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Urban Decay Naked3 Eyeshadow Palette Swatch Comparisons

Urban Decay Naked, Naked2, Naked3 Eyeshadow Palette Comparisons
Urban Decay Naked, Naked2, Naked3 Eyeshadow Palette Comparisons

This post features comparison swatches of the new Naked3 Eyeshadow Palette against the previous two (NakedΒ and Naked2) eyeshadow palettes. I had also pulled Naked Basics out for possible comparisons, but nothing in that palette was comparable to shades in Naked3.

You can find my full review of Naked 3 here.

  • Strange is more matte than both Virgin (N1) and Bootycall (N2); Bootycall (N2) is also more orange/peachy.
  • Dust is pinker, lighter, and less beige compared to Sin (N1).
  • Burnout wasn’t comparable to any previous shades in the Naked palettes.
  • Limit is much pinker and less brown compared to Tease (N2).
  • Buzz wasn’t comparable to any previous shades in the Naked palettes.
  • Trick has a redder tone compared to Chopper (N2) and is redder in tone as well as warmer, lighter than Toasted (N1).
  • Nooner is darker, more mauve/pink compared to Tease (N2).
  • Liar is cooler-toned, more taupe-like compared against Toasted (N1).
  • Factory is significantly lighter than both Hustle (N1) and Busted (N2).
  • Mugshot is darker, not as red-toned and more frosted than Toasted (N1) and darker than Sidecar (N1) and YDK (N2).
  • Darkside isn’t comparable to either Hustle (N1) or Busted (N2).
  • Blackheart wasn’t comparable to any previous shades in the Naked palettes.

See more photos & swatches!

Urban Decay Naked, Naked2, Naked3 Eyeshadow Palette Comparisons
Urban Decay Naked, Naked2, Naked3 Eyeshadow Palette Comparisons

Urban Decay Naked, Naked2, Naked3 Eyeshadow Palette Comparisons
Urban Decay Naked, Naked2, Naked3 Eyeshadow Palette Comparisons

Urban Decay Naked, Naked2, Naked3 Eyeshadow Palette Comparisons
Urban Decay Naked, Naked2, Naked3 Eyeshadow Palette Comparisons

Urban Decay Naked, Naked2, Naked3 Eyeshadow Palette Comparisons
Urban Decay Naked Eyeshadow Palette

Urban Decay Naked, Naked2, Naked3 Eyeshadow Palette Comparisons
Urban Decay Naked2 Eyeshadow Palette

Urban Decay Naked, Naked2, Naked3 Eyeshadow Palette Comparisons
Urban Decay Naked3 Eyeshadow Palette

Urban Decay Naked, Naked2, Naked3 Eyeshadow Palette Comparisons
Eyeshadows: Strange (N3), Virgin (N1), Bootycall (N2)

Urban Decay Naked, Naked2, Naked3 Eyeshadow Palette Comparisons
Eyeshadows: Dust (N3), Sin (N1)

Urban Decay Naked, Naked2, Naked3 Eyeshadow Palette Comparisons
Eyeshadows: Limit (N3), Tease (N2)

Urban Decay Naked, Naked2, Naked3 Eyeshadow Palette Comparisons
Eyeshadows: Chopper (N2), Trick (N3), Toasted (N1)

Urban Decay Naked, Naked2, Naked3 Eyeshadow Palette Comparisons
Eyeshadows: Nooner (N3), Tease (N2)

Urban Decay Naked, Naked2, Naked3 Eyeshadow Palette Comparisons
Eyeshadows: Toasted (N1), Liar (N3)

Urban Decay Naked, Naked2, Naked3 Eyeshadow Palette Comparisons
Eyeshadows: Hustle (N1), Factory (N3), Busted (N2)

Urban Decay Naked, Naked2, Naked3 Eyeshadow Palette Comparisons
Eyeshadows: Toasted (N1), Mugshot (N3), Sidecar (N1), YDK (N2)

EUrban Decay Naked, Naked2, Naked3 Eyeshadow Palette Comparisons
Eyeshadows: Hustle (N1), Darkside (N3), Busted (N2)


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Maddie Avatar

Truthfully, this palette is still going to look about the same on people’s eyes as the other two. So why bother? :/ They’re just milking the popularity of the original, like how movie studios churn out a bunch of movie sequels.

annie Avatar

I have to disagree. From these swatches, they look completely different from the first two. On my complexion, gold/bronze tones gives a different look than rosy-pinks/mauves :). I see the darker shades are somewhat similar but paired with the lighter shades, they make a different look. Personally, at the moment, I can’t justify $52 but if I had the money, I’d definitely get it (I own the #1, but not #2 xD).

Courtney Avatar

I agree, Annie! Naked 3 gives me a completely different vibe from it’s predecessors. Like you, I only own #1 but not #2. This is because I think they’re too similar. However I find #3 refreshing and I think it’ll complement my #1 palette nicely.

layla Avatar

totally agree….im passing…..or heck i will get it when ud has a sale..after its been out for awhile….its not a must have….especially after i just got the bare minerals beautiful dazzling set…and the nude/velvet set in spring…….:) Christine can you review the BE dazzling set..please? ..THX.

18thCenturyFox Avatar

Honestly I am pretty sensitive to feeling bilked/cheated/scammed by companies in general but these are three neutral/nude shadowed palettes. They are as different as one could expect within those parameters. I think, by your logic, why release more then one medium blue based red lipstick, ever. Except that there are subtle and not so subtle variations that account for the difference in “wow” factor for all of us. Having as many variations of skin tone as there are people would seem to encourage, if not necessitate, the marketing of three neutral palettes by one company.

sirilovise Avatar

I have N1, N2 and Naked Basics, and I have to say they all look very different on my skin, and I rarely use only one of them, as I find there are shades from the other two that complements the ones I want to use very well.

PoetrysTruth Avatar

I agree. Just over the entire naked take on eyeshadow. While I love the original, the rest are meh. UD I love you, but quit trying to make “Fetch” happen. Give us another trend.

layla Avatar

they are convenient , they are small pots and they do not leak out….yes, they can be messy but if your grown and careful…they are really great and you only need a tiny bit for your eye….and the set is 79..not 99 bucks…:) The colors in it cant be beat!

dee Avatar

Actually loose eyeshadows are completely inconvenient for travel, which is what Lindsay said. A lot of people do not like loose shadows, especially since they are much more prone to fallout, so they would not be inclined to spend MORE than they’d pay for any naked palette on a bunch of loose shadows

Chelsea Avatar

I knew I’d been waiting on buying a Naked palette for a reason, Naked 3 looks gorgeous. Although I really don’t need it, since my Laura Mercier Artist Palette should arrive today or tomorrow…

Deb Avatar

Thanks. This will be my first Naked Palette. I have a lot of brown and gold neutrals, so it will be nice to get a pink toned palette. I think it’s warm enough for me.

I could never get N1 because I just can’t do non-durable packaging. I’m glad this is more like N2.

Susan Dowman Nevling Avatar

I agree Christine. I have the Laura Mercier palette as well as all four of the Naked palettes. They are all different and are all fun to play with. It depends on my mood and the colors I’m wearing as to which colors and palette I use. Love all 5; the Laura Mercier and the 4 UD’s.

Kae Avatar

I have blonde hair, green eyes, and I’m cool-toned. I have the Naked 1 and I LOVE it. I swatched Naked 2 on me and I think Naked 1 was a better choice.

Nicole Avatar

The double sided brush in Naked 3 looks different. The one side is the same as Naked 2 (the Good Karma shadow brush, I believe), but the other side does not look like the crease brush. Is that other side similar to the Good Karma shading brush (a dense, slanted brush)?

Candy Avatar

Thanks for the comparisons! I actually don’t have any of these palettes and every time I see them in store or swatch them (Naked 1 and 2 obviously, not 3), I don’t really feel like I’m missing anything since I have all that I need in my Lorac pro palette in terms of neutrals. If I’d consider getting any one it would be Naked 2. Naked 3 is a little too pink for me.

Anna Avatar

The UN 3 colors are so gorgeous!! But way to light for my complexion. Oh well. They can’t always cater to everybody. That’s understandable.

Beautiful palette nonetheless!

rachel Avatar

i’m a big fan of the naked palettes! the naked 1 was my second high end palette ever. the naked 2 took me some time to like; i don’t know why because currently i’m more in love with it than the first.
i know people are saying they look similar. all neutrals are technically similar because they’re all shades of brown- taupey brown, purply brown, orangey brown, golden brown, etc etc. neutral lovers appreciate the subtle differences!
the best part of the naked 3 and what will make it a good seller is not how different it is but because it truly will provide NAKED looks; both of the others make it hard to stray from bolder, smokier and more glamorous looks. this palette should flatter everyone and her mother and brothers, too and create pretty two-second looks as well as provide the option for a bolder, more intricate ones.

Kristin Avatar

Thats how i am!! I have about 100 similar pink shades of lipstick and the same in nudes that everyone says dont u have one just like that already? lol! I see the difference, and i love the colors so much that if they are close i wear them so much its not a waste to me!! So i personally think that UD did a great job making a third that is still different enough to me that i want them all. And as far as them marketing the same thing, well its in the eye of the beholder i suppose, as i feel that way about red lipsticks. But others buy every red!! i will be buying this as soon as i can!

Kristel Avatar

it looks very similar! I have the unzipped… which makes me wonder if I need (forget want.. of course I always want things! :p) this.. since it does look so similar!!

Libby Avatar

Exactly! I’ve been eyeing lorac unzipped and was going to go ahead and grab one up until I heard about the color scheme of the naked 3. I definitely don’t need 2 rose gold palettes but I can’t decide on which one.

Val Avatar

I know! It looks exactly the same to me except for a few added shades in the naked3. But is it enough to buy the thing? I’d love to see some side by side comparison swatches between these two!

Estefania Avatar

I have LORAC Unzipped and while they do look similar, I would say Unzipped is much more bronze and rose gold whereas Naked 3 is rose gold and plummy with a few browns. Unzipped has more browns and burgundies and even some beige golds, so I don’t think they’re entirely comparable…

Jillianps Avatar

Wow, I’m LOVING the Naked 3 palette! Naked 2 did nothing for me, considering I already had Naked and felt like they were too similar… and yeah, there are similarities between Naked 3 and the first two, but I like that there are shades that aren’t comparable to the first two palettes, and the shades are different enough for me to want to purchase it.

Thanks Christine for putting in this work!! This is why you’re the bee’s knees!! πŸ™‚

stacey Avatar

I wasn’t sure on this when i saw it on Instagram (when it wasn’t confirmed yet, so thought it was a fake) but seeing it compared to the other 2 naked palettes I really like it! Hope I can get my hands on this asap

Karla Avatar

Well the only colors i see identicals to each other are liar and toasted, and i have the naked 1 and i LOVE toasted so is not a problem to me, i also dont have naked 2 and the only eyeshadow that liked in that palette was chopper but trick looks much more pretty and i love so much rosy, shimmery eyeshadows….guess i know now what i want for christmas !! πŸ™‚

stephanie Avatar

I’ve often looked at Naked 1 and 2, but never pulled the trigger. Looks like third times the charm, because I’ve been looking for a palette with a lot of pink in it.

Christine Joy Luikuo Avatar

Haha! It seems like you have read my mind and answered my question. I was thinking of why people are so excited of Naked 3, was there any difference between the first and second one that makes people excited. Sorry for the ignorance but I’ve never seen any of the palettes in real and I’m not a fan of neutral colors. After reading this post, I now somehow understand why. =)

Sarah Avatar

Christine, would you say Naked 3 is cooler or warmer than Naked 2? I think the lighter tones here might work well for me, since I’m very fair, but warm, ruddy shades like Chopper make me look dead (although I’d say I have neutral undertones, in general). I use Tease, Verve, Pistol, and Blackout the most from Naked 2. Should I go for this?

Sarah Avatar

Yes, I wish they would come out with a palette that is actually cool! I like pink in general, and I love Laced, although I usually balance it out with something cooler, like Sin or Verve. So slightly warm is okay, but things leaning red are terrible (even something like Last Call), especially in the darker months. If more of these are closer to Laced or Tease than to Chopper, I think it will work! Thank you so much for your response, you are amazing!

Ann Avatar

I have to give you a big THANK YOU for these swatches. Your website is the only place I trust for swatches and thorough reviews. As much as I would like to just purchase it for the sake of having it, I am going to pass on this. It is for me too similar to the Naked 2 palette which I own and love. I am growing out of the stage where I feel like I have to get every new item a company throws out there. I was going to stalk the Sephora France website but not anymore. Thank you for the review. A little heartbroken, I am just not really impressed with the 3rd palette πŸ™

Ann Avatar

Thank you for the reply! I went through a phase where I bought everything and anything that came out. I ended up with so much stuff that I couldn’t enjoy it anymore. Got rid of a lot of stuff and now I am only buying what I know I will use. I really appreciate your website. I don’t have access to many stores where I live so I always check your website first. you have become a verb. Once I have Temptalia’ed it, then I clear it for purchase πŸ˜€

Mariam Avatar

Very true. I live in a small town in Australia. Can’t buy anything in stores because don’t have one very close to me, and even if there was one, I wouldn’t buy because of the steep prices. I have to buy everything online and can never buy until I’ve seen Christine’s review on it. I open this website atleast 20 times in a day starting everyday at about 6am. Like Ann said, I have been buying almost everything that they make out there and I have so much now that I can never use up everything. So I need to start thinking twice now before buying more stuff. As for the Naked 3, I will still get it next year. I have naked 1 and lorac pro palette and a neutral palette by kat von d, a few neautral quads by tom ford and chanel. I thought they were more than enough but the pink tones are attracting me.
Thank you Christine for making doing all the hard work for us.

Keri Avatar

A lot of these do look similar. That being said, I will probably still pick it up because I use those colours so often! I think the value is great… I can get a whole palette for the price of 4 shadows, and the size difference per shadow is not that much smaller! πŸ™‚

AmyD Avatar

I ask this question all the time (it’s because I <3 your swatches, Christine), but how do you think this palette will perform overall on darker complexions (NC42 and darker)?

(Speaking of asking the same question, and it's off-topic, but I bought and LOVE Coque d'Or Rouge Automatique!) πŸ™‚

Christine Avatar

I would expect that shades like Limit/Nooner might get lost, but the lighter shades are light enough that I think they’ll brighten (Stranger may possibly be chalky, as it is very white-based and more matte – I find a lot of near-matte, near-white shades can be a lil’ chalky on my skin tone), then you have some really intense shades like Blackheart/Darkside that will still give definition on NC42 skin.

AmyD Avatar

Right now, I use Naked in the N1 palette as an all-over lid wash before I apply other colors; it looks like Limit and Nooner may fit that purpose if I get N3. Plus Chopper was the most interesting shade out of N2 to me (didn’t purchase), and I love Toasted and wouldn’t mind another close shade, so I very well may be purchasing N3!

Megan Lewis Avatar

Okay, love the packaging on this one compared to the first and second, both of which I own, which is where I’m struggling. The makeup obsessed person in me is screaming get this as soon as it comes out!!! But, the realist in me is thinking, these colors look no different than the other two palettes I already own. Thoughts?

Christine Avatar

Unfortunately, Urban Decay isn’t confirming that date for me yet, so until they give me the word, I’m not going to put a specific date on it πŸ™‚ I don’t want readers thinking it’s one date and it’s not – I’ve heard five different dates across retailers, including multiple dates for the same one (like Sephora), so it doesn’t seem like it’s fully cemented yet.

mariamarvel Avatar

Oh, I’m so disappointed. When I heard about Naked 3 palette, I hoped that UD will eventually make something really cool-toned!!( These palettes are great for many people, but I can use only a couple shades of Naked 1 and the same with Naked 2.

Riri80 Avatar

If I was UD, I would come out with a palette called BOLD with the same palette shape and start that new line with wearable purples and need highlight and crease colors. Then I would do BOLD 2 with blues and greys. BOLD meaning colorful as opposed to Naked/NEUTRAL. I am so disappointed the rumors were not true about this being purples and pinks, but at the same time it makes sense since those are not naked colors.

Christine would you buy this because it is a staple or because you would like to have it to complete the Naked collection?

Riri80 Avatar

I love N1 and N2 as well. Thank you so much Christine for your reply. Maybe I would have been more excited if I didn’t own most of MACs e/s, both Naked palettes, and having just bought Chanel’s Charming, Lorac Pro, and a bunch of dior quints. Seems like my collection is never complete! sigh :s

Alia Avatar

Agree! I would have loved a purple palette…green palette…. etc. I have pale olive toned skin and although I love dusty pinks or browned pinks and peaches I just can’t see this working on my skin tone with green eyes

xamyx Avatar

While I will be picking this up ASAP, I think it is still a bit too warm for my tastes. I love that the shades run lighter, which makes for less effort in throwing a look together, but a pale, taupy-lavender themed would just be my ideal (although my NYX Butt Naked palette fits the bill)-Naked 4, perhaps…? LOL

Veronica Avatar

I feel the same. Why so much gold in these palettes? It’s not entirely “neutral,” and not everyone can wear it well. How are you liking the NYX palette? Is the quality good across the board? The more I swatch it at Ulta, the more I like it.

xamyx Avatar

I actually picked up the first one at Nordstrom Rack, and I really like the shadows. The face products aren’t really doing it for me in terms of color, but the quality is there. As for quality of the shadows, you do need a primer or base to get full intensity, but even without, I don’t find them too chalky or sheer. I have better shadows, but I definitely have worse, even at higher pricepoints. I find the shadows in the particular palette I have to be on par with my MAC shadows, which I also must use a base with. When it comes to staying-power, I get really good mileage with pretty much any shadow I wear, so I’m not the best person to give an opinion on that aspect. I a, cirious about the newer palette, although it seems to be warmer/browner.

Veronica Avatar

Primer isn’t too much of a problem – when you have hooded eyes, you don’t have a choice, haha! The newer palette does seem to lean a little browner/warmer, but I didn’t find it overwhelmingly warm-toned the way I find the Naked palette when I swatched it. Thank you for the response, though! I’ll have to give their nude palettes a second glance.

furandlace Avatar

I regret my Naked1 purchase so I stopped there. Not interested in this either. Maybe I’m the only one but after my experience with the original Naked, I am not totally sold on UD shadows, their finish or their texture.

Jenn Avatar

I love the colors of the original palette but I’m not sure what the hype is on these. The amount of glitter fallout I have is crazy. I know this one is supposed to be less but I still prefer MAC shadows.

Emily Avatar

My heart skipped a beat when I heard this was coming out! I thought I would have to be first in line to add to my UD palette collection. The initial impact of the palette itself is stunning. The rose gold case was a beautiful choice for a range a rosie-goldie shades… But upon inspection of each individual shade, there are only a handful that I can really see myself using. I love Buzz, Trick, Liar, and Mugshot, but I feel pretty meh about the rest of them. I especially think Limit, Nooner, and Strange would stick out like a sore thumb on my extremely fair, yellow undertoned skin. It will probably be one of those palettes that I always admire but just won’t end up springing for. Oh well!

Amy Avatar

Hey Christine if I have naked one and two is asked 3 worth buying in your opinion? Also I have dark brown hair and green eyes and olive undertones but on the fair side. Would naked 3 look good on me also which of the three would look best sorry for all the questions

Christine Avatar

I don’t think Naked 3 is very comparable/similar to either Naked 1 or Naked 2. Chopper/Trick and Toasted/Liar were the only two that were close enough (IMO, of course) that they may be redundant! I think whether it’s worth buying just comes down to how many shades you would see yourself using and if you have anything similar elsewhere in your stash (maybe not in Naked palettes, but other brands or shades you have).

I think it would look good on you, though!

Meghedy Avatar

I’m really excited for this palette. i own Naked 1 but skipped out N2 because they looked so similar to me. but N3 looks like a whole new palette in its own right. can’t wait until it’s in-store!

Gabby Avatar

Lol! I was going through the comparisons & my eye kept getting drawn to the N1 swatches. I was like “Oooh. That one is gorgeous & totally my favorite! I definitely want the palette that has that shadow!” And then I would scroll to check which palette – sure enough, N1 – literally, every time. Good thing that Naked 1 is the only one I actually own πŸ˜€ Thanks for the great comparison Christine! Now I definitely feel good about finally saving up for UD Naked 1 this year.

Lacey Avatar

Thank you for the tri-comparison, Christine! I think I’ll wait to see this baby in stores for swatches. I tend to prefer coolers tones, although the shades do look lovely even if they run warmer. I own Naked 2 and have been pleased with the shades offered, but after I purchased the Lorac Pro Palette, I definitely reach for the pro over naked 2.

Jenny Avatar

Hi Christine, the brush included with the Naked 3 looks very similar to the brush I got with the Vice 2 palette. Are they the same brush but in a different color?

Jamie Avatar

I’m so happy you posted a comparison of all three palettes! I only own N1. When N2 came out, I decided against getting it because I wanted more matte finishes. And it looked too similar to N1 to me. AND because I really didn’t need another palette (hoarder). But after seeing all three palettes side by side, I’m really considering getting N2 and N3! I’m a sucker for neutral shades and Urban Decay shadows in general. I’m just glad these palettes are permanent because it may be awhile til I’m ready to fork the money over.

Christine Avatar

Hey Jen!

What’s your coloring? That might help me πŸ™‚

I think all three are very nice, and from a quality standpoint, worth checking out. What I might recommend doing is looking at each palette and really thinking about which has the most shades you’d wear regularly – which has shades you’d really reach for?

Kayla Avatar

Which of the 3 Naked palettes would you recommend for someone with a very pale, neutral-toned complexion and brown eyes/hair? Grays and very warm colors don’t look good on me. The most flattering eyeshadow colors I have are MAC Satin Taupe, Benefit RSVP, Maybelline Barely Branded, and Naked2 from the Naked Basics palette.

aephilea Avatar

This drives me nuts. I really wish UD would start making some palettes that suit us darker girls. More than half of all the Naked palettes are always highlight or unattractive frosts on darker skin. *sigh*

Veronica Avatar

I feel like the Naked line in general could use some branching out on both sides of the spectrum. This one would work better on us fair ladies color-wise, but it’s still very warm-toned in shading like the other two palettes. The palettes over all seem best suited for medium, warm-toned complexions.

fancie Avatar

I know I don’t want Naked 3. It leans a bit too pink for me although Limit is just beautiful! I’m back to lusting for Naked 2 now though lol. I already have the first Naked but I still want 2 for some reason. It just looks bolder lol. Thanks for the swatches and review!!

Sierra Avatar

I don’t have any Naked palettes, but I kind of want to start getting into neutrals. I have fair, cool skin (KVD Light 44) with super dark brown hair and green eyes. Trying to decide which Naked palette would best suit my coloring. :/

Badgerpawsmcgee Avatar

So in your opinion, will us girls who couldn’t get naked 2 because it was too cool like this? The mugshot ans dark side colors look very cool toned.

Mariella Avatar

It’s funny – I was pretty sure I’d rush out to get N3 as soon as it hit the shelves but now, seeing these swatches and how very similar some are (and that is swatched heavily on your hand; most of us don’t get such a heavy application on our lids – well, I sure don’t – so the slight differences are likely to be even less noticeable), I am thinking I might just pass on this one, especially because some of the shadows are far more pink/peach toned than I like. But it won’t stop me checking it out in-store and I just might cave (though I think I’m more likely to fall for the new Clarins quad you showed yesterday).

Mariella Avatar

Funny you should say this because, having seen Naked3 in detail now, I was thinking that if there is a Naked4, it will be more green toned (almost like that Clarins 4-pan Christine just reviewed) – since they’ve done warm and cool (I thought 2 seemed more taupe-leaning, which is why I love it so much) and now pink/peach so maybe green toned (a la MAC Coquette, for example) would be 4th.

Chehaila Avatar

ive been planning on buying one of the naked palettes – not sure which one though? I’m nc35 skintone at mac, with brown hair and hazel eyes?! any reccomendations for me? i just wanna buy one that i’ll get the most use out of!

Shelby Avatar

Christine, I just wanted to say how much I love your blog. Can’t tell you how many lipsticks I’ve bought based almost entirely on your swatches and reviews!

If I was to just get one Naked palette, which should I pick? I have brown eyes, fair “pink” often flushed skin and coppery red hair. I love the Naked3 swatches, but I’m not sure.

Shelby Avatar

I use pinks a lot for my “day” looks. I don’t have any good copper eyeshadows yet, so I think this would be a great excuse to get the palette! I’m afraid once I get one I’ll feel the need to get all the Naked Palettes. Oh my poor bank account!

Lindsay Avatar

Limit and Nooner are exactly the kind of colors I’m loving lately! I have hazel eyes and find that these types of shades really enhance the green in my eyes, which I love. So hazel and green eyed girls take note! πŸ™‚

Also, I’m having the same struggle as many of you–I’m dying to own the palette and then look at my stash and wonder if it realllly needs to be added? Verdict: I’ll probably cave once I get Christmas money. πŸ™‚

Thanks so much for all of your swatches and comparisons Christine! I blogged for a bit and I know how hard it can be! And I can’t imagine doing it on the volume level you do! πŸ™‚

S, W, Avatar

Looks nice for a spring /summer palette-tho I would wear this now anyway.. I like it as I cannot pull off the darker colors all over my lids anymore. The colors are great for work.

Jenny Avatar

Hi Christine,

I don’t own any of the Naked palettes but Naked 3 has me interested. I’m Asian, light skinned with cool undertones (at least when I look at my wrist the veins look bluish purple). I’m trying to avoid too much glitter (the Vice 2 has me glitter overloaded). Which one would you recommend? I also already have theBalm NUDE’tude palette. Thanks!

Elle Avatar

I am still on my massive rose gold kick so I’m afraid I’m going to lust after this desperately. I’m slightly afraid of pinky shades, but I think the massive amounts of brown and gold shadows I have will help if I decide to get this. Thanks as always Christine!

Denise S. Avatar

Too light and pink for my complexion I think. But will check it out in person later. I own a YSL pink and burgundy palette. and a Guerlain pink ,gold and brown one. I really can’t justify this one. Naked 1 is one of my favorite palettes. Thanks for the great reviews of Naked3 Christine!

Kim Avatar

Thanks Christine for this amazing post, I always know it’s official when it’s on your page! I actually have no neutral palettes except the too faced natural at night palette. I’ve been eyeing the Lorac pro and UD naked palettes forever, I thiiink I’m about a NW25 or MUFE 118, so I was wondering which palette should I get?? I really love the pink tones of N3 but I really wish there was a matte black in it like N2 but I feel likeN2 is a bit too yellow and cool? …and then lorac pro has just so many colours but not a good black… I unno, help! lol

Kim Avatar

Thanks for the reply! Hmmm, I don’t have any black eyeshadow but I do have a liquid/gel eyeliner (i’m fairly simple when it comes to makeup)… I’m thinking that I’ll probably get the N3 palette since it is the colors I’ll use most out of the 3… and probably buy the UD eyeliner in black or get naked basics… tho if I did, I might as well get N2 also since there’s more color variety… with black/brown hair and eyes, usually neutral is best, right?

Brandi Anthony Avatar

I might get this when I have more money in my budget (or if I can somehow get a discount on it!) For now, I will be perfectly content with my Naked2 palette πŸ™‚

Mari Calikes Avatar

I live in the United Kingdom and don’t want to be at the end of the line when purchasing this gorgeous palette. Do you know where and when it will be released in Britain?

Karen Avatar

This is exactly what I’ve been wanting from the Naked line. I just bought a bunch during Sephora VIB sale and I’ve picked up other palettes – Vice 2, Too Faced Rebel & Anastasia Lavish just before that. I wish this had been out for the sale because I would have passed on something else for this.I have both Naked palettes so I can wait until they restock because it will surely sell out right away.

Amanda Avatar

I don’t own any of these pallets because I was holding out trying to decide if they would look good on me… I’m SO glad I waited because I’m in love with #3!!! I will definitely be getting this one!

Emma Avatar

Welp, I *totally* thought I “needed” Naked 2, which looks almost identical to N1 in these swatches. So now I definitely need Naked 3 hahahaha. Man, Urban Decay gets me every single time. I just love eyeshadow so much!

clara Avatar

im was thinking about getting naked 2 but now that im seeing naked 3 i might go for that one.. i dont know! i have blue eyes, and fair/reddish-skin and golden blonde hair, could anyone help me out, which would suit me best? i dont like dark colours so naturally im leaning towards naked 3, but the pink colours kind of freak me out, i dont know if they’d suit me

Amy Avatar

I am curious as to how these rosy toned nudes compare to the Lorac Unzipped palatte(that I have been debating getting for quite some time now).I mean, in texture and color variation which is the more has the satisfying bang for your buck?

Linda Avatar

Great review and photos Christine. The three palettes photographed together are a treat for us makeup junkies! I haven’t purchased either of the first two palettes, as I have a lot of neutrals. I will get this new one. I like the pink shades and don’t have many. Thanks for all the detailed reviews. You really do go the extra mile for your readers, and it is appreciated.

Tiara shay Avatar

I’m so thankful you posted this article!!! How did you get the pallet so soon and have you heard anything about when it might be released? I think I found my Xmas present!!

Jen Avatar

So, I’m a sinner and haven’t personally made an investment into a good palette yet, but this has definitely caught my eye where the other Naked palettes have not. However, for some reason I have a serious problem reacting to UDs primer potion, but no issues with any of the 24/7 eyeliners, including ones heavily gilt with glitter. With that being said, I can wear any Bare Minerals pressed shadow, which from experience seem to have similar textures to the ones you described in your initial review of Naked 3.

Christine, do you think I’ll have any issues with this palette?
Thank you so much for all that you do! πŸ™‚

Dawn Taylor Avatar


I have the same problem with UD eye primers, as well as Too Faced. I think they work well for a lot of people, but I have very sensitive eyes. The primers I found that do work are Nars, Tom Ford Duo Primer and Mac Paint Pots work as primers for me as well. As far as eyeshadows I don’t have any problems with Urban Decays or Bare Minerals (both are typically very buttery pigmented high quality shadows) or most eyeshadow for that matter. Hope this helps!

Melissa Avatar

It looks lovely! I own all the other naked palettes and the only one that doesn’t seem to suit me is naked 2. I am very pale but with warm colouring/yellow undertones, brown eyes & hair. Does anyone know if these new colours might suit me? I really messed up buying naked 2 πŸ™

Krista Avatar

Hi Christine! πŸ™‚ I have fair skin with grey eyes and dark hair. Which Naked palette would be best for me? I don’t have any of them yet – I’ve been putting it off forever because I can’t decide!

Tiffany Avatar

Thank you for your swatches! Your blog is the ONLY place I trust when I online shopping. Really want this palette but I want to seek your advices first πŸ™‚
I am an Asian, brown color, brown eyes, warm undertone and my skin is quite tanned. (I mostly purchase the first tan/beige color a brand made, like the lightest tan or lightest beige. Sorry if it is confusing to you). I do not own N1, N2 or basics, but I plan to buy N3 and basics this year. But I don’t know if these pink shades would do for my undertone. I look through the comments and no one is like me so I have to ask you myself πŸ™‚ I like lighter shades but I fear those rose-gold color would make my eyes appear ‘puffy’. So whats your suggestion? N1, N2 or N3? (I must get the basics so which one you think would compliment basics the most on me)

(I can’t swatch it because I live in Asia and there is no UD retailers here at all *sad face*) So I really need your suggestions πŸ™‚

THANK YOU :):):)

Christine Avatar

Thank you so much, Tiffany! πŸ™‚

You can rock this palette – one way to minimize the possibility of pinks overwhelming the eye and making it look puffy is pairing it with something contrasting – like one of the deeper browns in the palette! πŸ™‚

Tiffany Avatar

Thanks for taking time to reply my comments πŸ™‚
And your suggestion is very helpful, will definitely try to pair those beautiful color in N3 with warm tone brown as a transitional color on my crease!!! UGH I am so excited for N3 now I know that I can *ROCK* it haha πŸ˜€
Once again, thank you for taking time to reply me even though you are super busy!!! :*

Bhumi Avatar

I don’t own any of first 2 ans was debating as to which one I should buy this christmas and now this 3rd one came out. I have a indian skin tone and I wear MAC matchmaker number 5. I have read some blogs that say Naked 1 is good for my skin tone types. Would you suggest Naked 1 and 3? OR Naked 2 would be better for my skin tone. so confused. LOL

Mary Avatar

Hi Christine, I miss seeing your youtube reviews of new products, question can you do a comparison of the naked palette’s there? I have the naked 1 and I will probably add naked 3 to my collection as well, because I love warm pinky neutrals. Thanks