Wayne Goss Holiday 2015 Brush Photos & Review

Wayne Goss Holiday 2015 Brush
Wayne Goss Holiday 2015 Brush

Wayne Goss Holiday 2015 Brush ($115.00) is a new, limited edition brush for the holiday season. It is described as a finishing brush that can be used to “blend away harsh lines and set makeup without disturbing it.” According to Beautylish, it is made out of “blue squirrel hair and a synthetic weave.”

It’s like a very large, rectangular-shape paddle brush with rounded edges. It flares out slightly from the ferrule, and it is light-to-moderate in density. It isn’t a flimsy brush, but it isn’t dense either and there’s a lot of give so it almost seemed floppy at first (not in a bad way, after I used it). It is the largest brush I’ve come across from Wayne Goss’ line. The handle itself is also quite thick. The brush head was 51mm in width, 51mm in length, and 22mm in thickness. It had a total length of 6.75 inches or just over 17 centimeters.

The bristles are soft, and they’re well-placed in the ferrule so the hairs line-up and appear even at the edge of the brush head. I liked it best for setting or finishing, and it worked well to as a softer version of a buffing brush, as it could gently blend and merge all products together without losing their placement. (It will not magically blend out a blotchy blush, though, as it has too much spring and flex). I’ve only had mine for a week, so I can’t attest to longevity or prolonged use, but I have washed mine five times to at least ensure that there are no issues with shedding or smell, and I haven’t experienced either thus far.

See more photos & swatches!

Wayne Goss Holiday 2015 Brush
Wayne Goss Holiday 2015 Brush

Wayne Goss Holiday 2015 Brush
Wayne Goss Holiday 2015 Brush

Wayne Goss Holiday 2015 Brush
Wayne Goss Holiday 2015 Brush

Wayne Goss Holiday 2015 Brush
Wayne Goss Holiday 2015 Brush

Wayne Goss Holiday 2015 Brush
Wayne Goss Holiday 2015 Brush

Wayne Goss Holiday 2015 Brush
Wayne Goss Holiday 2015 Brush

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I noted the price then as I scrolled down I realized I was looking at pictures of ONE brush. For $115 I thought this was going to be a holiday set. This might be a very fine brush, but I don’t think Wayne Goss is enough of a heavy hitter to be charging Chanel and Tom Ford prices.

If I remember correctly, the previous holiday brush was $85. I know that blue squirrel hairs are also higher priced compared to other types of materials, so that might be why.

I consider Wayne Goss brushes to be quite in line with Tom Ford brushes. I was looking for a larger brush, expecting to buy TF’s cheek or bronzer brush and when I heard that this brush was only going to be $115, I decided to buy this new brush and the former holiday brush (Brush 00) to add to my collection.

Kim, the reason the price is so expensive, is who manufactures the brushes for Wayne, it’s Chikuhodo brushes, between Hakuhodo and Chikuhodo, these 2 are the Rolls Royce of brush companies. Actually, his brushes are very competitively priced for what you get. I have quite a lot of them, and do reach for them first.

Patricia … thank you for that information. I have always been curious about Japanese brushes. I don’t have any yet, but I’m sure I will at some point!

Thank you! πŸ™‚ That certainly seems similar, though the thickness says it is only 8mm, but I’m wondering if that is at the thinnest point (by the base) vs. it flaring out. Since you have it, does the brush flare out?

i have the hakuhodo one as well and i just checked measurments
the brush head is about 50-51 mm in length
about 60 mm in width
and around 25mm in thickness…
but mine is probably flared out quite a bit from usage

Is it the S102 brush? Though I don’t think that one is any bigger than this Wayne Goss one, so I, too, am interested in what brush you have!

Nope.. see above. But I also have S106 (lighter bristles) which I also love. I use both these monsters for powders and they are perfect. S100 more for setting powder and S106 for finishing powders. I like angled brushes for my face shape.

WOW, but that’s a lot of money for a makeup brush! I love Wayne Goss but, honestly, I can’t imagine that his brushes would be that much superior to brushes from Sephora’s professional line, which cost about 1/4 to 1/3 as much. I can’t imagine what it would cost to order this in Canada what with exchange, shipping, duty and taxes – I think you’d be looking at close to $200.

They’re definitely a lot softer/finer than the brushes I have from Sephora’s professional line (though I don’t think I have any in this shape, so it would be harder to compare), but like most things, it is not going necessarily two or three time as good!

I was curious about this one, but it’s going to be way too big for me. I have a petite face and it can get dry during the winter, so I prefer a small brush put powder only on T zone

Katherine, I only powder my T zone all year. I like Wayne Goss’s #2. I actually have 2 now. They ‘re amazing and only $35. Tapered, so it works for small areas like under eyes& by the nose too. But, you can roll the body in powder, tap it, then roll it on your face like you would a puff. Essential brush for me.:)

Thanks for the tip, Nicole!! That sounds like exactly what I need –a small, well-made brush that’s reasonably priced and works. Thanks, I’m going to check it out! BTW, I ‘m going to return the Cle de Peau Stardust quad πŸ™ It’s stunning in the pan, but doesn’t translate on my eye. The 2 lighter shades are sheer and too close to my skintone (light/light medium), so doesn’t show up well at all. The medium olive shade is stunning in pan, but very sheer and dull on the lids, very hard to get any pigment. The dark olive shade is the only decent one, a little dry but good pigment. And it all blends into this muted murky green, with very little shimmer. I’ve tried it with different primers, cream bases, brushes, applicators, fingers, etc. If I use a LM Caviar Stick as a base, I can get a decent satin shimmer, but that’s due to the Stick, not to the shadows. I got it and the compact for almost 50% off, but it’s still not worth it. And forget about paying $80 full price — I can get a Viseart palette for that. Temptalia did give the kit an A-, so it might work for you or others, but not for me. Maybe it doesn’t like my primer or base, but I have to wear one for my oily lids. I have the Chanel Tisse D’ Automnes quad, and the color scheme is very similar, and pigment / performance is much better. Hope this helps

Yeah, I don’t blame you a bit for returning that. I may check it out eventually. Cle De peau is one of those brands that I don’t have access to near me. So, I rely on reviews and opinions of others. Seems pretty pricey at regular price and all the new stuff keeps coming out. So, it just slips my mind. Probably best for my wallet’s sake!

Hi Christine, thank you for the review! Do you think this brush would work well with the Hourglass ambient lighting powders and/or the Guerlain Meteorites (compact & pearls)?

It’s too large for the Pearls, and it may be too soft for pressed Meteorites (may not pick up enough product). It should work with the Ambient Powders.

Haven’t tried it yet with my meteorites or Ambient Lighting powder… used it with my CoverFX illuminating powder and it was perfect. I imagine it would work well with the Laura Mercier transparent setting power as well.

I don’t I paid that much when my brother bought my brush the same as this, and it’s on kokutan version. Looking on what Goss has been releasing I have a feeling he’s getting his product manufactured by hakuhodo.

Ooh, this looks nifty!! It’s definitely out of my price range, but I might see if I can find a dupe in the Hakuhodo line or something πŸ˜‰ It’s awesome to see a blogger/vlogger’s line doing this well, though!

Ruthiern mentioned that it is similar to Hakuhodo’s Kokutan Finishing Brush L (H2278), and based on the description (blue squirrel + synthetic blend as well as sheer coverage), visual shape, and dimensions, it certainly seems similar (it is $120, though). Hakuhodo’s S102 looks similar in shape but a little smaller overall, though the description says it is very dense, so I think it may perform and feel differently — it’s also $148 and entirely made out of blue squirrel hair; it didn’t seem like there were any variations on the 102 (usually you can get it for less with a different handle).

I forgot to mention. I realized now. I bought it directly from a hakuhodo store in Japan that’s why it was cheaper. But if you buy it from online or from the showroom they add about $10-20 more. But coming from the kokutan collection, $120 is still a better deal than the Goss version.

I love to have a brush just for finishing. It makes me feel fancy ( even though I’m not) lol. My brush of choice is the Hakuhodo Kokutan Lag goat &syn. (H2229),$98. I found out about this brush from Sonia on Sweet Makeup Temptations a few years ago. You would never know its goat. The synthetic mix prevents it from being overly floppy. But,it’s super soft. I personally think this WG brush is over priced. I paid $88 for his Holiday brush and was pretty disappointed in it. I do like his eye brushes though and a few others. I wish they were available in stores. Then we could see what we were buying.

Nice! πŸ™‚ Glad you have something that will cover you in this type. I think it is softer than the last holiday brush, but I think you’re good with the H2279!

That’s good to know! On my perpetual wish list is another Hakuhodo finishing brush for washing purposes. I’d probaly spring a little extra and try the squirrel though unless Wayne offers a discount or something. I like the shape of the Hakuhodo. But, then again, it’s the only finishing brush I have ever owned. But $115 is a messy mistake to make on a brush.

This brush is absolutely amazing… luxurious feeling and most importantly – effective. I love it for FAST powder application, as well as blending together once blush/contour/highlight (maybe bronzer too) has been applied. Higher price tag but well worth it!

I was at first quite excited for the blue squirrel hair used for this brush. It is next to the best, but good enough for this brush. But when the product page was up, I realized that it also has synthetic hair in it. Judging from your pictures, if they were taken after you had washed the brush five times, the percentage of synthetic hair is likely to be very high. The brush holds its shape and shine too well after such regular wash. I would have gotten it if they had used capra or maybe pony in the place of synthetic hair. Such a pity…

I take photos before I wash them! I believe they used some synthetic in order to give it good shape without being really floppy – Hakuhodo’s variation that other readers have mentioned is the same, so it sure seemed like a functional choice.

I’ve been trying to decide if I should invest in this brush. Your review helps tremendously but I’m still on the fence as I don’t know if I need it or just want it.

Thanks for the review. I snatched this up as soon as I saw the announcement. After using 2 of his brushes for some time, I decided to invest in upgrading my brushes and bought the Anniversary set. I was gobsmacked at how beautiful I looked after applying makeup using WG brushes. A complete wow factor for me.

Christine, I’m curious what finishing/setting products you feel would work well for this brush. I am going to test it out with bronzer as well. I also wonder how you washed it. I didn’t receive that info with my shipment today and this is the only blue squirrel/synthetic brush that I own.

I used it with loose and pressed setting powders – Guerlain Violettes, Urban Decay Naked, and NARS Translucent! I wash my brushes with Dr. Bronner’s regardless of whether they’re synthetic or natural. I also wash whenever I feel they’re dirty (for a brush like this, once or twice a week)- my mindset is, “I’m going to take care of my brushes, but I’m not going to baby them.” I’m OK with possibly having to replace a few in 10-20-30 years.

Thanks for the setting powders and brush cleaner recommendations. I’ve been using Bobbi Brown’s brush spray and shampoo and interested to give Dr. Bronner’s a look, too. Thanks for the confirming that the brush works with pressed and loose powders as I’m in the market for finishing powders. I really like how this brush melds complexion products together.

Thanks again for your thoughtful suggestions, Christine!

I need to sit on my hands and not order it until it’s sold out. I have the Chikuhodo x Beautylish powder brush has the same function for me, and it’s lovely, and that’s good enough. (that right, right???) Then I’ll see it’s sold out and I’ll be so sad I missed out on it and I’ll come up with 100 reasons why it’s like nothing else and I need it so badly and what an idiot I was to not order it when I had the chance.

I got mine in the mail yesterday and tested it out today. It is so unbelievably soft; I have a lot of Japanese brushes and brushes from a bunch of bands here (Sephora, Mac, Laura, etc.), and this one is really nice. I was taken aback by how large it was when I saw it, but it seems easy enough to use. I like that I can apply bronzer to my temples and have it look very diffused and natural; no harsh lines here! I also didn’t think it was too floppy to do a light contour under my cheekbones. I am used to applying my finishing powder in more of a tapping and sweeping motion versus buffing it on my face, so this does the job well; i just wish it was a tiny bit smaller to fit into crevices of the face.

$115. Ouch! Think I’ll just wait until my husband’s next business trip to Tokyo and give him a Hakuhodo shopping list. As long as the exchange rate holds I might be able to get more brushes for my money.

A couple of months ago I would have said $115 is ridiculous for a makeup brush. But after being gifted a few of Wayne’s brushes, OMG… the softness and the quality is simply incredible, I feel like my makeup game has changed entirely. Don’t think I can ever go back to Sigma etc!

I just received my Wayne Goss Holiday brush yesterday. It indeed has very soft bristles and is a high quality brush. I also have Hakuhodo S102 powder brush which is very very similar in the shape and size with this holiday brush. I haven’t used the Wayne Goss brush yet, so can’t compare how it feels on my face.

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