Urban Decay Holiday 2012 Launches

Urban Decay Holiday 2012 Launches

24/7 Double-Ended Glide-On Eye Pencil ($12.00)

Urban Decay launches the 24/7 Double-Ended Glide-On Eye Pencil. If you’re already a fan of our Eye Pencils, this is one little gem you won’t want to miss. It packs the amazing staying power and unbeatable glide of our creamy 24/7 Glide-On formula into a compact, two-in-one format. A master of convenience, this travel-friendly duo features the two most convenient shades ever to share a pencil barrel—a rich brown and our award-winning black. (After all, who doesn’t need these super versatile basics in their beauty arsenal?) Available at Sephora, ULTA and select Macy’s stores. Or, online at sephora.com, ulta.com, macys.com, beauty.com and urbandecay.com.

  • Zero / Whiskey Zealous black / Rich brown

Feminine Eyeshadow Palette ($36.00)

Available at Sephora, ULTA and select Macy’s. Or, online at Sephora.com, ulta.com, macys.com, beauty.com and urbandecay.com.

  • AC/DC Smoky greyish purple (Permanent)
  • Bordello Pale mauve with gold micro-glitter (Permanent)
  • Gunmetal Dark metallic grey with silver micro-glitter (Permanent)
  • Hijack Deep metallic teal (Permanent)
  • Lost Medium metallic brown (Permanent)
  • Skimp Light peachy pearl (Mariposa, BoS IV)
  • Wallflower Lip Junkie Lip Gloss Nude creamy pink (Permanent)

Dangerous Eyeshadow Palette ($36.00)

Available at Sephora, ULTA and select Macy’s. Or, online at Sephora.com, ulta.com, macys.com, beauty.com and urbandecay.com.

  • Ace Deep grey/blue shimmer (15th)
  • Deeper Metallic dark brown with bronze pearl (15th)
  • Evidence Deep navy blue (Permanent)
  • Gravity Deep violet with multi-colored micro-glitter (Permanent)
  • Loaded Deep metallic emerald (Permanent)
  • Mushroom Warm pale grey (Permanent)
  • Naked Lip Junkie Lipgloss Pinky neutral (Permanent)

Fun Eyeshadow Palette ($36.00)

Available at Sephora, ULTA and select Macy’s. Or, online at Sephora.com, ulta.com, macys.com, beauty.com and urbandecay.com.

  • Deep End Bright teal shimmer (15th)
  • Fishnet Bright pink with purple shift (Permanent)
  • Freakshow Deep royal purple pearl (Discontinued)
  • Maui Wowie Metallic golden beige with silver glitter (Permanent)
  • Stray Dog Cool metallic ash brown (Permanent)
  • Sellout Pinky champagne (Permanent)
  • Midnight Cowboy Lip Junkie Lip Gloss Sheer nude sparkle (Permanent)

Ocho Loco 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil Set ($59.00)

Introducing Ocho Loco, a rainbow collection of eight FULL-SIZED 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils by Urban Decay. The set mixes FOUR new and EXCLUSIVE brights and shimmers with some of our best-selling, sexy shades. We also included a Grind House Double Barrel Sharpener, for the ultimate 24/7 set! The craziest thing might be the price: $59 for eight full-sized pencils – that’s a value of $152! Available ONLINE ONLY at sephora.com, ulta.com, macys.com, beauty.com and urbandecay.com.

  • Mushroom Grey taupe/brown metallic (New and Exclusive)
  • Hustle Medium metallic brown (New and Exclusive)
  • Rockstar Dark purple metallic
  • Psychedelic Sister Bright eggplant (New and Exclusive)
  • Perversion Blackest black matte
  • LSD Navy with bright turquoise shimmer (New and Exclusive)
  • Junkie Dark teal pearl with golden shimmer
  • Stash Deep green with gold shimmer

Availability: September 2012

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I have the 3 launched in 2011. The packagings were totally different but I think the shades are the same ? The names Fun, Feminine, Dangerous are the same, 3 pretty palettes in fact.

No because one of those had Woodstock, I think it was Fun, this Fun doesn’t.

I skipped all of those because I went with the Rollergirl palette which I love and use daily, srsly brilliant neutrals and hot pink no microglitter!

Love the eyeliner set, been almost buying for a few years now, but thinking this time will be the time I get them so glad their bringing the set back yet another year. The other palettes I don’t like, I think their ugly if I’m being honest..

Thanks for the post, Christine! 🙂 x

The same old palettes that just got discontinued and the same liner that everyone’s had in their Naked palette for years now, oh boy…

Well, not that I still don’t have a lot of the shades, but I have the old Feminine palette and it doesn’t contain any of the same shades as the new one.

I never got that liner either. That was included when the Naked first came out and they couldn’t make them fast enough to keep up with demand. I think most people have the brush (which sucks, it’s a better concealer brush than a shadow brush, honestly).

Hmm, doesn’t look like there’s anything in this collection for me. I’m not the biggest fan of their 24/7 eyepencils which I think are a bit over-rated and I have way too many of their eyeshadows already anyway. Plus I’m still hurting a bit from their PR disaster back in June. I’ll be giving this release a skip.

I think the only thing worth getting is the pencil set….just like the anniversary set…since they are full size….but the rest are basically repeats…and I read somewhere they will be BOS V.

I wish they’d do another incarnation of the 15th anniversary palette using all new shades. If your any kind of UD collector you have palettes with these names and colors. I really think UD’s PR should consider their rampant and blatant use of drug references in the range. Especially considering their cosmetics are geared toward a younger demographic. It’s irresponsible at best!!

Seriously?! They’re coming out with ANOTHER huge palette for the holidays?! Maybe I should hold out for that.

I like the eye pencil set best. The palette themes don’t strike me as innovative–just repeat’s. But the packaging is a lot prettier–I would seriously consider giving these as gifts.

I NEED some of those pencils, but I hate how UD always repeats with ones everyone already has! I do not need another Perversion. Most likely I’ll end up buying Mushroom, LSD and Psychedelic Sister on ebay from people who break down the set, ha.

Oh, and another thing…..Doesnt one find it odd…that UD is now selling these individual duo pencils (Zero/ Whiskey)? The excuse was that UD could not make the original Naked Palettes fast enough because it was those duo pencils were not easy to make so UD had to replace it with a makeup shadow brush. Really, speak from both sides.

OH DEAR GOD. Why does UD’s packaging have to be so dang cute?! I already have seriously like 85% of the colors here, if not more. The feminine and fun palettes I’m definitely considering, even because of the packaging alone…:'( The liner sounds really great, especially “LSD”and mushroom ha ha, gotta love UD’s names. I will say that while I do have majority of the shadows, some of them I do not have in the reformulated version, bordello is MUCH better now, and I liked it before. Gravity is also really pretty before and after. As for the comments of these being like the older “F,F,D” that’s not true, the colors are completely different from those palettes. *Random fact: This is probably one of the first times I’ve ever seen an UD palette without half-baked or baked, which is awesome as I have like four b/c of the repeats. The mini lip junkies are great, and b/c I have so many primer potions (I even started giving them away to friends) this is a nice change for me. I have a lot of UD liners as well, but out of the colors here, I either currently or have owned the four that are not exclusive to this set. But the exclusive colors are what is interesting. Rockstar and junkie are really great colors and perversion is a solid black liner. Stash wasn’t too great with my skin, eye, hair combination but it is pretty for someone with darker or more olive skin than me. And I’ve never been one to think you need an expensive sharpener, but UD’s grindhouse does work at least a bit better than my regular drugstore sharpener, and the fact that it has two sizes in one is nice, not uncommon but nice. I’m skipping the dangerous palette b/c I do have every single color, but I will say I love all of those colors. Loaded isn’t the best for my skin/eye combination, but it is a really pretty color. Ace, gravity, and mushroom are AMAZING. And Deeper is like a darker bronzy-brownish-somewhat coppery shade, which I normally never use, but I really do like that color. Sorry for the rant/rave, ha ha. Basically, the only things I’m considering are the liner set, the fun, and the feminine palette. We’re waiting for swatches if you have them Christine!! 🙂

I like the look of the pencil set, but no doubt we won’t get it here in the UK. We didn’t get the pencil sets last year, so I’m guessing they’ll do the same this year.

That’s my opinion as well. Sigh. Which is a shame, because I want so many of the shades, and the ones I do have I want backups of. 🙁

I know they’ve reformulated their shadows and the palettes aren’t exactly the same as the previous Feminine, Dangerous, Fun palettes this release strikes me as incredibly lazy. I’ll consider the pencil set but considering it’s only available online on US websites I’m not sure it’s worth me trying to get it.

Yes! Same palette names an different sets of shadows? That’s lazy and confusing, who okays this? It was too hard to name new palettes?

I know! Urban Decay has become the laziest brand. They just keep remaking old products in new packaging–these palettes, their concealers, the tinted moisturizer, their eyeshadows, and pretend like it’s some big new collection. Yawn.

Having already a few of their palettes (Naked 1 and 2, Anniversary, Ammo, BOS 4, Smoked), I pretty much have all the shades from the 3 palettes. The one that would have most appeal is the FUN palette, with 4 out of 6 shadows I don’t have (+ Maui Wowie that I own but love despite the glitter). The pencil set is interesting, but that would set me with 3 perversion liners (anniversary set and smoked palette being the origin of the 2 others). The other liner I have is Rockstar, all the others would be new to me.

Bottom line: I’ll definately get the liner set, *maybe* the Fun palette (we’ll see how my wallet feels then)

Oh sh**! I love UD – I want the Dangerous palette – even though god knows I don’t need more UD eyeshadows. Whatever; makeup isn’t about practicality for me.

I won’t do it, I won’t. Who am I kidding? I am sure I will at least get the Feminine Palette and it has some shades I like but do not have already. I may pick up the Ocho Loco set, too. It looks nice and I would love a “Mushroom” liner.

I think these actually look pretty good. Of course I’d like to see a brand new original palette like a Naked Matte palette or a new Book of Shadows….but these are cute. And NO, they’re not the same shades as the previous Feminine, Fun and Dangerous palettes. The liner set looks awesome….I want to try Perversion, see what all the fuss is about.

I just want a new Book of Shadows that doesn’t suck like the last one did. It was too gimmicky and the shades weren’t impressive. :/

Ha ha ha ha ha, that’s awesome. I almost fell out of my chair laughing. Yeah, Naked2 does have some cool toned shadows, but it isn’t only cool toned. And I was never a fan of matte shadows until UD’s matte shadows, b/c their quality is actually really awesome for mattes. I wish they would make a matte palette and some other people have said.

LSD, Junkie and Stash? Seriously? Gag me with a spoon. I think UD needs a freakin intervention. They used to have the coolest names but all this drug paraphernalia nonsense? How hard are they trying now? You could have come up with a million creative names, I would go with a Dia de Los Muertos theme. Because the drug crap is so grating and juvenile. Like a teenager getting drunk for the first time that won’t shut up about every time they get messed up. It’s really hard to find reasons to buy anything from them. Stray Dog, Grifter, Roach, Smaze, Graffiti- these are all Urban Decay. These new names are just so lazy.

“Gag me with a spoon”??! Hahahahahaha, oh my God, that brings back memories. The very first time I lived in the States, it was in Montecito in the full Valley Girl era and “Gag me with a spoon” was used nonstop. I was utterly entranced by the very alien American slang but that phrase in particular.

Topic: I agree with you that UD’s drug-related names seem to be increasing in frequency. But I tend to shrug off the sexual innuendo behind some of NARS’ product names, so I’m in no position to complain about this one. (It’s that thing of mine about logical consistency. lol) To be honest, I disregard the names of *all* make-up products in general which is probably why I don’t care about NARS’ sexual innuendos when others most vociferously object. Plus, Loaded is one of my favorite eyeshadows ever, so clearly the drug-implication did little to dissuade me. LOL.

Ha! Yeah baby, see the sexy bits don’t bother me in the least… I mean good sex.. Orgasm- never a bad thing! But all the other names? I would be Ok if they were going to name some eyeshadows Scabs, STD, Overdose, The Nods, Delerium Tremens, Recidivism, Meth Mouth, Bugs Under Your Skin, What’s That Noise?, Dentures, Brain Damage, Prostitution, and Many More! Ok I wouldn’t, I just have seen so many bad things happen to people from drugs and a society that makes them look Sexy Dangerous. I lived in CA in the 80’s as well- the reason I thought you weren’t American was some of your alternate spellings 😉 P.S. tend to be a little overreactive because I work with kids so…ya know.

I’m not American, Ms. Fox. Well, except by passport now. 🙂 English isn’t even my first language. LOL. As for UD, for the rest of our sakes, I truly hope they never start naming their eyeshadows “Bugs under your skin,” “Dentures” or Meth Mouth. *grin*

I see them reissuing “Snow” as Meth Mouth and “Road Stripe” as Dentures? Ugh my grandmother often despaired over my inability to be ladylike, I feel like somehow my side of this conversation has provided indisputable proof 😉 i wouldn’t have guessed English wasn’t your first language except your spelling is too good and your grammar flawless. I wish that were true in my case, I would like to blame it on all the Sidney Sheldon novels I practiced learning to read on. Had my parents known of this, they would have despaired.

Let’s hope UD never gets inspired to rename their flamingly pustulent pink Woodstock as “STD” because… Christ, I can’t stop laughing at this conversation. You’re a terrible — TERRIBLE — influence, Ms. Fox. 😉 As for the books, Sidney Sheldon fans unite! I *loved* “The Other Side of Midnight”! (Great mini-series too, as those things go, though nowhere as good as my favorite book/mini-series of ALL that genre: “Lace.” Oh, and what about a young, stunningly gorgeous Rupert Everett in Judith Krantz’s “Princess Daisy”?!!) As for parents despairing if they only knew, I would sneak and secretly read all my sister’s Barbara Cartland books when I was 6, snickering over the rare mention of “rose-tipped breasts.” And I secretly read “Lady Chatterley’s Lover” (and saw parts of the film) when I was 8, so… erm… yeah… I definitely shared your louche tendencies early on. *grin*

I’m going to have to sit on the pencil set for awhile. On one hand, LOOK AT ALL DEM LINERS, but on the other hand, pencil is my least used form of liner. Now UD, if you release a set of liquids, I can guarantee you I’ll be all over it.

That would be pretty awesome. They have soooo many liquid liners now, they really should do a set. And they have some super pretty jewel tones, so they could definitely justify a fall/holiday theme.

I *think* I’d be all over a set of liquid liners but, knowing my luck, it’d be a set with one color I don’t have, and the five colors I already own!

I love love love their liquid liners, though!

I like the pencil set, but I’m not sure I want any of the eyeshadow palettes. They don’t seem all that interesting, tbh. I’d be more interested in the double-ended pencil if it was Perversion/Whiskey instead of Zero, unfortunately.

Agreed! I wish they would make a set of mini glosses, but with more colors. That’s a fantastic idea, in my opinion. 🙂 Especially considering I really like the formula of the one I do have.

I wish they’d release the new liners separately. I only really want Psychedelic Sister and LSD – I rarely wear browns, pretty much never wear Rockstar and only wear Perversion infrequently which invalidates the rest of the set. Sigh.

I agree, I wanna try out LSD and Psychedilic Sister, but I also want Mushroom b/c that color would work with my fair skin and eyes. I love Rockstar and Junkie so this wouldn’t be a waste for me. The only thing I could say is you could give the others to friends? I did that with the 15th anniversary set, or you and a friend could buy together and split?? Maybe?

I feel so wishy-washy in my reactions to this. The eyeliner set is the most appealing but thats’ pretty relative here given my tepid response to the rest. The set makes me hesitate solely because of the exclusive shades since I already have Junkie (love), Slash (love), Perversion (ok) & Rockstar (don’t love). I almost never use brown eyeliner, so 2 out of the 4 new ones would be of limited value to me. Humph.

The palettes… well, I’m not gaga about those either. If they had mixed some shades from Dangerous & Feminine into one palette, then I would probably be beating the door down but as it is…. meh. *shrug* My ideal palette would have been colours like: Mushroom, Ace, Gunmetal, AC/DC, Hijack and then either Evidence or Gravity. (Ideally, the 6th colour would be Freakshow from the 3rd palette that I’m completely uninterested in.) It’s sad, I can’t recall the last time I was bouncing off the walls with excitement for a new UD release. :\ I want some of those mythical, invisible, never-to-be-found Milani eyeshadows much more than most of these UD ones.

I’m not sure I should get you all excited, Ms. Fox, since these eyeshadows are the make-up equivalent of a unicorn. At least in stores. They’re a CVS exclusive and a new formulation of Milani’s powder eyeshadows in hyper-pigmented colours that Christine has given repeated “A”s to, maybe even an A+. However, with the exception of Veronica, no-one seems to have ever come across any of them. And, believe me, many (many!) of us have searched for months on end. Do an archive search for Milani in the Temptalia search box at the top of the page to the right. There should be about 4 or maybe 5 things from the last 3-4 months.

Ok I will do this! I live in a town that time, progress and hope forgot however to even ALL that out I can find crazy cosmetics here! I’m now on the hunt and this evening learned that the nearest Rite Aid is in Tahoe @ 22 miles away.. Sheesh. Wags and CVS it is..

You can always order it from CVS online. (Nowhere else will have it unless your local CVS is a rare mecca.) I just happen not to like doing that, esp. as I don’t know and can’t see all the shades. (But I do know I want the Milani purple in Shock.) They’re only $4.49!!! You should also check out their thick Shadow Eyez pencils that Christine said lasted something like 10+ hours on her and seem even more pigmented that some of the UD 24/7 shadow pencils. I think they’re $6.99, so again way cheaper than UD!

I’m so disappointed about these one. Every year I wait for Holidays to get the 24/7 eye pencil kits and the one of this year is a total disappoint for me (I loved last year’s naked mini…. That was an amazing set) I was hoping to get “stray dog” again…. I can only hope they release another set in the next months =( if not these collection would be a missed one.

I know that is a good set… but i have half of it; and the bright colors I don’t have a use for. (80% of my time I spent at work) Last year I fall in love with the eye pencil in Stray Dog… but is limited edition, and is beautiful; I really was wishing that it would come back. =( So I would not buy these one… at least not for me.

Soo the Dangerous palette *had*
Oil Slick, Haight, Rockstar, Mildew, Gunmetal, and Virgin
The Feminine *had*
Stray Dog, SWF, Midnight Cowboy, Aquarius, Darkhorse, Ecstacy
The Fun *had*
Sin, Woodstock, Flipside, Baked, Psychedelic Sister, and Uzi

So these are metal versions with different designs, different shadows and the same freakin’ names. Where is Amy Poehler?!? “Really?”

Dangerous palette and the liner set look great. As always with UD, incomparable value in their sets. I don’t dig the name recycling but whatev. I am a little cooled off by the zipper packaging. I just prefer a sleeker palette.

Absolutely! Love the idea of the palettes (and the colours ofc), but HATE the packaging. So much wasted space! I really wish they’d stick to their Naked style palettes – make everything as compact as you can. Since they came out with the Smoked pallete I was worried they’d continue with that design. Unfortunately, that seems to be the case. 🙁

This collection will be a *complete* pass for me. I have nearly every shade of eyeshadow (at least the ones I’d actually wear), and I’m so not a fan of the pencils. As someone else stated, a *liquid* liner collection would quite interest me.

It could just be because the photo is so small, but Fun and Feminine look very similar in terms of colors. Even Dangerous has a lot of similarities with the other palettes.

Do you know when these are expected to come out? I would really love the eye pencil set, These blend beautifully to create a base for the powder shadows. I wish they would just make all the colors in both naked palettes so I could use them as bases, for longer lasting color.

I have to admit, I am a little disapointed in the fun, dangerous and fem palettes. Been there done that. Not sure why they couldnt come up with something more original. Seems pretty lame that they are just repeating their own concept.

Okay, the double-ended liner will probably be mine as I’ve been lusting after it for ages. xD I just went on UD’s site and they have a set for $28 that includes two d/e liners and a Grindhouse (includes Zero/Whiskey), so maybe I’ll get that one instead? Better value.

As for everything else… the packaging of the palettes annoys me, so those won’t be coming home >.> Also, just from the description, I feel like the dangerous palette has a lot of the same colors as the Smoked palette? Which seems redundant. The eyeliner set is really nice, actually. I might get that 😀

Hmm, I’m going to have to check my stash but I’m pretty sure I own all these eyeshadows already. I’m kind of relieved by that! I’ll probably get the pencil set if they release it in the UK though.

ARRRGHH *inner conflict*

I’m going to try so hard NOT to buy any of the palettes because I already have a huge Stila palette coming in the mail soon and Lord knows I don’t need any more eyeshadows. But that Feminine palette looks nice…I’ve been eyeing Hijack and Bordello for a while now….

But that pencil set looks yummy. Though to be honest, the only ones that REALLY interest me are Stash, Junkie and LSD. And $59 is a lot. I wish more than anything that UD would sell their new pencils separately.

Ocho Loco is available now on the UD website…plus if you have the UD Pro discount you can use it towards this set. Oh…and they are offering free USPS priority shipping on any Holiday 2012 product order until 9/16/2012 (I believe). I skipped the shadows because I already have way more than I need..plus I recently took advantage of the sale on the Vintage shadows that are discontinued so I really didn’t need more shadow, but with Ocho Loco having 8 full sized liners for $59 before discount and NOT having yet another Zero in the bunch (BUT having my absolute favorite Pervasion in it) I decided to pounce on it immediately lol. Good thing I really like Pervasion since had just ordered one…but I’m sure it won’t go to waste!

I have to admit, I like the old Feminine, Dangerous, and Fun palettes better. And I own all three of them. :/
Having a SUPERMEGA SALE while you’re promoting your holiday collection seems like a bad plan.

Hi Christine! I was just wondering if you knew when Urban Decay would be having their next Friends & Family sale? I know they just had the huge clearance sale which I took advantage of, but I want to get my hands on some of their other items! I’d appreciate if you have an info! Thanks! 🙂

When do you think this will be available on sephora.com? I know it’s already available on urbandecay.com but I plan on placing a rather large order for a whole bunch of Sephora goodies and having a friend in the States ship them to Denmark for me, so it would definitely be easier to just order it all in one place! 🙂

Everyone I know thinks it’s silly of me to get all worked up over and excited about makeup, but it’s truly something that makes me happy! 😀 I don’t know why I just pointed that out lol. Sometimes it’s just so nice to know that you’re not the only one who feels this way – that’s why I love Temptalia and this little ‘community’ of beauty lovers 🙂

Hi Julie!

Probably 1-2 weeks after Urban Decay has it, but I don’t have a specific release date!

Thank you so much! 🙂

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