What are three products you own that you want to use more often?

I’d like to be more consistent at using facial masks — I always enjoy them but often don’t bother with them at the end of the day. I’d also like to be less lazy about applying body moisturizer/lotion. More than three individual products across those two, but there’s not one specific product within those groups that comes to mind (because I have multiple ones open, sigh).

— Christine
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Face masks are definitely one of them.. I love how my skin feels after but lazy to rinse it off.. haha yeah I know right?!

I have a few travel sized primers I wish I could remember to just use up. I’m not in the habit nor need to use one, but it’d be nice to use them up.

Lipsticks! I have quite a few and some in bright reds/ oranges. I wish I can just throw one on during my casual days and not overthink too much the rest of my makeup. There was a period I got excited and accumulated quite a few.

For me, there is only one: sunscreen! Unfortunately I grew up not knowing how damaging the sun can be. It’s still an extra effort that I have to remind myself to add before my makeup, since this step still hasn’t become “second nature” to me. But I think I’ve been doing really well this year. I purchased a Japanese sunscreen and apply it every time I go outside, which hasn’t been been very often.

Experts have been recommending wearing it even when indoors, especially if you’re near a window. One way that helps me remember to use it is keeping it in my morning skincare basket. If I can see it, I’m more likely to use it, and since my routine is very curated, I make sure I use every product lined up.

I’m recommending to keep a SPF hand cream near the hand soap dispenser. 😆 With the constant handwashing, I have to also constantly remind myself my hands are the most exposed to sun light… especially since my work from home desk is near the balcony window. 😀

1. Kiehl’s Creme de Corps—I have a 33.8 oz bottle of it, but I’m lazy when it comes to moisturizing my legs since I don’t really think much about what my legs look like underneath pants or leggings.

2-3. Blush and lipstick…I miss being able to go out without a mask!

I just reminded myself of the mini bottle of Kiehl’s Creme de Corps I still have on my desk at work (I used it as hand cream and it’s amazing, for body lotion I prefer other products). How I miss being able to go to work and work at my actual desk… my productivity has slowly faded from March… can’t believe I haven’t been at the office for 3 months now. 😆

I have a smaller bottle of Kiehl’s that I keep at my desk in the office. I refill it from the big one I keep at home. I haven’t been to the office in nearly three months either. I miss it in some ways, but not in others. I’m saving a lot of money on gas and I don’t have to get up as early. My boss is keeping me busy at home, though. I have the same amount of work as I would have if I was still at the office. I just hope I haven’t lost all my makeup skills!

Lol, I thought I would forget how to put my make up on too! I did it yesterday to do a video for my Uncle’s 90th Birthday. I loved how my make up looked and I miss doing my make up!

1. Primers: I have several that I love but because I so rarely wear foundation or even CC cream (which, in theory, isn’t supposed to need a primer, at least the IT CC that I use), I rarely use the primers

2. “Illuminators” – sort of the same as the primer conundrum. The Estee Edit used to have a fabulous called “Treat+Prep+Glow” and I love it but it’s like my Becca Backlight Primer – just forget to use it, not sure how to use it in my routine since I’m not wearing foundation-y stuff; it just gets complicated with all the very many products and layers of things we’re supposed to use on our faces.

3. Probably facial sprays/setting sprays/illuminating sprays. I like them but I just forget to use them and I sometimes worry that they’ll mess up my eyeshadow (since you have to shut your eyes) or make my powder face products look sort of “clotted”.

Tied for #3 would be facial essences. I like them but I forget to use them too – just one more step in skincare and I’m just not in the habit of using them.

I’m fairly satisfied with the way I use my makeup, skincare and bodycare.

I do wish we weren’t in a pandemic, so I can use more of my lipstick.

I am very due diligent with my sunscreen, applying everyday no matter what, but I do wish I was more careful with reapplying it on my hands more often, since they are washed and used more.

I’m not a fan of face masks, maybe a charcoal/mud based one 1-2 times a week, but I wish I would use more often hair masks. Especially now since I won’t get a haircut and I don’t plan for the forceable future (even if they start to open, I prefer not to put myself and other people at cosmetic salons at risk for the time being).

Almost *everything*? Idk? 😅
The past 3 months of lockdown/quarantine have had a disastrous effect on my desire to even bother using most of stuff. I’ve become very lazy about putting myself together unless I have to go out. One area of my stash that I really ought to be using much more often would be my lip products. Because we know those eventually go bad. And, because wearing a lipstick or gloss can lift ones spirits. Second up would be using my more colorful, fun eyeshadows and getting my creative juices flowing again. They’ve been stagnant and blah. Thirdly, hair dye. Because Sally’s Beauty Supply has been either closed or now pay and pick up, I haven’t touched up my roots in THREE WHOLE MONTHS! My hair looks awful 😣

I stocked up on hair dye early on, LOL! I bought a few backups literally at the start of lockdown, then when I heard hair dye sales were spiking midway through, I bought a few more… Fortunately, I can just use box dye, and use black, so I’m not too particular on brand, and can purchase at any grocery store/pharmacy.

Hair masks. Face masks. Nail polish – I prefer the way my nails look naturally since I’ve put so much care into growing and strengthening them, but polish is fun.

My eye cream… I got a decent sized sample from Innisfree and I really like it, when I remember to put it on. Primers, I have a bunch of mini sizes to try out and I never remember to use them. Lip liner… I bought them to use with glosses that feather and I still never remember to use them!

Concealer; I have several, but always forget to use them… I have decent skin, and no dark circles or hyperpigmentation, so I don’t know why I even bother to buy them…

Powder foundation; again, I have quite a few, but this past Winter, my skin was particularly dry, and I haven’t really bothered with foundation since mid-March…

Nail polish; it’s not really a product I can wear for work (food server/bartender), so it’s something I’ve gotten out of the habit of using. However, I have been making a bit of an effort, and if we have to wear gloves when I get back to work, at least I can paint my nails!

I am very consistent in my routine and I use sunscreen on my face and neck daily. I am not good about putting it on my body so that would be first. Second would be using my Tatcha Rice Polish more often. It does make my skin look better. Third would be curling my eye lashes. My eyes do look more open when I do that.

I have at least a dozen different sponges and blenders but I find them such a hassle to keep clean and they tend to degrade quickly (rips, tears, uneven flocking, etc) that they just sit there unused while I stick to my favourite foundation buffing brush. I should make an effort to use them or pass them on to someone who will.

I have a range of really beautiful bronzers (Guerlain, Ofra, Milani, Hourglass etc) but I use them maybe once a month – granted, I do use them more in summer but it’s the middle of winter here so it’s easy to skip them.

I’ve rather suddenly stopped using eyeliner – I have no idea why, I have well over a hundred but for some reason, I just don’t reach for them much. I wear really strong prescription lenses and always used to line my upper lashes for extra definition but lately I just haven’t felt the need. And I’ve stopped lower lining and putting eyeshadow under my eye completely. Really don’t know why that is!

– tumeric powder, it’s just so messy and stain everything, I love how radiant my skin look after tho.


– colorful eyeshadow , i’m always “late” i’m not but i have like 15 min to do my makeup and doing something I dont do frequently is just putting myself in danger.

I am very lazy about body moisturizer. My skin looks better when I make the effort, but often after bathing, I just want to brush my teeth, get my skincare on, and go to bed.

Sunscreen. I make the effort when I know I am going to be outdoors, but I have been listening to a lot of advice lately which stresses sunscreen even when you are wearing a hat, even when you are in your car, etc.. so I have been wearing it every single day. I have three different facial sunscreens and a choice between chemical or physical, and I wish I could say one truly stands out and is gentler on my sensitive skin. I tend to get small bumps with both; especially in areas where I sweat. Bumps are better than further skin damage and skin cancer.

1. Facial masks. I’m terrible about using them.
2. Loose eyeshadows and pigments. This last year I’ve gotten really lazy about using them.
3. Leave-in conditioner. I can’t use traditional, heavier rinse out ones a lot because my hair is so fine. I color it and it tangles easily, so I need to do better.

I will say, using body moisturizer regularly has been a total game-changer for me. I feel so much more comfortable in my own skin. (Maybe my skin was just really dry, then!)

Nail polish; I did my nails for the first time this *year* this past weekend. I destashed a bunch of polishes last year, but now I actually miss them, and I’m not in love with the color I have on now.

Getting back into the face sunscreen game… I got a few different Japanese and Korean ones to try out.

I have this mud mask from NIOD that I love that I think it would be good if I used it slightly more often (once a week or every other week, vs once a month or less), but it’s definitely not so neglected that I would put it in the same category as my nail polish. But I wanted to have a third thing 🙂

Definitely sunscreen and body moisturizer! As a nurse, “work from home” and “quarantine” aren’t part of my lifestyle. My skincare and make up has gotten a work out as well. It may not be a fashion show, but I refuse to give up make up for my mask— I just love it too much!

Three products I would like to use more of:
1. Eye cream – I use lots of oils and moisturisers, but forget the oil cream
2. More hand cream at the moment
3. Foot scrub – my poor heels need some love and work…

Using lotion/hand cream! I’m awful about remembering to use it even though my hands are mad dehydrated and even worse due to all the extra hand washing I do now.

Sparkly eyeliner on my lower lash line. I like the way it looks, but to me it definitely reads more “special occasion” rather than something I can wear to work (I’m an attorney, the only profession with a dress code as conservative as an attorney are bankers I’m told.)

All over bronzer. I sometimes wish I had the tan look (I wear sunscreen 365 days a year so my summer and winter color aren’t that different). But every time I’ve tried to wear all over bronzer it somehow looks weird on me. Not sure if it’s an issue of technique or placement or if I’m using the wrong color for me or what.

I have to start paying more attention to my hands!!! I clean and wash my hands so much… they are getting a little dry… the skin is not smooth like it used to be. I have gloves/ masks but I need to use them on my hands and feet…. beauty is full body! not just make up 🙂

Body lotion – I don’t know if it’s a sensory thing but I can’t stand the stickiness and cold feeling after applying body lotion and hand cream. I can do my lower legs, but that’s it. I recently ordered a bottle of Curel in-shower body lotion in the hopes that it will help my dry skin.

NuFACE Trinity device – my skin looks so much firmer and tighter when I use it, but I hate the stickiness of the conductor gel and how hard it is to remove. You can’t even keep the gel on afterwards as a base for your other skin care products, because it pills horribly. The nuface just stays in its charger on my vanity, silently judging me for being so lazy and saggy.

Fragrance – I stopped spritzing on fragrance every day once I started working from home years ago. This year I made a real effort to use up my fragrances before they go bad – in addition to buying smaller rollerballs and travel sizes instead of larger sizes, I leave them strategically around my home office and beauty room to refresh during the day. It really lifts my spirits.

You might want to try an oil instead of body lotion after a shower when your skin is damp.
For me it’s a much faster way to moisturize, I customize the scent w/ essential oils (which you can do with lotion too of course), and you might like the texture more.

While these three things I usually make time for, with the new puppy, it seems my focus has been redirected.

Masks: I try once per week, but I’ve been dropping the ball lately, which is weird given the time I have.

Under eye patches: again I use once per week, but I’ve forgotten in the last few weeks. For the best benefit, I should probably do them more than 1x week.

Moroccan Platinum Colour Depositing Mask: I love what this do to my hair, makes it shinier and cuts down on any slight blonde brassiness I might have. Right now taking time with a hair mask in the bath is a bit of a luxury.

There’s really only two for me.

1. Lashes. Such a PITA but they do make a game-changing difference. I use them only when I’m getting a picture done, like my driver’s license.

2. Masks. As a beauty box subscriber, you’d better believe I have TONS of them, but I never use them. Like lashes, just a hassle.

I do have when I forget body lotion too, but that doesn’t happen often enough to make it to this list. i just do it as part of my skin care.

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