What are your deal-breakers when it comes to mascara?

If it smudges or flakes while I’m wearing, I’m pretty annoyed.
I don’t want to worry about the state of my mascara while wearing it unless I’ve sobbed on someone’s shoulders!
I prefer mascaras that wash away without too much extra effort.

— Christine
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I don’t like formulas that are too thick because I have sparse, little lashes. I don’t like mascara that flakes or clumps. I need it to stay put on my watery eyes, but I don’t like waterproof because it’s too hard to remove.

I prefer curved or hourglass wands, not the big fat ones. Finally, I don’t like spending a lot of money on mascara, because there are several drugstore products that work great on me.

Clumps, smudges, and/or flakes – the worst offenders really. I dislike a bad formula too, ones that don’t do as they claim is pretty irritating.

Mascara that flakes excessively and/or smudges easily…and stupid-shaped wands that turn my lashes into a clumpy mess (*cough* Better Than Sex *cough*)

It’s so interesting that the wands some people hate work so well for other people. While I don’t like the Better Than Sex mascara formula, I do like the hourglass wand shape very much. I use a drugstore brand with a similar wand, but a thinner, less clump-prone formula.

Flaking is the big deal breaker for me, and a lot of them do it. I was using Diorshow for awhile, but even that’s starting to flake, so I’m wondering if it’s my biochemistry. If anyone has any suggestions, I’m open. I don’t mind going into high end costs for mascara because it’s the one thing I wear all the time next to concealer.

I just heard something recently that might be true, don’t know for sure, but it kinda makes sense: The older the mascara is after opening, the more it becomes prone to flaking. And, some mascara formulas get old faster than others. Diorshow may be one of them. Anyway, I think I’ve seen my fair share of comments (Sephora maybe? I’m not sure) where people write comments saying how much they loved such’n’such mascara at first, but then it started flaking badly. I’m just throwing the thought out there, Veronica —
HE mascaras should have a decent amount of shelf life after opening. If after a month, it no longer works w/out flaking, then that’s going to get expensive fast!

Clumpy: I know a lot of people like this look, but my sensitive eyes don’t.
Too wet: Dry already, hurry up
Brush too big: Clumsy, too easy to make a mistake
Flakes: No and no and no
No build-ability: Clump city

I have to buy waterproof because my lashes are stick straight and won’t retain the curl unless I do. It takes more time to take off, but that’s the tradeoff. Chanel Inimitable is waterproof, and it’s very easy to take off (my HG and fav HE). Then again, it’s up there in price. Covergirl Waterproof Super Sizer is terrific, but harder to take off. I’ve never, ever had a problem with Clinique Lower Lash — can get to every tiny little lash perfectly. I don’t like to try different or new mascaras. I have 3 that work, and I’m done with them. Loyal to a fault, I suppose.

I am in intense search for the right mascara right now. Deal breakers: too spiky, too light (“natural”), flaky, significant fading by end of the day, hard to remove, only available in black (I’m too fair), only available in waterproof (doesn’t do well with my contacts). Currently I’m using a Clinique Naturally Glossy with a touch of Lancôme Definicils.

Oh, there’s many! Anything that moves from my lashes to places it doesn’t belong is an automatic deal-breaker! In other words, it better not flake, smudge or transfer. Also, anything that doesn’t hold a curl. This is why I typically only use waterproof mascara, because I have to curl my very straight, but long lashes. Another deal-breaker is clumping!!! I DESPISE mascara that goes all nasty looking and clumps my lashes up! Oh, and I’m a fan of anything but the blackest black mascara with the lone exception of purple!

I am not a big mascara person, as I wear glasses all the time, so I don’t need my lashes lengthened.
However I don’t like mascara that clumps my lashes or smudges/smears.

I would say that our of all of the makeup products, I am hardest on mascara. I have very specific likes and dislikes and don’t mind throwing or giving a brand new tube away to my daughter if there is the least little thing wrong with it.
1. No flaking, smearing, migrating from upper lashes to lower lash line, giving me raccoon eyes.
2. Must give me length and separation.
3. I use waterproof because with my hooded lids almost every mascara that isn’t waterproof will travel within an hour or so of my applying. I don’t want to worry that I am getting raccoon eyes throughout the day. I don’t have difficulty taking waterproof mascara off as my Tatcha Camellia Oil Cleanser melts it in seconds.
4. I am very specific about wands. They need to be relatively small. I don’t care for the wand that curves on the Roller Lash. With very hooded eyes it can be difficult to get the mascara on your lashes if the wand is not relatively small. I also find that smaller wands give me better separation.
5. Must be blacker than black!!
6. For several of the reasons above, I like a dryer formula.

So what mascara do I use? Well, lets just say that none of the ones I use are perfect and I find them frustrating on a daily basis. I had been faithful to my Cover Girl Lash Sensation in waterproof formula for 45 years and still use it several times a week but it seems to be clumpier than it was in the past. I have tried a couple of different tubes and have also tried a couple of other CG formulas because they are famous for moving their formula’s around, and nothing has helped. I bought Benefit Roller Lash and I am quite liking it. I hate the wand. I am currently using my CG wand in my Roller Lash tube. My daughter says the wand is her favorite thing about RL. I like the way RL separates my lashes. I wish it gave a little more volume and length. The Benefit representative is trying to get me to buy two mascaras, RL and They’re Real telling me that they are the perfect marriage. I guess I don’t feel like I should have to buy 2 or 3 mascaras to get the effect I want. Maybe if they were drugstore prices but not at HE prices. Someday the perfect mascara will come along. I just hope I have lashes then so I can appreciate it when it comes.

I hate the sharp, picky, plastic bristled wands so that is the first deal breaker. Otherwise, my mascara must be blackest black, can’t flake or smudge, and I prefer non-waterproof unless I’m going to a funeral. I’ll wear drugstore or high-end, but I find it really unnecessary to spend $25 USD when you can get great drugstore mascara for under $10 USD especially when you throw it out every 3 months.

I wore contacts for 15 years & still look for mascara that doesn’t flake, smear, crumble. As I have stuck straight lashes that I must use a lash curler on prior to mascara-a mascara must hold that curl-no droppers. No clumping either. My long time hg mascara was Covergirl Marathon mascara. It’s discontinued now😔. I have been using l’Oreal voluminous million lashes waterproof. Lancôme Definicils is good but I balk at the price. I tried a pricey one before-Dior show water proof and was very disappointed in it’s performance.

I cant stand the sharp plastic brushes too and i wont use a scented mascara, what a turn-off. I have tried HE and didn’t like them or think they performed any better than drugstore. Maybelline big shot is what I’m using now and I like the loreal Lash Paradise. I always use non-waterproof and the blackest black

Can’t stand mascara that takes ages to dry or one that is too hard to take off. I don’t want to lose lashes or need 2 different products to remove.

Flaking is the worst. Who wants to get stuff in their eyes is just the worst fir me. I can deal with a bit of smudging as long as the mascara dies show up nicely. Sometimes as with the Orincess mascara which I love I do tend to get some but I think is because the brush especially the curved one might be big on my small eyes but boy! Do they make my eyelashes grow like magic and no flaking I love them! With WetnWild I have given them a try and they tend to flake on me besides, not much of a difference and I love everything else WnW but not the mascara too much. I should add, Maybelline the classic green tube with pink has always worked perfectly and Elf I like the brush it is straight and small and does do the job just nice also. With Princess I get a bit of clumping at times but no big deal as I always have handy a few cleaned brushes from older mascaras I clean them neatly and use them to separate the eyelashes which have clumped it wirks great with many. I’ll be keeping that Elf brush when is done and others just have them handy in each container holding my eyes fireworks. Lol!

Needs to wash off with just my normal face cleansing routine. If I have to rub my eyes or my lashes or use a makeup remover, it goes in the bin.
If it goes clumpy within a week or two of opening it, it’s a dealbreaker. I think the rule that you need to replace your mascara monthly is a con to sell more product since I usually get 6 months or so out of a mascara. I want a mascara that will retain its texture and consistency for as long as I use it. The only mascara I’ve found that does is Aldi’s mineral mascaras which are excellent.
Waterproof mascara is an absolute dealbreaker.

Since I wear contacts, a flaky mascara is a definite no!! I also don’t love mascaras that smudge, but I I feel like a lot of them do that to me anymore, which is sad!

definitely smudging and transferring to my eyelids…(I have very oily eyelids and many mascaras melt when my lashes touch the area below my eyebrows, so I end up looking like a raccoon)

Flakiness I do not deal with. Who wants to get pieces of mascara on their eyes and have them tur red or worst get a scratch on the cornea or an infection? No! Clumsiness i can deal with i use another wand from some other old mascara I have tossed away and throughly rinsed it out. They are perfect for separating lashes when one mascara is too heavy or a simple Qtip always is available. But I absolutely hate flakiness it can ruin your day it a hot date. Lol!

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