte lips, and overly contoured/highlighted.. That’s probably the worst because if my contour color isn’t just right it makes a muddy, ruddy look – just no.

Shiny lips- it doesn’t matter what lip gloss I try, it ALWAYS bleeds. I try and try again to no avail. Even with lip primer they don’t work for me. I may have spoiled myself with always wearing matte lipsticks with lip primer underneath (found that UD Ultimate Ozone is the closest to my HG Paula Dorf Perfect Illusion that was discontinued) and those (and any other finish of lipstick for that matter) stay put on my lips until *I* take it off – sometimes 12 hours or more! I guess until there is a magic gloss that won’t budge at all, I won’t be happy with it. The Bare Minerals Pretty Amazing lip (creams?) worked very well for me though. Closest thing to a gloss I was happy with. Too bad they discontinued them.

Neutral looks; especially neutral lips. I cant find any lip color that will not wash me out so i can only wear neutral looking lipgloss. And as for neutral eyes, i try but everytime i add some kind of color to it becuz to me its soo boring lol

Bronzy lipstick shades can be a neutral for our skin tone. MAC sophisto is a lovely color, neutral berry bronze shade. Another color to try is MAC teddy with a brown or plum lip liner. If there is a Fashion Fair by you, try sepia lipstick. Gorgeous bronzy shade. As for eyes, I just load up on mascara to make my eyes pop.

I can’t think of anything I’ve really wanted to do with makeup that I haven’t found a way to do. If I’m really drawn to something, I’m persistent. I try various colors, formulas, products, and techniques until I figure out a way to pull it off. The only thing I’ve placed on hold until I’m ready to tackle it again is fake lashes. I can apply them but, because I’m not yet comfortable with them, it can be a frustrating process. It’s entirely possible that I’m forgetting some other trend right now. (It’s so, so possible. I’ve been incredibly forgetful lately.)


-crazy color satin/metallic eyeshadows – some people can pull them off amazingly… if I use them, I use them in a really small amount with loads of dark, light and matte shades…
-tinted moisturizers… I have such an uneven skintone that tms work nothing for me… they make my coloring even weirder
-crazy glitter holo nail polishes… they are just not for me… I’m a boring cream finish girl, with some love for mattes and matte shimmers
-fake tan… brrrrr… I like my skin pale, and I get tan in a really weird way… even with fake tanner, I look like someone who has worked in the sun for 60 years without proper protection (crazy unevenness, a weird shade and all)… so, pale power!
-instagram brows… they look pretty on others but on me… as if a one-year old painted on me with actual paint… maybe it’s because I have thicker, fuller brows…

Looking all through the answers, I was surprised to see that I’m in good company about the eyeliner “flick”. I think that is the one thing I really do wish I could get to work. And I see I have a lot of “sisters” in the “contour looks like dirt on me” category as well (I didn’t mention it this time as I’ve mentioned it so often in past!). I honestly never realized there were so many others here who have “issues” with the same techniques I can’t get to work for me.

Nude lips. My lips have a bit of colour of their own, if I make thempaler I look dead, and not in an interesting way.
Dewy skin, I look like an oilfield. I do like a little highlighter though.
Contouring and bronzing, both makes me look a bit dirty, doesn’t matter what I try, and I have tried a lot, and have had MUAs do it for me. It’s just a no for me.
However I never do not try, as I think experementing is so much fun!

Winged eyeliner, even though I wish that I could rock it! Also the whole trend of overly highlighting underneath the eye area with globs and globs of concealer. I just don’t think it looks good in natural lighting (not on me, at least)

– false lashes worn regularly.
– BB Creams – tried it but my face gets wet and oily to a point that I looked so messed up or shall I say sweaty.

Many of the most recent lip trends look *terrible* on me! Flat matte finishes add at least ten years to my face, and pale “nude” shades make me look like a corpse.

“Contouring” does me no favors at all. My face is already angular and somewhat bony, so all it does is aggravate that.

Orange-toned eye shadows make me look like an alien (not in a fun way).

Finally, there’s “strobing”… wth is that? I swear, I get a mental image of makeup industry honchos all gathering together and positing the problem, “Well, we’ve finally beaten ‘Contour’ to death; so what now?” And that’s what they came up with.

Out of all the make up looks there are a few that I cannot tolerate:

1) Heavy Contouring/Clown Contour: One word, Why?
2) Dry or Grey/Corpse Matte Lipstick: I’ve seen some brands making extremely dry lipstick and it just looks soooo bad.
3) BB/CC Creams: I don’t really hate this one, but a lot of Asian companies need to realize that there are no human beings alive that are GREY-TONED!
4)False Eyelashes: Don’t hate this one much but as a girl with glasses. NOPE 🙁
5)False Eyelashes That Make You Look Like You Have a Bat on Your Eye: No hate to anyone but again why? 0.0

The beauty blender. I’ve tried it aaallll the different ways, it just does not work for me!

I don’t really dig liquid mattes either. They’re so permanent, I usually just end up angrily scrubbing them off because I can’t fix a mistake. Plus I frickin’ always have chapped lips, so that’s not cute.

I think most looks work on me, but there are many that are not my style (I’m not into “no makeup makeup” looks, for example). I’m not counting those.

“Instagram” eyebrows: Those super-sculpted beauties look great on others, but my eyebrows don’t have enough arch, and I just look silly. My eyebrows arch very little and very subtly, and they can’t pull off that much drama. I go for dramatic eyeshadow looks instead and just groom and fill in my brows.

Bronzing: I can get away with a little bit of TF Milk Chocolate Soleil, but I can’t use it all over my face. I can use Wet N Wild Reserve Your Cabana all over my face, but it’s not really a “bronzed” look. I’m super-pale, and I just look better if I rock my ghostly complexion.

True nude lips: I have to have a little pink or peach, or some shimmer, if I go with a nude lip. Even then, 90% of the time I’d rather go with a MLBB shade instead. Otherwise I look like I have no lips. My natural lips are just too colorless and my skin is too fair to pull off pale, true nudes.

Cream Contouring. I am fine with using some bronzer, or just my KVD Shade and Light kit, but I just find using cream foundations on top of my foundations just feels too heavy, and un-natural.

Nudes! Anything “nude” themed for lips, eyes, cheeks, etc. will just blend right in and disappear on me. I think it has something to do with my skin tone, as it is a light-medium “Mediterranean” olive. I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I must stick with color, although I’m increasingly careful with this as I get older – no one wants to see a 45 year old with peacock eyes and neon orange lips!

I can’t get into highlighting or contouring. I just feel like I look like a completely different person when I tried it, and that’s not the look I’m going for when wearing makeup. I also don’t do lashes or mascara because I’m afraid they’ll pull out my real lashes when I remove them.

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