Urban Decay Eyeshadow Gets a Revamp for Spring 2021

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Urban Decay Eyeshadow Gets a Revamp for Spring 2021
Urban Decay Eyeshadow Gets a Revamp for Spring 2021
Urban Decay Eyeshadow Gets a Revamp for Spring 2021
Urban Decay Eyeshadow Gets a Revamp for Spring 2021
Urban Decay Eyeshadow Gets a Revamp for Spring 2021
Urban Decay Eyeshadow Gets a Revamp for Spring 2021
Urban Decay Eyeshadow Gets a Revamp for Spring 2021
Urban Decay Eyeshadow Gets a Revamp for Spring 2021
Urban Decay Eyeshadow Gets a Revamp for Spring 2021
Urban Decay Eyeshadow Gets a Revamp for Spring 2021
Urban Decay Eyeshadow Gets a Revamp for Spring 2021
Urban Decay Eyeshadow Gets a Revamp for Spring 2021
Urban Decay Eyeshadow Gets a Revamp for Spring 2021
Urban Decay Eyeshadow Gets a Revamp for Spring 2021
Urban Decay Eyeshadow Gets a Revamp for Spring 2021
Urban Decay Eyeshadow Gets a Revamp for Spring 2021
Urban Decay Eyeshadow Gets a Revamp for Spring 2021
Urban Decay Eyeshadow Gets a Revamp for Spring 2021
Urban Decay Eyeshadow Gets a Revamp for Spring 2021
Urban Decay Eyeshadow Gets a Revamp for Spring 2021
Urban Decay Eyeshadow Gets a Revamp for Spring 2021
Urban Decay Eyeshadow Gets a Revamp for Spring 2021
Urban Decay Eyeshadow Gets a Revamp for Spring 2021
Urban Decay Eyeshadow Gets a Revamp for Spring 2021

Release Date + About the Launch

All-new vegan eyeshadow lineup!

✨24/7 Shadows: Long-lasting and caffeine-infused color with rich, velvety texture.

✨24/7 Moondust Shadows: Five super-glittery shades, supercharged with caffeine and high-impact sparkle.

✨ 24/7 Shadow Sticks: Super long-lasting color in one, ultra-creamy swipe.

February 28th

Products in the Launch

Urban Decay 24/7 Shadow, $19.00 (New, Permanent)

Create long-lasting, versatile eye makeup looks with the Urban Decay 24/7 Shadow singles in smooth, high-pigment colors and four finishes for every mood—matte, satin, shimmer, and metallic. Our velvety-soft vegan eyeshadow formula glides on smoothly in an array of vibrant shades ranging from soft neutrals and warm browns to golden, bronze shimmers and rich jewel tones. These supercharged, caffeine-packed Urban Decay eyeshadows blend seamlessly and be applied wet or dry with a finger or brush to brighten and enhance the eyes.

  • Sin (Shimmer)
  • Virgin (Shimmer)
  • Fix (Matte)
  • Tease (Matte)
  • Half Baked (Shimmer)
  • Dumb Luck (Shimmer)
  • Fazed (Matte)
  • Wild One (Matte)
  • Rundown (Matte)
  • Overdraft (Shimmer)
  • New Riff (Matte)
  • Ember (Shimmer)
  • Introvert (Matte)
  • Bad Seed (Shimmer)
  • Floored (Shimmer)
  • Free Bird (Shimmer)
  • Set List (Shimmer)
  • Ride (Shimmer)
  • Charged (Shimmer)
  • Float (Shimmer)
  • Lucid (Shimmer)
  • Freak (Shimmer)
  • Psych (Shimmer)
  • Mushroom (Shimmer)
  • Blackout (Matte)

Moondust Shadow, $22.00 (New, Permanent)

More is more—Urban Decay 24/7 Moondust Shadow singles give you maximum sparkle, supercharged color, and a long-lasting shimmery finish that lasts up to 16 hours. Use a finger to apply our caffeine-packed, velvety vegan eyeshadow formula to build up intense shimmer; or blend the glitter eyeshadow with a brush for a diffused glow with radiant, long-lasting color payoff.

  • Cosmic (Sparkle)
  • Space Cowboy (Sparkle)
  • Solstice (Sparkle)
  • Lithium (Sparkle)
  • Glitter Rock (Sparkle)

24/7 Shadow Stick, $26.00 (New, Permanent)

With just one swipe, our retractable 24/7 Shadow Sticks give you creamy, supercharged color in three fadeproof finishes—matte, shimmer, metallic. This high-pigment vegan eyeshadow stick glides on smooth in shades ranging from eye brightening neutrals to bold, vibrant blues and greens. 24/7 Shadow Stick’s caffeine-packed formula applies effortlessly, allowing time to blend then dries down waterproof for up to 24 hours. Create versatile looks for every mood with easy, blendable all over color or go for a more dramatic look using the built-in sharpener for thinner lines and more precise application. No tools needed!

  • Mildew (Shimmer)
  • Freak (Shimmer)
  • Digitalized (Shimmer)
  • Chaos (Matte)
  • LSD (Shimmer)
  • Fishbowl (Matte)
  • Departed (Matte)
  • Hardfall (Shimmer)
  • Roach (Shimmer)
  • Echoed (Shimmer)
  • Pop Off (Shimmer)
  • Riveting (Shimmer)
  • Buffer (Matte)
  • Hey-O (Matte)


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Ceilidh Avatar

Hopefully the quality is as nice as the new packaging. It’s a much needed redesign. The original packaging is super bulky. I wonder if the pans come out so they can be added to magnet palettes.

Pami Avatar

Meaning I hope the quality is still somehow as great as the singles they are replacing, especially if the pans are easy to remove and will work in magnet palettes. I’m too afraid to depot my subway tokens, and while the packaging super bulky, they’re also very distinctive and cute.

LK Avatar

I mean, you don’t, but topically applied caffeine does have some immediate and temporary benefits to skin tightening. Most skincare products that claim to have “instant tightening” or “instant smoothing” are packed with caffeine. There are some excellent scientific studies that show this, and so many cosmetic products have caffeine added to them. Depending on how much caffeine is in these shadows and and what other products you use in conjunction with them, you may experience a slight smoothing or tightening effect, which may enhance wear.

Lorrin Avatar

I’m curious to see your review on the quality of the new eyeshadows! This feels like old school urban decay with some of their classic colors, which I like. That said I think the packaging looks like if you received a sample eyeshadow with no branding, feels cheap. I miss their subway token design!

Lucie Avatar

It will be interesting to see swatches and do a comparison to their previous counterparts, but I’m definitely not buying in yet.

While I’m happy to see vegan options available for people who choose a vegan lifestyle, nearly every example I’ve seen from mainstream makeup brands (UD included) where they shifted to vegan and made a point of advertising it has never quite delivered – they lacked any kind of vibrancy and were more sheer than promised. And while I know there are some eye creams with caffeine and it can maybe have some minimal temporary benefit in reducing inflammation applied topically, this feels like a gimmick.

I’m hopeful (there had been a few of UD singles I wanted to replace panned one, but they’ve been sold out, which now makes sense given the revamp, but a couple aren’t in the revamp) but honestly I will not be surprised if these underperform given UD the last few years.

Mariella Avatar

I’m glad they’re bringing in new shadows (some popular old shades like Sin and Mushroom) and, as Ceilidh said, I hope these are designed to be easy to pop out, if one desires. Also, as someone who bought several of the original 24/7 pencil shadows (and had them dry out in no time to the point where they were unusable), I hope these will last for longer than 6 months or less.

Violet Avatar

I’m sceptical. The old formula was really excellent and I actually liked the packaging. A little bulky, yes, but I thought the gunmetal was quite classy. I deeply dislike this clear plastic. It looks like super cheap drugstore packaging. I think this might truly be the death knell for my relationship with Urban Decay.

HeavyMetalJess Avatar

Exactly how I feel. They also aren’t including a bunch of the colors I go to Urban Decay for and I’m glad I got a bunch when I made my big anniversary purchase a few years ago. Looks like I’m not buying shadows from them anymore. I am interested to see how the sticks perform, but Urban Decay doesn’t have a good track record with cream shadows. I hope the formula is more like their liners.

Francesca Avatar

Me too! I like the old ud’s eyeshadows package, probably it was even my all time favourite package of single shadows. This doesn’t appeal me… Maybe because when my first makeup product, bought 15yrs ago, was a drugstore eyeshadow package very cheap and with a similar pack 😔 moreover I have a bad feeling about the reformulation. I mean everything UD reformulated lately, ended to be worse than the original

Brittany Avatar

The packaging looks weird. It looks nice but it also seems like urban decay is losing their identity as a brand. I remember how with an initial reformulation they kept the token esthetic because that’s one of the things that was unique to their single packaging. I’m interested to see where the brand goes with this but the palettes alone haven’t held my attention.

Cynthia Avatar

I feel unsure about this. There are so many amazing shades in their single shadow range I love that don’t seem to be part of this line up. I would have also preferred to see them just sell single pans as opposed to giving us this plastic packaging.

Lesley Avatar

I wonder what the caffeine is about. I use caffeine serum under my eyes but I have never heard of it for lids, which is where these shadows would be going. Some of the colors are interesting but of course, I will wait for the reviews here.

Z Avatar

I dunno…do we need this? UD’s shadows have never felt like standalone $18-22 a piece quality to me. I always wanted Zodiac (moondust) but missed it on every sale and couldn’t bring myself to buy it at full price (not worth it. $10? Sure. $22? lol. no.) Now I see the moondusts have gotten a nude/red/pink makeover (*sigh* I’m torn between whether I want the trend to truly end or not. It’s not for me, but then it’s easy to avoid spending money on more makeup if it’s all stuff I don’t want)

Color me curious about the shadow sticks. I’d pay for one that was in an interesting color and quality formula. Mildew is the only one that caught my eye so I’ll be waiting for your review on those.

Fey Avatar

Oooh sleek packaging! It fits the modern image that UD is moving toward. Nice compact size for storage. I’ll miss the “token – good for one fare” packaging even though that was revamped too. Bye, alt-culture UD :(( hello, influencer-chic.

Raven Avatar

Alt-culture to influencer-chic seems a like a pretty good analogy. I always liked their image and vibe but they have seemed a little lost in recent years. I want to be excited for this launch but I guess we’ll find out!

Chelsea Avatar

I feel like this packaging is the last big step for UD to take to divorce themselves from being marketed at all as *edgy* or *alternative.* The rebranding is nearly complete, affluent millenial on instagram aesthetic full stream ahead.

Zia Avatar

Not the packaging I’d associate with the brand but I don’t hate it from a general standpoint.
I’m not very into pencil shadows but I know some people are so I’m curious how these will be. I remember the previous ones having drying out problems.

AJ Avatar

I feel like I would like that eyeshadow packaging if it was from a brand that was specifically going for a clean look to their packaging which was designed to highlight the product color. But it just seems like UD taking one more step away from their old grungy look, and I don’t like it.

Also… caffeine infused? Why? I get all the caffeine I need from my tea, thanks.

Ana Maria Avatar

I hope that the quality is good, because from my perspective the packaging is absolutely awful. The clear packaging of the eyeshadows looks cheap, and overall the aesthetics have nothing to do with what Urban Decay used to symbolize.

Mary B. Avatar

The brand can’t win: Do something new! Don’t change! Have more Naked palettes! Ditch the dated Naked concept! Update the packaging! Keep the old packaging!

I’ll wait and see swatches and read reviews for the actual products. I like the looks of a couple of those shadow sticks.

LK Avatar

I am happy to see this. When a product switches to vegan, it does not mean it is automatically better for you, better for the environment, or for animals. There are plenty of sustainable and cruelty-free non-vegan products out there. So, I would not say the vegan thing entices me to purchase, but UD has not been good about developing the taste of their brand with the taste of their core demographic and a cleaner, simpler packaging, is much more attractive to me. I don’t want to see them change the core of their vibe or what made them famous, but after I got out of my 20’s I have not found myself interested in their kitsch. It was time for a refresh, and I LOVE me a shadow stick formula (which, isn’t this an old product category for them if I remember right?) so I think I will try a few of these at launch.

Adrienne Avatar

I feel like this could be the death knell for classic Urban Decay. So many of the single shadow colors they built the brand on, and that I know by name, aren’t being carried over. I’m skeptical of the new vegan formula; because their newer palettes have been lacking in quality, I fear these might be on par. But I’m curious to see how they review.

Caroline Avatar

Looks like Urban Decay finally lost me as a customer.

All of the interesting shades are gone. These are so basic. Where are the funky colors, grungy undertones, and cool shifts?
Wheres the edge? They have no identity anymore.

The old formula was great and a well loved classic for a reason. I’m glad to see the return of freak and lucid coming in as a single, but this is a bad move.

Lune Avatar

Good-bye, well-loved first makeup purchase. I’ll treasure my cute subway token for a long time. :’)

The new color line is underwhelming, but the Lucid single catches my eye. That color was the first new inspiring thing in forever, but it’s not worth getting the whole Ultraviolet palette over. It’s not really like I can’t dupe it with a more consistent and more affordable brand, though…

Fey Avatar

Ohhh was the design inspired by subway tokens? That’s cool! I got dark and thought they were like the coins for the ferryman (Charon?) over Styx. Thanks for pointing that out!

Maya Avatar

I really don’t like it; it feels like the final nail in the coffin for the original Urban Decay. I’m glad many classic colors are there, but those names no longer feel like the same brand. I also don’t see any of the midnight cowboy shades, and preferred mildew as a powder shadow

Mary B. Avatar

I think it’s good that UD is moving on from the grunge aesthetic, which is so last decade. Let’s see if the quality is there, looking forward to your reviews.

Elizabeth Avatar

I knew something was up when everyone had the singles on sale for 10 bucks. I bought a few backups of my favorites, and I am glad I did. Many of my favorites aren’t in the new lineup. I hope these new ones perform better than the shadows in the palettes of late. The only thing I still did like were the singles. They discontinued my favorite products, and I am so disappointed and disillusioned with Urban Decay now. If they are bad, I won’t be bothered, I have my favorites, and after all these years, I am sure it’s time for me to find a better brand than Urban Decay has become. I hate when great companies sell out to huge conglomerates. Urban Decay is just expensive L’Oreal now, and I can get that at the drugstore for a lot less money. I hope this isn’t as disappointing as the other new releases.

miska Avatar

I felt the same way when I saw UD’s single shadows on sale at multiple stores. Did they reformulate to go completely vegan I wonder? I’ll reserve my judgement until after I see swatches but I’m not holding my breath. UD’s eyeshadow quality has been steadily on the decline for sometime now.

Susan Avatar

I love twist-up eyeshadow sticks so I’m looking forward to seeing if these are pigmented, have staying power, and are easy to remove. I’m OK with the new packaging and colors, seems to me that whenever theres a discussion of “Which beauty brands need a reboot?,” Urban Decay is at the top of the list. Didn’t we discuss that here once or twice?

Jill Avatar

Um…caffeine in eye shadow…? I have enough trouble sleeping as it is…sounds like UD is going off the deep end. Such a shame—it used to be my very fav!

Cady Avatar

Well… there goes Urban Decay down the drain of brands that should just shutter up and relaunch under a new name. This is NOT my beloved UD. No Urban feel… and definitely ZERO attempt at Decay. The blah, soulless packaging reminds me of early 2000s Estée Lauder when then tried to be “hip” with clear acrylic cubes for their eyeshadow.

After a decade of beating the dead Naked horse into oblivion with ridiculous “hey! Purple is naked too!” concepts and the horrifying “pink is punk” campaign (UD’s original tag line being “does pink make you puke?”)… I’m just done with them as a brand. It makes me sad to see what they’ve become 🙁

Although, everyone should pay attention: they renamed some problematic shades like Yeyo. Notice they’re calling it “hey-o” now.

Liz Avatar

I’m hoping the new formula is talc-free but I doubt it. I do like the clear packaging though. I know UD is a nostalgic brand for a lot of people so I do hope this rebrand works in their favor.

Paula Avatar

In this day and age a packaging redesign that leans harder into more plastic seems like a major missed opportunity. Would love to see quality mainstream brands setting themselves apart by focusing more on sustainability. It’s what would make me give them my $20 for a single easily duped shadow instead of a competitor.

Christine Avatar

I agree! I looked to see if these came out of the plastic compact, but it didn’t seem like it. Wish they’d opted for something more like MUFE – make a plastic compact available for singles, if one desires, but you could go for just pan-only otherwise…

Nguyen Avatar

I’m surprised no one’s mentioned that the new packaging looks just like the packaging Tower28 uses for their blush. I find this new look to be really boring honestly and thought the tokens were so much more unique and added to their identity. Considering that UD usually blows it out of the park with packaging, it’s even more disappointing.

Granted, I have enough singles from UD to last me for years but knowing Mildew, Asphyxia, and a handful of my moondust shadows won’t be available makes me really sad.

Melissa Avatar

I’m not surprised considering how their eyeshadows kept getting discounted, then not restocked once OOS. I’ll have to wait and see reviews because their recent releases haven’t been great quality. The eyeshadow sticks seem convenient.

Ana Avatar

It’s about time! Urban decay should keep their single shadows. I’m hoping the quality is as good as the old singles & urban decay’s image is revived somehow. Looking forward to your review.

April Avatar

The clear cases look like a beautiful piece of heavy lucite, showing off the color inside. Yes, a big change on the outside. Not what we’re used to seeing from UD. The tokens were a great, inventive idea that was a mind blower at the time it came out…so cool!! If they could create these clear cases in large palette size, now that would be a cool trick. I think they’re thinking Futuristic. It’s hard to top something that was really great to begin with. They were so new and exciting, like nothing else out there. I have so so so MUCH eyeshadow that is gorgeous and already vegan like Sydney Grace, that I don’t think I’ll be spending the dough on their updates yet. Maybe once they drop a new palette…???

Lauren Avatar

Not a fan of this packaging :/ would much prefer it if they just released them as just the pan and maybe an empty magnetic palette you could buy along side if you wanted to

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