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Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette for Summer 2015

Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette
Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette

There’s more to the perfect smoky eye than a heap of dark shadow and a badass attitude. (Although the attitude certainly doesn’t hurt.) The key to nailing the most sought-after and elusive eye look ever? Urban Decay’s Naked Smoky—loaded with ALL the essentials for the perfect neutral smoky eye. We packed our newest Naked palette with a dozen sultry, smoky neutrals—nine never-before-seen shades and three exclusives. Experiment with warm bronzes, dimensional grays, rich browns, gorgeous taupes and deep black. From mattes and satins to shades with sparkle, Naked Smoky has it all. We painstakingly assembled everything you need in one palette: A true range of shades. The perfect brushes. We even included detailed tutorials!

Ever buy a beauty product and then realize you have no idea how to use it? Naked Smoky makes sultry, come-hither eyes totally doable. A detailed look book included with the palette breaks down four of our favorite ways to get Naked and smoky. Follow the step-by-step instructions to steal one of our looks (try the Iconic UD Smoky Eye, the Smoky Reality Star, the Smoky Cat or Everyday Smoky), or create your own. We even worked with top makeup artists to get their best tips and tricks for smoky-eye success. And since high-quality brushes are essential, we preloaded the palette with an exclusive double-ended brush. Use the Tapered Crease Brush to lay
down shadow, define the crease or blend out color. To seamlessly fuse shadow and liner, use the Smoky Smudger Brush. Small enough for highlighting the brow bone or the corner of the eye, it’s also ideal for smoking out the lower lash line. (It’s also Wende’s favorite shape for perfect tight-lining.)

The case and the brush feature a cool floating smoke effect, with “Naked Smoky” in gunmetal foil. To add to the mysterious vibe, we set the shadow pans in a smoky transparent base. As mesmerizing as the case is, it’s also practical. A magnetic closure prevents shadow mishaps in your bag, and the full-size mirror makes it easy to get Naked whenever the urge strikes.

Naked Smoky Palette ($54.00) (New, Permanent)

  • High Champagne shimmer with micro-glitter (New)
  • Dirtysweet Medium bronze (New)
  • Radar Metallic taupe with iridescent micro-glitter (Vice 2)
  • Armor Metallic silver-taupe with tonal sparkle (Vice)
  • Slanted Light metallic gray (New)
  • Dagger Medium charcoal with micro-shimmer (New)
  • Black Market Jet black satin (Vice)
  • Smolder Deep plum-taupe (New)
  • Password Cool taupe matte (New)
  • Whiskey Rich brown matte (New)
  • Combust Soft pink-taupe (New)
  • Thirteen Light beige satin (New)
  • Dual-Ended Pencil/Crease Brush

Availability: July 8th at; July 12th online at ULTA (July 16th in-stores); mid-July at Sephora, Macy’s,

See more photos!

Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette
Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette

Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette
Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette

Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette
Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette

Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette
Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette


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Andrea K Avatar

I’m not a fan of UD Naked palettes. Have gotten a couple but ended up given away. Find them too shimmery on a bad way. Still, I’m a smokey junkie, so this one will have me pondering about.

Danielle Avatar

Haha Erin I am right there with you! I already have Naked 2 and 3 plus the Naked Basics 1 and 2…my husband is gonna be mad but I NEED this! It’s gorgeous!! Urban Decay is on a mission to slowly drain my bank account…

Kalli Avatar

The gold and bronze shade look straight out of the first Naked (and seem a bit out of place here) but other than that, it looks great! I’ll probably end up buying it at some point, knowing myself and my weakness for UD eyeshadow palettes.

Christina D. Avatar

Want! Must have! Love UD and really love dark, smoky, muted colors. The size of these palettes are also my favorites. First release this year that I am eager to get my hands on.

Great timing too since I no longer have the UD Smoked palette!

M Avatar

Maaaaybe. I only have Naked 3, and have been pondering getting the original Naked palette. The colors look pretty great in this, for my pale complexion anyway. I like to go warm smoky vs. blacks. Will probably snag this when it’s released even if the review and swatches aren’t up yet. Will return if it’s bad! Hee.

Anna Avatar

totally agree…this doesn’t seem like anything very new or exciting…looks like just a new arrangement of extremely similar colors

xamyx Avatar

Naked 1 is very “bronzey” on me, whereas this one looks like it’ll be what I wanted from Naked 2. So no, I don’t find them similar in any way.

Aparna Avatar

It seems like 6 out of the 12 are matte, but I can’t be sure. I’m thinking Dagger, Black Market, Password, Whiskey, Combust and Thirteen.

monkeysmomee Avatar

It says in the color description, whiskey and password are for sure matte, but combust doesn’t say and it does look matte. But all other shades have a satin,metallic or shimmer description. you never know, some shadows that areby matte in the pan transfer to the eye looking matte, so we will have to see!

Sarah Avatar

Just when you think they’ve milked Naked for all it’s worth… They do something like this lol. Hardly qualifies as “naked” but I’m kinda digging it since I love darker makeup looks…

Katherine T. Avatar

At least it’s not all neutrals. Interesting…..I love a smoky eye, but I have enough gray shadows already and way too many browns of course. Wish they had added some smoky blues or more purples/plums, that would’ve been awesome

Alisha Avatar

OK well I just posted on Reddit that I wasn’t interest, but I’m definitely gonna have to get it now that I’ve seen the colors! I really love my Naked palettes and I’ll probably keep buying them as long as they make new ones. I really, really wish they would do a purple toned one next.

Sarah Avatar

I haven’t been excited about an UD release in a long time, but I am so looking forward to this! Mostly because I’ve wanted a Whiskey eyeshadow forever.

Kate Avatar

I don’t know how I feel about this palette. I’m not a huge smoky eye person mostly because they aren’t work appropriate. I have been wondering what the next naked palette would look like and I’m glad that this looks different enough from the other palettes but I was hoping it would be something more wearable than this. Honestly I have had many fantasies about UD releasing a purple toned palette.

Codename Duchess Avatar

I have the same fantasy! I really really really want a mauve/purple naked palette. It may be the only thing UD can do to get me excited for another Naked palette. Mauves and other plummy neutrals are my jam.

Sage Love Avatar

We’ve seen it a thousand times. Look like they crammed all the darker shades from the previous 3 palettes into one and said “Ta da! New palette!” They’re screwing with us because they know people will eat it up no matter what a rip off it is.

xamyx Avatar

Why? I can’t think of any reason to “end” a line that makes a brand money. Levi Strauss has “other” products, yet they continue to make blue jeans, which is where they earn the most profit, and they’ve been doing it for *decades* with no end in sight. UD would be stupid to “end” the Naked line.

Mariella Avatar

Agree totally! No one will be forced to buy this but many will buy it because some of us love this stuff and simply can’t get enough….(raising hand over here!) These things sell because many of us love this type of makeup product.

Lotus Avatar

That’s apples and oranges… This is redundant. I don’t expect UD to stop making eyeshadow, which jeans was Levi’s scene, so the comparison seems mindless to me. I hope you enjoy yours! (Levi Strauss kept improving, and growing, btw. UD is at a standstill with the Naked line. It looks bad from a PR perspective.)

xamyx Avatar

UD is *not* at a “standstill”; first of all, the lip product line has expanded greatly. Second, they’ve added blush. Third, the “base” line is complete with foundation, powder, and now concealer. Finally, they added colors to their range of singles. I realize people want the “bargain” of a palette, but that has absolutely nothing to do with “creativity” or “innovation”; it’s marketing at it’s finest. More people will buy neutral palettes than colorful ones, either because they only wear neutrals, or they add color through liners (which UD has a vast range!), or supplementing with the singles. The Black Palette, which was supposed to be “LE” stayed on shelves for 4 years, as did the “colorful” Deluxe Shadows palette (again, “LE”). You stated other palettes that have gone on clearance for $16, which we’ve *never* seen happen with any of the Naked range, which tells us what’s selling.

“Edgy” is what one makes of it; my personal style is so far off from “mainstream”, yet most of my palettes are neutrals.

xamyx Avatar

Oh, and to expand on the Levi Strauss comparison, while Strauss had other styles of jeans, the 501’s have a)been a constant, and b)are what sells the most. With UDm they can add “color”, but the neutral palettes are like the 501’s-almost every consumer who buys UD will more than likely own at least one.

Mariella Avatar

I don’t think they’re at a stand-still. They’ve just come out with new blushes that I’ve got on my “to buy” list. Ditto their lipsticks. But they’ve found something that works for them and their bottom line because it’s what the customer wants. Yeah – all us “mindless” customers who, I guess you’d say, don’t know any better. It’s all about choice – if you think this palette is redundant, you don’t have to buy it but many people will because, to them, it’s practical and beautiful and something they want and choose to buy.

Carly Valez Avatar

Nowhere in the title does it say it’s part of the Naked line. It just says “smokey palette.” Personally, I think the palettes are easy to travel with. 🙂

Sage Love Avatar

Looks like all the darker shades from the previous three palettes jammed into one. “Tada! New palette!” -.- Ummmm. NO!

Lauren Wallis Avatar

OMG so excited for this i’ve been waiting for a new palette from urban decay, I know they just came out with the shadow box but this looks like nothing I own already cannot wait!

Laura_Lou Avatar

I really really hope this swatches well! I’ve got Naked 1 & 2 land both the Naked Basics palettes. I’m a neutral/smokey eye junkie so I’m excited for this!

Nicole Avatar

Oh,I want!.. Hey Christine..I think I locked myself out of my account on my PC. I have hit the button to get a new password to my email a few times. But, I have received nothing in my email. I am using my phone now.Did I get locked out? Lol..If so do you know how long? My fingers can only do the phone so much. Thanks! Sorry for the trouble!

Lotus Avatar

How about NAKED gets dressed and BETTER? UD has utterly failed me. This is no different from the dangerous palette mixed with a naked 1/2 or ANYthing else.. Tragic. No creativity, rose in mouth and smoke have all been seen.. This is just ridiculous! They have the ability to inspire! With color! To do something grand that wil appeal intentionally and benefit it with proceeds while the world goes to hell.. WHY THIS?! Do they even have a creative director anymore? Then fire them. This is just propaganda. Not at its best.

Lotus Avatar

I’ll save you all money! Burn a match, collect the soot. Go grab mud, collect some. Apply both as you’d like with a smudge of whatever color you already own. Pretend it’s sexy. Voila! Wallet saved.

Sarah Avatar

I think you are overreacting a tad lol…. A neutral-smoky palette seems like a good idea to me, and many others, based on the comments. You can’t fault UD for releasing products that will make them money. Let’s face it… Neutrals sell. There are many other companies you can support who are more bold with colour. Yes, UD has changed since its beginnings, but again, you can’t fault a company for selling what will make them money and they still do colourful releases, too.

But you are right about one thing in particular… That awful ad! Cringeworthy!

Lotus Avatar

Sarah.. RIGHT? I mean, in every day real light.. Seriously? That’s a scary mask.. :O LOL! Even Kim K has toned it down.. Well we don’t really know, do we? And ughhhh I’m getting pulled by these COOL TONES! DARN IT! LoL! I’m probs my going to get it.. So I’ll be using one of a dozen, at least., ha ha ha!!! Cool tones are SO HARD…there they are… Oh my, shoot! I was so pumped about 3 because green eyes.. But everything looked the same! 🙁 This is really starting to stand out for all the cool toned colors not usually in a palette! And word is they only used the Naked Part because that line sells.. I’m not sure if I buy that but the more I see reviews reiterating the pure delight in COOLNESS.. How can I resist? Muah! Your comment made me laugh! 😀

SBC Avatar

You might not wear smoky eyes, but keep in mind that a lot of people do and that this might be a good fit for them. Different strokes for different folks.

Lotus Avatar

Hi SBC? Did I say I don’t do a smoky eye? No. I’ve been around since UD began and they aren’t the ONLY way to achieve that look. If you think so, that’s your perspective. I’m free to share mine. I’m sure many will enjoy this. I just don’t need or appreciate more crap from UD when they can do much better. Ya dig?

SBC Avatar

Haha sorry! I guess I was thrown off by you saying “pretend it’s sexy” which came off as kind of dissing smoky eyes! I definitely agree that UD isn’t the only company making smoky eye palettes but I don’t mind this one. I’m glad that their last collection was high color and hopefully we’ll get more of that too.

Lotus Avatar

It’s all good. I’d just love them to implore them to do a series devoted to each color of the spectrum so that everyone can find their favorites and/or create their own in an easy to use palette unlike the quads out there. I miss the excitement I felt every time they released a new fun thing way back when. Seeing another palette like the Nakeds just makes me exhausted. I’m just tired of it. Their original formula was better and all they keep doing is making the same palette in different editions for the purpose of selling, and not to offer something as an alternative, which was their target before. Smoked was much better. Dangerous, fun, feminine, all delivered if any needed it, and they go on sale for $16 while people scramble for these lesser formulas at full price.. That’s not the UD I represented and supported. It frustrates me, I’m sorry. I do hope people are very satisfied with this one. They should be. It SHOULD be good. For me, after having all of their palettes, I can look at this and see nothing inventive & pass, just wanting this format to stop! Haha.

SBC Avatar

No, that’s a fair point. I prefer the current eyeshadow formula over the previous one but I can definitely understand feeling frustrated with the shift with UD towards neutrals when I comes to their eyeshadow palettes. I would love to see an Electric 2 (preferably one that’s deemed eye safe in the States) or just in general more color. I liked that the smattering of singles they released with the summer collection was mainly colorful but I wish they have a better build your own system. I’m excited for Naked Smoky because it looks like a more “complete” palette. Smoked had the fun colors but it lacked in transitional colors, which showed when they just wanted people to use mushroom in every look. I’m glad that this one has more mid tones in it. I do hope the quality is good though.

For me, I’m totally fed up with contouring palettes. Everyone’s got one, they all look exactly the same, and its starting to get old. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a contouring kit coming from UD for the fall or winter collections.

Lotus Avatar

SBC, I love neutrals! I’m not saying go electric, I’m saying do something totally new like everything was introduced uniquely back in the day! I own all of their old releases as well and they were t all brights at all! The texture makes it wonderful to smoke out! And OH I hear you and feel you about the contouring! I mean, really? It’s been around forever, why capitalize now? It puts so much stress on the younger generation to look perfect when most of them are perfectly pretty without makeup at all. 🙂

Sarah Avatar

Haha my issue with contouring is that soooooooo many people overdo it and Kardashian style contouring doesn’t look good in real life. Plus so many of them are too warm toned and light leaning for a lot of people to use. I think that it’s just getting run into the ground. I groaned when Lorac announced theirs.

I would like to see more innovation in general from brands (but innovation that works–looking at you benefit they’re real liner).

Mariella Avatar

I guess people who think this is “crap” can shop elsewhere. Other people will think this is a great palette and not crap at all. Your declaration that this is “crap” doesn’t make it so and, as SBC said, it sounds like a big slam on those who like it. Remember, this IS “only makeup”.

Rachel R. Avatar

LOL That ad is pretty horrible with the matchsticks and smoke. Then again, kohl originally made from soot, so you’re on to something with the matchstick. 🙂

I do love a smoky eye, though. I do think it’s sexy and dramatic. It can be done in any color, and I wish more smoky palettes ventured outside of gray/black and browns. Instead of buying smokey palettes, I just use my stash to do them whatever colors I want. I favor purple, burgundy, navy and green smoky looks. I saw a dark red smoky eye look that was stunning.

I think this looks like a nice palette, but not one I’d buy.

Lotus Avatar

Rachel, you nailed it exactly. I’m sure you can imagine I love smokin out my eyes as well but ANOTHER UD flop? Really? They’re much more imaginative.. Or used to be.. And I do not need them to make a smoky eye! It’s as if they’re God or something., I’m with you. Smoke is smoke, and your look can be on fire with anything you desire from your arsenal! That’s the beauty of it! Oh, and if you ever end up stranded somewhere and need to look hot fast… Seriously light a match and wipe the soot on whatever you can, toilet even if at hotel w/o makeup. Apply. It stays put. And it’s free. 😛 🙂

Rachel R. Avatar

I have no problem with UD coming out with another Naked, though I joked about it when I posted (below). I do miss the edgy UD we used to know. I really am pleased with the blush, single and gloss offerings we recently got from them.

I like that Smolder is plummier. If UD had taken the light shades out (I’m not sure why there are so many in a smoky palette), and one of the similar grays, and added a green, antique gold, navy, and dark purple, it would be closer to my ideal smoky palette. But this one may be someone else’s, and that’s cool.

For people newer to makeup, it probably is easier to have some grays, browns and black bundled together that they know will work together. Then they can concentrate on learning the smoking technique and branch out from there.

Lotus Avatar

Very true. The Smoked palette was ideal. New lippies/blush are great. I sincerely hope this delivers the way it should. Xo

Deborah Avatar

UD knows a certain amount of people WILL buy it. That’s just the way it is. Same colors, doesn’t matter. It will be interesting to see the price since they haven’t announced that yet.
(I don’t have any of these palettes as I prefer singles but I have been tempted because some of them of very pretty.)

Alex Rhodes Avatar

I feel the same way!! If you have either naked 1 or 2 you already have most of these shades. Plus they are not really that unique. They all look like shades that come in any palette anyway. Hmmm…

Wednesday Avatar

Naked Palettes: I’ve tried to love, but I just do not reach for them. With the heavy emphasis on grey to black in this particular palette, it’s not a range I undertake that much anymore, and the smoky eye has had it’s time with me (much of my late thirties and early forties). At this point, I find the look too dramatic and heavy for my eyes, lifestyle and tastes. Love the looks in the video on others. I can enjoy vicariously without purchasing.

breyerchic04 Avatar

My first reaction to the name and the video was that this would be too dark, looking at the actual photos, I think I could use it (even though I rarely do a smokey eye). I love the way they have the mattes lined up at one end. This is going to be a popular release!

Nancy T Avatar

GASP!!!! This looks simply and utterly GORGEOUS!!! I’m in trouble here, or at least my bank account will be this particular summer….theres the EL lipsticks, MAC’s Extra Dimension shadows and new matte shades, ColourPop ( I DID place my order last night! WooHoo), etc. And now this thing of splendid, deep, dark beauty!!!!

Nancy T Avatar

I wonder whether this is LE or a permanent edition? Pretty much hoping it’s permanent, then no rush to get it, because I just realized I probably already have all these colors across the palettes and singles I own? I’m just going to rein in my excitement and wait on your review.

Lotus Avatar

THANK YOU. I said something sarcastic and whoops! I am so sorry I’m not afraid to speak my mind! Lol! Oh, sister with multiple ties of eyelashes as well.. Thank you! I’m scared of tube mascara damaging them, but I do trust you. And if you suffer from the same blessing, tragic, than I don’t feel as scared trying the tubes! 😀 My conception has been they need wriggled off, which is not want to do to my babies.. But if it comes off easily with my oil and water.. Yes, please! It’s my lowers I’m most concerned about. My uppers hit my brows so that doesn’t matter as much. 😀 Thank you for your amazing kind suggestions! And you find no harm done, ever at all, by using the tube type? XOXO!!!! 🙂

Celia Avatar

Don’t fear the tube, darling! They’ve come a long way. Blinc is a good starter one since the fibers are less noticeable, IMO than some others that go for more volume (the Amplified version has thicker fibers as well, so I’d start with regular Blinc). You definitely do not have to wriggle them off but I could see where you got the impression. I find them easier to remove than most mascaras because the water dissolves the product from your lash very effectively. A wet wascloth or even just standard makeup removal+rinsing will release the fibers. And the single-step ones stay on very well throughout the day. I’ve never had any problems from them 🙂

Lotus Avatar

Aww.. Cargo has a tube one.. I’m considering it and the trial two from blinc.. I’m just squeamish about seeing what looks like lashes going into the sink.. I don’t want a heart attack, luv! Don’t fear the tube… I’m embracing the tube.. #NeeGoals LOL, whoops! Made another colourpop order! I’m sure you can guess what… LOVE You! Thank you so much for the help! XOXO!

Lotus Avatar

That’s why this is ridiculous for me. They akreDy dedicated s smoked palette. To each their own! 🙂 I hope people are satisfied and it performs well for everyone.

xamyx Avatar

However, Smoked was “LE”, and still managed to linger for a couple of years, LOL! Personally, I think it had a lot to do with the packaging (which is why mine doesn’t get enough love), so this is a nice alternative.

Celia Avatar

Not necessarily, no. There are many ways to add color (even hues of blue or green or more variations of purple) that would avoid redundancy. Though redundancy is not the primary concern of the Naked line, which is just fine. They’re nice as they are. But it is fairly one-note to me and could be improved in a variety of ways, whether it’s through the aforementioned colors or others (like smoky plums, a smoky red-black that is more burgundy and ruddy than Blackheart, a smoked lavender, a periwinkle [though that is a shade of blue]), etc.

Joanne Avatar

This one has me excited! I passed on Naked 2 and 3 but this looks interesting. (Or maybe I’m just excited to see Whiskey as a shadow! I only have it as an eyeliner.) I’ll be eagerly awaiting swatches! 🙂

wakenda Avatar

Urban Decay posted on their Tumblr that this is being released July 8. I like the brush, but am not sure about the palette as a whole. It bugs me that the colors aren’t arranged lightest to darkest.

Blue Avatar

Ooh, this is a promising one. It is kind of what I want Naked 2 to be, it’s genuinely cool and has mimimal overlap with Naked 1. Can’t say I’m going to get use out of yet another black eyeshadow, but there are a few interesting colors I don’t have dupes for (Thirteen, Passowrd, Armor, High, also cautiously intrigued by Dirtysweet and Combust) here. It would still be good value as long as the quality was there. And look, no Half Baked! Dirtysweet is in a similar family, but it looks meaningfully more muted, way to go UD! haha. Gorgeous model and promo image too.

Nicole Avatar

Ahh this is killing me because I definitely don’t need another eyeshadow palette, let alone one that’s probably going to be expensive (if it’s the same price as the other full sized Naked palettes, $54, and I don’t imagine this costing less than $50). Even though these colors aren’t totally unique, they’re still shades that are either new or featured in Vice palettes (I don’t have anything from Vice so I’m not complaining). I still feel like I’m going to drop the cash on this one since 1) I really love the UD Naked line 2) it’s a smoky eye palette. But of course, I’ll wait for your review to make sure that it’s worth the money!

Dia Avatar

From other people’s comments, it seems this palette might be redundant for someone who already owns the previous ones. But, I don’t! Too many of the shades were too light for me. So having all the dark shades together is actually more useful and tempting to me! Although Armor and Slanted look identical on my screen, I hope they swatch differently.

Kate Avatar

I like the look of this. It’s like “Naked Moody”. I wish they’d gone for something other than the gold and brown shades, though: maybe a silvered sage green and a deep emerald or forest green as well. Or at least more of an antique gold.

Elsa Avatar

Okay I just thought to myself earlier today about the naked palettes and whether they would release a new one in the future and literally thought; “what if the next one had some kind of a smokey vibe? But then again they have the smokey eye palette already..”

That’s really crazy.

Jennifer Avatar

The placement of these shadows is throwing me off. It looks so cool and gray toned, yet if you put the far right shadows with the left side, it would look much more balanced. All that gray in the middle with the black and cool toned purple just really overwhelm my eye with making this palette seem so gray toned, which is not a look I ever go for. Interesting how placement of the colors can make or break the overall look. I think I will be passing on this, definitely looks like a mash up of Naked 1 and 2, which i own both and should be using more. I love UD palettes and it is still fun to see new releases regardless if I like them all 🙂 I hope to see some palettes with a theme of enhancing particular eye colors from UD soon. 🙂

Zoe Avatar

I still don’t own any Naked palettes, and with each release I am finding it harder and harder to catch up. I really would like to own a few, but since they are around 50$ each, it makes it hard to take that leap. Totally original comment, haha, but I have a feeling some people are in the same boat?

Jenn Avatar

This was me for the longest time, but I finally caved and bought the Naked palette a few weeks ago. What finally convinced me is the fact that each shadow is the same size as a regular single UD shadow, so $4.50 for each of the 12 shadows is a good deal, and it’s a justifiable cost if there are at least three shadows in the palette that I will use regularly ($54 divided by $18, cost of UD single shadows).

Zoe Avatar

Yeah they are such a deal! That’s what keeps them on my wishlist instead of saying “bah, forget these”. I even would consider buying all the eyeshadow palettes in a big box, but the vault set UD sells includes lip and cheek products (no thanks).

Mariella Avatar

I know some are tired of neutral palettes but I’m not one of them. In my opinion, neutrals can be as varied and different from one another as bright or neon shadows can. I never find them boring but just the opposite – their complexities and subtle differences make them deliciously want-able to me and so I will be all over this beauty!

xamyx Avatar

Of the 3, Naked 2 is my favorite/most used, but when the announced a new “taupey” Naked palette a few years back, I envisioned something closer to this one! The “original” was just sooo bronzey, and although I can use it, I have to put in effort, as well as Naked 2; this one just seems like I wouldn’t have to put in as much thought into doing a look.

Rachel R. Avatar

It’s all about the individual colors. Browns/nudes/neutrals can be just as complex as anything else. I love my brights and unconventional colors, and long for an Electric 2 palette to be released. Also: If someone tries to take away my Tartelette, Naked Basics, or MUFE Nudes You Need, they’re going to get hurt.

Rachel R. Avatar

So cruel to get our hopes up with bright singles, blushes and glosses, and then hit us with another Naked Palette. 😀

Although, I must admit the colors look nice.

xamyx Avatar

That’s the marketing ploy, LOL! They get us to buy the “basics” at a great price, then get us to pay full price if we want to add color. It’s genius when you think about it; pretty much everyone needs/wants at least one neutral palette, and not everyone like the same shades when it comes to “color”. I don’t do “brights” very often, and opt for jewel tones, so if a “color” was added to a palette, I’d likely skip. This way, these palettes reach more consumers, and we’re free to supplement with the myriad of singles, UD makes money, and everybody wins.

Rachel R. Avatar

Those are very good point, and I’m fully aware of that all that. (I was being a bit tongue-in-cheek in my original post, but obviously i didn’t convey that well enough.) I remember when “edgy” was UD’s original marketing ploy, but I do understand times change, and brands do what they need to survive. They have to cater to where the most sales are. I can get brights from other brands till UD has something more I want.

I never said I thought brights should be in this palette. I don’t think they should have added brights to a smoky palette. It would no longer be smoky. I’d like colors other than blacks, grays and browns for smoky, so I’ll skip this. No skin off my nose. I think this is a nice a basic set, as it’s supposed to be.

In my perfect world, I wish they’d had also brought out a colorful palette for those of us who would use all the “bright” colors. Then we’d “brights” junkies would also get the price break the people buying the Nakeds do. We could supplement with the “neutrals” we wanted, since not all of us use them very often or like the same “neutral” shades. Then, everyone really would win.

But is just “wishing.” I’m certainly not angry about it or second-guessing UD’s development or marketing. They found a need, filled it very well, and kudos to them. I like nudes/neutrals, too. I like smoky eyes. We all buy what we like from UD, and go elsewhere if UD doesn’t have it.

xamyx Avatar

Don’t get me wrong, I do like color, but more often than not, palettes containing “colors” other than purples usually just get passed up by me, while others feel purple isn’t flattering, and would skip those. I just think, overall, people are generally more “picky” when it comes to actual color, and brands are just playing it safe, and allowing us to choose our colors.

I still find UD “edgier” than many brands on the market; I know many more “alternative” people who have extreme styles, and we all wear neutral shadows-it’s just in the application!

Rachel R. Avatar

I understand what you mean. Good point about application. I’ve seen extreme brown looks, and conservative purple looks, for example. The shades and finish matter, too. I use grayish purples as neutrals a lot. Variety is the spice of life. How boring if we all liked the same thing. Thanks for helping debate the other side of the coin. I always enjoy reading your thoughts. You have good info.

MichelleChefNYC Avatar

I got really excited for a second, before I realized that I could pretty much dupe out (or come close to) most of these colors with the existing Naked palettes I own. I do like that there seems to be more in the way of matte/satin shades, as the last three have been shimmery glitter bombs. I haven’t been a huge fan of the Naked palettes in general. I purchased all 3 and I find the shadows go VERY muddy on me if I am not super careful, and I really don’t use them often. I don’t have this issue with any other shadows I own, so it must be something about their formula that doesn’t compute well for me.

Ashiyana Avatar

Hmm.. Most of these colors don’t scream Smoky Eye to me at all?! Is it just me? What are the shimmery peach/golden, pink, white colors doing in a smoky palette?? I was hoping for some really unique, deep, actual smoky colors in different hues (for different skin tones), something to create an instant smoky eye with, like earthy colors, or maybe some unusual smoky colors like deep dark and green or maroon even? This just seems boring to me, and the colors are totally dupeable.

Lacey Avatar

Seems like we’re a little divided, but I’m looking forward to it! Yes, a lot of the colors are similar to or the same as many other palettes, but since I’ve never picked up a Vice palette and I love a good neutral palette, I’m still excited! I also like that several shades are a little darker. I’m rather tan, so a lot of those shades make a good one-and-done lid color for me. I will admit the greys (Armor and Slanted) look like they could swatch very similarly, but maybe one will be more silver than grey.

gabis Avatar

Three things I have to say:
1. That is one of the tackiest most dated promo videos ever;
2. Anyone knows the name of that model? I want to say it’s Lais Ribeiro but I’m not sure and
3. The color range is quite weird in that palette which I’m really not into it.
I don’t have any of the Naked palettes and even so I still find this one a big pass.

lorelei marie Avatar

Every Christmas I get my sister makeup that she will not buy for herself, usually an eye palette. I was just starting to ponder what to get for her this year…this LOOKS perfect. She LOVES the original NAKED palette that I got her a few years back and was just telling me how she’s hit pan with about every shade. I think this will look great with her fair, fair skin, dark blonde hair, and green eyes. I can’t wait to see it and swatch it myself. And the reviews here are ALWAYS incredibly helpful.

michelle Avatar

This. I have never really been all that interested in the Naked palettes and was prepared to eyes at yet another Naked offering, but this one is the one I must have been waiting for. Lovely. I am medium toned, sallow/olive skinned and the other palettes had too many lighter shades that read chalky or overly frosty on me. This one looks like a good fit. And if the texture is similar to the summer singles they put out its a done deal!

xamyx Avatar

Hmmm… I only need to pull a highlight shade when I use any of my UD palettes, and only because I prefer to (I can get by with what’s in a palette). In this case, Whiskey or Password would work.

Kristi Avatar

I agree. UD needs to end this Naked line already. I’d like to see UD release vintage shades from the 90’s. Especially the lipstick and nail polish. The 90’s craze has gone on for well over a year already and it would sell. So many women want the old shades back!

Laura M Avatar

I would be SO HAPPY if they did a palette that featured old shades from the 90’s to early 2000’s. Bring back color mascara. Something other than Naked.

Laura M Avatar

But.. they had a smokey eye palette and it was amazing..

I’m not thrilled for this one and that’s hard to say as a UD fan.

Brionna Avatar

I really like this palette. I haven’t ever really been into the Naked palettes before. I do have Naked 3 and like it, but I don’t love it. This sort of reminds me the the Smoked palette but bigger. The Smoked palette is one of my favorites, it does have some more color range to it than this even though it has less shadows. I think this would work really well for me paired up with some bright eyeliners or colored mascaras.

Janeen Avatar

I own all 3 Naked on the Run (none of the basics, don’t do mattes, the Nakeds have enough mattes in there for me) plus Vice 2, plus a bazillion other palettes that I rarely use because I have such oily skin that eyeshadows cannot last the entire work day on me (13 hrs, yay to being a nurse) and yet I still want this palette, hahaha. Woe is me.

Julie Avatar

I guess I’m in the minority here, but I can’t wait to see the swatches for this palette!!! I have the 1st naked palette, but rarely use it. I just can’t do warm colors at all on my eyes, unless I want to get asked if I’m feeling sick! So interested in all these gorgeous looking grays!!!!!

Fionn Avatar

Thought this looked a bit too close to my Naked 2, but on closer look I think I might actually prefer this. More mattes, with one shade that looks like a smoky purple? Count me in! But maybe only after I hit pan on one or two of my other neutral palettes first 😛

Alexandra Avatar

i LOVE UD. But…………the company really had the opportunity to do something different with a fourth naked palette. And this simply looks like a combo of the Naked 1&2 and some shades out of the Vice palettes……I’m sure the quality of the shadows will be superb, but we’ve seen similar shades from UD numerous times before. Disappointing.

Yelena Avatar

As someone who doesn’t own any of the first 3 Naked Palettes or the basics, I’m really excited by this thing. The somewhat homogenous color theme in the first three just didn’t appeal to me. This one has taupes, bronzes, pinks, browns AND and purple for good measure 😀 The packaging is a bonus and that pencil brush looks functional. N Smokey might just be my first naked purchase.

Katie Avatar

I’m kinda disappointed with this one. I love the Naked line and I think the palettes have gotten even better since the first, but this one looks so drab. I was really hoping that they would make a palette of purples to follow up the rose gold Naked 3.

Elspeth Avatar

I wanted Armor and Radar so much when Vice 1 and 2 came out!!!!!!! Dirtysweet looks a lot like Easy Baked, which I also want, but don’t have. Smolder looks a lot like several UD shadows that I have, but I don’t care, because I love those shadows, because they make green eyes pop. I need to get a better job.

Jazz Avatar

I dont know how to feel about this. One part says that I dont need this, but another part says that this would be pretty. Hmm maybe I need to go play in some eyeshadow asap to cure my lemmings for this palette. And maybe I need to just order some colorpop eyeshadows instead to keep my wallet happy

Danielle Avatar

Eh… How much longer is urban decay going to milk this naked palette thing. They need to do something different. I feel like it’s a combination of naked 1 and 2. I’ll be passing up this one.

Katherine T. Avatar

Why doesn’t UD come up with a better, more affordable custom palette, like what Buxom came out with? That way, we can all pick our own individual shadows and create our perfect Naked, Smoky, or Brights kit and get a discount? The UD custom kit right now is terrible – it’s bulky, expensive (no discount applies to the shadows and you have to pay $10 for the kit), and you can only put in 4 shades. I like to see UD offer a customizable 9-12 pan palette with discount, that would be totally awesome.

ross Avatar

Well, not bad at all but I’ll wait for Christine review.
As for I can see too many greysh shimmery shades and I can’t see nothing special or new in it. nice but that’s all.
We’ll see..;)

Pami Avatar

I love that it’s cooler overall, seems to be without glitter bombs, has more mattes and satins AND a purple. The brush looks nice too, however, I have dupes for most of these shades and find myself wearing dark shades less frequently, so this will probably be a pass.

Resham Avatar

Looks pretty! I am not good with smoky eyes but i would buy this to complete the set…. 🙂 just wish they change packaging of naked one palette. I find these ones better than velvet.

Tara Avatar

I have a really hard time wearing super dark shades. I’m extremely fair and have very large / very round / dimensional eyes so if I sweep a light mid-tone over my lid and up over my crease it gives the illusion that I am wearing two shades because of the natural shadows that occur with my eye shape.

That said. . .I still wanted to check this palette out because I loved Naked1 and Naked3. I don’t have any of the repeats which is great – it’s 12 new shades for me! I’m so happy to see an eyeshadow version of one of my favorite UD pencils – Whiskey! It would look great smoked out along my lashline/s + I can tightline with the matching pencil. *craving for Whiskey mascara now* Dagger also looks great, again I’d use it along the lashlines. I love that there are four mattes. Combust, High, Armor, Whiskey, Password, Dagger. . .the shades look really nice! Thirteen looks like a color I’d actually use on my browbone so I can complete my look.

The packaging looks gorgeous. I love the translucent smoked plastic(?) – fits the theme and looks great against the shadows. I love the brush that came with Naked3 and this looks like another winner. Hmmm. . .I’m surprised how much I am liking this! The swatches will decide it for me though. I need to see swatches before committing. I am definitely interested! XD

I’m happy to see UD putting out the word that this will be permanent so everyone who wants one will be able to get it. I’ll definitely be checking out swatches for this. This is a weird time of year to launch a palette like this though. It feels very fall/winter/transition. I know UD has the Naked Basics palettes but. . .if an all matte 12 pan Naked palette came out I’d be all over it. Their matte formula is really excellent.

Random but my dream UD palette would be a duochrome palette with some coordinating mattes to use as transition shades. After trying Fireball and Tonic I am beyond impressed! OMG MATTE FIREBALL TO GO WITH FIREBALL! *HOPES*

Mariela Avatar

Not too excited, a lot of these colors are on the dark side, and I know it’s a smokey eye palette, but I have a lot palettes that already do that for me with very similar colors, including naked 1, 2, 3 and Naked Basics 1-2, I think the only color that I wouldn’t normally have is “Smolder” it looks beautiful! On the positive side, there is a lot more options for transition shades, but will have to wait for the swatches to really tell. All in all, I think I will pass on this one, unless the swatches blow me away.

Brittany Avatar

I don’t know about this palette… Personally for me, I love my naked 1 and 3 palette because they compliment my skin tone so well, and I can create a plethora amount of eye looks including smokey eyes, but this palette just looks jumbled and disorganized in my opinion. Don’t think I’m gonna get this one.

nadia Avatar

im so excited but i know ive had a pencil eye liner called “whiskey” from UD from a couple of years ago but they discotinued it and i am sooooooo excited they made it into eye shadow….so i will be getting my hands on this puppy

Corinne Avatar

I’m anxious for this to come out. I have the other 3 palettes. I think Naked2 is my favorite thus far. The smoky palette looks similar to the Lorac Pro Palette which I also have except the Lorac has 16 eyeshadow so and Naked only has 12. I can’t wait to compare the smoky to the Lorac. Then I’ll decide if I need this new palette.

Maribeth Avatar

I hated Naked 3 as I can’t do pinks. My fave is Naked 2 & Naked Basics 2, but I am getting this bad boy, because I just love the UD shadow formula and the idea of 9 new colors, & I can’t even do a smokey eye properly. The price, I heard, is $54. I will have fun making it work, and with UD that’s not very difficult. I am saving my Ulta points and will purchase this on 7/8. Just hope it doesn’t sell out immediately, but that’s ok too, I don’t think it is LE. I wish they would expand their liquid eye liner colors, because I love those. My fav is Sabbath, I love it to death (OT I know) but UD shadows (new formula) rock & are just as good as Chanel or Dior IMO and much more reasonably priced.

Janine Avatar

I love UD. I find their shadows are easy to work with and don’t crease. I personally prefer the two Basics because they’re all matte (I prefer for me). When I first started doing makeup, I had to buy so many shadows and palettes. I love all the new palettes…it makes it easier to just buy a few large palettes and then go “do makeup.” But as mentioned below, shades are repeated in the palettes.

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