Urban Decay Stoned Vibes Collection for Fall 2020

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Urban Decay Stoned Vibes Collection for Fall 2020
Urban Decay Stoned Vibes Collection for Fall 2020
Urban Decay Stoned Vibes Collection for Fall 2020
Urban Decay Stoned Vibes Collection for Fall 2020
Urban Decay Stoned Vibes Collection for Fall 2020
Urban Decay Stoned Vibes Collection for Fall 2020
Urban Decay Stoned Vibes Collection for Fall 2020
Urban Decay Stoned Vibes Collection for Fall 2020
Urban Decay Stoned Vibes Collection for Fall 2020
Urban Decay Stoned Vibes Collection for Fall 2020
Urban Decay Stoned Vibes Collection for Fall 2020
Urban Decay Stoned Vibes Collection for Fall 2020
Urban Decay Stoned Vibes Collection for Fall 2020
Urban Decay Stoned Vibes Collection for Fall 2020
Urban Decay Stoned Vibes Collection for Fall 2020
Urban Decay Stoned Vibes Collection for Fall 2020
Urban Decay Stoned Vibes Collection for Fall 2020
Urban Decay Stoned Vibes Collection for Fall 2020
Urban Decay Stoned Vibes Collection for Fall 2020
Urban Decay Stoned Vibes Collection for Fall 2020
Urban Decay Stoned Vibes Collection for Fall 2020

Release Date + About the Launch

A vegan eyeshadow palette packed with 12 all-new mood-shifting shimmery shades infused with genuine tourmaline to block bad energy and elevate your look. Get a restorative glow with an ultra-creamy, velvety texture without the fallout. Manifest it all with the Stoned Vibes Eyeshadow palette—eight creamy, prismatic shimmers and four grounded mattes. Each of these stone-like speckled eyeshadows were designed to give off good energy and deliver shimmering color payoff. Plus, get playful with your fingertips for a powerful dose of color or use the included a double-ended vegan and cruelty-free brush—great for getting Stoned on the go!

8/30 online

Products in the Launch

Stoned Vibes Eyeshadow Palette, $54.00 (Limited Edition)

  • Good Karma Ivory matte with sheen
  • Jade Green metallic microglitter
  • Opal Aura Iridescent shimmer
  • Tiger’s Eye Copper metallic microglitter with pink shift
  • Vibes Rose metallic microglitter
  • Antidote Peach matte
  • Hexed Red-brown matte
  • Bloodstone Deep green with red metallic shift
  • Ojo Royal blue metallic microglitter
  • Raw Energy Sheer violet sparkle
  • Meditate Bronze metallic microglitter
  • Third Eye Deep eggplant matte with sheen

Stoned Vibes Highlighter, $36.00 (Limited Edition)

A limited-edition, vegan highlighting powder that creates a buildable rose-gold glow with holographic sparkle. This silky, super-soft highlighter powder gets its crystalline shape from 3D tech and is infused with tourmaline to keep the good vibes coming. Brush this buildable vegan formula on cheekbones, face, and décolletage for a luminous rose-gold glow with holographic sparkle and a radiant finish.

24/7 Glide On Eyeliner Pencil, $22.00 (Limited Edition)

  • High Vibes Shimmery green
  • Tiger’s Eye Rose gold
  • Raw Energy Shimmery purple
  • Reflect Pale gold

Stoned Vibes Lip Gloss, $18.00 (Limited Edition)

  • Mercury RX Bluish-purple
  • Power High Copper
  • Light Warm gold
  • Vibes Rosy copper

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Let me preface this by saying I’m one of the few that loves UD’s cheeky names for cosmetics. With that being said, I assumed this was going to be their take on Melt’s Smoke Sessions palette. Instead, I see they’re going with the crystal approach. And I do love my crystals, but I’m going to let this pass because let’s be real, those glitters aren’t going to swatch that nice.

Prettier than I expected due to the name and model photo (expected a 4/20 vibe. Thankful they let us know about the finishes, though. Not a glitter fan.

One could easily create this look with Smog and Mildew from the UD Ammo palette from… 15 years ago? We don’t need a whole new collection for this, and the green on the model is probably simultaneously the most interesting and most derivative shade in the palette somehow. What a new low for UD!

I have been disappointed in recent Urban Decay releases. I was really excited for the Ultraviolet Palette, and, well, you know how it went.

Their “power of stones” approach doesn’t suits me either as I am not really into that kind of stuff.

And finally, I don’t find the shade really appealing. When you see what an indie brand like Clionadh can do, with vibrant shimmers, these one looks kind of dull.

(And it’s my first comment here, I want to say that I really love this website, I come here every day, your work is amazing and so helpful !)

Welcome to the blog. Christine is the best. Pretty much all the followers are super nice, know makeup inside and out and are just really fun to get to know. Looking forward to seeing future comments and getting to know your perspective on makeup. I have been following for probably about 6 years now and have made wonderful friends that follow each other on IG, Facebook, etc. I am usually able to check the blog everyday but maybe not able to post comments everyday. Depends on life but even after being gone for awhile, you can jump back in any time.

Always nice to have new blood and a new perspective here on the blog. Welcome and I look forward to learning more about you and your thoughts about makeup.

I’m tentatively interested! I wonder if they will texturally be like the Roen Lid Illumes or more like a putty/Super Shock texture? The swatches look a little dull and kind of ashy so I’ll wait for live or more organic swatches to get a better idea.

I was thinking they’d be moon shadows, but it’s not sounding like it…huh!?!? But no matter what, I just can’t help it, I WANT IT!!! Lmbo 😉

I am intrigued by this formula but uncertain how these will actually perform. I can say for certain I am disappointed with Good Karma and Antidote. The colors are so light and I would have preferred more mid toned colors to use as crease shades to add depth.

So, I’m more interested in this than I thought I would be, because from the promo pics I assumed all the middle shades were pressed glitters, and from the swatches it looks like maybe they’re metallics without glitter? So that’s encouraging. That being said, the color story feels a little random, and skews light. But I look forward to Temptalia swatches, if we get them!

I miss when Urban Decay was grungy. Now they just seem to follow whatever is trending with their target age demographic… first it was festival themes, now it’s crystal magic. And this palette just looks SO dupable. Sure, the crystal-like effect in the pan is unique, but look at those colors… nothing stands out. Bloodstone is the one duochrome and I can tell from looking at it that I already have two dupes, at least. Brands have been doing that red/brown with green colorshift for years.

A whole lot of words to say no, I won’t be buying this one.

When I saw the green on the model’s eye, I was “YES…a palette from UD that I will want” but looking at the whole assortment and the general vibe, I actually don’t think it’s for me.

Not a fan of the occult theme of the names, nor the whole crystal thing about “blocking bad energy”. The brand swatches look like some beautiful looking, less glittery than expected shades. No firm decision until I read your review, though!

I LOVE stones. Not the new age..by now old age…BS about crystals, auras, ‘spirit stones’ etc. But this is a theme that could have been unique and phenomenal, if UD had replicated the surface of various actual stones. Some mattes…The bloodstone AJ mentions, dark green with a few blood red inclusions. Malachite with sworls of various greens. Lapis with a bit of gold pyrite. And some sheer/translucent shades like Carnelian, Chalcedony, Medusa Quartz (though that one looks more like a CP suspended glitter than a sheer). Stones are a great inspiration, but I’m afraid they UD’d it up, IYKWIM. UD is about as edgy as a golden retriever. As AJ also notes, they are pandering to their perceived target market. I personally do not like the layout. Looks like their metal palette. And though putting the mattes in the corners makes them easy to find, I too think they are odd choices for crease/vee/liner shades. The photoshopped swatches are representative of computer graphics, not of the actual eye shades

I’d buy your version of this palette, kjh, and not just because you name-checked me 😉 Let’s get UD to hire us as consultants to design their 2021 palettes.

I love this color story; I hope it performs well! I could see this being a palette I would actually use regularly.

Love how the speckled shadow formula is really taking off. Also, 10 pts to UD for NOT DOING ANOTHER NAKED. This is actually interesting looking for fall/winter. Ugh, but is it Ulta exclusive?

If I were KathleenLights I’d be giving UD some major side-eye. This feels like a rip-off of her Colourpop collab So Jaded. Same theme, similar packaging.

The last UD palette I purchased was Naked Basics a billion years ago but… this is really pretty? I might want it? Bloodstone kind of reminds me of Solstice (and looks nothing like it does in the pan). Super interested to see swatches.

I don’t understand why people can’t simply read. There are 4 shades with microglitter, which UD is known for. No chunky glitter, albeit I am not a super big fan of UD’s microglitters, this isn’t a “glitter” palette. I might get this one because I’m interested nut would love to see swatches. Tbh yeah UD hasn’t been doing great but some of the hate I’ve seen is really unnecessary when there are brands like toofaced recycling that pumpkin palette smh ?‍♀️

As a FYI, Urban Decay’s micro-glitter is plastic (PET) glitter – the kind that does fall under the “not approved for eyes.” Looking at the ingredient list, it looks like this palette uses borosilicates, which is actually a change! 🙂

Thats actually really cool! I’m excited to hear that. I’m still interested but concerned over this launch with UD’s current track record but I guess we’ll all be waiting for the swatches and review!

I love the color story but those shimmers look like chunky glitters in the photos. I am eagerly awaiting Christine’s reviews and swatches.

(PS- My first time posting here. I’ve been reading the blog and comments for about a year now and decided to take the plunge and officially join the Temptalia community. The Temptalia emails are my favorite emails of the day.)

Whilst the shades look interesting, they are probably full of non eye safe glitter. And where precisely can we wear glittery eyeshadow at the moment?

I like the green shade. Tourmaline to block bad energy? Well, not sure it’s gonna work, but I guess I could use all the bad energy blocking I can get in 2020.

it looks beautiful. I want it. but… but now I am used to wait for Christine’s review before buying a palette… hope to read that asap, because being it a limited edition I fear I won’t have time to get it if it’s a good one…

The model look gorgeous, but the whole vibe of that promo photo is “school picture day.” The blue background and slightly aged lighting just doesn’t scream “exciting.”

Oh geesh, you gave me memories! I still recall my first and second grade pics after the parents trimmed my bangs–they were short and crooked! Yikes!

Looks pretty in the pans and the promo pic looks nice. Not sure how well they’ll look in real life though. Also I feel like Mac and Colourpop both did mystical crystals before.Also Too Faced Life’s a Festival had rose quartz in the formula as well.

I am very much a glitter person but the palette doesn’t appeal to me at all. Maybe the eyeliners? I will have to wait to see how they are reviewed. Heaven knows I do not need any more eyeliners though. Maybe I’m just getting old but UD just doesn’t appeal to me that much anymore.

There’s such a thing as too many liners? I didn’t know that. I’m done with everything except concealers and liners. You have to keep your toe in somewhere, even if you’re a dinosaur. Now THERE’S a name for products targeted at the older set…as long as they have a sense of humor.

Honestly, the only thing I can get jazzed about here are the new 24/7 eyeliners, but they just did a glittery rose gold, green, and purple last year. I’ll definitely pick up the sagey green & gold ones because I am a pretty hardcore 24/7 fan, but there isn’t much else I can say about this that is positive. I am glad that UD learned from past palette mistakes regarding packaging, because that metallic palette from a couple of years ago was a hot freaking disaster of a palette design. I so badly want the highlighter to be amazing, but it’ll be middling at best, so I’ll wait til it is at Nordstrom Rack.

Some vegans don’t use carmine as a colorant – made from crushed beetles. There’s also been a trend lately to have skincare moisturizing types ingredients in makeup — some popular recent ingredients include animal or insect derived ingredients like snail mucin, collagen, and placental matter. Sometimes it’s also hard to tell if a brush will be natural or synthetic from promo pics. I think it just makes it easier for people who might be concerned to slap the vegan label on so they don’t have to dig to figure it out.

Oh – that Reflect gold liner looks a fair bit like the Lannister Gold one from the GoT collection and about which I’ve been saying ever since “UD should make the colour permanent and just give it a different name to get around copyright”. I hope it’s as good as Lannister Gold and close enough to it to be a dupe.

The colors in this collection really appeal to me. Not sure how I feel about the formulas and I feel like with all the UD palettes I own (from back in the day until now) I feel like I’ve already got most of these shades. I’m curious to see how real swatches, maybe they’ll sway me? I like Raw Energy as a liner as I don’t have any lilac sparkly liners, but do have quite a few matte shadows that are similar it would pair well with. I’m not jumping out of my seat for this one – but I like it and am curious!

The highlighter looks cool (probably too dark for me), but bulky…UD’s M.O. I honestly didn’t know that those were “lipglosses” at first and had to scroll back up for the description.

I’m not a fan. I hate people confusing how pretty crystals are with them having magic powers or something. And while I think you can make really pretty packaging – like Smashbox’s Hoodwitch collab – this looks….cheap. Like fancy Colourpop cheap. (not a slight against colourpop. just that I couldn’t conceive of paying more than $20 for that palette and $9 for those glosses, personally)

I got excited for a second because I thought those tube products could’ve been more multichrome eyeshadows… but alas, they are shimmery lipglosses. Easy pass for me.

There’s a few things here that I’m intrigued by-the palette, Tiger’s Eye and Raw Energy liners, and Vibes gloss. Plus, I agree with dizymzlzy, Susan, and Stephanie that the bad-energy blocking couldn’t hurt with the way 2020’s gone so far!

I think the only thing from the collection that really interests me is the pale gold eyeliner and only if it is actually safe to use on the eyes. I like the shape of the lipgloss packaging but the shades don’t wow me.

Looks lovely, but but but, don’t need and am certain to have similar shades. I bought an entire Halo-duo chrome series from NYX, plus others over the past few years, so at this point only Fyrinnae or Clionadh would add anything new to the mix.

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