Urban Decay x Gwen Stefani Eyeshadow Palette for Holiday 2015 (Preliminary Info)

Urban Decay x Gwen Stefani 15 Eyeshadow Palette ($TBA) (Limited Edition)

More information to come as Urban Decay releases official details.

  • Blonde
  • Bathwater
  • Skimp
  • Steady
  • Punk
  • Baby
  • Anaheim
  • Stark
  • Zone
  • Serious
  • Pop
  • Harajuku
  • Danger
  • 1987
  • Blackout

Urban Decay x Gwen Stefani Eyeshadow Palette
Urban Decay x Gwen Stefani Eyeshadow Palette

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I guess this explains*why* there isn’t going to be anymore Spectrum Palettes! It looks very nice, reminds me of a MAC 15 pan neutral palette with a kick of blue and pink.

Spectrum is releasing on UD’s website tomorrow, IIRC!

The pops of color are nice, but the rest of the palette looks like it could be swapped out for any other neutral palette. It’s kinda there.

I spent a good half an hour on the phone with a CS agent at UD earlier today trying to get an answer, she claimed that it wasn’t going to be through their site, that UD had been trying to reach out to Macy’s, Sephora and Ulta in order to get one of those major retailers to carry it. So far, according to HER, no one has committed to as yet. Makes me sad and honestly? Mad as hell.

Urban Decay’s CS said the same about Vice LTD, LOL! A few weeks later, it popped up at ULTA… UD “just happened” to find a warehouse full of palettes that were “forgotten about”, LOL! Well, that’s what the SA at ULTA was told (I don’t think she believed it, either, based on her facial expression…). This whole thing is beyond annoying; it’s as if UD has forgotten about us non-Millenials who helped get them where they are, and that we just don’t have the time/patience for these games. Does anyone honestly believe Macy’s or ULTA wouldn’t commit to the Spectrum palette…?

Amy, I remember all too well the games they played a year ago with the Vice LTD! It was equally infuriating. What might be even more disturbing this time is that on one hand, this CS in telling me this, and YET; I have written correspondence from UD that says in part: “We get that you dig color as much as we do…we promise you will have another chance to get Spectrum very soon…( something about getting their newsletter and emails, of which are NOT coming through to me!). Yes, my patience with their antics had worn very thin!

I was a wee bit interested in the Spectrum palette, but then I realized half the shades were in the 15th Anniversary palette, which I haven’t touched in over 3 years, and the other shades are sooo similar to what’s available permanently. With the exception of Protest, and the availability of Bordello, I can pretty much dupe it with what I have… Still, were it relatively available, there’s a very strong probability I would still buy it, which would also benefit UD, LOL! Do they not realize we would still buy the products without the hype…? Obviously the brands popularity has grown over the past 5 years or so, which would logically lead to producing more product!

Not our fault at all, this is UD’s mess! I didn’t actually need it, but I sure as heck WANTED it, LoL! I love the layout, as it really makes ideas pop out to my eyes.

I know I’ve complained a lot about how UD’s palettes all seem the same, so I’m glad to see something look a little different for them! That being said, a lot of the shades look really similar (Blonde, Skimp, Stark for example). I don’t know, sometimes the press photos make the shades look very different from how they do in real life.

Boring neutrals when we have multiple Naked palettes to choose from. Then again I’m not a fan of the woman and her style, especially after the Harajuku dancers debacle (contractually obligated silent Asian women!) and how she handled the criticism.

I was shocked to find out that wasn’t her only instance of racism. Apparently there was a redface No Doubt video that got pulled in fear of backlash over her pocahottie look. Her Luxurious video is supposed to be particularly bad about chola culture. One instance I could forgive IF she publicly apologized and said said she was embarrassed now but multiple instances? Nope, not feeling the love for Stefani. Shame on you, Gwen and shame on Urban Decay for collaborating with someone who paved the way for messes like Miley Cyrus. Back to the actual topic, the palette still looks dull and I’m peeved that Spectrum isn’t anywhere to be found.

So what’s going to happen with the UD Spectrum Palette that was going to be released Oct.20 ??? I haven’t heard anything since it was released at Sephora.com for Vip Rouge only. I’m waiting for UD Spectrum palette.

Me too, me too. This one is too tame for me considering that I’ve been truly anticipating and patiently waiting for October 20th to get here so I could finally buy the Spectrum Palette. Today felt like quite the letdown, tbth. I do not understand UD at this point.

Skimp has popped up a few times before, and both Skimp and Stark were in the second Basics palette. Odd, since I was under the impression that Naked2 Basics is the least-loved of the Naked series.

It could definitely be because I work in a department store on the upper east coast but I feel like all we sell is the naked 2 basics! Everyone is so afraid of the deep crave color here for some reason ?

Same here! I was hoping for a lot more colors than the blue and pink and perhaps that rust color in the top row.

But but but… why is there an extra column on the cover that does not mirror the number of circles below?!


The little Lego designer niche in my heart is troubled.

It’s true to what Gwen wears, I’ll say that! I’m not sure I’ve seen her ever wear much more than what’s in this palette except a 60’s sky blue kind of color and gold glitter on the eyes. I don’t own too many shadows in comparison to many women, so I’ll be picking this up. Plus I love Gwen so it’s a no brainer!

For a collab with Gwen Stefani, I was expecting a lot more colors, to match her personality, but she is known for neutral eyes. After all the Naked palettes, I think there are too many light shades and neutral shades here, better to go with UD Spectrum or Vice 4. But hope to see swatches/reviews to see if this lives up to expectations

I really like this! I was just thinking that now my Naked 3 is almost finished, maybe I’ll get another UD palette. I’m into neutrals and a pop of color and love how UD’s eyeshadows perform… however I just loaded up on about 14 new colourpop eyeshadows.. Do I need? Yes!

This is what Gwen & UD came up with??? I imagined something far more exciting not neutral, and definitely not with three/four shades looking similar (perhaps lighting is the issue). But I do love Gwen Stefani & UD so I’ll bite as a collector.

It doesn’t really look that interesting to me.. Since it’s Gwen Stefani, I expected a lot of bright colors.. Unless the swatches are mega-wow, I don’t think this will spark my interest.

This looks nice and represents what Gwen wears a lot on the streets. I honestly thought it was going to be more representive of her career through the years. Still pretty. I want to try to get it. At the same time, Nars and Chanel are out.

I like this one a lot. I’d considered buying the Spectrum palette because it’s nice to look at but don’t think I’d actually use it, but this palette I would use.

This seems awfully plain for someone who usually has a very colorful sense of style. So many similar neutrals! I probably won’t be rushing out to buy this one, but I hope it turns out to be more interesting than the press photos for those who are fans.

I’ll be passing on this one, regardless of price. Too many neutrals (yawn). How many shades of tan/taupe, brown, grey, and black does one need? The blue feels like an afterthought to me. Like someone looked at the palette and said – Hey, we need some color here….and they dropped in an accent blue. I do like that it seems as if there’s a good mix of finishes so I suppose for those looking for another neutral palette, it may be a win.

A couple of nice pops of interesting colour in there (I see four shadows I really like) and while I’m a huge fan of subtle natural looks, I wonder how this whole palette would fare on me colour wise. I think best suited for the fair and super fair because a lot of the differences between shadows here would be completely lost of me… most have golden undertones and that’s certainly not my favourite range either; especially in browns.

I love it!! At least I know I could use it some how at the same time I love to have that pop of color. I hope this palette has a good grade on it. :C

I can see a lot of looks that can be put together with this selection but I can’t help but feeling like, “Where is the color??? So many neutrals!” Would like to see the swatches though, it may change the way I’m feeling.

This looks pretty disappointing; a lot of the colors look very similar, and most of them look like they would flatter a very limited range of skin tones.

Very, very excited for this palette. The lack of information is a little frustrating but at the same time, this is a multi-million dollar company, and they’re trying to build hype. It’s what they do. Out of all the holiday palette’s this seems the most promising, to me at least. I’m a neutral girl, or I should say, a “light” neutral girl but every once in a while a splash of color is right up my alley. I’ve noticed most (and I say most loosely) holiday palettes either have a wild assortment of color or just neutral with too many darker neutrals, here is the best of both worlds. It looks to have both mattes and shimmer, with a couple shade categories from each naked palette.

As to the release date, I saw someone somewhere throw out November 11th as a possible date. Now if that’s a legitimate date or pulled from the kitchen sink is up for debate.

idk i thought it would be like a bit more colorful? i think can pass this one tbqh i hope it reviews well, maybe that would change my opinion but i already have a few shades of this one so maybe not. um. i hope the lipsticks wow me.

Oh, wow, I’m really liking the packaging! I was prepared for a nude palette, so I’m very happy to see some color in there. The nudes look fair-skin friendly as well; love the peachy shades. I just might be putting this on my Christmas list.

Not jumping through any hoops. I was expeting more! I too would rather have the Spectrum. I have not gotten a straight responce when Spectrum comes out but the agent predicts $54. to $60 dolars for this one. Okay Gwen now bring on the lipsticks

Yep, that’s the million dollar question today, actually make that two:
1.) Where is the Spectrum Palette that was to be released today???
2.) How much is this one?
Even though I don’t care for it myself, I know others DO!

Whether I purchase a product that is in collaboration with a celebrity or not, it doesn’t matter to me who that person is. If I like the product, I’ll purchase it.

lol I guess this is just more coins that I can keep in my pocket. It’s not a bad palette, but half the palette is the same color. A Gwen and UD collaboration should have been a slam dunk. Idk what happened here.

A lot of very similar shades here and really nothing stands out for me except that lovely blue….
Re the Spectrum debate – you would think that UD would WANT customers to buy their products wouldn’t you?

I’m really disappointed that there are so many neutrals in this palette 🙁

So what’s up with the Spectrum palette? I bought mine a month ago from Sephora.

If I was in the market for a new primarily neutral palette, I would honestly definitely get this. I like the range of neutrals & pops of color, and I think the actual layout of the colors was both thought out & executed well. However, I think with all three 12-pan Naked palettes, a completely matte brown/tan custom quad with four Inglot “rainbow” shades, and the Stila “Spirit” and “Soul” 12-pan palettes, I think I have enough neutrals to last quite awhile. 🙂

This is kinda boring and disappointing. I really wanted the spectrum palette like most readers here, and I’m also really disappointed with UD and the whole spectrum debacle. I wasn’t able to get it when it was released for VIBs only, and now they’re not releasing it for everyone? That’s bull, UD.

Everyone is complaining that it’s boring but all I see is a well put together palette with colours that are actually wearable. Why would I spend £40 on a palette full of bright colours that are going to get hardly any wear when I can spend the money on a lovely palette full of colours I can wear every day? The pops of colour at the bottom give that option for when the occasion arrises or I want to play around, but for how much you spend on UD, I like to get my money’s worth, especially when the quality of their eyeshadow is so great

I love Gwen and I love Urban Decay, that’s why I’m honestly sort of let down by this palette. When I heard about this collab I was expecting exciting colors, but this just looks like a new Naked palette with a blue and a pink thrown in. Bummer 🙁

I can see almost all of the light neutrals in this palette looking the exact same (barring differences in finish) on skin and not working for many ppl darker than an NC20 or even 15, even with decent colour payoff. Honestly this has to be the whitest most mayo palette I have seen in a while, topped off with a shade called “Harajuku”. What a mess.

OMG! I just cracked up reading this, I love the “whitest most mayo palette”, because it REALLY is! I am with you 1000% on that , Kuavsui! No doubt (pun intended!), many of these shades would barely show up on my C4.5 MSFLF or NC40 PLWF complexion…SMDH, UD & Gwen ?

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