Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick vs. Discontinued Lipstick Comparison Swatches & Dupes

The new Urban Decay’s Revolution Lipstick formula is quite different from their previous formula. (I’m not familiar with their original formula!) Most notably, the previous formula had a lot more slip and slickness, so they felt “wet” and thin, and could easily slide around lips. The consistency of the new formula is creamier with less slip and better hold. The shades before had sheer to medium coverage that was somewhat buildable (and there were a couple shades with more opaque payoff), whereas the new formula, the majority are opaque. The finish is different, too; the previous formula had a more luminous, glossy finish, and this one has a nice shine, but it’s not as glossy–there is a lot less shimmer in the new shades compared to the older formula, where most shades had shimmer. Gone, too, is the creme brulee scent of the older formula (I didn’t smell or taste anything with the new formula).

I went through and swatched all of the shades I had in the previous formula, so they’re now included in the Swatch Gallery for your perusal. If you want to make your own comparisons within Urban Decay’s brand, I highly recommend filtering by type (Lipstick/Lipgloss) and by brand (Urban Decay), which will keep you in the world of Urban Decay.

Summary:  The majority of the discontinued shades do not have exact dupes in the new formula.  The ones that came the closest to having something similar were Gravity, Jilted, Indecent, Revolution, and Rush.