What beauty product do you own that was hard to justify buying? Was it worth it?

Tom Ford’s Lips & Boys set (not last year’s but th year before) – it enabled me to get everything swatched before Thanksgiving, but it did have 25 repeats. They also upcharge just for the box (which was a disappointment). It was, mostly because I’ve found that having to turnaround something that quickly on Thanksgiving/Black Friday is just mentally tough for me. But as an actual product? No, not at all – the box was scratched and felt cheap, not worth the upcharge.

— Christine


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Vivian Avatar

Ironically enough, my hardest purchase to justify spending for was also from the Lips and Boys collection. I wanted one shade solely because of the name (Julian), but it was ridiculously hard to justify when it was a) super expensive for a pretty small amount of product, and b) not a shade I generally like wearing. I ended up liking it once I eventually bought it, but even then, I kinda regret spending so much for it.

Erica Avatar

I thought the TF Boys lipstick in Ian would be a nice intro to TF. I don’t mind the smaller size but what irks me is that it kind of smells/feels like a MAC lipstick. Go figure both are owned by Estee Lauder. It is an ok lipstick and I like that it is named Ian, my nephew’s name:) But I don’t think it is worth getting a TF lipstick as far as lipsticks go. Why pay more than $30 when I can get a similar quality lipstick for $17 ? Js

Nancy T Avatar

From a price perspective? That would be Tom Ford Seadragon Lipstick. Having a $20 coupon from Sephora made it a really sweet deal. But it has been TOTALLY worth it! Makes me feel pretty as heck, no regrets!

But from a quality standpoint, UD Naked Smoky. Knew what I was getting into ahead of time. Did it for the colors. But now I’m thinking that THAT was the time to use a coupon or wait for a sale! Not worth getting caught in one of the worst AZ monsoon storms and very nearly get hit by lightning in order to have it, either!

Lucia Avatar

Yes Nancy, I feel the same way about it. My friend bought the patelle and asked me to do her makeup using it. I did not like it much and don’t know why bought one for myself as well. I never use mine.

Brenda Avatar

You’re using it more than I am. I did it use it when my husband and I went out fo New Year’s Eve and the look turned out good. But I used Clinique gray chubby stix as base.

Deborah S. Avatar

I have to say, I can justify and rationalize almost anything, LOL. I would have to say it was the purchase of the Wayne Goss Anniversary set. I didn’t own any expensive brushes of any kind. I have been happy using my Real Technique brushes and some brushes that I have had for over 30 years. They still work perfectly and I do nothing to take care of them. I have never cleaned them or stored them in any particular way. I purchased the Wayne Goss Face Set and the Wayne Goss eye set for my daughter for Christmas. I also got her an Air Brush and one for myself. When they arrived I was a little blown away by how soft they were. I used the Air Brush and have loved it so I purchased the set for myself. I have no regrets. YOLO!! (my daughter will be cringing in a corner when she sees that I actually wrote YOLO).

Bonnie Avatar

I agree…no regrets. I too justify whatever I want to buy. I work a second job just so I can have spending money to basically waste on whatever catches my eye. So I am ok with spending $30-50 on Louboutin nail polish.

Deborah S. Avatar

I was married and am now divorced. My ex-husband never said anything about the money I spent on things that I wanted but as I look back I know I felt guilty for buying things that I didn’t need but just wanted. I should have gone for counseling as I worked for the money that I spent and certainly didn’t question him about fishing equipment, etc. I think for a lot of makeup/beauty collectors makeup is a creative outlet when we don’t have time for other forms of artistic expression. I hope you have a wonderful day!

MacKenzie Avatar

The Viseart Minx Theory palette for one. It’s pretty pricey for just 6 shades, but they’re so nice, so I’d say it was worth it. Also, the Melt Cosmetics Rust stack. Again, a lot of money for not a lot of shades. I was getting Black Friday prices on it, but still something about paying $8 for shipping so throughly irked me that I almost didn’t get it. Unfortunately, I haven’t played with it yet besides swatching, but I need to get on that.

Bonnie Avatar

Right? So when you hear that someone won’t pay $8, you have a totally different perspective. You would probably not bat an eye over $8. For me, I generally have no problem with up to $10, but if it costs more than that, I rethink the purchase.

Leigh H. Avatar

To be fair you get (relatively speaking) a metric ton of shadow in the Melt pans. They’re ginormous! I have my eye on one of those stacks once I get through some more shadows and palettes.

MacKenzie Avatar

Ironically, after I left that comment this morning, I said to myself “you’re going to use the rust stack today gosh darn it!”. I did and I ended up loving the look I got with it! They blended REALLY nicely, had no fallout, and were honestly like perfect. Plus, you’re absolutely right about the amount of product, this isn’t like a tiny single from Mac, MUG, or ABH. So yes, definitely worth every penny!

Pearl Avatar

All of my Tom Ford makeup – the quality is there so it’s worth it to me and I look at it as an investment, like I do the Viseart palettes. For what I have and the way it performs, I don’t mind the price tag. I will get a lot of use out of it and I feel like it will last a while.

Giorgio Armani Foundations – flawless (and they better be for the price). I have sheer, medium, and full coverages and the quality, color matching, and wear-time is consistent across formulas. They are my HG brand for foundation.

Sue Avatar

Guerlain Meteorites (the Perles du Dragon edition). It doesn’t really serve a purpose and I only use it a couple of times a year… but they’re so pretty!

LindaP Avatar

It was hard for me to justify buying Sisley Phyto Poudre Libre. But I really did need to find something to set my foundation. My bronzer and blush needed that smooth surface to apply to. Age makes a setting powder a challenge to find.

I did experiment with and sample a number of other products. I was on the trajectory to end up spending MORE on products that didn’t work than making the outlay on this one that worked great in the sample.

Was it worth it? For me, A+. It’s just what I need and I love it. No looking back.

Michele @Binxcat4ever Avatar

The new Chanel Coco Code Blush Harmony. Normally I would never spend that on a cheek product especially one that looked like it might even be too warm for me to use. My curiosity got the better of me though. I wore it the other day and I absolutely love it! I was pleasantly surprised how well the shades worked on me. I was even able to use the contour shade (which was the biggest shock). They were a joy to work with. No regrets.

Linda Avatar

This is BAAAD enabling! πŸ™‚

I tested the Sisley powder against LM, Le Mer (now the new formula), La Pairie (oof, glitter bomb on me) Charlotte Tilbury ( did not like, sold it), and RCMA. I liked the Sisley best by far. I got it in 01 isiree (something like that) as it had a nice radiance.

I had to arm twist for a sample at Saks but I got one. Also, get a sample of the Black Rose Mask and sleep in it. You won’t believe it. Even just using it as directed is very effective. Costs though.

Linda Avatar

Oh, one more enabling tibit. I find finishing powders apply and finish much better the way Wayne Goss recommends putting them on. Use the puff, press and roll, then us the powder brush only to take off excess. Watch his video on the correct way to apply powder. It’s made a difference I feel.

Taylor Avatar

The Hourglass Finishing Brush No. 7 kabuki. It retails for $65 (!!) and during some sleep-deprived moment, I decided I needed it in my life. It now lives under my sink, hardly touched. It’s a beautiful brush, so soft, and can be used for multiple things on the face, so I thought it would be a good investment, like a foundation, blush, and contour brush in one. I found that it sheers out my foundation too much for my liking, though it is good for pressed powder all over the face. Maybe I should get it back out again…

Anne Avatar

At the time of their purchase, the price of my expensive Japanese brushes seemed excessive because I owned other brushes than could do the job adequately, but I learned shortly after using them that they were worth every penny.

Julia Avatar

I still can’t believe the upcharge on buying the Lips and Boys set!

My hard-to-justify purchases have been EL Modern Mercury, and all of my Guerlain Meteorites. Modern Mercury was worth it to me – it’s so beautiful, and I use it often (on both cheeks and eyes). The Meteorites, not so much. My first one was the Perles des Nieges snow globe, which is stunning to look at but was terribly expensive. I was so enamored with the look of them that I quickly collected a few more, and then realized that I don’t find them very convenient to use and that they all look nearly identical on. I kind of wish I had stopped after the first one. I should really try to use those more!

Mariella Avatar

It’s a toss-up between the ABH Mario Palette and Becca’s Backlight Filter Primer. I really debated with both of them but I really love the ABH palette, despite its one drawback (no proper highlight shade). It is so nice to use that I can easily overlook that one shortcoming and I am so glad I didn’t miss out on it. The Becca primer, used as a primer, is a “waste” of a beautiful product. I usually wear IT CC Cream and the “backlight” effect is totally blocked out by the CC cream, which I found out when I tried this as a sample (and the same is true with most foundations) but I use it on its own over moisturizer on “no foundation” days (which are most of my days!). I liked it enough that I purchased the full sized bottle. So, yes, both have been “worth it”.

Hollyc Avatar

Tom Ford lipstick (regular formula full size). Crazy expensive for lipstick but hands down the best formula everrrrrr. Creamy, pigmented. Glides over lips and makes them look smoooooooth! Best, most flattering and wide ranging selection of neutrals. Tom Ford products are all about pretty, not shocking. The colours he produces are just amazingly flattering with amazing texture, blend ability and pigmentation. Now, having said that, not a fan of lips and boys, expensive for such a small bullet and not the same quality. I have 2 and they will not be added to.

Emily Avatar

Me too. I bought it, then returned it, then bought it again when it was way on sale. But I have to force myself to use it, and I’m never happy with the results when I do. The shades just look muddy on me.

Ari Avatar

The ABH Mario Palette for sure. I live in the Netherlands and they only sell it in the US. I’m such a Mario fan so I had to have it. But it was so expensive because I had to pay for the palette, shipping cost and tax. The palette has cost me € 80,- (like 80 dollar palette US price 45 dollars) but I love it and especially that almost nobody has it here. And the quality is very nice.

Rachel Avatar

Issey Miyake perfume. It was the first perfume I bought in years, but I still had a hard time spending that money on a perfume. I waited until Sephora had their $20 off $50+ promotion.

Ashleigh Avatar

Just so you know, you can buy perfumes that have been out awhile online for very cheap, fragrancenet, groupon, amazon all have popular perfumes- they’re the exact same product that Sephora sells. It’s a good way to save $! The only downside is the return policies are probably not as good if you open it and test it.

AB Avatar

Tom Ford Honeymoon quad. Excellent quality generally — though limited range in terms of color depth; however, in the end, the $80 was not worth it to me because colors and finish aren’t good on me. Lessons learned. By contrast, TF Snowdon lipstick was worth it for me — I use it often, it filled a gap, and a superior quality.

CatG Avatar

Marc Jacobs Bronzer Brush. I still can’t believe I spent that sort of money on one brush!! But my best makeup buddy kept recommending it as her favorite multipurpose brush so I went for it during the VIB sale! I don’t know if it’s worth it because it’s still in the box and I can’t bring myself to use it haha!

Katy Avatar

I have this brush. Same as you, I was hesitant when I first got it as it was much larger than I anticipated and its just so much $$. But I have no regrets! Great multipurpose brush. I use it for bronzer/blush/finishing powder and it works beautifully. I have now added the contour brush to my collection as well. I hope you love it as much as I do. If it makes you feel better just remember that a great brush will last you many years.

CatG Avatar

Thank you for your comment πŸ™‚ That’s exactly what she says, that she uses it for so many different products and areas of her face. It is a beautiful brush.

Chelsea Avatar

ANY lip gloss. I don’t even wear lip gloss but I still end up with a couple of the Two Faced Melted’s and some Make Up For Ever glosses which I think I’ll wear but never do. They’re permanently condemned to my bottom drawer.

I also gave in and bought a foundation brush from Shiseido for around $35 that was pretty good but then I found a random, no name, flat topped brush from Amazon for like $5 and it works infinitely better and I use it daily. Who knew?

Ashleigh Avatar

The hourglass ambient lighting powder in ethereal light…. and honestly? I don’t know. I have gotten a lot of use out of it so far, and it’s a lot of product to go through, so $/use is a decent ratio. However I’m not in love with the finish on my skin, and actually prefer my Cover FX powders a little more.

ouineque Avatar

I had to think a while about this one… But now I remember and I still feel not good about it… Just a few months ago I saw a second hand brush from Laura Mercier. I do not own anything of this brand and I thought that this bronzer brush would come in handy while it’s compact (nice for travelling) and dense and it looked soft. But what was in theory a good deal (I got it for half of the original price basically, so around 35 dollars) doesn’t work: I hardly ever use bronzer! And the bristles are so harsh, just not comfortable, nor can I use this for a face powder because it picks up too much product in the pan. And it sheds… I feel stupid for having been too greedy!

Anna Avatar

Armanl Night Light palette. I was hunting it down because it looked handy to use for travel, but I don’t really travel that much. So it is sitting on the shelf. I should take it out to use as my “go-to”.
Chanel Empreinte du Desert. I had no clue that it is THE palette but when I gave in to the hype, I couldnt find it anymore. Finally I found and I think I snatched the very last one kn town. I wore it once and loved it.

Laurie Avatar

Lancome Renergie and Genifique. I see them everywhere when i go shopping and when HSN had them at a discount … which was still incredibly high … I was possessed and bought them. Unfortunately, I had an allergic reaction to one or both and ended up needing a steroid injection. Obviously I returned them. Since I also had a bad reaction to a Dr. Brandt Sephora point gift (they gave me my points back), I went the other way and bought some Boots No 7 holiday kits at ridiculously low prices after Christmas and am trying them out, in conjunction with a couple of inexpensive suggestions from HotAndFlashy.

MoMerrell Avatar

I’d have to say my Dior foundation. It’s only $50 but as a single parent on a budget it’s pretty hard to swallow the price tag when I know it could have gone to groceries. HOWEVER now I started receiving child support; not much but enough to justify buying my foundation because it’s his money and not mine LOL. If I pay for it myself I only buy it when Sephora sends out coupons for VIB/VIB Rouge.

The other thing was Josie Maran Argan Affinity Oil. The first time I brought it, I felt bad spending $30 on face oil until I tried it and found that not only is it what my skin needs but also because I only use it on my face, it lasts up to 8 months. I’ve repurchased that product many times now because it’s worth it.

LaMaitresse Avatar

The full set of Tom Ford brushes was a bit of a sting, I had some reward cards from Neimans that helped. I absolutely love them, and bought two more of the fluffy blenders, I love the brushes so much. They wash beautifully and dry so quickly.

Ros Avatar

Yes! Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation! I use it when I want medium to full coverage in a flawless finish that lasts all day. Worth every cent!

Lena Avatar

The Beautylish Lucky Bag. I purchased the $75 bag, which is an incredible deal if you can or will use most of the products. I wound up getting the Wayne Goss Eyebrow Brush set, Viseart Theory Palette in Cashmere, an Ana Sui Nail Polish (which was already dried out), IT Cosmetics Superhero Mascara (which I’m horribly allergic to), a small Bioderma Sensibio, Oribe Wave & Shine Spray (that I can’t use because my hair is too short for waves and it makes my hair look greasy and feel sticky). I do love the brush set but I don’t think I would have purchased it separately as I already have a million eyebrow brushes. I do also love the Viseart palette and I would definitely purchase the others because the quality is just stunning. I’d pass on everything else. Garnier Micellar Water works just as well as the Bioderma for a fraction of the price. I don’t normally wear nail polish so I wasn’t terribly upset that it came dried out, but I would have liked to have something else I could have used instead.

Roxi Avatar

Funny thing about that beautylush lucky bag: I heard several people complaining that they got Jeffree Star products, they said that Beautylish wouldn’t have dared to give them to American consumers.

Genevieve Avatar

The Laura Mercier Translucent Setting powder was pretty expensive here in Aus ($57) at Sephora. It’s a great product and I’ve only had it 3 months and have already hit pan. Not as much product in the pan as I would have liked or expected. I think I will try a less expensive translucent setting powder the next time.

Bon Bon Avatar

A Becca foundation. The sales clerk said it was perfect for my skin tone and is on the orangey side when I’m outside. I mix it with and EstΓ©e Lauder mousse foundation and it turned out good eneough to wear.

Brenda Avatar

So several for me 1) UD Naked Smokey – even 1/2 off not worth it but I do love the brush that came with it. 2) Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit palette $80 – when I first got it I used it all the time but now I never touch it and never wear the darker blush. 3) Bobbi Brown brightening brick, I just don’t use it enough to have spent $50 on it.

Hildegard Avatar

The Anastasia Modern Renaissance palette. I bought it along with some eyeshadows during the Black Friday sale, but shipping & handling expenses and taxes (and a surprise fee I had no idea existed and applies to all makeup imports, even for personal use, by our local National Health Institute) made for a very steep purchase.

Having said that, I love my MR palette. It really works with my colouring, the eyeshadows are so smooth and fun to use. Not going to buy any more makeup online in the near future, though. I ended up paying way more money than I’d have spent on makeup on any local shops. Also, I feel I was robbed blind by FedEx because of their incompetence and absurd handling fees.

Kylie5 Avatar

I do not own it yet, but this year I really want to buy tom ford tobacco vanilla perfume. I want it for 8 years now. I very convinced that it will be worth every cent. If I had bought it 8 years ago I would have saved a lot of money. It is 40 Euros more now.
Has anyone tried the “body” spray. It is 150ml and would save me a lot of money. Does it last long? Thank you.

Bonnie Avatar

So funny you should say this…my pick was probably the Elizabeth and James Nirvana Bourbon fragrance I just bought, which smells kind of like vanilla and tobacco. I got a sample in my Sephora Play bag, and it’s the first item from their subscription that I purchased full size. I love it and don’t regret it! It’s just so special, not like most of the other fragrances out there.

Asche Avatar

The Chanel 2016 5 mini travel brushes. The set cost me $133 (with tax) and I don’t need any of them. I really like two of them, but the other three are very meh. I can still return it, and I just might. Can I really justify spending $133 on two brushes? No. No I cannot.

Lea Avatar

Not the popular answer, but the BeautyBlender. I don’t get it. I did finally buy one and tried it a few times, but it was just too fussy. I apply my liquid foundations with my fingers and work a bit with the Shiseido foundation brush, but only rarely. I prefer a light to maybe medium coverage and it’s just an unnecessary step for me. It sits in my skincare area used twice probably.

Fran Avatar

I agree with you about the Beauty Blender being fussy. When I use mine, which is seldom, I feel compelled to wash it right away, and it takes a long time to get all the product out. Some of the pigment always seems permanently embedded, even with the brand’s own cleanser. But, I think it is worth it if someone needs a super-blended look because of skin texture issues. Or also if you don’t feel compelled to wash it thoroughly every time you use it!

Roxi Avatar

Beautyblender is actually pretty easy to clean, I use normal dove soap + hand soap and it comes out extremely clean. Since I have to dampen it anyways, i actually find it easier to clean every time before use then brushes (which I hoard forever until the cleaning day).

janine Avatar

Prolly that stupid Naked3 palette just because I didn’t like it. I just buy little bits here and there of makeup some Chanel and GA eyeshadow 30 bucks ea ouch! But I don’t regret. I used to buy a lot of lulu and that costs way more!! I’ve cut back on that thebrand is having issues plus I have closets full.

Silvia Avatar

One if those fan brushes I recently tried due to all the hype. Too soft doesn’t do a thing so ended up hardly using it when I have tons of angled brushes that do the miracle for blush, contour and highlight. I use separate ones for each use to avoid mixing colors. Those are awesome!

Silvia Avatar

Hi Roxy, if you are asking me about how the Wayne Goss 15 no i have never purchased those. I have Elf brushes I love them, WetnWild are so cheap and great purchased the white set and then found the black Fergie ones at Ross and had to get them. Also have some more dense brushes from TJ Max which turned out awesome a few for blush from Precision Beauty they come with a metallic pink/wood combination, some i on beauty also fluffy and so soft! Danielle blush, Soho. I’m mostly drugstore beauty horder (lol!) but been lucky with my stash doing my research between this page, Musingsofamuse and a few bloggers. night found Sonia Kashuk set on clearance at Target had to get them! They look real good!

Emily Avatar

In terms of pricing…Mine would have to be the Marc Jacobs palette that was $99 on Sephora (I forgot the name of the palette). I got it during the VIB sale with a $25 gift card, so I ended up paying $54 for it. I’d say it was worth the 54 dollars I paid, since all the shades in the palette are colors that i use on a daily basis, but if I were to judge it based on its original price, I’d say it’s not worth the $99. Sure, the formula of the shadow is great and you do get 20 shades in there, but $99 is just too much.

Dana Avatar

Nars Audacious Lipstick (in Grace) is something that I really wanted as the colour was perfect. I wanted for the VIB sale and got it for $32. But the formula was terrible: it is very drying. But I loved the colour so much that I kept trying to make it work…I just should have returned it…

Bonnie Avatar

Truly, it’s not a single product but my monthly (and bi-monthly and seasonal) beauty subscription boxes/bags. But I love the fun of constantly discovering new things, and finding some favorites that would not otherwise have been on my radar.

Adriana Avatar

My over the top Beauty purchase is a Jo Malone fragrance, Tuberose Angelica Cologne Intense. It’s more money than her regular colognes, but well worth it because of its longevity…I can still smell the fragrance on my skin even after 8 or 9 hours. A beautiful, very feminine and unique fragrance. I get many compliments when I wear it.

Fran Avatar

I obsessed a lot before buying the Hourglass Curator Lash Artist lash instrument, primer, and mascara. The prices are completely ridiculous. But, it works for me: every other mascara smudges on me, unless I apply a primer AND a top coat (except tubing mascaras, which tend to flake on me if apply anything but the lightest coat). Also, my eyes are quite small and set deep beneath my brows, so I can’t get to the root of my lashes with the larger sized brushes that are so popular in mascaras these days. Plus, I needed a separate mascara for my lower lashes. So the purchase has been worth it in getting me good results while saving time and trouble.

Another recent purchase I worried about was my Dyson blow dryer. It turned out to be worth it for me, because I can actually use it long enough to get my hair all the way dry without hurting my rotator cuff (because the motor is in the handle, the blower part is short, and it somehow dries my hair faster than my other premium dryer does even while getting less hot and blowing a bit less hard), so my hair is smoother and less tangle-prone. Even though they’ll probably come out with an improved one, or a less expensive one, in a year or two, I’m still glad that I have this one now.

Roxi Avatar

All of my Tom Ford makeup. It’s actually not the price that I mind, it’s the fact that everyone raves about them and I find all of them mediocre or even slightly disappointing, regardless of cost efficiency, and yet I kept on buying more other products by this high end brand that I believed should work… I am fine with buying expensive cosmetics as long as they prove to be good,
What I have from Tom Ford now:
2 eyeshadow quads, Golden Mink and Cocoa Mirage: the mattes are not bad at all but not extraordinary (considering the cost per gram is similar to MAC’s in Europe, i don’t think they’re better than MAC shadows either, for me personally), the glitters that I heard everyone praising fall everywhere and don’t pack much pigmentation. I hate finger applications too for them.
Blush in Love lust: it’s a nice color but nothing special. I have at least 4 other blushes that look very similar on face, and this doesn’t last extra long for me either. I don’t like how even the softest brush leaves ugly dents in the pan, to me a luxury brand should have a luxury powder formula. This wasn’t particularly finely milled or spectacular to finger touch either. Well, it’s a lot of products so makes the price tag less ridiculous.
Tom Ford Flawless Powder Foundation: It is a nice powder, but not as good as my Chanel or Guerlain… The coverage is pretty low, and it disappears within two hours if I don’t use liquid foundation underneath. It’s good for touch ups though, because it never looks cakey.
Tom Ford eye defining pen: I’ve heard of many people say this is their absolute favorite holy grail ride or die… and that they don’t even know how to do eyeliner without it – I remember seeing that person saying that and thinking she cannot be more fake. Yes it’s nicely weighted, and the two pen tips are well shaped, but it’s nothing special. Frankly, it wasn’t black enough for me, and the smaller end smudged like crazy. I’ve bought liquid eyeliners for 1/5 of its price and they’re way better.
Tom Ford boys and lips in Ashton: It’s a nice color, that’s the only thing I can say. I was shocked by how small it is even if I knew they were not full size, but the texture / finish / smell all felt like a decent drugstore lipstick. I didn’t get any luxury feeling that I tend to notice from other high end lipsticks. Even the color isn’t as unique as I thought it would be.

I’m usually really into higher end makeup products and generally find my purchases to be worth their price tags. Most of the times, I could justify paying 80% more for that 20% of increase in quality. But all products above did not impress me, nor did they stand out among the luxury brands level either considering it’s more expensive than most brands. Would I try more Tom Ford products in the future after being disappointed again and again? Probably. Then I can come answer this question all over again.

Anne Avatar

I got all three MAC X Selena lipsticks even though I had some dupes, but I found it worth it as I grew up listening to her so I really wanted to have something to remind me of those days (particularly in light of recent political elections…)

Lisa Avatar

I shocked myself when I bought the Chanel Camelia de Plumes. It’s the most expensive single makeup product I’ve ever bought–and frankly, even when I end up loving an expensive product I still often feel guilty about it, since I know there are less expensive products that are similar. But this is the one luxury item that I have never regretted. It’s so beautiful, and I’ve still never seen a near dupe.

Silvia Avatar

No regrets. My present stash is getting out of hand all drugstore and loving it. I have two ikeas three tier glass shelves and three drawers full of stuff. I would say maybe that crazy rainbow highliter I bought from WetnWild? Not sure how or if will use it as highliter but tried it as a bit of highliter on eyeshadow. But they look so pretty! Lol! I don’t need to buy a thing for a long while says the wrong voice in my head!

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