What beauty advice would you pass on to someone just discovering makeup?

What beauty advice would you pass on to someone just discovering makeup? Share 🙂

Makeup is supposed to be fun, so enjoy it and be creative and don’t be afraid to play – it washes off. If you wear it with confidence, you’ll rock it!

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Agreed, I think this is a very good and crucial point. Sadly, how many times have all of us been mismatched? If you are being matched for the first time, make sure it is done by a professional and they look at your neck and chest to see if you have any skin tone anomalies. If they are just matching your face, they are losing sight of your complexion as a whole and you could end up looking like a floating head…also a never do

My first makeup application was at 21 by a very unprofessional MUA who caked mismatched foundation on my face. Needless to say that was the first and last time I wore makeup until now 8 years after. SO foundation is really important!!! Excellent point

So true! By the same token my advice would be that if they aim for a natural makeup (e.g. subtly enhancing their best features) they will be better off using a light hand. I have many memories of clown cheeks, matronly brows or ‘flag’-like eyeshadow application that I don’t wish on any beginner! ^^’

This is what I always say to everyone: Wear what makes YOU happy, because you’re not responsible for everyone else’s happiness. And what you said, Christine, have fun and experiment! Don’t be afraid to fail.

I agree 100%

I feel like the biggest mistakes when first starting out are unblended eyeshadow, harsh eyeliner, and unblended blush.

Find a few good people to take advice from when it comes to makeup AND skin care, because you need a good base from which to work. Like with anything, it can get mighty confusing given the staggering amount of options and contradictory “tips” floating around. Therefore, establish a solid foundation of knowledge before going off to explore and discover the various nuances and complexities of the respective industries. Start simple! 🙂

Buy quality makeup….not cheap stuff….you dont have to buy Guerlain, Dior, Chanel or even MAC stuff….but dont buy Elf, Coastal Scents…Try to get palettes that have blushes, shadows, lipstuff altogether like the Balm, Lorac, Too Faced, Urban Decay and even Sephora (eeek did I say Sephora which I boycott?)….places where you can test out the colors. Drug store brands have quality stuff but you cant test out, so you may waste money. Or go to these website said above and buy them on sale. Sonia Kushuk is a good place to start also…can be found at Target. The price you are paying for is the label. You can have quality makeup without the Tom Ford price.

Read reviews and blogs to get an idea of what appeals to you, what you might be interested in, and then what good products fit into those categories. You don’t need to start out buying high-end makeup but there’s no sense in buying complete crap, either, because it’ll just make you frustrated. You can get good makeup at the drugstore for just about anything, but I’ve found it’s usually a good idea to have a sense of what you’re looking for before you go, otherwise you get overwhelmed. Same with brushes – EcoTools, Sonia Kashuk, Real Techniques are all lines that have really good brushes for not much money, and if you decide later you want to invest in higher-end brushes you’ll already know how to use them and know which ones you want.

And ignore people who ask you why you bother, why you have to wear makeup, you’re pretty anyway, blah blah blah. Makeup is for individual expression and personal enjoyment. Wear what you want (so long as it’s not a situation like a conservative office environment where you might get in trouble!).

Don’t be afraid of colours and get stuck in a rut, make-up is all.
Attend some make-up classes, get a headstart and keep learning new techniques and trends.

Start with a basic set and what you feel comfortable wearing – a bright blue like MAC Freshwater might look good on others but it will sit unused in your kit if you don’t feel comfortable wearing it (learned it from experience 😉 ).

Go for quality, not brand names. Example: If Guerlain gives you hives and Revlon doesn’t, go with the Revlon one (and vise versa).

Online swatches aren’t always accurate – your computer and/or the poster’s computer may not be calibrated and photos are taken under different light conditions. 🙂

Lastly, have fun with it but be cautious in buying! Its easy to get caught up in the frenzy of weekly collection releases, so choose wisely. If you’re on a budget like me, there are many alternatives to higher end brands.

My advice would be to check out youtube to see the sorts of looks you think you would like for yourself and then you can learn how to do them, what products you need to get the look you want, etc. I’d also tell them that good makeup doesn’t have to be expensive and that really good eye shadows, blushes, etc. can be found from Wet n Wild, Maybelline, NYX and good tools can be found at great prices too. Mind you, I’d also encourage buying a bit less stuff but somewhat better quality (depending on their budget), especially if they find a certain look or looks they love and want to stick with.

Never purchase foundation online or in drugstore! And always try to get a sample and test it at home in real conditions before purchase… It’s so difficult to find a good match in colour and texture and coverage, you have to test it in daylight, not those creepy lightings of beauty stores, and apply it the way YOU’re gonna apply it everyday, wether it’s with your fingers, a brush, a sponge…


Ahaha, kidding! But I think my advice would be to relax, get to know yourself and read beauty blogs – get informed about what’s out there and how things should work. I didn’t even realize that eyeshadow wasn’t meant to be difficult to blend until I found better products later on. Also, don’t get caught up in needing the next thing – its just makeup, and there are other things in life that are more important than having more stuff. If your parents don’t want you to wear makeup, and you’re twelve or thirteen, listen to them – sometimes its better to save these things for later on. Makeup can be expensive, and your parents would be paying for every bit of makeup you’ll be wearing for the next several years out of their pocket. Lastly, don’t let anyone ever tell you how you should look or how your face should be. That’s the thing I like least about some of the Shop Assistants and makeup artists I’ve met – they come immediately from the standpoint of making you look other than you are, rather than bringing out or accentuating what’s best about yourself.

This is good advice 🙂 I think I’ll have my twelve year old daughter read this (and tell her to stop raiding my makeup!)

I would say start small. Like first work on your eyes, get familiar with an eyeliner/kohl look, find a good mascara, then find a good blush, try out multiple lipsticks too. And once you get used to getting a natural look in a way, go try out the big guns, like getting used to a moisturizer and concealer(toughest thing to get right).

Dont make top dollar purchases because of labels and brands.
Practice!! You will not get that perfect smoky eye the first time. Watch tutorials on YouTube if necessary, they can be a huge help.
Take samples! Places like Sephora and even Nordstrom will make tiny samples for you to take home and you should totally take advantage of that perk.
I also agree that getting your foundation matched is very important, but dont buy some fancy type you read about in beauty magazines, again, take a sample! You have no idea how your skin will react.
Lastly, never let a pushy saleswoman convince you that you need the entire skincare/eyeshadow line, make sure you really want it. And if it was an impulse buy, hopefully you got it at Sephora or Nordstrom or Macys!
Have fun.

Don’t freak out when you aren’t happy with your makeup that day. Tomorrow is a whole new day with a new, fresh face. Also, don’t pluck out all of your eyebrows. Tweeze the minimum amount of hairs and beware of tadpole brows.

Never feel you have to justify what you’re wearing – on your body or your face. You are the sole proprietor of you.

Also, find a blogger with your complexion and follow her forever.

I agree – wear what you like and have fun! Also, go light on the foundation/base products… I feel it takes a little time to develop an eye for color matching, so start out with tinted moisturizer or light finish foundation and just go in with concealer in the areas you want more coverage. You’re much less likely to end up with a “mask” effect and it will just look more natural

blend blend blend blend blend. You don’t want to look like you’re filling in the spaces of a coloring book. Blend your foundation. Blend your blush. Blend your eyeshadow.

Find your own style. Dont do or buy things because everyone else is doing the same, do what you want. And listen to yourself. dont listen to others, if you think you look amazing in that lippie and a friend thinks you dont, then listen to yourself! Lifes too short to be listening to other people.

First: ignore many popular brands – such as Urban Decay – which people rave about. Pay more attention to true pro brands used by makeup artists. They use them for very good reasons. Quality & price point.

Research European brands that pro makeup artists have been using for decades, such as Maq Pro. You’ll be amazed at the quality & price point.

Next: pay close attention to how much product you’re getting for your money. Some brands may appear cheaper at first glance, but are actually far more expensive than some so called ‘luxury’ brands. This includes drugstore products.

Never listen to anybody who claims you MUST do anything when it comes to makeup or application – eg. you MUST use primer or you MUST use oil free skin care & makeup if you have oily skin. Complete & total hogwash.

Lastly: stay away from purchasing stuff on eBay unless you’re very much aware of how to determine what is or isn’t a knock-off. You’ll waste a ton of money unless you’re educated regarding this issue.

If you’re young, go nuts. Try everything. If you want to try a crazy look with tons of bright colors, do it. Now’s the time. There are thousands of tutorials out there, and you’ll totally be able to refine your technique with practice. But don’t hold back – have a good time and experiment with stuff like glittery fuchsia liquid liner.

Research and sample before you buy and build up your collection slowly, rather than trying to buy a ton of new things all at once. That way, you’ll spend less money overall, and you’ll end up with a few great products that you love, rather than a ton of mediocre products that are just okay.

Don’t get overly excited and buy everything you want to try at once. Try a few products at a time (starting with products you feel are “necessities”), and slowly add to your collection. Also, research products extensively before spending any money on them. It will save you a lot of time, money, and disappointment.

My few tidbits of advice:
1) Yes! Get a foundation match by the cosmetic counter, or a reputable makeup store (Sephora, MAC, etc). And get a sample before you purchase!
2) Play with color. It comes off if you don’t like it. Makeup is just as much an accessory as a bracelet, hair pin, or your clothes! They change with your mood and season!
3) Always invest in good quality skincare. Don’t skimp out on good cleansers, moisturizers and SPF. if its going on your face, it should be the best quality,
4) Its all about attitude and confidence! Wear a yellow lipstick?! Heck yeah! Flaunt it!

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