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My no make up streak lasted six years, until three years ago when I discovered You Tube makeup videos. Now I’m back with a vengeance, to the point of attending IMATS (International Make Up Artist Trade Show) the last two years and taking a makeup course this fall. I’ve also spent a small fortune building up my make up collection from scratch in that time period, but I’ve considerably slowed down lately to focus more on improving my make up application skills.

yeah, whenever i get in my depressed period lol.. i think about makeup to make me happy during those times but never actually use it.. then i snap out of it..:d

After my daughter was born it took everything I had to hold myself together enough to take care of her and my family. 9 years later I looked in the mirror and didn’t recognize myself. My makeup drawers were all EMPTY and I had gotten rid of all my brushes. It was a sobering moment. Restocking was fun and enjoyable, especially since I have much more expendable income then when I was younger. Makeup brings me pleasure and while frivilous to some, it has been very important to me. Now it’s something my daughter and I play with together.

I felt the same when my son was born, I just didn t have enough energy to take care of him and me…it didn t take me as much time as you did, but after 3 years I realized I didn t have a single lipstick…but everything is okay now!!

Oh never. I may not wear it everyday especially on the days that I dont work, but I must wear makeup to be presentable and polished. Otherwise, I just dont look professional.

Haha! I’m going through this right now. I feel like I own everything already. But I go through this every now and then and I’m sure this time it will fade once the new Tom Ford makeup hits Bergdorf…lol.

Yes. The moment I realized that girls with the pretty face and fine skin don’t have to put a heavy make-up like me. They just look fine with their bare face. And if you put a make-up on pretty face, it looks better than putting make-up on normal face. The face matters always.

I feel like I go through makeup phases like winged liner, bold lips lots of highlighting. I feel like sometimes collections can bore me with similar color schemes or lots of repromotes. Its seems like the more I buy the more I want to see something I dont own in my collection.

I’ve hit the bored of MAC mode and paying for LE items. lol Last year I would not have been able put myself on a no-buy for stuff I like but don’t NEED. This years it’s not so bad.

I’m also in “find a new foundation mode” which is a trek for me with Fair Olive NC10ish skin tone. IMATS Toronto is coming soon and all my saving is going towards that. ^__^

I’m thinking of going to IMATS toronto this year and i’m wondering if its really worth it considering it’s not like the ones LA or New York, what’s your opinion?

Yes! I’ve been on a make up ban this whole year, except that I have no urges to buy make up.
At the beginning of the year, I had a melt down when I rounded up all my makeup and realised how much I spent and how unused most of it was. It’s been extremely liberating to only use and not buy, but I have found myself eyeing new makeup products lately. Maybe next year I’ll come back into buying but right now I’m just happy using up as much as I can. It’s fun to shop what you already have!
The only thing I bought was mascara since you’re supposed to replace it frequently.

My obssesions always take turns haha, I get a bit tired of collecting make up but then I get focused on nail polish; then, painting nails becomes boring, so I turn to lotions and trying out new creams… My wallet is never on standby, thats for sure! (saddly!)

Im the same way with almost everything. I alternate between clothing addiction, Shoe addiction, accessories addiction and makeup addiction.

No, never, or at least not yet. I discovered makeup relatively late, when I was 17 and it gradually became a passion to the point of trying to make a career out of it. I’m still trying actually! Even when I think I’ve seen it all, I ‘ll accidentlly run into a magazine or a video online and feel inspired again. In my case, it’s other people who are tired of my makeup mania like family, friends and there was an ex-boyfriend who called me “airhead”. For the record, I fired him 😉

I’m kind of at that stage since this summer, I haven’t bought much makeup, mostly tools, and I went mostly neutral this summer as well. I’m more excited now seeing all the Halloween tutorials and crazy lashes at the stores!

It hasn’t even been a year since I’ve gotten into makeup, but the thought of wearing it just bores me now. Even so, I still come back to Temptalia, because it’s a great source of information for me. I’m addicted to knowing about products and how well they perform, but not addicted to wearing it. xD

I think I’m at that point now in terms of making new purchases. It took me overall a period of 3 years to learn how to apply makeup, making wiser decisions in buying, and learning how to experiment with colors. I’m content with what I have now . I can’t say I get tired or bored with putting makeup on because I have all the colors under the sun to keep that from happening but I do love those days where I walk around barefaced.

in the past i woulod obsess about makeup, always go into mac and i would have to buy something, even if i didnt need it, now ive sort of matured, i only buy what i need, if the new paint pots were released a year ago, i wud buy them all no hesitation, but now i really am not interested if i dont get any of them.

I have been bored, maybe for the past year or so. It makes me sad b/c makeup use to be so fun and new. I have picked up new hobbies so I suppose those are taking it’s place. But I still like to read the make up blogs hoping I get pulled back in 🙂

I stopped wearing makeup in college, about seven years ago, due to a combination of laziness and frustration with my sensitive eyes reacting badly to every drugstore product out there.

I started wearing it again…about six weeks ago, haha, after seeing a blog post on the Tarte for True Blood collection and deciding it wouldn’t hurt to pop into Ulta while I was out and just look at it, and falling in love with the lip tint. Now I’m an addict.

I recently went through some changes in my life, and it was hard for me to feel enthusiastic about makeup with so much going on. I’m really trying to get back into makeup like I was, but with MAC releasing so many collections at the same time I’m definitely getting the “another pink lipgloss?” feeling!

Yeah, after today when I got my MAC Fall 2011 collection in the mail, I’m forcing myself to get tired of makeup. I shouldn’t be spending money on right now, especially since I’m looking for a job.

Whenever I read the news about issues going on in the world, or I’m at school, talking about real things, I sometimes am ashamed that I put so much emphasis and importance on makeup. But then I realize that everyone needs an escape from the real world, and mine is makeup, reading blogs, watching videos. For that 30 minutes I spend in the morning doing my makeup, I forget about my problems and the crap going on in the world, and it’s peaceful.

Yes it’s so relaxing in the morning and it helps waken me up and it’s nice when people keep asking me to do there makeup before school and tell me it looks good 😀

I tried to explain this to my boyfriend. The time I spend getting dolled up to go out or putting on some light stuff for school/work – it’s me time. I mean he has Xbox… I have my train case 🙂

Oh yes! almost every day LOL… unfortunatelly I am so pale, in the mornings I have to put some colour on my face cuz I don´t want to look like I won’t make it to noon
So I may as well enjoy wearing makeup!!

Lately, I’ve been more addicted just to knowing about new collections/products than actually buying/using them. I like being a recommender to my friends, but I’ve come to realize I don’t need to buy or try everything. For the past year or so, I’ve just been sticking to my tried-and-true products and using those everyday rather than constantly trying to find the next biggest/best thing.

I have recently discovered that I rely on makeup to make me feel more secure. Yes, of course, it’s necessary to look polished and professional at work, but I wish that I could go out of the house without foundation on, just once. I would be so happy to be able to skip one more step in my routine in the morning, but so far I haven’t been able to do it.

I recently starting wearing makeup this year and really enjoy it. I do put limits on myself because having 50 lipsticks makes no sense to me. But some people answered that they are not into makup anymore, what you doing a on beauty blog site?

I have hit the makeup wall head first. Fall is a strange time for me in Texas, it swings from hot to cooler to rainy to summer temps in a blink of an eye, and throw in throw in stuff in the air.. I am just a hot mess (and not in the fun way)

I always look forward to the new launches, but lately it just seems like a whole lot of ‘been there done that’ looks and nothing is really exciting me.

It also could be a ‘situational’ thing, a lot is going on and frankly I can’t remember the last time I did a full on face. Hopefully when my allergies calm down, as well as life calms down, I will jump right back into playing with makeup, but for now, my beauty passion has run buck wild with nail polishes. As long as my nails are at least shaped and I have pretty toes.. life is okay.

So for now, I will pull the dark sunglasses and lipgloss look and ride it out. Or scare people and frighten children 😉

Sometimes it gets that way and I feel like I’m in a makeup rut. I get tired of doing the same neutral smoky eye because I don’t really know what else to do.

Not to where I don’t use it..I’d say more so to the point where I just feel like “I have enough…” and I just don’t buy anymore for a while.. I’m kind of there now. I still wear it, but I feel like…I really don’t have any desire to buy more at the moment..

Every now and again, but it’s very short. I really enjoy makeup; it brings out my creativity every day and is a relaxing and fun part of my morning

I go in and out of it. Like some weeks I feel like I have to do the works with my eyeshadow (Primer, base color, crease color, highlighter. major blending etc) and other times Ill just put on Mascara and call it a day. Sometimes I put on foundation for weeks in a row and other times I wont. Samw with blush, lipstick and glosses. So I guess u can say I go thru my phases when im just completely unmotivated. And as far as shopping or browsing for makeup items i also go thru phases. Sometimes I just feel like I have everything u can possibly think of and other times I fall for all the great collections all the diffrent brands come out with.

Absolutely. When I was pregnant, both times. Not sure why, but I tended to just go without, or do minimalist stuff then. Also, during the two year period where I worked at Starbucks. Wouldn’t bother wearing makeup to work. You just get sweaty, hot and sticky, and by the end of the day, you’re covered in steamed/curdled milk, caramel and mocha syrup (and probably a few others), frappuccino mix (which is so disgusting I can’t stand the things to this day), whipped cream and coffee grounds… A shower was always necessary after shifts, so makeup might come later, but usually felt like I had a film of grime from the store on me for the rest of the day and didn’t bother. UGH.

Yes! I used to be up to date on all collections and would constantly blog etc. Then all of a sudden I was like what am I doing? Why am I spending so much money on makeup when I could be buying more important things? Why am I spending all this time doing my makeup? Who cares? I stopped for like 6 months but recently fell back in love with makeup.

Yea, right now. All I even feel like doing is (besides foundation) wearing mascara and lipstick and blush. It doesn’t stop me from buying makeup, though! 😉

I didn’t get bored or tired of makeup- my skin decided to explode with adult-onset acne and I simply couldn’t wear it anymore. I got into nail polish instead but I still have my stash of makeup safely tucked away. I’m pretty much just waiting for the day my skin clears up so my eyeshadow no longer clashes against my cystic acne and scars. I still buy LE items and such, and I still wear eyeliner and fill in my brows but my skin’s too uncooperative for much else. I wish I could put my lovely blushes to use, though. Maybe soon…

It was really rough for me right around my 18th birthday, I had everybody in my life telling me I was too old for everything I loved so I kinda hit a major rut. I remember not touching my make up or favorite clothes for months, until finally I was so miserable I had to just do my make up, put on my favorite outfit, and do what makes me feel good about myself.

Recently, it’s been more of “they discontinued my favorite product and I don’t feel like hunting down something that could replace it.” I get bored using the same product everyday, but it is so frustrating finding new products that both fit my taste and look good on me.

well I’ve only really gotten into makeup a year ago, so no, not yet. But I’m sure there will come a time like that!

Hmm, before learning about this site (and some other places), I wasn’t that much into makeup. I did have a small collection, but I was often lazy and uninspired to get made up for work every morning.

But now that’s changed. Been learning more about brands and diff types of makeup, thanks to Temptalia for the most part!! ^^

I only get bored when I am forced to wear it. My old job told me I didn’t wear enough blush or eyeshadow or lipstick (I’m young and still want to look youthful!!) so I resented putting it on everyday. Now I’m back to loving it and dying to purchase new items!!

No, but sometimes I’ll look at my collection and feel guilt on all the money spent on it, I don’t think any woman needs more than a dozen eyeshadows or blush or lip stuff IMO.

…”ever had a time when you became bored/tired of makeup”…. I know what these words mean, but I’ve never heard them used together before.

When I was first allowed to put makeup on, I stopped becuase it took to much time for me in the morning, it didn’t last to long maybe a three years, but other than that I have mostly loved makeup.

I only recently got into makeup creatively, and I enjoy doing it, but I’ve never been excessively passionate about it to the extent that I burn myself out. Generally, I tend to have a month or so in the year where I sift through my collection, toss/give away the unused or expired stuff, then build up intensively for a bit. The rest of year is relegated to the occasional impulse buy. I feel it kind of creates a happy medium for me – I don’t get overwhelmed by the consumerist aspect, and I limit my supplies enough to enforce some manner of resourcefulness and creativity into what I do with it.

If I every find myself getting bored or tired with makeup, that’s when I decide to go out and buy something new! New eyeliners, blush, or mascara always seems to do the trick and make playing with new looks a lot more fun and exciting!

I got bored of makeup for about 6-7 years. Before that I used to be really into reading makeup info online and following new release, etc.
Then I started travelling, move to another country, met my husband etc. So many things went on, I was too busy to be making up.
Also the fact that I didn’t think I need that, plus I couldn’t put eyeshadow since I am an Asian woman with monolid, etc (of course now I know it’s wrong as I have since learnt how to do it properly from watching YouTube…until few months ago…
My husband was away so I went out with some friends. I figured there is no harm to put some makeup on for fun, it’s been ages anyway, then I realise my good old Bourjois eyeliner is running out. So I wandered in Mac for the first time in my life. I was always a Bourjois girl in my 20s as I lived in Paris and all. I thought ‘well, I am in my 30s now maybe I need something higher-end’. I got some stuff from Mac then I went online to look at makeup stuff. Oh my goodness, the makeup world has changed so much since my 20s! Back then there was no blog no review nothing. Then I discovered temptalia and some other wonderful European websites, the rest is history.
I have been putting on makeup every day since.
Two good ‘side effects’, however…
1. My husband is really happy with the new me. He really enjoys seeing me in different colour everyday. He would go ‘oh it’s a green look today! It’s nice!’
2. All those years I didn’t make up, I was always tired. I thought it was because I was so busy. But no! Maybe it does something with colour therapy or whatnot, but I do feel much more energy now I have this ‘ritual’ of putting makeup on and all.

I love makeup, and I’ve enjoyed reading the responses to this question, however, there’s an underlying theme of shame. As females we tend to care for others yet carry such guilt for being a little self indulgent. Makeup makes me happy. I am chronically ill, so having a made-up face looking back at me in the mirror helps me to deal with the daily pain and debilitation of my illness. I’ve never tired of makeup but there were/are times when I was/am too ill to even apply it.

I love makeup and I make no apologies for buying or wearing it.

Nope, can’t think of a time. But there are periods when I just don’t feel like painting my nails or wearing eyeshadow but I think that’s just out of laziness more than boredom.

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