What beauty brand do you miss and would love to return?

There aren’t too many that I really remember getting discontinued since becoming immersed in the community. I definitely miss Tarina Tarantino being a brand, since the formulations were quite good.

— Christine
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A brand others have actually heard of? Max Factor! L’oreal HIP and Revlon Streetwear also come to mind as having some very fun, unique shades of cosmetics.
Most of us have previously heard my old answer, but until there’s something on Google pointing to its past existence, I’m leaving it alone.
(Well y’know I couldn’t *not* drop its name, right? Pssst, Jean-Pierre Cosmetics, where the heck did you go? πŸ€”)

I know this brand is around in some compacity but I’d like Jane as it was in the 90s to return. I loved all the colors, kitschy names and various products. What is there now is nothing like it was. And I loved getting the newsletter that had advice on dating and other social situation and it gave ideas of colors to wear together. OK maybe I’m too old for the dating tips lol but I love the ideas of color combinations for makeup:)

I really miss being able to purchase Max Factor in the U.S. I know they have indicated that they are bringing a small range back to the U.S. but so far I haven’t seen anything. I have purchased a few things on line but without being able to swatch some of their newer products I have been hesitant to try. I remember Max Factor releasing Lipfinity which was the first liquid lipstick that I ever tried and I loved the formula. I could put it on at the beginning of a 12 shift at the hospital and it would still be going strong at the end of the shift. In addition to being long wearing it would heal chapped lips. If I wore other lip products to work I would have horribly swollen, red and painful chapped lips. I tend to wet my lips a lot when talking secondary to a medication that I take. My lips would be red and painful at least a half inch outside my natural lip line. I would go home and apply Lipfinity for the night and my chapped lips would be completely gone in the morning.

I love the old Stila with the cardboard packaging, the old Hard Candy, Pupa, Anna Sui, and the original Benefit when they had all the fun body products.

I second Pupa. It’s still available online but I loved being able to see the actual products in a store before deciding what I wanted to buy. Nice quality and unusual colors. I miss them, too.

Omg I remember hard candy!! They were well known when they first launched for their pastel nail polishes and my first eyeshadow palette was from them. 5 strips of shadows in this metal compact…

Tony and Tina for sure. They had such revolutionary products for their time. I also miss Hard Candy as a higher end brand. (When they first arrived you could only buy them at Nordstroms for $35 an eyeshadow quad).

do you remember the silver tube lipgloss you had to turn with the brush tip, they had holographic looking ones? also i still have like ten pigments and glitters from them, and a few shadows, just cant unhoard them.

Incorrect. When they first arrived they, and Urban Decay were boutique only brands. I was the first shop in NYC to sell both lines. After about a year they moved into department stores, I dropped them. Jet

I totally agree about Tarina Tarantino! I’ve only a few products of hers but oh are they ever wonderful! Also, a hair care company called Ojon. I read that they were bought out by Estee Lauder but they seem to have vanished entirely. They made a hair serum/oil that was so good. I have a bottle of it that will probably last me for a few years as you need so little of it but once it’s gone, it’s GONE.

Yeah I have to agree with you on this. Since my journey in this awesome world (circa 2009), I’ve actually seen brands come back to life (e.g., Stila, Hard Candy, Soap & Glory).

Here’s an interesting twist: what brands would you be glad to see close doors? πŸ˜‚ Or even, if they did, it would be without much fanfare?

Joyce; I would LOVE to see your question asked on here! That’s a great one, and I’m not going to answer it until it gets used so as to not spoil the fun this would induce!

Ha! I feel like the twist question could start some debate. I’d probably go with the usual suspects that are all about creating publicity instead of good products – Jeffree Star, Too Faced and maybe Tarte (not so much on the drama publicity stunt side but not really doing much but retreading the same colors). I’m struggling myself with KVD right now – I find myself interested in her new palette right now, but I find her distasteful and her faux goth coffin packaging just to be trying too hard. I think I had a better opinion of her when she was just a tattoo artist.

Best question ever.

I miss Caroline New York nail polish – the bottle and the brush were perfect.

Rescue Beauty Lounge nail polish – they really had some great colors, pushed boundaries.

Also the natural beauty line from Sally Hansen, deceloped with MUA Carmindy (remember her?) – I LOVE their lippies.

i was pretty young and not yet into makeup when Prescriptives was discontinued in Simgapore. i do know that it custom blends foundation and it is something i would def try out now to avoid the headache of swatching and matching shades.

Ettusais (a japanese brand) was known for makeup suiting acne-prone skin and has very pretty and kitschy packaging. disappeared as well.

I’ve just been weeding out my collection so I’ve just gotten rid of a lot of things I wished were still around! I wish we could still get Illamasqua at Sephora and it would be great if Prescriptives were still around.

In terms of single items I mourn the disappearence of NARS multiples in St. Barts and Mustique! If anyone knows dupes please reply!

I still use my Tarina Tarantino blush! I love the silver oval compact and the shade is really flattering on me (I think it’s Parasol?).

An entire brand is much harder than an individual DC’d product. The only one I can think of is Deluxe Beauty – Jillian Dempsey’s old brand – I didn’t own a lot of it, but I really liked the lip products. I honestly miss old Stila too; I know everyone is raving over the new shadows but I feel like they’re an entirely different brand from what I used to love.

Oh yeah I still have one of those little lip cheek stain things. Love it and you’ll have to pry it from my cold dead hands before I part with it (until it’s gone ) lol. I too miss old Stila. They were so much more feminine and fun!

Mine is totally Tarina as well. I have two eyeshadow palettes that I just ADORE the formula of. I wish she would make more!

“Old” Stila–back when Jeannine Lobell owned it (late ’90s–early ’00s). Almost all my makeup was from Stila then, and probably would be now. Two perfect collections a year, each having a warm, cool, and neutral option, and everything was permanent. I still have some of my old eyeshadows, and I adored their lipsticks (and pretty much everything else). And I’ve never been able to find a replacement for their AOS #1–it was the perfect foundation mix-in/highlighter. Other than that, I can’t come up with anything.

Dainty Doll by Nicola Roberts! It was already gone by the time I got into beauty, and I’m not sure they would’ve been accessible to me in the States anyhow but man. A line just for pale people. That would be amazing.

I really liked Prescriptives who custom blended powder and foundation. They also had serum long before others. It was $40 in the 80s. Fortunately, my dad paid forbme back then. Not sure i would use them but i liked their aesthetic and stance on education. There are so many brands and products these days. Maybe i dont miss brands as much as a few products.

Oh how I loved Mary Quant! Still have loads from the 80s picked up in London, always on offer – great deals, gorgeous colours! Jet

Here in Australia, up until very recently, it was not about brands leaving – it was about brands arriving. It was only two years ago that UD, Too Faced, Tarte, Kat Von D came to our country.

However, on the point of the question: Yes, I miss Tarina Tarantino as well. I have a couple of her eye shadow palettes: Emerald Pretty and the Wonderful Jewel quint.

The drugstore brand Jane that was at Ulta a couple years ago, their eyeshadows seemed very good for the price point, but when I was ready to start exploring the range more, it was gone.

Yes I agree that Prescriptives should be revived! Now that I’m looking back, their color products were not that talked about. I just missed their base products. I really don’t know what happened to them?

I don’t know if this brand exists still or it’s just sold outside of North America, but Borghese? I loved some of their skin care because it had the loveliest scent. I used to be able to buy it from The Bay here in Canada but it’s completely gone.

I know it’s not a line, but more of a product. L’OrΓ©al used to do a mascara that was thickening/ lengthening in a plastic yellow gold tube. It was my favorite mascara all ALL TIME, and unfortunately was discontinued like about 8 years ago? If anyone knows where I can get my hands on one please let me know lol.

Now I’m just reminiscing, but Prescriptives magic powder… did anyone else think it was absolutely fascinating that it had a cooling effect on your skin when applying this powder? As if you dipped your brush in a cold liquid and brushed it on your face? πŸ€—

I have to agree with Prescriptives!!!! I used to use the custom blended powder and the foundation! They were way ahead of their time. It was costly then, but I save up to buy it… wish it was still available. I now have a perfect match foundation that I use now, but it took years to finally be happy with a color that I love

as far as a product going, not a whole brand. Mac SuperGlass, they came in a octagon like shaped tube with a black lid, had flakies in different sizes of glitter, and a gel like tinted base. They came in lots of nudes pinks, purples and reds, bronze also.I believe they came out around the same time as the Kissables, those were a dissaster. Average wear time, half hour lol. Dont know how or why. they were pretty on but it was the dissapearing act. the SuperGlass were LE, but if you remember them and like them, well they were unique. I stocked up so still going thru them. Since i clean my mouth with antibacterial wipes before reapplying after eating to avoid unnecessary contamination. Plus when Mac lip products go bad, they are the easiest to tell for me. And they seem to last really long. Which is good im a hoarder. Just use sanitizing sprays you can make the life of a item longer. Also mac paints, in Canton Candy, was so perfect underneath my all pink look back then which was venus pink, expensive pink, paradisco but i wet the brush, without the wet brush good luck with that one. Well i can keep thinking of more and more. IDK if some of it is a case of nostalgia for a time in my youth were makeup was a new and wonderous would and real gems were few and far between. Oh and the mac Prolongwear shadows i loved those.

Sue Devitt Cosmetics- absolutely brilliant products in gorgeous shades designed for mature skin (but didn’t look mature) packaging, performance, – fabulous stuff!!!
Prescriptives- loved getting my custommade shade of foundation
Napoleon Perdis- are his products still around? I had some highlighters & foundation from him Iloved that got lost somewhere in a suitcase between Istanbuhl & Moscow
L’Oreal HIP- fun shades & products at a reasonable price

Clarion. It was a DS line that had four levels of warm-to-cool like Prescriptives. And it was the only lipstick I could afford then that was cool enough for me. I may still have a few unopened “level 1” (B/R) lipsticks around here somewhere.

I remember Clarion! It was one of the higher end drugstore brands! I enjoyed it too. I think I tired ALL the DS brands when I was growing up. Aziza was definitely a favorite for teens back then.

TT. T andT. Old Fresh ( lipsticks, shadows, blush.) Body and Soul. Sue Devitt. Linda Cantello did not last long as a line: loved the concealer. Francesca Guerrero: great lips. Miami based. Would have paired well with Juvia’s. UII under Kevyn….arguably better than his eponymous line. Old Borghese. Old Prescriptives. Garden Botanika…. had an extensive selection of both l/s and blush, that were better than the shadow. Mary Quant. Biba. Yardley Glimmericks. Which reminds me to get a m/u hx book…either the Gabriella Hernandez (still makes me laugh that they stole her name for a soap character) or Lisa Eldridge’s.

Mostly I miss old formulas.. Dior made the best lipsticks in the late 70s- 80s. My all time fave was a true blue red they discontinued sometime in the 80s called “Orpheus Red”, never found an exact dupe, but still have a tiny bit left of the very last tube I purchased. The packaging was better as well, those metal tubes were the best! Jet

Mary Quant! Biba! (Yes, I’m old.) I also loved the original Halston makeup even tho it was heavily scented with his signature scent but the packaging was beyond gorgeous. Prescriptives.


She had the most amazing cream blushes and highlighters. out of this world good.
She also was the first one to do cream shimmer shadow with a glitter powder topcoat; thankfully there is Tom Ford now to substitute those with dignity.

I hear her foundations were outstanding, but never tried them (sadly).

It is a crying shame this brand had to call for bankruptcy despite being highly popular.

I wish Max Factor would return to the United States with the full line. I see their products all the time when I read British magazines and would love to be able to get them without paying the higher costs associated with purchasing and shipping from the UK.

Tarte, Estee Lauder and Bobbi Brown. I live in Brazil and our sephora doesn’t carry these brands… but I miss them 😁😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

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