What beauty brand or retailer has provided the best customer service?

I’ve had exceptional service with Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus (where they’ve replaced luxury beauty products that arrived broken without a fuss). Beautylish is also the best for actually packaging products so they won’t break on you, and they’ll also upgrade shipping to overnight/two-day and from what I’ve heard, replace and return things very easily.

— Christine
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I haven’t really had any bad customer service dealings but also I don’t deal with customer service all that much. I go online buy what I want. Never had issue with returns. I go into Ulta or Sephora and grab what I came there for. Make small talk with associates. No problem with returns. They are helpful if I need something. So…no complaints!

Beautylish rocks the casbah, Nils is my makeup husband! Overnight to Canada at no charge for a teeny purchase? I don’t think I’ve really shopped at Sephora unless they have a Rouge event, which is pretty pathetic! Sephora has lost a ton of business, I mean Sephora Canada, not Sephora US, the two entities are quite different. Sephora US is good, Sephora Canada is beyond mediocre in service and product availability.

Nordstroms, I called about a broken Lipstck Queen Lipstick, they profusely apologized and I sent it back. When I returned the Naked 3 palette to Sephora, I said I expected the shadows to be more pigmented. She commented that it’s supposed to be a more sheer palette. WTF? ?? Yah no, eyeshadows should be consistent.

Glossier has amazing customer service. So does Strawberry Hedgehog, and Devinah Cosmetics. Great communication and service.

MAC. No question. Last year, when a lipstick I ordered from them arrived half melted, not their fault, but UPS’ s, the Customer Care Representative sent me out a new one WITHOUT my sending the ruined one back first, plus sent a return paid sticker with it! I will never forget that act of kindness that went above and beyond basic customer service.
That, plus how well most of the staff up the street have always treated me says a LOT.

MAC – even though I order almost exclusively online, back when I did shop in stores, the MAC associates took so much time with me – every single time.

Nordstrom – they have always been very accommodating with replacements and returns.
Beautylish – I love the handwritten notes and the care they take in packing and wrapping each item. They have fast shipping and send an email beforehand and afterward to make sure you had/have a great experience with ordering and enjoying your products.

Colour Pop – I think being a small and new company they are not without their issues (entrance into the site during a sale, items ready to ship at a later date, items selling out), but I think it’s all growing pains and I feel like they’ve tried to handle things as best they can when the issues arose. It seems like with each launch or release, things are getting more streamlined as far as ordering and shipping. I’ve had nothing but a good experience every time I’ve ordered from them. (Oh, and I also like the personal note included in the packaging!).

Beautylish just stunned me, in a positive way! I ordered the By Terry sun designer palette in the light and tan vibes shade. The shade name on the outer box was correct, but the palette inside was the other shade, flash and tan cruise. I called customer service, and they apologized for the mixup. They sent me the correct palette, and told me to keep the one sent in error. Wow!!! ??

I have three:

Sephora. I’ve yet to be let down if I have a problem or want to return a product, and I’ve been shopping there for many years.
Kiehl’s. Very knowledgeable consultants in their stores, no problem with returns.
Nordstrom. Their customer service is legendary for a reason. Wonderful service.

I was not happy with the condition of the Kiehl’s Rose Artica eye cream jar that arrived last night. Emailed them. By this morning, a new one is shipped. No need to return the other. A+ right there. 🙂

Thanks for mentioning Sephora! I feel almost unfashionable by saying I’ve always had excellent customer service from them, but I have. Twice now, I’ve had to contact CS to let them know they had sent me a wrong item in a website order. And both times, not only did they tell me to keep the wrong one as their gift, but the correct one was on its’ way by the next day.

It may help that compared to many others here, I’m Small Potatoes as a beauty buyer, so they just haven’t had many opportunities to make me mad LOL.

I agree about Sephora. For me, great service is about what happens when things go wrong, as they inevitably will when you are sending out thousands of orders per day. Every time I have had a problem with Sephora, which is usually one or more items not being in the box, they immediately ask if I want a replacement or a refund. I always pick the replacement, since I ordered it initially, and have it within 2 days. And when I got a Givenchy lipstick instead of the Pantone I ordered, they let me keep both. (Tip: contacting them via Facebook is MUCH faster than any other way, except maybe phone, which I try to avoid.)

I haven’t had reason to contact CS for a lot of retailers/brands,mout I was pretty impressed with Beautylish. I received notification of a delivery but the package hadn’t arrived. Within ten minutes of me contacting them, they called me with a resolution (it was still on the delivery truck.)

I think Beautylish does a really nice job – they always wrap everything beautifully, process+ship insanely fast, and include thoughtful/ appropriate samples based on your order. Luckily I haven’t had a problem with any orders there so far, though, so I can’t say I’ve really tested their support.

Sephora is my fave retailer overall, since they have a better assortment and rewards program, but I think the customer service can vary based on who you end up talking to, especially in-store.

I agree so much on the in-store experience. The consistency of quality of consultant on the floor is so up and down. Some are fantastic, and some are really useless and disinterested.

That said, I think Sephora could also have a few more women over 40 (maybe even 50, horrors! 🙂 ) on the floor. I know young women buy makeup, but so do we. And the boomer demographic has money to spare. We’re like low-hanging fruit from a biz perspective. Plus, our needs and concerns are very different that a woman in 20s and 30s.

I think I am lucky with my Sephora in Penn Square Mall in Oklahoma City. They have a SA there that works mainly in the skincare department that is probably around my age (I’m 48). I took my 77 year old Mother in there recently because she wanted to upgrade her skincare regime and Leigh and the other SAs there treated her like a queen and impressed my mother so much with their knowledge and customer service, she dropped some serious coin that day.

Here at my Sephora, there are a few older ladies in the skin care area — and they are all quite good. I wish they had more mature perspectives on the makeup consultancy side. I think when you’re older, you can advise a younger clientele, but it often doesn’t work in reverse since the young ‘uns have not experienced the aging process.

I miss shopping for makeup with my mom. She kept herself wonderfully until the day she passed. Like your mom, she was always open to upgrading and keeping up with what worked for her. Her makeup was always beautiful. She was beautiful. Wonder where I get my interest in all of this? 🙂

As far as sales, Nordstrom and Nieman Marcus has been great. Ulta and Sephora I feel are more of a ‘shop for yourself’ store. Macy’s can be hit or miss depending on the counter but over all I would say that Nordstrom is the best for customer service in store.
Online Beautylish has been absolutely fantastic! Seriously, they have amazed me with their customer service.

I’ve been consistently blown away by Sephora’s customer service. Occasionally, I’ll get less-than-stellar service in-store (the JCPenney locations seem to be the worst) but in the rare event that it’s bad enough to complain, it is resolved quickly.

I’ve also been very impressed by Jo Malone customer service – they’re always incredibly helpful and (in-store at least) generous with samples.

I usually go to their store but one time I ordered some makeup online from a local retailer who carries mostly makeup not available in my country. The order came in a regular packaging box, sweets and a discount card for future purchases included (as most shops do) BUT the products were additionally packed like a present. It looked so pretty and made that makeup feel so special even though it were just some Sleek items.

Another great experience was at TK MAXX, where I go for some mid end makeup like Cargo or Stila (not available here). I found Stila’s Kitten. Just one of it, no way I could ever bump into it again or order it from the USA, but there was no price sticker on it. When I asked the price at the counter they told me that they get all the products to the store with prices and there is no possibility to give this one product a price now. After a while they told me to come back later, so I went for other shopping and when I came back 2 hours later they could not find that one last eyeshadow anywhere. Three SA’s looked for it and next they made a dozen of phone calls to find out the price of it (other stores in the country had different shades). I was embarrassed to cause so much trouble and tried to call the hunt off. But the SA’s did it and I got to buy it for 1/5 of the regular price. Impossible made possible.

I’m quite poor (and I mean this literally) and can’t usually afford really high end make up or clothes– this is an immediately noticeable thing about me. The times I’ve really saved up and scrimped to get a luxury item (less than once a year), the people at Nordstrom have been LOVELY towards me. They didn’t ignore me, like some high-end places would, and didn’t push too hard for me to buy additional items (I don’t mind a little effort at upselling– their jobs depend on it after all). No need for a Pretty Woman “BIG MISTAKE” scenario there, haha! I realize this is more about staff than actual policy, but it’s really nice to feel like I’m worth as much as a big spender, even when I can’t contribute much to what they make in commission.

Your not poor your smart you are just not in debt which is smart. The only reason most people are able to buy it’s because they use a credit card and they are in debt like me.

Nordstrom, NM, and Beautylish are all stellar of course. Beautylish makes me feel like I’m getting a present to myself whenever the package arrives. lol

I had an amazing experience with ordering from Charlotte Tilbury’s website for the Norman Parkinson release last year. I ordered the whole kit, and my lipsticks came a bit damaged, like a default in manufacturing. I emailed them, with some pics, and they overnighted 2 new lipsticks without even a word. (In fact, the original package was sent 1 day as well, and earlier than expected from the launch date).

Every service I have made returns to was pretty flexible. Beautylish, Neiman, and Nordstrom are my favorites, hands down with Beautylish being the front runner. Least favorite is Saks Fifth Avenue — 10$ shipping for returns unless you pay for postage AND insurance on the package.

Jane Iredale. I placed an $200+ order that my mailman delivered while I was out of town DESPITE my hold mail request (repeating issue; my post office is terrible). It was stolen–obviously due to the fact that it had been left on my front step for several days. Jane Iredale sent a replacement immediately and was really supportive about the whole issue and asked if there was anything else they could do? I said yes, please call my post office and complain to the postmaster; maybe it will mean more coming from a company than an individual resident–and they did! They had their USPS rep deal with them and let them know that it was unacceptable to be delivering mail during a hold mail request. LOL

Neimans and Nordstrom for sure. I have to put in a good word for Gilt.com as well. I haven’t yet used Beautylish, but given others’ comments here I certainly will look into.

Nordstrom has always worked hard at fixing the issues I’ve had, although the sales associates in the store near me are not very knowledgeable and would benefit from more training. But whenever something went wrong, their customer service did their best to make me happy, from sourcing a sold out palette from a distant store to re-sending me overnight an order than didn’t arrive on time for a Secret Santa (that one ended up being a twofer…).
On the other hand at Neiman Marcus I’ve met very knowledgeable sales associates who really knew their brands well and were happy to discuss future collections with me, and the online orders always arrived very well packaged with plenty of samples.

I’ve contacted several companies for various reasons… sometimes just to get a feel for how they deal with inquiries from the public. If I’m feeling especially facetious, I’ll pen something reminiscent of “Letters From A Nut”. 😀 If a retailer doesn’t respond, or if they handle an actual issue in less than an exemplary manner, it will impact my future purchases as well as my future recommendations to others.

Of the retailers I’ve contacted (so far), Fyrinnae, ColourPop, and MUFE have been the most responsive (even if not always helpful). Fyrinnae was by far the most engaged and communicative, really left a positive impression! I also need to mention Amazon. Although I haven’t purchased many cosmetic items from them, I know if I did make a cosmetics purchase and experienced ANY kind of problem, Amazon would make it right, just as they have in the past with purchases of other goods and services.

Nordstrom, Beautylish, and MAC (online) have impressed me with their attention to detail and handling of a product/order, but I haven’t contacted them. Yet. 😉

The list of retailers who haven’t responded to my inquiries continues to grow…

You know I’d have to say that I can’t say who has given the best because every beauty brand I’ve dealt with that I still buy has offered great customer service and I usually buy from Sephora or my online brands whose products have been great so had no need to seek out any customer service. I can say who hasn’t 0_o

Nikkismagicwand.com. They have lovely hand written notes and once their tool got stuck in my lipgloss. .my fault, not there’s …and they sent me a new tool plus a new lipgloss, which i didn’t ask for and didn’t expect.

Nordstrom, Saks and Neimans. Space NK is the best though. Terrific customer service and reps who get to know you and suggest products. I have to disagree about Beautylish. After having them recommend two Natasha Denona palettes, and having them be completely wrong for my eye color and skin tone, I needed to return them. They had told me if the colors were wrong I could return them. I had previously returned a brush that was a duplicate of another similar brush I had that I told them I had. Other than that I had kept numerous orders. I got a nasty letter suggesting I don’t order from them again as I had too many returns. It just wasn’t the case. They told me if I wanted to order again to call a consultant first. I had done that before every order. Good shipping yes, not great customer service.

Nordstrom the BEST!
Love Saks when they email me an individual coupon code for 20% off everything & anything even makeup. It will only be for maybe four days but it is nice.

I know Nordstrom filters their reviews on makeup one buys from their store, I left a review on a product and they removed it. Mac always accepts returns but for years I always requested an exchange by mail when I sent product back and they never exchanged, just refunded. Don’t know why they always did that when there was an option to exchange on form which I filled out?

I’ve had great customer service from a lot of places (Tom Ford online, Makeup Geek, MAC to name a few), but two that stand out immediately are Beautylish and Frends Beauty. Both took the time to e-mail AND call me to tell me that my orders had either changed, due to an out of stock situation, or was slightly delayed. You don’t really expect anything but a canned e-mail response (Sephora) or no response at all (I’m looking directly at you, Ulta!). This was amazing.

One more place with exceptional customer service is Izzy’s Beauty Shoppe online). I had a similar experience to another poster–I ordered one item, but another showed up in my order. I e-mailed them and they called me to discuss, sent me a return label and shipped out the right item immediately. Gloria is absolutely great (ask for her!).

Beautylish! The custome service is stellar, packaging is phenomenal, ships really fast and take returns no questions asked. They’re my go to cosmetic source. I’ve also had really good customer service from Morphe.

Sephora, without question. Most of their employees are well versed in the products in their area and don’t try to give you the hard sell. I appreciate that! A month ago the store manager sold me a new product that was not going to be on the sales floor for 2 more days, but they already had it. The website said it was in stock and available. I went to the mall specifically for that product. That’s good service!

I’ve had pretty good service from Beautylish as well.
I have also had really great service from one of the MUA at Elizabeth Arden too. Helpful without being patronising. She was quite knowledgeable about other brands as well (in a positive way). You would be surprised at the number of MUA here in Melbourne who have never heard of Urban Decay….

Haven’t had any b’lish issues; packing was superb. So, surprisingly was Nyx. Lace bag, indiv wrapped items, tissue to hold it in place, for a cheapo order that I could not get through Ulta. I think I annoy Ulta more than they bug me. U has truly upped their online order and delivery, though the photos sure could improve. They seem to know that I often cruise, test, and online order, so I don’t get as much friendly by-play. Sephhy is usually fab. If stuff gets goofy, you can actually order by phone. They call other stores, and the little S even pulls from the back room. They can be generous with their decants, but you have to ask, they do not offer. But at Sepho, I often find (thanks largely to you) that I am better informed than the majority of their sales force. It annoys the crap out of me, if they argue with me, when they are wrong, and I can prove it. Sephora returns are a piece of cake. The only bad service in recent memory is MUG. Bitched about that enough this week. Due to constrained finances, don’t use Bloomie’s, Nordie’s, Saks, Neiman’s, and Barney’s, like when I was fully employed. No probs with them, though the counter SAs could be condescending. Barney’s website is a horror show, and Zoeva’s a bit hard to penetrate, until you figure it out.

Beautylish and CultBeauty has the fastest shippment processing ever. Just today my order from CultBeauty was processed and shipped within 40 minutes!

MAC Online and Nordstrom! Truly impressed. They either invest in educating people not to judge or truly chose good people when they hire them.

Nordstrom and Sephora. I haven’t shopped anywhere else, maybe MAC but they discontinued Pink Swoon and I never bought anything else there.

One time I told Nordstrom’s online customer service that a product pic was of the wrong product, and they fixed it ASAP AND sent me a fancy bag of super-nice deluxe samples as a thank-you. I don’t even shop at Nordstrom, but that made me want to!

I’ve always had good experience with Sephora CS, although there was one bad experience with a Sephora MUA. (But considering how often I’m in there, those are fantastic stats!)

Beautylish were wonderful on a recent order. They were out of something but found the last one. Also cult beauty are prompt and helpful. My favourite is the Australian chain Mecca. What wonderful stores. The girls are helpful friendly and knowledgable. I have a family member who works for them. She says they are the best. The brands they sell are phenomenal and I would gladly set up my home in one of their stores!!

I don’t have many companies to compare and I never returned anything, but I think Mac was the place where I got really good advices, the ”saler” was really nice, they didn’t push me to buy more than I needed.
Mac has things to improve to be in the heart of everyone again, but I was so disapointed but sephora (several times) that it was time to go somewhere else.
(Pardon my English, I’m French 🙂 )

MAC for sure, but it depends on the store or location. I received horrible service at a MAC in Palm Desert – the gals didn’t even say hi or acknowledge me in the store. However, I’ve received excellent service at the MAC counter at Macy’s and the independent store at the Fashion Valley Mall in San Diego.


Nordstrom’s has always had a great return policy. However, one thing changed recently.

They just changed whatever bank they use. My mom bought something on her Nordstrom card and paid it off. Then she decided to return it (they were earrings), they wouldn’t give her the cash even though her Nordstrom’s card had a zero balance and she paid off what she owed for the earrings. She had to request a check be sent to her which was inconvenient. Just thought I’d throw that out there.

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