Wayne Goss Holiday Brush 2018 Now Available

Wayne Goss Holiday Brush 2018 Now Available
Wayne Goss Holiday Brush 2018

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Meet Wayne Goss’s most versatile face brush yet—the perfect tool for contouring, highlighting, bronzing, and more. And it’s only available for a limited time.

Now available

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Holiday Brush 2018, $48.00 (Limited Edition)

The Holiday Brush distributes product evenly and seamlessly for a smooth, flawless finish. Use it to sweep highlighter onto the high points of the face, contour the cheekbones, or apply foundation for natural-looking coverage.

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Different strokes, as they say. I actually got a second Air. Figure out specifically what you do/do not like about certain brushes, esp his, and compare to the description. Don’t get snowed by the LE holiday business. You might be better suited by a Sonia G. that is perm. (Now this is coming from someone who considers WG her fantasy son!)

I am with you, kjh. I love the Airbrush and have purchased 4. I got one for myself and one for my daughter when first released and we both love it. After using for a couple of months I knew that when it re-released at Christmas I was going to get another so I did. I use it for highlighter, blush, bronzer and have found it to be very soft but lays down product beautifully. I am down for this one also!

I did not like the Airbrush one either. I thought I was the only one, since this brush gets so much love. It did nothing for me. Waste of money, for me anyway.

I am surprised to see so many dislikes but I agree with you and the others. Maybe it is because I have literally hundreds of Japanese brushes but it did nothing for me. This brush does look intriguing though.

Love the air brush, have 2. I use it primarily for spot powdering and I love the super soft light touch I can achieve with it. I’m down for this one too. Just one…

Intrigued…it looks very functional and soft. I’m aware that his brushes are typically made of goat hair, and I am allergic to goats (yes, I know just how bizarre it sounds, but I am). Now; for reference, mohair clothing gives me rashes, yet I CAN and do wear cashmere with very little issue at all. So, perhaps, since I wouldn’t be using it on or around my eyes? ?

Maybe do a bit of research on what exactly you are allergic to in goats. Like is it the dander, or maybe the oils on the hair etc. It sounds like that maybe in the process of creating cashmere, the allergen gets removed, while in mohair it doesn’t. If you compare the way these two fabrics are made, you might get some insight into why cashmere is okay for you. I’m thinking maybe it gets washed with different chemicals or something that end up removing the allergen. Maybe you could ask WG about the process he uses for his brushes, and see if he does a lot to the hair, or if tries to alter it as little as possible. I’m sure if you commented on his video he would try to answer any questions you have. Anyways, this is all just speculation, obviously. The best thing you could do, would be to speak to an allergy doctor/immunologist. Good luck with all this. Let us know how it all goes!

Excellent tip, Jackie Johnson! I think I will ask him about this in the comment section of the video, because I am curious as to his specific process, and whether this is the same or similar to the process used for cashmere. Of course, it would also be prudent for me to also ask my PC physician to [finally] refer me to a specialist. It is not my only allergy, just my weirdest, so I’m sure this wouldn’t be an issue.

Aren’t the Angora goat and the cashmere goat different species, anyway? I’m only allergic to some cats, not all. ‘Oriental’ breeds, like Siamese, and black ones with visible ‘scalp’ between the eyes and ears. ASH tabbies, Abys, Maine Coons Russian Blues, etc. don’t bother me at all. The whole allergy thing is a pita. Finding out what specifically you are allergic to, like JJ suggested, would be vey valuable. So would what the commonality between saccharine and sulfa drugs, because I’m sure there are other allied compounds out there, just dying to get ya!

They are indeed different breeds of goat, KJH! Makes sense then that I can wear one, but not the other. With sulfa allergies, it is a bit more defined, I believe? In my medical charts at all my docs, they have the sulfa allergy warning sticker firmly planted. What is very strange about it is that for years, whenever I would get bronchitis or milder pneumonia, they gave me a sulfa AB. Nothing wacky happened. But a sulfa/steroid eye ointment DID. Seems to be a much bigger issue when any sulfa comes in contact with my mucous membranes. Anywho, non of my docs will chance it. Can’t say that I blame them in our day and age.

Love the airbrush, have 2. So soft, perfect for setting my concealer, can also use for highlighter, setting powder, etc. I have a Suuqu cheek brush and the air brush is just as soft!

I’ll be buying this holiday brush. At first I thought it looked a lot like Sonia G’s Sculpt 2 brush but in Wayne’s video, it looks more narrow, more flexible, less dense, and with a sharper tip in comparison.

I’m also in the camp that loves the Air Brush, have 3, and have given the brushes as gifts. I use it primarily for blending face products, adjusting an over application of blush, and for powdering. I swear I can’t pick up a face brush now without doing a buffing motion.

So happy to find kindred souls who don’t like the Airbrush. I find it useless, but try to make myself use it because I paid for it. I basically just run it over my face at the end or try to buff out blush. It does nothing though.
As a WOC I actually have found most of my WG brushes do not work for me. While they are amazingly soft they are actually too soft to pick up enough pigment and apply to my richer skin tone. (And I’m no novice having worked in beauty for 5+ years.)

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