Urban Decay x Prince Collection for Summer 2021

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Urban Decay x Prince Collection for Summer 2021
Urban Decay x Prince Collection for Summer 2021
Urban Decay x Prince Collection for Summer 2021
Urban Decay x Prince Collection for Summer 2021
Urban Decay x Prince Collection for Summer 2021
Urban Decay x Prince Collection for Summer 2021
Urban Decay x Prince Collection for Summer 2021
Urban Decay x Prince Collection for Summer 2021
Urban Decay x Prince Collection for Summer 2021
Urban Decay x Prince Collection for Summer 2021
Urban Decay x Prince Collection for Summer 2021
Urban Decay x Prince Collection for Summer 2021
Urban Decay x Prince Collection for Summer 2021
Urban Decay x Prince Collection for Summer 2021
Urban Decay x Prince Collection for Summer 2021
Urban Decay x Prince Collection for Summer 2021
Urban Decay x Prince Collection for Summer 2021
Urban Decay x Prince Collection for Summer 2021
Urban Decay x Prince Collection for Summer 2021
Urban Decay x Prince Collection for Summer 2021
Urban Decay x Prince Collection for Summer 2021
Urban Decay x Prince Collection for Summer 2021
Urban Decay x Prince Collection for Summer 2021
Urban Decay x Prince Collection for Summer 2021

Release Date + About the Launch

Live loud in color with the ultimate collector’s item, the UD | PRINCE Collection. This limited-edition, super-rare capsule is a tribute to the creative genius of Prince. The collection was metciulously curated with The Prince Estate and features exclusive never-before-seen essentials inspired by his iconic style and unparalleled self-expression. The UD | PRINCE Collection is kaleidoscopic yet singular, just like Prince.

5/27, 6/6 at retailers

Products in the Launch

Let's Go Crazy Eyeshadow Palette, $55.00 (Limited Edition)

  • Alphabet St. Light peach matte
  • Get Yo Groove On Lavender metallic with blue shift plus micro-pearl
    When Doves Cry White shimmer with violet reflective shift and purple + blue micro-pearl
  • Funknroll Violet satin with micro-shimmer
  • Computer Blue Baby blue matte
  • Raspberry Beret Rich pink metallic with violet micro-shimmer
  • DMSR Light purple shimmer with light blue reflective shift plus micro-shimmer
  • Baby I’m a Star Purple shimmer with multicolor micro-pearl
  • Delirious Purple metallic with pink micro-shimmer
  • Indigo Nights Baby blue metallic with silver micro-shimmer

You Got the Look Eyeshadow Palette, $55.00 (Limited Edition)

  • Endorphin Machine Rich gold metallic
  • Love 2 the 9s Warm mocha matte
  • Sexy Dancer Ivory matte
  • Groovy Potential Deep ultraviolet matte with gold micro-pearl
  • Shockdelica Red bronze metallic
  • Crystal Ball Ivory shimmer with gold plus ivory micro-pearl
  • Get Off Rich bronze-orange metallic
  • Bold Generation Black matte with silver micro-pearl
  • The Artist Purple-indigo shimmer with gold, silver plus magenta micro-pearl
  • So Dark Rich black metallic

Multitasker Face & Body Brush, $28.00 (Limited Edition)

This limited-edition face-and-body brush is densely packed with fluffy, super-soft bristles. Its versatile design means it can be used wet or dry anywhere on the face and body. The brush can be used to apply and blend everything, including foundation, blush, bronzer, highlighter, and setting powder.

Liquid Highlighter, $32.00 (Limited Edition)

This limited-edition illuminator is ultra lightweight and blends seamlessly for radiant, dewy skin. It can be used all over or to brighten and highlight specific areas like your cheekbones, décolletage, arms, or legs.

All Nighter Waterproof Setting Powder, $34.00 (Limited Edition)

This limited-edition pressed powder goes on translucently to set your makeup with a waterproof and matte finish that lasts. The long-lasting vegan makeup formula blurs pores and blocks oil and shine while extending the life of your foundation and makeup.

Kajal Eyeliner, $25.00 (Limited Edition)

This limited-edition vegan eyeliner pencil features a sculptural design that instantly catches attention. These black-and-white eyeliners apply smoothly and evenly for long-lasting color and are packed with creamy rich pigment.

  • When Doves Cry Matte white
  • So Dark Matte black


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Susan Avatar

Oh, that Basquiat collection. Loved it, but only bought the blush palette because I stupidly waited too long to get the eyeshadow palettes. The blush palette was panned long ago and I kinda miss it. Pleaseohplease let this Prince collection be as good and as fun!!

Z Avatar

The Basquiat collection was my one true UD miss. That was back before I had much access to beauty news and it just showed up in my local Sephora one day and no one working there knew much about it. I swatched it, left, thought about it, and went back a few days later to everything having sold out. Such a bummer.

Mary B. Avatar

Would I love to buy the whole set upon release, for nostalgia’s sake? Yes. Will I? No. UD’s quality has gone downhill so much the last few years that I’m pessimistic this will be of good quality. I do quite like their Wild West palette but everything else lately has seemed really bad. We’ll see.

Sarah Avatar

I want to be excited, but Urban Decay has been so “meh” the last few years that I’m not sure how to feel about this. :/

Christina D. Avatar

I love love love Prince and because I have a soft-spot for UD, this is the most excited I’ve been about a release in a long time. I always say that purple is “our” favorite color, Prince and me!

Admittedly, I’ve been put off by many of the the cash-grabs made by the executors of Prince’s estate, and UD’s quality has been inconsistent. Still….Prince and UD should make for a really nice collaboration. Let’s Go Crazy!

Amy Avatar

Such a strange way to look at music. Prince is timeless and had many different eras of music from his raunchy 70”s and 80’s to the Batman era and NPG and so on…I have fifth grade students who know about Prince.

Xina Avatar

My question is: who’s the audience for this? I was born in 83, and Prince’s music didn’t appeal to me. After his name change, I’m not sure he was still relevant? In my mind, his audience would’ve been people in their teens and twenties between 84-96. So his oldest fans may have been born in the 70s and youngest fans born in the 80s. I’m just not sure Urban Decay has a strong appeal for people who are now in their 40s and 50s.

Mary B. Avatar

So much wow here. I’m in my 60s and like both Prince and Urban Decay, if UD is done right. We don’t all listen to The Beach Boys and wear nothing but Maybelline and Estee Lauder!

Christina D. Avatar

Just my two cents…I’m in my 50s and I love Prince. Despite their mishaps, I still buy — and wear – UD, and I love colorful cosmetics. Perhaps I’m the exception, but I think there is a definite audience for this. You don’t have to by in your 40s or 50s to appreciate music that was “before your time” so to speak. I read Shakespeare and I’m not old enough to be considered Elizabethan either.

Hollie Avatar

Christina, I’m old enough to say that I saw Purple Rain at least 8 times when it first came out. My room was covered with Prince posters ripped out of magazines. I also have Prince on my playlist as well as Rhianna, Justin Bieber, The Weekend, Linkin Park…I also buy and wear UD! I’m wondering, why is there still an age limit placed on makeup?

Violet Avatar

If Generation X doesn’t buy this stuff it will be because a postmortem collaboration with Prince’s estate is distasteful (see other people’s comments) and because UD’s quality is inconsistent as of late – not because UD doesn’t resonate with us as a brand. I was a die hard UD fan up until a couple of years ago and would still be using it now if it was more reliable. (FWIW, I was born in 1970, have a PhD in contemporary art, am an art gallery curator, wear black 12 months a year, once got drunk with Douglas Coupland, and will rock counter culture until it looks stupid on me.)

Deirdre Saoirse Moen Avatar

Prince’s name change was specifically about the fact that the label *had trademarked his legal name* and he wanted out from under their thumb. At the time, I didn’t understand it, but I get it now.

As for people in their 40s and up, some of us have always loved color, and that doesn’t change with age. In my early 60s, and my hair is bright blue.

I have a lot of Urban Decay products in bright colors. I stopped buying their products after Game of Thrones because the quality tanked, but if they’re back to quality again, I may reconsider for special products.

I will say that the theme at least fits their history of being a purple company.

Valerie Avatar

Maybe that’s the hope – winning that demographic.
I cried like a baby the day he died, he was such a musical genius. I just can’t wait to see UD and the Prince estate get a win here.

polishedhippy Avatar

Don’t forget Urban Decay launched in 1996. A customer who was 30 at that time would now be 55. I am in my 40s and was in high school when the brand came out. It was the big hot thing in our youths, so a lot of the core Urban Decay customer base IS women in our 40s and 50s.

Letitia Avatar

Most of the f the people who were first introduced to UD are now in their 40s and 50s. Been wearing UD since 1997, right outta college!

And when I went to see the Purple Rain tour in 1984 at age 10 (thank you so much Mom and Dad – it was glorious!), most of the attendees were on their 20s and 30s at the time, which means they were born in the 1950s and 1960s. Perspective!

LoriAnn Avatar

I was born in 1965 and Prince was HUGE. The movie Purple Rain released when I was a freshman in college. I saw the movie numerous times and owned the soundtrack.

I currently have a dog who was named Paisley after his home. I adopted her right after Prince’s death

I haven’t bought anything UD in 8-10 years. But that isn’t because I am too old. I felt the quality was no longer there for the price. I was a huge fan but other companies have now won my business.

But I hope both of these palettes will be mine. Hopefully I can get my hands on them before all the “flippers” buy them out. Will I wear them? I am sure there will be colors I can use but to me they are more a memory of an artist I loved.

Lucie Avatar

I want to be so so so so excited about this. I want this to be wonderful and I actually gasped a little when I saw the picture.

And then I read the words Urban Decay and my heart sank a little. Purple can be a hard color to get right. How many times have we seen great palettes or products otherwise (from ANY company) only to see the included purple color to completely fall short of the rest. And I no longer have faith that Urban Decay has the creativity nor the quality control to really pull this off. I hope I am wrong, but I am not going to get my hopes up too high on this one.

Erin Avatar

This may be in collaboration with his estate, but this seems very against everything Prince stood for while he was alive. He was very much notorious for being protective of his intellectual property and rights to his own likeness and name as well as for being against corporations profiting off of his name and image. I do hope they at least do this well so as to not have it be a double disappointment.

Rina Avatar

I love him with all my heart, but if he was so protective of his art and intellectual prop. he should have hired someone to put it into an iron-clad trust with instructions but instead he died intestate with no will so his relatives are free to do as they please. It is the one thing I thought he seriously missed the boat on…

Brian Avatar

He died relatively young and while it would have made sense for someone in his position to make sure his legacy would be protected long before he even thought he may pass it’s really weird to not care about someones legacy being tarnished when you know they would hate this just because they didn’t follow those legal steps you think they should have. His estate should respect who he was and what he would want, not try to make a buck off of something they know he’d hate. It’s not actually morally okay just because its legally allowed.

Knmngrl Avatar

Exactly. If he wasn’t cremated he would be rolling in his grave over this. As a Minnesotan and Prince fan, everything about this is wrong.

Chelsea Callahan Avatar

I really want this to be well done and am glad it’s actually profiting his estate. I’m not going to lie I’m more than not the type of person who finds deceased artists and celebrity ‘collabs” distasteful – but there have been so many uncredited and ‘inspired by’ prince products over the years. At least this way some of his wishes for diection or donation will be followed.
Aesthetically – I’d kill for a decent quality palette with true blacks, violets, and chromes.

Z Avatar

“Prince is dead, right?”
“Yeah, way dead.”
“Ok, this makes sense then.”
“Prince’s estate would like to make more money, please.”
Anyone else not seeing PRINCE partnering with Urban Decay if he was alive today?

Z Avatar

He was iconic with the color purple (who doesn’t think of it when they hear his name?) and UD used to do purple ok….but now? Ultraviolet? Ugh. I know UD can do good things, but still…their track record isn’t great.

Jane Avatar

Concur on the botching and PMG! I actually told myself that she should do a Prince collection a few months ago because I so am looking for a true purple collection with some DEEEEEP cool violet and purples.

Mariella Avatar

Like some others here, I was never a fan of Prince. UD used to be one of my favourite brands but as others have said, they have gone sadly down-hill in the past few years (the Game of Thrones palette was probably my last major purchase from them, though I still buy the liners and lipsticks…how long til they discontinue THOSE and replace with inferior products?). I also have an issue with, as Violet commented, “postmortem collaborations with the estate” of any deceased icon. I’d perhaps make an exception for Audrey Hepburn but that’s about it for me. I guess I just have no interest in this “limited edition, super rare capsule” (those words alone really put me off).

Brian Avatar

The thing about these sorts of posthumous collabs is if the person would have been okay with it then you would have examples of putting their names on products or partnering with brands to put out branded merchandise(that isn’t their own such as tour merch) and its almost always people who never did any of that whose estates try to capitalize off of in ways that disrespect the life of the person. This is that.

Valerie Avatar

Exactly. You get a Prince eyeball on your palette, it looks like.
With so many disappointing releases from UD, I was hoping maybe this time would be different.
It’s like they’re deliberately mediocre.

Pearl Avatar

Aside from the makeup reviews, I really enjoy reading the comments. It helps round out my perspective.

Thank you, Christine, for always providing a space for respectful discourse.

Also I’m on my 3rd cup of coffee and I’m emotionallyheightened and want to hug or high five everyone and also help with the yard and paint the house if you need it. 🤦‍♀️

zoe Avatar

The first UD release that has piqued my interest in YEARS. I have enough purple, so no need to buy anything in this collection, but the cohesion of the color stories is pretty solid. Would love to see swatches of the highlighter.

Rnmn52 Avatar

At Xina to answer your question. Fan from day 1. I’m 52 with knowledge and use of makeup from various brands including UD! Prince fans cross many age groups but our age group are not only die-hard fans but have the income these brands need to put down for a $250 Makeup collection without batting a faux lash…

CharHannon9 Avatar

Sigh, I love Prince so much! (I’m 42, was singing Purple Rain out of key as a kid). This already is a huge disappointment. UD ten years ago would have nailed it! Now? Not surprised. Plus I don’t do ultra-rare limited release BS anymore with any brand. Have enough or take a walk, respect your customers!

Adrienne Avatar

I am wondering if, given the importance of this collab and the many bad reviews of the Ultraviolet palette, UD will really bring it with those purples. They can do it – their purples used to be some of the best. But will they . . .

Tiffany Fuller Avatar

a collection that makes me go ‘huh’. Honestly i have some great purple and golds and i don’t see how this breaks new ground to make it a must-have. Maybe it is just me but i do feel a mental shift with makeup buyers that we are tired of being shown the same pony- just dolled up in a new harness- and asked to throw our money down. I would love to see a mass exodus from MAC, UD, Too Faced. Indie brands are just better

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