Viseart Grande Pro 2 Palette Available for Pre-Order 9/14 at 8AM PST

Viseart Grande Pro 2 Palette
Viseart Grande Pro 2 Palette

Release Date + Collection Info

Introducing the ultimate makeup collector’s obsession – the VISEART GRANDE PRO – VOLUME 2. This latest edition, curated by Alphonse Wiebelt and VISEART, embodies 30 shimmering textured shades ideal for accenting, highlight- ing, and creating striking, reflective beauty. The GRANDE PRO – VOLUME 2 features six new VISEART formulas developed over two years featuring new pigment technology and prismat- ic glitters. From Crystalline Highlights, Prismatic Metallics, and Chromatic Foils, to Luxe Metallics, Celestial Duo-Chromes, and Glittering Toppers, this palette has been thoughtfully developed and systematically designed to work effortlessly for a global audience. All within reach – from the individually magnetized pans, folding easel palette with full sized mirror to the luxe palette covering – the GRANDE PRO – VOLUME 2 delivers full impact with endless creativity.

Pre-order 9/14 at 8AM PST, ships 10/1

Products Available

Grande Pro 2 Eyeshadow Palette, $175.00 (Limited Edition)

  • COLUMN 1 The Crystalline Highlighter is a sheer satin formula designed with a multi-layered crystal fleck ideal for
    highlighting eyes or cheeks.
  • COLUMN 2 The Prismatic Metallics are a medium to full coverage reflective formula layered with a larger prismatic fleck.
  • COLUMN 3 The Chromatic Foils are a full coverage formula created with a highly reflective, polished finish.
  • COLUMN 4 The Luxe Metallic formulas are medium to full coverage with a rich jeweled-tone pigment payoff.
  • COLUMN 5 The Celestial Duo-Chromes are a sheer to medium satin formula designed with a dual-colored prism creating a transcendent movement of color.
  • COLUMN 6 The Glittering Toppers are a sheer to buildable matte formula with a large glitter complex ideal for layering on the center of the lid, inner corner of the eye, or lips. This formula is recommended for use with a shadow transformer or sealer to set the reflective particles and maximize textured reflectivity.

Viseart Grande Pro 2 Palette
Viseart Grande Pro 2 Palette

Viseart Grande Pro 2 Palette
Viseart Grande Pro 2 Palette

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I’m not even a huge fan of mattes but even I had that same reaction and in a palette this large, I’d hope for 3 or 4 versatile mattes. I shudder to think of the price of this in Canada and, to be honest, it’s really just not for me at all – too big, too glittery, too lacking in the practical shades I rely on, so even if I could just drop $200+ for this, it would likely sit unused!

I saw a YouTube video sometime ago with the Muse artist, explaining that these large palettes are meant for pro artists. They keep the mattes and shimmers/glitters separate on purpose to avoid glitter particles getting into the mattes. This prevents the stray glitter from showing up in the wrong place during photo or film shoots. And then it made sense to me! Also why the smaller palettes have a mix of both–those are marketed for individual users who (presumably) don’t care about glitter getting into their mattes.

I dunno…this doesn’t appeal to me at all 🤨 and is it just me or does there seem to be quite a few shades with that aggravating micro glitter…I’ve never thought those were Viseart’s best formula.

Wow, this took my breath away when I started seeing promo pics yesterday. This is a perfect palette for someone like me who has Asian eyes and typically wears eyeshadow for (fairly thick) eyeliner and a sheer wash of glittery color all over the lid (like ColourPop’s Catnap). I favor shimmers all-around since I don’t get the fun of wearing a full multi-colored blended lid, and I never use mattes as eyeliners or lid colors. I’m in my late 30s, but my skin tolerates shimmers well and I use Pixie Epoxy so I don’t get much fallout, and what I do get is fine by me. This is more shades and finishes than I need, but it’s gorgeous and vastly reduces my desire to get other palettes, like UD Elements and Coloured Raine’s Cheers to the Beauty. Throw in deferring a purchase of (or not buying at all) Pat’s Mothership V, and I don’t feel too bad about the price tag. I own Pat’s Decadence and Natasha’s Lila, but this would be the most expensive single product I’ve ever bought.

In a weird way, though, spending this much on one huge palette may be better for my consumerism throughout the holiday season. (Maybe?…) I feel like after spending this much now, I would be more mindful of indulging a bunch of smaller purchases that I don’t need but think are priced decently. Those smaller purchases would easily add up to $175.

I love Cinema Secret’s Chroma palette and have always wished they (or someone else) would make a similar palette but with rich jewel tones. So this Viseart palette is fulfilling that wish on steroids!

I really just wanted to say that I really like your comment and it makes complete sense when saying it how you did…would I be less inclined to invest in smaller pallettes that add up to the same, if not more, than this one?
I personally feel that I would need step-by-step tutorials to even make buying this a responsible investment. It’s intimidating!

I have Grand Pro 1 and I know that Viseart is coming out with empty eyeshadow palettes in Nov. I was thinking of taking shades from each and making gifts for other people- kind of keeping half of each palette and sharing half. That might just be me justifying.

I wish I could say it would stop me from getting anything else. 😒

I have the same feeling as you… Plus the fact Pat’s Mothership V is going to cost me over 150 euros… Grande pro 2 being at 170 euros sounds a lot more reasonable suddenly ! Haha.

I have Grande Pro I so I was ambivalent about this until seeing the swatches. Now I know I don’t want it. Too many shades look similar– both greens and reds. Feel like the Stila liquid shadows cover the iridescent pinks and blues and I don’t wear them that much. Although it’s pretty, I can’t see myself getting good use. Already have Bijoux. Certainly better than the ND Holiday which is all gold.

It’s very pretty, but some of the shadows look like they’d appear extremely similar in practical use. For $175, I’d expect that every shade included would be unique. Maybe there’s more variation when seen in person, though?

Reminds me of the Urban Decay heavy metals metallic palette from Holiday last year. This seems to be an attempt to do what Natasha Denona does with her larger palettes. With Viseart I was hoping for some stellar mattes + sophisticated shimmers (not glitters). Oh well!

Oof, I feel like I can see the giant glitter chunks from here. I recently picked up their Theory palette in Absinthe and I was totally turned off by some of the shimmer shades that were downright glitterbombs. This is an easy pass for me.

It’s a very visually appealing palette. Seems like she wants to compete with the Natasha Denona mega palettes with this price and size. For me, I am not a fan of the Viseart glitter shades, so this doesn’t appeal to me.

That palette is a whole lot of NO for me. Hate glitter and I need a good balance of matte and shimmer. If a palette can’t function on its own, then no.

Having purchased the Fenty Galaxy Palette last year, and UD Moondust Palette a few years ago, I’m all stocked up on glittery eyeshadows for now. Probably for the rest of my life, actually, lol. Metallics, too. Add to this equation that this palette is $175 smackaroos, and I’m OUT.

I can’t even handle how much I want this!! ❤

Viseart’s Boheme Dream is one of my favorite palettes of all time, but I probably don’t need all those shimmery rusty reds. And a few other colors seem like they look dark from that swatch…who am I kidding, I’m just trying to justify why I don’t need this, and failing! It’s so pretty.

No mattes don’t bother me, I have enough mattes in my collection. That being said, my go-to makeup style is usually all shimmers; my eyelids are crazy oily and shimmers just tend to work better for me.

Obviously they are marketing this to makeup artists and makeup obsessives. What I don’t understand about viseart at this point is why update all your packaging and make the pans removable and refillable but not sell individual shades? Maybe they will one day but it’s been bugging me since they updated their packaging and it’s been a while now.

They are working towards this, requires lots of investment (both in term of logistics and money) to offer singles apparently. I’d love them to have singles one day!

Same!! I have the a couple of their original palettes and there are a couple of shades from other palettes I’d like to buy. I don’t want to keep a big palette if I only want 2 shades from it. Same with this one, there are 2-3 colours I’d like but that’s it.

I hope it performs much better than what it looks like to me (a cheapish kind of glittery product that would appeal to a different age group than me).
It isn’t an all in one palette either, you would have to use shades from other palettes to make this work and I am not sure that this would be practical.


And created by Anastasia Viseart for pro artists so they could readily create editorial looks. Many of the shades are meant to be used with a pro mixing medium. It is also meant to be paired with their Grande palette volume 1 (all mattes).

As to the price… Viseart shadows are hand-poured in France, not mass produced in the PRC.

Just saying…

I will most certainly get this palette… I was happy to see this palette wasn’t only about neutrals. There are shades for soft and dramatic looks (in terms of shimmer and colours). I am in love!

I have Grande pro vol.1 and love it! It remains on display on my vanity and is used weekly. I will love mixing the vol.1 and the vol.2 when I will be travelling.
Having hooded eyes I am already used to the use of a glitter glue for my shimmers. I wonder if it would emulate the effect of the mixing medium?

I will try not to jump on this release and wait for reviews to come out though. It is too much of an investment to be reckless haha! I also totally understand that many are complaining about an all mattes palette but I personally love selecting shades and making my own palettes, duping other tempting releases with my Viseart eyeshadows :D. It is so fun and creative. I guess that is why I always like the concept being their pro line 🙂

Hmmmm, I’ve never really felt the hype of Viseart but at first sight, I thought this could change my mind. However after reading everyone’s comments and learned something about the brand (thanks, Mo!). Having just bought the Mothership V palette and a nice free shipping ($40) Fyrinnae order, also just got my BoxyCharm AND my first mortgage payment in several years, I have to start living within my means which I can’t complain about but I don’t have unlimited expendible income so I will be joining the low buy ladies on this forum. This one will have to be a hard pass. It’s also dupe city for me. I have a couple of their mini palettes for $30. I’m committed to buying the new green palette from Huda Beauty (finally a light green matte!). I always have my Z palette handy because many of my favorites (Pat McGrath, I’m talking to you, lol) don’t have light enough mattes for my browbone. I am looking forward to a review if Christine decides to do one.

Oh GAWD I want it SO BAD!! But like I’ve heard others say, for that price it better put my makeup on for me and make me dinner! I mean DAMN. I’ve only spent so much on a palette ONCE. I bought the Natasha Denona Lila palette, but I don’t know… I could get a new Fit Bit for that price!!

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