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To leave myself enough time to do school work, I usually only go out one day of the weekend (if that). If I’m going out somewhere special, I’ll wear a full face of makeup – meaning more makeup than I’d normally wear to, say, class. If I’m just going to get the groceries, it’s moisturizer and sunscreen and that’s all.

I like to give my skin at least one makeup-free day a week to breathe, and that tends to be Sunday.

Nothing changes I wear what I like no matter the day. If im home all day I dont wear any makeup of course

it only is less makeup if i’m lazy and sleep in a little longer before school! even then i try to have as much fun as i can with it even if i have 10 minutes before i need to leave!

I work hospital shifts, so weekends are often work days for me, too. As a result, my makeup doesn’t really differ much – I may just go lighter on the face products, as I’m often working in areas where foundation may rub off on face masks and whatnot. My workplace is pretty lax on makeup, so the only thing I have to avoid is the really crazy colors. πŸ™‚

About half the time, my makeup stays pretty much exactly the same from weekday to weekend. The other half of the time, I wear a lot less makeup on the weekends. Like maybe just some tinted SPF for the times when I’m just grabbing lunch with my boyfriend or when we’re going out to buy cat food.

I only wear makeup when I go to work or when I go out, because my skin is too sensitive. I go to work two days a week so it doesn’t matter whether it’s weekday or weekend.

My weekday makeup is very work-friendly and neutral (except on nights I have grad classes, I kick it up a notch after work for fun). My weekend makeup is whatever I’m feeling like but it’s normally way more dramatic.

Not much really, except that I might not bother to wear makeup at all! πŸ˜€ I do a lot of ballet at the weekend, so getting all made up to do a lot of sweating seems… odd…

Weekends are my time to have fun with my brighter colours. I might reach into my bag of loose minerals and pick something at random and make a look around that colour.

I tend to be more creative with my makeup on the weekends. I would be more wiling to try more funky things and brighter colors. If I go out a night, I will wear darker colors.

Yes and no (how’s that for a non-committal reply?). Because I spend a fair bit of time at the gym and also at my yoga studio, practising hot yoga, and I go to these activities from home (rather than heading to them after work, as I do on weekdays), I obviously wear a whole lot less on my face (though still sunscreen or a sunscreening mineral powder, as well as concealer since leaving the house without it is almost out of the question, and some lip gloss), while during the week, I arrive with my “work day makeup” still on, though I don’t wear mascara if I think I’ll be going to yoga. Anyway, on weekends, I go to these activities with minimal stuff on my face BUT I also have more time on weekends so when I get home, even if we’re just going for coffee or to drop in on friends, I will have both the time and the inclination to take a bit more time and maybe be a bit more flamboyant that I would with the makeup I wear to work.

Usually yes. I go for a natural office look with hopefully flawless skin, a light eye and a gloss or shiny lipstick. On weekends I either go a nearly no-make-up-look only using tinted moisturizer and mascara or for a full face with color. The weekend is my time to experiment with colors I shouldn’t wear at work.

I tend to wear really light/sheer/creamy stuff on weekends – the goal being not to pick up a makeup brush and get everything applied quickly and seamlessly.

I will amp up eye makeup for a weekend night out, but those are rare these days.

If I’m going out on the weekend I wear a full face vs the weekdays I’ll go out with just eyeliner most days.

I almost never wear makeup on a day to day basis while going to school. But I do put on some light makeup on the weekend, especially if I’m heading out. πŸ™‚

I usually wear nothing on the weekends to give my skin a break/just lazy. It feels kind of silly for me to draw my eyebrows on and do the whole shebang just to hang out at home or go to the grocery store. But I have been experimenting with a happy medium – so it would be very very minimal makeup on the weekends.

It doesn’t really – I currently work retail/grocery so weekends are non existent, LOL! I usually stay within conservative territory when at work, neutral eyes, nude lips and glowy skin with a bit of colour thrown in like liner. (most girls don’t even bother with makeup at my work and elderly people aren’t shy about commenting on your appearance, in my area. Actually, people around here can be just rude).

Days off, I don’t wear anything usually, to give my skin a break. Going out happens very rarely for us and hubby doesn’t like heavy makeup.

During weekdays, I tend to wear less makeup that gives a subtle look. I have to be at work early (I teach), so I go for a quick, polished look that allows me to sleep as late as I want (lol). I typically fill in my brows and throw on some neutral blush and lipgloss. On the weekends, I have more time to get ready, so I’ll usually add an eyeshadow look to my weekday routine and exchange my neutrals for bolder lip and cheek colors. If I’m going anywhere special, I put on foundation as well.

The difference for me is that my weekend makeup exists. I barely put on anything during the week. It’s not because my job has limited me, but I just don’t have any motivation when I’m going to just be sitting at my desk for 8+ hours. The weekend, though, that’s my time to be creative.

I usually wear more on weekdays but it’s a safe for work look. Hopefully flawless skin, really any but red glossy lips, neutral shadows, maybe a colored liner. Weekends are for colorful eyeshadow, graphic liner, red vinyl lips, etc. – or just moisturizer with sunscreen, lip gloss and shades.

I work from home and during the week I don’t wear any make unless I go out to dinner or something. So on weekends, I just wear whatever I want to compensate.

There’s not much difference between my weekday and weekend makeup. Lately I’ve been doing a neutral eye and strong lip; fluctuating between Tom Ford’s Vampire Kiss and Rouge Fatale. Love Trish McEvoy’s Lash Curling Mascara and NARS Larger Than Life Mascara. I combine the two for lush looking lashes! NARS tinted moisturizer in CUBA. And I’m set!

It depends really…since I’m still in the experimental stage (finding what looks look good on me and what doesn’t. I’d try to have a different look everyday and if I don’t have any plans to go out on the weekends I’d either attempt a no makeup makeup look or the opposite or try to make the plummy browns work for me instead of making me look like I’ve got bruised eyes.

Its very simple for me: If I’m out and about running errands etc I’ll put on makeup. If I’m at home all day I don’t wear any makeup. If we’re going somewhere nice I’ll go the extra mile and do the works.

I swing wildly on the weekend with extremes! As often as I can, I go without makeup, so over the weekend, when I am not working, I go bare.

If I go out with the husband in the evening, I may glam it up a bit and go for POW color I would never have the guts to pull off during the work week.

It differs dramatically. For example, for work I keep it quick, simple and routine and use whatevers in my small make up bag. Weekends i have as long as i like to spend on my make up so usually wear eyeshadows and lipsticks i wouldnt brave at work.

At work I don’t normally wear Eyeshadows but at the weekend I go all out with my eyeshadow ;). Apart from that it pretty much stays the same.

There’s not much of a difference for me on the weekends. If I have somewhere special to go and if I’ve allowed myself enough time to get ready, I will add more eyeshadow.

I usually wear less make up or something simpler on weekends. I guess I’m lazier, or I just want to be more low profile when I’m not working. Unless I have something to do on a weekend night, then I’m going to use a bold eye, or bold lip, glitter, etc

I actually don’t wear makeup Monday-Friday to work. Only after hours and on the weekend. I probably only wear makeup 2-3 times a week…but yet, I love it and have tons of it! When my coworkers see my pics on my social media, they can’t believe that it’s me! The wonders of makeup! Lol

Weekday makeup I’d like to say is dressier (if there’s such a term for makeup) because of work, while weekends let me play with my brighter lipcolors (think Candy Yum Yum and Silly).

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