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Mascara’s that don’t bring anything to the table but color. Very wet or clumpy mascara. And I also don’t care for mascara’s with a chemically strong scent.

One thing I HATE is when mascara flakes, and worst of all, the flakes wind up in my eye! Not too keen on them giving me a bunch of black freckles right beneath my eye either. Not a fan of anything that clumps up and takes my already somewhat sparse eyelashes and turns them into maybe 10 lashes!
And if it can’t hold a curl, forget about it! My lashes are on the sparse end and quite straight, too. So they need all the help they can get! ?

Which ones do you find hold a curl? I use a Japanese one (KissMe Heroine Long and Curl Waterproof) but would love to find one I like that’s easier to obtain.

Anything that smudges on the lower lash line, extremely difficult to take off, doesn’t dry/makes my lashes feel sticky and stick to my lower lashes, clumpy, flaking, and heavy mascara.

I am not sure if this is going to be a double post since my computer glitched and may have posted twice. My deal breakers for mascara are simple, they are any mascara that is not Cover Girl Lash Sensation Waterproof. I have tried many mascara’s both high end and drugstore in the nearly 50 years that I have worn mascara and none have performed as well as CGLSW. It keeps my lashes curled all day, doesn’t give me raccoon eyes, doesn’t flake, gives me length and some volume. Any difficulties in removing are worth it. I will always use this mascara.

It begins and ends with clumping. And the only mascara I ever found to not clump, Lancôme Definicils, exacerbates my dry eye issues. So I started using the made in Italy version of Jordana mascara, which is so inexpensive I can replace it often. Every so often I try another non-clumping mascara, and am disappointed when it starts to clump. I have discovered that wiping excess off on a tissue helps, but it gets so messy that I’ll try Lancôme again, only to pawn it off on my daughter when it makes my dry eyes drier.

Smearing is probably the biggest deal breaker for me. Anything else I could potentially tolerate, but smearing is the one thing I just can’t deal with.

I just hate the idea of any makeup that needs to be constantly checked up on to see if it’s moved from where I initially put it.

My number one deal breaker is if the mascara doesn’t hold a curl. I have stick straight lashes that I carefully curl with my shiseido lash curler prior to applying mascara. If a mascara does that then it must not smudge or flake. I generally go for waterproof mascara as it seems to hold a curl best.

Oh golly. I am REALLY picky about mascara!
1) better not irritate my contact lenses- no flakes or fibers please
2) no wet inky formulas that wilt the curl in my hard to curl lashes and splat all over my lids
3) nothing that creeps or migrates all over my lids and undereye making me look like a panda
4) must last at least 2 months after opening and not turn into a gloppy unworkable clumpy mess
5) must stay on my lashes for at least 8 hrs with no smudging, flakes, fading, or wandering all over my face.

I don’t really mind crunchy lashes, but most of my HG mascaras are rather thick formulas (which seem to hold a curl better) that surprisingly aren’t crispy.

Hi Kate & Christy-
I have long, fine lashes so anything wet or heavy makes them droop but I find a thicker formula holds the curl well.
My HG mascaras that hold curl-
Cle de Peau’s Perfect Lash: makes my lashes look PERFECT, hold a curl , and does not budge until I take it off but costs $50 a tube. Looks like I’m wearing false lashes and gives my thin lashes VOLUME.
Elizabeth Arden’s Beautiful Color Maximum Volume: the closest dupe I’ve found for CdP’s Perfect Lash, a thick formula that does not clump, holds my curl, and does not budge until I take it off for $20 a tube. You can get it cheaper at EA outlets in the US. Looks like I’m wearing false lashes and gives my thin lashes VOLUME. CdP’s Perfect Lash is just a little bit better as far as volume & length go though.
It’s Tightline Full Lash Length Black Mascara Primer- I ALWAYS use this under my mascara because the tiny wand allows me to get close to the base of my lashes and push them up even more. My lashes tend to droop and make my eyes look sleepy or half closed but if I put this on at the base I get a more awake & big eyed look. I often wear this mascara alone for a more natural look too.

Thank you Bibi, that is really helpful. I will give them a go. I know what you mean about the droopy eye look, not good. My lashes are short fine and straight, not the best combo but hey, we just have to give them all the help they can get! I haven’t used a primer before as I assumed it would just be another issue to deal with for loosing the curl. Thanks again. . x

Anything that isn’t waterproof and by the end of the day smudges on my lower lash line. So basically all the mascaras that come w gwp ?. Also it needs to be able to built up.

First would be smearing – many mascaras seem to smear under just ONE of my eyes (the left one…clearly something to do with the shape or angle of my eye or cheekbone or something). Second would be flaking. Third would be difficulty in removing (the IT Cosmetics waterproof tight-line mascara is the worse for this) – I really don’t want to be removing eyeLASHES with the mascara. And I guess it goes without saying that if something irritates my eyes, it would be out of the question too.

Costing more than $10, lol! I am a cheapo when it comes to mascara – I think there are plenty of great choices at the drugstore. As for the actual mascara – no flaking, no smudging, and a smooth formula. I also typically avoid waterproof formulations because they are so hard to remove.

Anything that fails to be buildable, is too thin, flakes and takes a belt sander to remove. My all time faves are Chanel Le Volume, Elizabeth Arden Ceramide and Sisley (when I can afford it which isn’t often lol).

Anything that straightens my curled lashes. This is a real bug bear which means I can only use some waterproof mascaras to avoid this happening. Some work, a lot don’t. Really annoying as a lot of the formulas I would like to try are not available in waterproof. Anyone with any suggestions on waterproof or regular mascaras that don’t straighten lashes that have been curled would be sooo appreciated.

Also dislike big brushes and ones that dry up quickly.

If the formula’s too wet or too dry, they both clump up my lashes real bad.
Takes too long to dry, flakes, formula clumps up too easily, and the formula dries out in the tube too quickly.

I spend an inordinate amount of time on my eye makeup, so anything that smudges or transfers has to go. I always wear false lashes so if the mascara itself isn’t incredibly beautiful on, I can deal with that. But it needs to stay in place. I recently discovered Max Factor is making its return to the US, and they have introduced the Masterpiece Max mascara. This mascara has completely replaced my former standby (Diorshow waterproof), because I notice no difference formula-wise and my bottom lashes agree more with the Max Factor wand, making the product overall more suitable for me.

Clumping, flaking, smelling strange, irritating, being too wet (especially if it’s slow drying), smearing, hard to take off are all deal breakers. I also avoid black/jetblack/extra black/whatever because it’s too dark and harsh; I tend toward browns and colored mascaras.

I have super whimpy lashes, when I have no mascara on, you can’t see them at all!! It looks like I have no eye lashes at ALL. And add in my small almond eyes, I NEED mascara to look awake and alive 😛

I like a super wet formula, I like a bit of clump but not too much, I have oily skin, so please do not smudge on me mascara!! I hate hate dry formulas!!! I do not like scented mascaras. And because of my eye shape, I prefer rubber wands over traditional wands!!

Can not uncurl my lashes. I have extremely straight lashes, and I spend a large amount of time to curl my lashes. So anything that undo these curls I’m not a fan of. Also cannot smudge on my lower lash line. I don’t mind it being difficult to take off because I know that waterproof mascara hold my curls better anyway.

Smudging, flaking or otherwise just not staying on my lashes. I have sensitive eyes and they water quite often, so even mascaras that stay put on most people will smudge on me.
My second deal breaker is spider lashes. I just don’t like the feel and look of them, I prefer a more subtle look to my lashes, even for more dramatic make-up.

I’m pretty picky about mascara, as I’ve had bad experiences with supposedly good ones flaking and getting under my contacts. And I have large eyes and long lashes, so poor quality cannot be hidden. So … anything that flakes, is waterproof, clumps is a no-go. Also I don’t do black. Leaves me fairly narrow range of options.

1. Excessive flaking. *COUGH*Too Faced Better Than Sex*COUGH*
2. Excessive smudging. One of the Physicians Formula mascaras would be my HG if it didn’t end up under my eyes no matter what I do when I wear it.
3. Excessive clumping/spider lashes. *COUGH*Better Than Sex again!*COUGH*

That’s a tough one because I have allergies to many so the deal breaker for me comes after purchase…if it itches my eyes it has to go back. Almay and Benefit (one kind only) is the only brands I’ve found that does not itch my eyes.

Mascara that clumps without doing really anything is a deal-breaker along with those that make my eyes itch. I don’t get smearing or flaking in general but I hate mascara that is wet or really dry. I like creamy pigment that goes on smooth and keeps the curl, costs less than $10, is fairly easy to remove…I guess I want it all.

1) I have really sensitive eyes, so fragrance or anything else that makes them burn, water, or swell. This all but a few brands for me. 2) Flaking and/or clumping. 3) Formulas that are too wet or too dry. I especially hate dry formulas that take work to get onto my lashes. 4) Natural looking mascaras. I want my lashes to look longer, fuller, darker, and more dramatic. 5) Applicator brushes that are too big/long. 6) Too expensive. I’m going to toss it every three months. Unless I get it in a set, at a really steep discount, or receive it GWP, I don’t use high-end.

Biggest deal breaker is anything that irritates my eyes. Next in line is a mascara that smears and leaves black rings under my eyes. TF Better Than Sex is loved by many but a no-go for me because of the smudging. I have very oily skin, so a formula that’s a dream for most often doesn’t work for me.

I can’t have mine smudge on the top or bottoms of my eyes. Not waterproof that won’t come off without taking my lashes with it. Takes to long to dry or clumps. It has to seperate well.

Anything that clumps up, doesn’t give good separation or volume. I have naturally very long and very many lashes, and I love the voluminous, fluttery look. Some of my faves are tarte lights camera lashes and maybelline big eyes

Clumping is the worst, in my book. Sadly, one can’t always know if a mascara’s going to be clumpy until one tries it. I also don’t like big, fat brushes because I can’t get the mascara on without getting some on my lids, too! I guess it has something to do with the shape of my eyes, or maybe it has to do with me being clumsy lol. And mascara that smears under my eyes, even if I don’t put any on my lower lashes.

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