Viseart Eyeshadow Singles Launching May 6th

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Viseart Eyeshadow Singles Launching May 6th
Viseart Eyeshadow Singles Launching May 6th
Viseart Eyeshadow Singles Launching May 6th
Viseart Eyeshadow Singles Launching May 6th
Viseart Eyeshadow Singles Launching May 6th
Viseart Eyeshadow Singles Launching May 6th
Viseart Eyeshadow Singles Launching May 6th
Viseart Eyeshadow Singles Launching May 6th
Viseart Eyeshadow Singles Launching May 6th
Viseart Eyeshadow Singles Launching May 6th
Viseart Eyeshadow Singles Launching May 6th
Viseart Eyeshadow Singles Launching May 6th

Release Date + Collection Info

VISEART introduces 50 individual refill shades available in an array of textures from the iconic mattes and metallics, to the believed crystalline highlighters, chromatic foils & duo-chromes. Curated from the VISEART Professional Series of Grande Pro and SlimPro and Theory Palettes, each shade was chosen from the shades mot requested offering a wide range in undertones and finish for all skin tones and genre of artistry. Each shade fits easily into the VISEART Slimpro magnetic case for a personalized palette.

May 6th, 8AM PST

Products Available

Single Eyeshadow, $12.00 (Permanent)

Empty Slimpro magnetic cases will be available for $15.

Editor’s note: Viseart has given actual names to the eyeshadows that will be available individually, so I have updated the names in Temptalia’s database to reflect that. You will find the previous “name” in parentheses.

  • Buillion (Grande Pro (Vol. 2) #12)
  • Alien (Grande Pro (Vol. 2) #13)
  • Mercury (Grande Pro (Vol. 2) #14)
  • Calypso (Grande Pro (Vol. 2) #15)
  • Stardust (Grande Pro (Vol. 2) #1)
  • Starlight (Grande Pro (Vol. 2) #2)
  • Sunlight (Grande Pro (Vol. 2) #23)
  • Moon (Grande Pro (Vol. 2) #4)
  • Space Dust (Grande Pro (Vol. 2) #24)
  • Interstellar (Grande Pro (Vol. 2) #25)
  • Earth (Grande Pro (Vol. 2) #17)
  • Zeus (Grande Pro (Vol. 2) #20)
  • Eclipse (Grande Pro (Vol. 2) #7)
  • Poseidon (Grande Pro (Vol. 2) #9)
  • Bougainvillea (Grande Pro (Vol. 1) #20)
  • Cotton Candy (Grande Pro (Vol. 1) #18)
  • Blanc White (Bright Editorial #1)
  • Cobalt Blue (Grande Pro (Vol. 1) #24)
  • Sand (Cool Mattes 2 #2)
  • Shoreline (Cool Mattes 2 #5)
  • Sky (Cool Mattes 2 #7)
  • Ghiradelli (Cool Mattes 2 #9)
  • Lime (Bright Editorial #2)
  • Clover (Bright Editorial #3)
  • Pink (Bright Editorial #5)
  • Periwinkle (Bright Editorial #8)
  • Raspberry (Bright Editorial #10)
  • Azure (Bright Editorial #12)
  • Peche (Sable)
  • Ivoire
  • Chocolate
  • Carbon
  • Beurre (Warm Mattes #1)
  • Croissant (Warm Mattes #2)
  • Saffron (Warm Mattes #4)
  • Brioche (Warm Mattes #5)
  • Cantaloupe (Warm Mattes #6)
  • Nutmeg (Warm Mattes #10)
  • Mocha (Warm Mattes #11)
  • Brick (Warm Mattes #12)
  • Champs-Elysees
  • Alexandre Trois
  • Fiery (Minx #5)
  • Platinum (Cashmere #6)
  • Sterling (Amethyst #5)
  • Mulberry (Amethyst #3)
  • Pink Quartz (Amethyst #4)
  • Forest (Absinthe #5)
  • Terracotta (Siren #5)

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$12 is so much more reasonable than I would have guessed for Viseart singles. That’s fantastic and I can’t wait to see swatches.

This is actually pretty much what I was expecting from them. The shadows in their 12 pan palettes work out to be about $6.60 per shadow. Granted other brands sell similar palettes for roughly half the price, but they contain about half the product so I expected their singles to be in line with what ABH or MUFE would charge.

12 bucks! I looove this. Thanks to my darling husband I have all I’d currently want as they’re in the Grande Pro 2, but this is a great launch!

Ooh! I don’t own Viseart and this is enticing. I would love to try a couple shadows from them and this is a great way to do so without breaking the bank. I’ve almost ran out of two of my CP singles so maybe I’ll replace with two of these if they are small enough to fit in the empty spaces.

I look forward to seeing your reviews on these! There are some gorgeous colors there, but I’ve become so spoiled by the Colourpop prices and quality, these would have to be 2X as good!

Boy oh boy! For the first time in a long time feeling sad about being on a long term no buy for eyeshadows.

I’m really excited to see this! The Grande I and II shades are so great for people who own the huge palettes and use up the offered shades. They can get another one by paying for just a single shade instead of having to buy the whole palette again or maneuver some kind of trade with someone else who owns the palette. The 12-pan palettes are less expensive, but it’s still great for people to be able to replace a used-up single shade instead of rebuy the whole thing, too. I already feel so much more “free” to use Poseidon to my heart’s content, knowing I can get another one for just $12.

I also really appreciate the empty, fillable case (though I do hope the construction is more sturdy than their default packaging, because I don’t think that’s worth $15 by itself). I have the Grande II, but only the Grande II, so I don’t have any smaller Viseart palettes to empty out and use in building a more portable palette.

I’m so glad they’ve released singles. Viseart has one of the best matte formulas out.. can’t wait to pick a few of these up!

I wonder if this means that the 12-pan palettes with the clear lids will be discontinued (and marked down!)? I *just* bought the Cool Mattes 2 palette today!

Cool Mattes 2 is my absolute favorite palette, although Liaison is coming in a close second! My Cool Mattes 2 is in the new slimline palette and I’ve traveled with it multiple times without any issue. I find it pretty sturdy and solid.

I’m very excited to hear that individual shades will be available. This makes the palettes I have even better since I’ll likely be able to refill the ones I use most

GAHHHH!!! 🎉 I loooove my Viseart pieces and this is sooo exciting to me! I’m also excited they named their shades, lol!

I need a single of the lightest pink in the Ribbons Boheme palette; that’s my fav eyeshadow of all time and mine is nearly gone!


But noooooooooo why not on Sephora 🙁 would’ve been able to grab a bunch of them during the 20% off sale!

Oh my gosh! If the quality of the singles is the same as their palettes, I’ll definitely be picking up some shades!

Hmm, I don’t know how I feel about this. While I’m happy to see that Viseart is finally offering shade singles like other pro leaning makeup companies, ie; MAC, MUFE, etc., the price point feels just a bit steep? I will wait to reserve judgement on this.

I’m beyond excited for this launch! I’m a Viseart junkie and there are quite a few shadows I use more than others so having singles is ideal. Plus I’d love to create a cool toned palette with mattes and the new metallics to go with my Cool Mattes 2 and Liaison palettes.

I’ve been scouring the internet for singles I want, AND this is the only way I’d be able to splurge on Viseart. The single shadow price is so much more reasonable than I expected and I’m certainly going to give them a try.

Awesome move from Viseart and reasonable price point. I’m picking a few up at launch.

I’m SOOOOOO happy. The new Coy magnetic palette (which I got through Sephora 2 days ago) is so well made it makes me want to be able to replace the single eyeshadows in my older style Viseart palettes I already own when I use them up or without fear of depotting them. The Coy palette is thinner and lighter weight due to the rare earth strip magnets they used. 😉

More expensive than Inglot single eyeshadows for a little less product each but the formula in this case with Viseart is nicer to work with. Viseart has really won me over compared to all these other higher end brand shadows. It looks like the Slimpro palettes system is already replacing the original palette cases.

Personally, as much as I love these palettes there are some shades I just don’t reach for as often so building a Custom Viseart palette will be more inviting to some people that can’t deal with the preplanned palettes price tags.

This is so exciting!! I LOVE Viseart’s formula – I’ve got 4 of their palettes and I’ve got 3 more on my wishlist…guess I’ll start replacing my Z-palette of ABH singles with these beauties when I start panning them! $12 is SO reasonable, especially for some of the best mattes on the market!

love love love it! I have 3 of the 12 pan palettes and 1 of the 6 pan and I really enjoy them – I call them “my don’t mess around palettes” because when I’m rushing around trying to get out the door these are what I quickly grab and use. I’ve been wanting the Warm Mattes but I simply don’t need the whole 12 pan set I just want a few colors so I couldn’t justify the splurge and I hate to waste or having items just sit. I love you Viseart and thank you.

Great development. I am interested in their mattes. I wish they were releasing some more pinky-purple mattes though.

Very exciting. This seems aimed at the overstashed, rather than the bazillion companies that are aiming at attracting new users. bravo! Can’t help but notice that the shades seem skewed towards selections from a few chosen palettes (GP 2 and Warm Mattes, esp.) This hasn’t diminished my lust for Liaison and other palettes in the least, tbh. Suspect the majority of the selections are ‘not my colors.’ But the idea is great, There seems to be a movement towards singles and more tightly curated, smaller palettes across the board. Good direction.

I am thrilled about this!!! I will definitely be buying a few from the palettes I would not have purchased. I’m sure I will eventually buy every single shade I want that I don’t already own. Brilliant move, Viseart!

Finally, true single eye shadows without the clunky and wasteful packaging. I’m excited! I’m glad I waited before I spent my money on PMG ones.

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