Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics Palette for Fall 2016

Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics Palette for Fall 2016
Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics Palette for Fall 2016

This holiday season, there’s a whole new way to get Naked—with our latest Naked Basics palette (the biggest and best yet). We loaded Naked Ultimate Basics with 12 ALL-NEW must-have neutrals, from cool to warm—all with a little edge that makes them Naked.

September 2016

The Details

Naked Ultimate Basics Palette, $54.00 (New, Permanent)

  • Blow Light nude demi-matte
  • Nudie Soft pink-nude matte
  • Commando Light taupe-brown matte
  • Tempted Pale brown matte
  • Instinct Medium pink-taupe matte
  • Lethal Reddish brown matte
  • Pre-Game Pale yellow matte
  • Extra Bitter Burnt orange matte
  • Faith Medium warm brown matte
  • Lockout Rich neutral brown matte
  • Magnet Smoky gray matte
  • Blackjack Warm black matte


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Julia Avatar

Aw man, I was wishing for an all- or mostly- shimmer palette in light to medium shades. I’m sure a lot of people will love this, though. guess I should be thankful there’s a Naked palette I’m not excited to grow my money at! I am curious why they went for a square layout instead of the classic Naked long rectangle- I find that the latter is much easier to store and travel with.

Mariella Avatar

I agree, Linda, about the all matte palettes. As much as KvD’s Shade+Light eyeshadow palette is great, it would be so much better still with one or two shades with some sheen to them. In the interest of packing really light, I took Naked2Basics (a palette I also love but which I generally use with a shimmer shade thrown in) with me to NYC a few weeks ago and by about day 3, I was so longing for a lid or highlight colour with some glow to it.

LindaP Avatar

Hi Mariella,

This Naked palette was the deciding factor on my pulling the trigger last night on another — the ABH Modern Renaissance. I went to Sephora, swatched it to the nth and know that the ABH are a collection of shadows that suit me, have a few shimmers and satins, and offer neutrals that are just a little bit different.

I don’t own any of the Naked palettes — frankly they never turned me on as I have felt I have “close enough” dupes. The ABH palette seems just different enough. As much as I like to talk about makeup and use it, I don’t own an overriding ton of it. The ABH palette just upped my game quite a bit, I think. Hope I like it as much as I think I will.

Mariella Avatar

Hope you love that ABH palette, Linda. I’m not getting it – just way too many reds and oranges – shades I don’t wear. I regret not getting the Self Made palette but now that singles are available here in Canada, I’ve purchased a few of those and really love them. As for the Naked palettes – I honestly really enjoy and use all of mine a lot. And to be honest, they really struck a chord with the first one which is why so very many other companies have imitated them or borrowed the idea – it’s a great concept that stands many women in good stead.

Stephanie Avatar

It’s official. UD has finally run the Naked theme into the ground. I love UD to death, but seriously?

Anyone who has bought multiple neutral palettes in the past couple of years has at least one dupe for every single shade in this palette. I would have liked to see this a couple of years ago before I’d bought several of my other neutral palettes, especially if these shadows are anything like the (nearly perfect) Naked Basics formula, but I can’t justify purchasing this palette or anything like it at the moment.

Mariella Avatar

While it almost pains me to admit it, I think I’m sort of “Naked-ed out”. I think especially for the Holidays I’d have liked something with a bit more excitement and a bit more colour (I really think I’d like that XXReloaded palette or whatever it’s called but it’s only available online from Sephora here in Canada and I’ve not been able to visit an Ulta since lord knows when – I think they might have it in-store). Easy pass for me.

Katherine T. Avatar

I agree, I find it strange that they are launching a basic neutral matte palette for holidays, when brands are usually trying to outshine others, literally and figuratively with glitter, shimmer, and color

Amy Avatar

Mariella, that palette is on sale at a seriously reduced amount atm. Not to tempt you to spend, just so you don’t lose out on (and have the possible regret) a fabulous palette. 🙂

Mariella Avatar

Not in Canada it isn’t (the Spectrum one is but I’ve so many of those shades already in the 15th Anniversary palette and, I think, some others). The XX Reloaded one is $75 from Sephora here in Canada.

Emily Avatar

Okay… I just kinda feel like… Seriously?! ANOTHER?! NOT NECESSARY! But then I realize business is business and, hey these colors aren’t so bad… The struggle

Nicole D Avatar

That’s really beautiful ! I wanted to buy the ABH Renaissance palette (it’s out of stock for a long time on Sephora Canada website but it’s avalable at one Sephora store a little bit far from where I live). I see that the UD palette has only mattes. Should I wait for this palette and combine it with a few shimmer/satin MAC individual eyeshadows I already have ?
Christine, I have none of the previous UD palettes (yes, I know 🙂 ) so I wonder where the UD eyeshadows stand in terms of quality compared to ABH Renaissance ?

LindaP Avatar

Hi Nicole,

I just got the ABH Renaissance palette last night, driving to my semi-local Sephora. The one nearest me has been out for weeks. I’ll let you know about the combo of colors as I use them, but they are beautiful — and it is a little bit different, as you already know. I think that will give versatility. ABH is also out of stock online in the US, but you can get it from Anastasia directly, if you don’t mind giving up the Sephora points. 🙂

There hasn’t been a “had to have” product for me in a while. I let myself cave on this one.

Nicole D Avatar

Thank you so much Linda !! It seems like I have not (yet) learned my lesson, meaning to get a beauty product that seems special while it’s still available and if I don’t like it, return it. I’ve waited and waited until it’s gone.
Now, if I’m looking at which of the Sephora stores it’s still available, it says “South Burlington, VT, US” :). I’m gonna talk to a local Sephora store to see when they can expect to restock. Hopefully they will as it’s not a LE.

The colors look so beautiful and the quality seems to be there. For my fair skin and brown/hazel eyes, this palette looks like a perfect choice.

Sarah Avatar

I may be trading my Paula’s Choice Nude Mattes for this in my travel bag if it performs well! I love the mix of warms and cools. The only thing I see right now that could be criticized is the two palest shades may look very similar compared to the diverse darker shades.

AB Avatar

Between having eyeshadow palette fatigue and several possible dupes for almost all of these shades, I’m not feeling it. “Extra bitter” looks interesting (so I’d hope for UD to offer it as a single) and I appreciate these are mattes.

Lizzi Avatar

Please tell me this is permanent… It’s not groundbreaking but I know I’ll want this. I just don’t want the blood bath of trying to get a LE product.

nelleshoegirl Avatar

I love mattes. I generally like the look of this palette & color scheme (some shades look very similar to each other though). I even generally find Urban Decay mattes to work alright for me. Based on the promo image alone I thought “I’d like to own this”. But for some reason, the $55 price tag irked me and turned me off. I am not a stranger to paying higher prices. I own plenty of luxury branded items and several Viseart palettes. But the Viseart palettes I bought during various promos that lowered their costs and they are top notch quality in my opinion. Worth the price tag. And their quality is more consistent than Urban Decay. Urban Decay seems to always be releasing $60 palettes lately. The initial price point for their items just keeps creeping up. I even think the Naked palettes at $54 are overpriced now. Obviously Urban Decay knows their market though, or they wouldn’t be starting off at these prices. But it is interesting to me that so many of their most recent limited edition products (Vice 4, Vice LTD Reloaded, Spectrum, Gwen Stefani) are still hanging around with their prices seriously slashed.

Katherine T. Avatar

For $55, I sure hope the actual palette looks more exciting than the promo pic! I never thought UD would ever issue an all matte palette, so kudos to them for doing that, but this looks really boring. I think 5 of the lightest colors are going to look almost the same on my lids. And I don’t see the “little edge” in this kit, unless you count the black shadow which is standard in almost every kit. I think I will stick with my MAC C’est Chic palette

Dawn Avatar

Oh yeah – looking forward to this one. I’m about a neutral 25-27 (sorry, don’t wear Mac foundations, but that’s my guess) and this looks perfect for a variety of looks for those of us who don’t need shadows to be too dark. Very much looking forward to your review!!

catbird 18 Avatar

Yea UD! I’ve been waiting for this palette. I can only wear matte shadows so I’m loving this & can’t wait to get my hands on it. I love the Naked2 Basics & this one will have even more colors. Thanks UD

Alicia Morris Avatar

Ugh. I’m so not a fan of this “all matte” craze. I am a sparkle and shine kind of girl, and only use mattes here and there in my eye looks. Easy pass for me. If this palette had been shimmer or satin shades, I would be all over it!

Nika99 Avatar

I will be getting this!!I have none of the Naked Basic Palettes so I think this will be a nice addition to my collection.Im not a big matte person usually but I like the colors and the fact that all the shades are new is very appealing to me.They will do all the crazy bold colors and shimmer in Vice 5 for the Holiday I’m sure!

Zoe Avatar

Love the colors, the fact that it’s matte, the packaging, and the included brush.
But probably not something I’d buy, considering I’ve accumulated a fair amount of neutrals lately.

zVintageFashionizta Avatar

I’m disappointed, I was hoping that this would be Basics 1 and Basics 2 combined into one new improved palette because the original packaging gets ugly and disgusting.

Alecto Avatar

All-matte palettes are my weakness. I’m not saying I buy them, but I do gaze at them longingly. I only have two matte palettes (two palettes, peiod!): Paula’s Choice and Benefit Eyes Are the Window in “Mind.” The latter is a **wonderful** palette, very rich and buttery, and the colors seem made for me. Having said that, this palette reminds me very strongly of the Benefit palette, to a point where I think the majority of the colors may be dupes.

Veronica Avatar

I love matte shadows, but like most of the Naked line, this looks too warm for me. It’s going to wind up being a pass for me, I’m thinking.

Joni Avatar

was excited at the prospect, then bummed that t was all matte… and then even more bummed when I realized the first five shades on the top half are basically identical — especially on my pale skin, where I’m hard pressed to get light base-type shadow shades to show up at all! oh well, I can save that $ and check out the other 4,627 palettes that seem to be rolling out for the new holiday season! (September, apparently, lol) 🙂 admittedly still looking forward to swatches, though!

KatyCT Avatar

Maybe I am just being grumpy but I am burnt out on palettes both colorful and nude alike (and even face palettes with a million highlighters that all look pretty much the same on my skin). I have so much product that I can’t even store it so that it is functional and easily accessible. I must have a thousand of the colors in this palette already. Recently I have decided that I am going to slowly divest of my pre-made eye palettes to friends and family and just build z-palettes of shadow that I actually use from brands I really love and have a small z palette for picking out small selections of colors I want to try using together and for travel. I am not going to buy any holiday palettes this year unless something truly unique comes out. I’m not holding my breath for that. I am going to use photos and in store swatches of new palette releases as a source of inspiration rather than a potential purchase opportunity.

Cathy Avatar

When I first heard about this palette, I thought it sounded kind of boring and like too much of a do-over (more Naked??), but now that I see a pic of it….I’m tempted. I do love a matte palette. And I do love UD. And there are a couple of shades in here that I don’t think I have dupes for (smoky gray matte *yum*). Pretty reasonable price point, too. Yeah, I could easily talk myself into picking this one up. Looking forward to your review, Christine 🙂

Kira Avatar

The top four left would be so light on me that you wouldn’t be able to distinguish the color differences that well. I’m interested to see how it swatches! I haven’t bought any new palettes recently because I have been less than impressed in person, or they are starting to get duplicative for me. I guess I’ve hit that wall, haha.

Calvert Avatar

I love the idea of another all matte palette, but it looks waaaay to warm for my skintone. Until I can find something that can compete with my beloved cool quad from the KVD shade and light eye, then I’m not buying.

Brynne Avatar

I didn’t buy either of the other Naked Basics Palettes because neither of them had enough range for me to pick one.
This tempts me more than the other 2 matte palettes ever did.
I think this might have to come home with me.

Helene Avatar

I must confess I like the look of this. I hope you’ll get this to review. If it gets OK grades I will buy it. I have all the Naked palettes and I use them quite a lot. I don’t have any of the Naked Basic’s though. I’ve been meaning to buy one, but I tend to get seduced buy the shimmery palettes or singles. I am very curious about Extra Bitter, it looks very interesting.

Nemo Avatar

Since the emphasis tends to be on shimmer in many palettes, I am delighted to see this matte palette. I did check out the Anastasia Renaissance palette, but I am allergic to strong red pigmentation and so that’s not for me… it isn’t truly neutral IMO, and I don’t wear orange either. The UD palette does have one orange, but 11 out of 12 useable pans is a good ratio. Anyone wanting shimmer, there’s plenty of matching shimmer shades in past palettes. Will buy this one.


Hi, Christine, I´m a brazillian fan of your reviews, I love matte colors, recently I bought te Tartellete and the LORAC matte palette, but this seems to me different! I´m looking forward your review to decide to purchase or not this one…

lina Avatar

As a twenty something year old with only one drugstore eyeshadow palette I’m very excited for this! Where I live in Australia we only have drugstore brands (always a season behind no less), and to get popular mid range brands I have to travel at least 2 hours so I don’t have any nice palettes. But I think this is going to be an awesome base to build a collection from. I know alot of people are like “who doesn’t already have these shades twenty times over in their collection?” but that’s definitely not me haha

Jennifer Avatar

This is exactly the palette I’ve been waiting for! Naked Basics and Naked 2 Basics have been my go-to palettes for a couple of years now, because I grew rather tired of shimmer (and also got a conservative sort of job). I’ve been considering the Viseart matte neutrals for a while, but a lot of the colours look like they’ll be too dark and/or orange for my personal tastes. This, on the other hand… I can actually see myself using every shade!

Candice Avatar

I’m really excited about this! I haven’t been following releases for several months, not watching YouTube or reading blogs but I will for this because it’s something I will potentially buy, if it’s a good one. I don’t wear much makeup but mattes might make it into my routine.

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