What are your favorite beauty blogs?

What are your favorite beauty blogs? Share your must-reads!

Some of the blogs I love are Musings of a Muse, Pursebuzz, Dusty (YouTube), Lipglossiping, Beaut.ie, Beauty and the Blog (Sephora), and We Heart This.

Thanks to Alison, Jessica, Tammy, and Rita for today’s question! (Yep, four separate people wanted to see the same question asked!) Got a question idea? Submit yours here.

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Temptalia, Lipglossiping, Jellynat, Fashioned in Finland, Silhouette Screams, the Nailphile, Scranige, Nihrida’s Blog, Gothique, and Phyraa….just to name a few. I love beauty and nail polish blogs and subscribe to tons of them.

A gazillion it feels like! I’m on my own a lot as I’m always trying to make it better (Hebridean Sprite Beauty) but-
Lipglossiping and Temptalia are my favourites but I also really like
TheNotice: A Beauty Blog
Karla Sugar: The Next Best Thing To Going Shopping Yourself
Vampy Varnish
British Beauty Blogger
**cosmeddicted **
All Lacquered Up – A Nail P…
Also Known As…
Autumn Masquerade
Beauty Scribbler (London)
Black nail polish and lip g…
cami loves kiwi
Ella’s Beauty Blogging
London Beauty Queen
Makeup Savvy
Miss Diorista
My Lips But Better
Nature & Nails
Nouveau Cheap
Planet Martha
Polish Galore
Product Pixie
R3 Daily
Stupid Nail Polish Names
The Beauty Bite
the black panties
The Swatchaholic . a blog a…
too much blush
Varnish Vixen
You’ve Got Nail

Woah… no way could I keep up with that many. I look into many other blogs (humour, news, etc) and on top of tha, i have study material to read. πŸ˜›

Temptalia, Karlasugar, also I read blondycandy.livejournal.com, she writes in russian, I love her style. She is one of the best beauty bloggers who writes in russian. Also like edelich.livejournal.com and girl-z.livejournal.com.

There are a lot of awesome blogs written in non-English, but since I can’t read them, I have no idea what they’re saying… but I enjoy the pretty pics, LOL! Pssion.se is one of my faves for drooling over!

Yours is the only comprehensive beauty blog I regularly read. :] I honestly feel like I don’t need to read any others.

The rest that I read are all nail polish blogs (All Lacquered Up, Scrangie, Vampy Varnish, etc.)

funny, I was actually just looking for some good beauty blogs (can’t fall asleep!)

This is my favorite beauty blog, and the only one I visit regularly. πŸ™‚

this of course!
also lipglossing and fashioned in finland.

And phyrra and grey’s le gothique for my indie reviews..I miss ana from lipsticks and lightsabers quite a bit too..(my wallet dislikes them almost as much as it does you! πŸ˜‰ )

I love loads too but my favourites are:

Gloss Boudoir
Cinnamon Kitten
Beauty Gala
The Vintage Mama
London Beauty Queen
Desi Girl Does Makeup
Modesty Brown
Makeup and Beauty Blog
Welsh Beauty Blog
Glamour Emma
Fab Over Forty
Peonies and Lillies
Older Girl Beauty

Awwww! Awesome!! (HUGS!) Hehe!

For BLOGS (not on YouTube) it’s temptalia.com (several times a day, I’m kind of addicted), musingsofamuse.com and pursebuzz.com (a couple times a week). I enjoy videos more than reading blogs, so I tend to watch those more. Maybe I’m just lazy and hate to read. LOL πŸ˜‰

I’ve said this before, but just so you know, I think the BIGGEST attraction to this site is how well organized/customized it looks. It LOOKS like money is put into it (I don’t mean that to sound tacky, I just mean it looks like a ton of time and thought and… money… goes into making the site), as a designer myself, I REALLY appreciate good design!!!

Thank you!

I’m a bit hung up on design, too! I need a decent design, and then I need good photos (ones someone took themselves). Those are musts for me!

Apparently I haven’t heard of a lot of fantastic blogs out there, but based on your recommendation I’ve read a couple of the blogs you suggested, and I’m now lovong Musing of a Muse!

Muse is great! She’s SO sweet, I love her. She posts more than I do, and I don’t have a clue how she does it, LOL! I’m in awe!

i thought karen from makeupandbeautyblog.com would be on your list…my experience with makeup blogs started when i was in college my friend told me about a gossip blog. and i said to myself there must be something like that for beauty. so i googled and a site came up, i click on a random beauty site, and frequently visited there, but it was not enough i still wanted more. anyway i clearly remember, it was a saturday and the blogger had her weekly link roundup and you was on the list and i was clicking going through all the links…and boom it was temptalia.com and you had what i was and didnt know i was looking for. this is where i saw my first makeup tutorial, and learned more than enough about makeup and beauty. since then i been a daily reader and i stop by couple times a day. now i walk up to any makeup counter and know what i am looking for and no longer have to guess if the sales associate if just trying to make a sale. congrats on your success i am honestly happy for you (yes even though i dont actually know u) and i appreciate every post i read here.

There are so many, it’s hard to remember to list them all, lol!

Thank you so much, Tricia! πŸ™‚ I’m so glad you found us, and it means so much that you enjoyed us enough to keep on coming back time after time.

Temptalia, beauty look book, cafe make up, karla sugar, the non-blonde, makeup4all, autumn masquerade, chic profile, rouge deluxe, trendy nail, a touch of blusher, visionary beauty, lisa eldridge make up, musings of a muse, beauty swatch,italian beauty blog, similar addiction,ohh..pretty!, gossmakeupartist (youtube).

Oh I love beaut.ie aswell!!! It’s like a little mix of comedy and beauty, what could be better?? I’m also slightly addicted to a lovely blog called temptalia.com, you heard of it? It’s brilliant!! HAHA!! :):):)

ohh god do i have to tell you ..
its Temptalia
now and forever
and to tell you all of my readers are aware of this …
now i dont want to write it in words but u know its Temptalia only

I subscribe many of them πŸ™‚
Here’s some of my choice:

Temptalia of course πŸ˜‰

and some polish blog in my language πŸ™‚

my fav beauty blogs are:
You ^ ^
Clumps of Mascara- I love Brittany’s personality and mascara reviews
Lotus Palace- Asian cosmetics reviews. It’s a VERY helpful blog because asian cosmetics are my favorite due to their quality.
Musings of a Muse- Can’t go wrong here right?

On YT my fav beauty gurus are:
pinkie charm (reviews)
binosusume (hairstyle tutorials)

I’m a MUA which is my there’s so many on my fav list ^ ^
Most don’t update all that often T T

Most of my favorites are more oriented towards makeup art, costume makeup, VERY dramatic makeup looks. I dont like reading several reviews of the same thing unless I KNOW i’ve already swatched it on myself and it looks OK.

I like seeing looks from Jangsara(blogspot) Padmita(Blogspot), makeupbyrisa(blogspot), la coloropata(blogspot), mytigerlily(wordpress), and pumpkincat210(wordpress). Reviews, I ask on the Makeupgeek forums, and read Temptalia.


I read so many, including all the ones up there. I can’t even begin to list them all! I spend a lot of time on the Makeup Geek forum. Also, Dusty is easily my favourite Youtuber!

Temptalia <—my absolute favorite πŸ™‚
Karla Sugar
Style & Beauty Doctor
Musings of a Muse
Blogdorf Goodman

Temptalia is #1!




I read ALOT of blogs, but because I don’t wear nailpolish and hardly wear lipstick I feel like the range is smaller for me. I also think that some blogs do a bit too much product placement for my liking (usually new or smaller blogs). I really want honesty. Also, I am white with red hair, so alot of the makeup blogs are run by people who don’t look like me, so I find it hard to find blogs that I can relate to (in regard to products, ie: eyeshadow colors and such). I have a bunch in my bookmarks, and I check them weekly/daily and some only post once a month or so and some post more often.

Thank you so much! πŸ™‚

Beaut.ie is great – check it out – because it’s a blog based in Ireland, lots of pale beauties with fiery red hair!

I’ll be totally honest.
I’ve found Pursebuzz, xsparkage then Makeup Geek TV probably 4-5 years ago and then have followed them onto their blogs. But honestly, Temptalia is becoming my forefront fave. I found this site when I was searching for MAC Dare to Wear swatches and I love how detailed this site is. I can’t imagine how much time it takes to do even ONE post–let alone the many that are done in a single week. I love the plethora of pictures of the products, the swatches and best the descriptions of the product of undertones, finishes, how the product did during application and wear, etc. And the Dupe List is fantastic. Seriously, I come here first when there’s a new product I’m considering just because colors are so tricky and can be SO misleading. You’re doing a fantastic job.

Aw, you are too sweet! Thank you so much – it is so helpful to know what we’re doing right! Sometimes I’m like, “Do I take too many photos? Do I say too much?”

Thanks for answering my question!

I always look up temptalia first, but I do like scrangie, all lacquered up, and vampy varnish quite a bit (I’m obsessed with nail polish). Most other sites I check sporadically or I use google blog search if I’m seeking product-specific information.

I also love ohnotheydidnt, but that’s not a beauty blog…:D

Thanks, Alison! πŸ™‚

I check ONTD a couple of times a month – can’t put it in my daily rotation or else I wouldn’t get anything done, LOL!

You are by far my favorite, Christine. I remember your FOTDs from mac_cosmetics back in the day. It’s so weird how that community bred so many successful beauty personalities! Do you still keep in contact with any old regulars?

eeep there be so manaaay

Yours of course, I can’t stand fuzzy swatches and yours are always perfecto.
Silhouette Screams
Fashioned in Finland
Glitter is my Crack
Makeup Zombie
Luna Soeth
Clever Endeavor
There are others as well but these ones I head to the mostest.

Oh and me of course, cuz I’m narcissistic like that πŸ™‚

First, I adore you! I check out your blog before anyone else’s. I also love lollipop26writes.blogspot.com, schoee.blogspot.com, http://makeupbytiffanyd.blogspot.com/, http://belledujournewyorkcity.blogspot.com/, and http://theglossgoss.blogspot.com/.

I read a lot of other blogs too, but those are my favorite. I also watch the youtube gurus, but I prefer reading blogs. It takes a lot of effort and a snazzy writing style to attract people to take an interest in what you have to say on a normal basis.

Beaut.ie (the first ever blog I read, plus they are Irish which means they have info for Ireland on stockists and prices and a wicked sense of humour!). Lipglossiping and cosmetic candy and temptalia!

I have soooo many! Temptalia is my favorite, Christine, I don’t know how you do it-I think you have the most updates and most original content! Others: musings of a muse, makeupandbeauty blog, lipglossiping, cosmetic candy, bella sugar……..

Temptalia of course! Yours is my favorite blog because it’s so updated and there are many different features! I also like karlasugar.net, and our personal blog http://make-upyourmind.tumblr.com πŸ™‚ on youtube I follow a lot of beauty gurus who vlog like juicystar07, allthatglitters21, pixi2woo, lollipop26 and MakeUpGeekTV.

The two which i read the most, pretty much th eonly ones I read regularly are The gloss goss (I love the Youtube channel aswell, Tali is gorgeous!) and Temptalia (christine is also stunning!)

Temptalia comes first ofcourse πŸ™‚ and then I love:
1. Makeup before coffee (she is so talented and beautiful)
2. Tina Marie online (i think she is the best as far as makeup looks go), I love her makeup
3. Xinarox
4. TiffanyD
5. dulcecandy

Temptalia, Musings of a Muse, Scrangie and All Lacquered Up are my faves ( in order ;D ) and I’m now I’m going to have to check out some of these others …..

Your is my fave hands down I also love the beauty look book, musings of a muse, lushious beauty.nl, lip glossiping, all lacquered up, lacquerized, makeup and beauty blog, the makeup blogette, makeup 4 all, vampy varnish, scrangie, the nail phile just some off the top of my head.

I don’t think I know of enough makeup blogs since I really tend to stick to the same ones, but I love Temptalia (obvs), Makeup and Beauty blog, gossmakeupartist (his videos are addicting), dusty hunter, and beautyaddict. Oh, and blogdorfgoodman as well. πŸ™‚ And I totally miss the babyassface blog. That one killed me (in a good way of course!).

My favorites (that I can remember off the top of my head): Temptalia, Makeup and Beauty Blog, Musings of a Muse, From Head to Toe (frmheadtotoe), and Lotus Palace!

I love your blog & Musings of A Muse- Both of your blogs are great plus you post often. I would read even more posts per day if you wrote them, lol- I’m hooked. I also like Gothique & Phyrra, Make Up Your Jangsara ( she is so creative!!) Mizz Worthy’s Stuff, Oogle Makeup, The Lip print,Funny Face’s Place, Eyelining and other makeup Obsessions, and there’s a lot more. I have my own blog, Beauty From Another Planet because I love beauty blogs so much. I love reading, commenting and writing about makeup when I’m not shopping for it or applying it to myself and others! <3 Beauty Bloggers!

Since I can only read during my lunch breaks and my office blocks all forms of blogs, I have to pare mine down to what for me are the best which are temptalia, karlasugar and pursebuzz.

I don’t usually comment but wanted to give recognition to my favorite hard-working bloggers. Though I’m terrible and don’t take the time to comment and say thanks, rest assured, I appreciate all that you do. πŸ™‚

1) Temptalia – Christine, this is one of the first beauty blogs I came across and the only one I visited regularly for years. (I also looked through your archives when I first found your site so I have actually seen every post you have made haha) I discovered others through your site but only found a few of them worth visiting repeatedly whereas I come to Temptalia every time I come online. I love that you have new posts every day (the one downfall of my other favorites below).

2) Cafe Makeup – Amy is the best at including high resolution photos. I love that I can actually zoom in and see them in detail. She gives great descriptions and written comparisons. I loved when she covered her range of Chanel JC blushes and wrote out the differences between each of the shades she owns. Very helpful! She mainly covers Chanel and other high end brands, which is perfect for me since I don’t buy MAC or drugstore. (I don’t buy a lot of makeup so I allow myself to splurge when I do.)

3) The Beauty Look Book – Sabrina is the best at lining up and photographing products similar in color to the new one she is showcasing. So helpful in figuring out if it is a dupe or if you may like something better — or if it may work well with something you already own. She covers a good amount of high end makeup but does have MAC and other mid-range brands as well. I also like when she includes her outfit/handbag of the day.

I also check out Sephora’s Beauty and the Blog, The Non-Blonde, Karla Sugar, and a few nail blogs like Scrangie…

I can’t believe you’ve seen every post. That is both a merit-badge kind of achievement but also a horrific (for me) moment, “OMG NO!” If I could, I would delete all of 2007 and 2008! Ahh! But thank you! πŸ™‚

I am kinda new at finding make up info on line but your web site by far is my fav. I have not come across another one yet that I can say I like as much as yours. I will definitely check other sites suggested though.
What I like the most about yours is that you also offered clear and details comments on tutorials; and the quality of your site is really good and not full of advertisement as the other ones, which some times can make it so confusing! Thanks again and keep up the good work.

My own.
Scandalous Beauty
Shades of You
Beauty And The Blog
Beauty is Skin Deep
Beauty on a Budget
Coloured Beautiful
her juvenescent elixir
Lextard FOTDs (flickr)
Makeup by Jacqueline
Nessasary Makeup
Sushi Blumen

The Beauty Look Book, Cafe Makeup, Musings of a Muse, Refinery 29, Temptalia, and not really a “blog” but PurseForum has a thread for all beauty related products/swatches/questions for Chanel – it is one way for to find out what new products/collections are coming out.

scrangie (because my favorite item of the year is nailpolish), temptalia, musings of a muse, pursebuzz (although I follow her channel on youtube more than her blog), alllacqueredup.
my favorite nonnail polish makeup reviewers are temptalia and musings of a muse. picture quality wise I would say i prefer temptalia, but overall i could not decide which one i like more. yours is more “down to business”, the Muse is “warmer” if that makes sense.

Temptalia is of course the mose amazing! Lolipop26’s was also really good before she took her hiatus! Just this morning I was “nexting” in blogspot and came across a new one wearwhatyoulove247

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