Urban Decay Afterdark Palette for December 2016

Urban Decay Afterdark Palette for Spring 2017
Urban Decay Afterdark Palette for Spring 2017

When you’re out late at night, anything can happen. Even the straight-laced types shed their inhibitions and cut loose. That’s when things get interesting, a little dangerous and a lot more fun. Urban Decay introduces the Afterdark Palette, the perfect shadow collection for night owls. Created with late-night rendezvous in mind, this jewel-toned collection contains 10 sultry shades of Eyeshadow—seven NEW and three cult favorites no UD junkie should be without. Amp up your look with shade-shifting duotones and metallized shimmers in a range of hues. From iconic UD colors like Lounge (brick red with a green shift) to new shades like Paralyzed (blue with a purple shift) and Off Duty (deep metallic bronze), this palette has it all.

Online 12/20 at Sephora and 1/14 for UrbanDecay.com, in-stores 1/27

The Details

Afterdark Palette, $49.00 (Limited Edition, Sephora Exclusive)

  • Alter Metallic white-gold with gold shift
  • Scene Light metallic pinky-peach with gold shift
  • Supersonic Intense metallic red-copper
  • Sinful Metallic golden amber
  • Off Duty Deep metallic bronze
  • Druggie Metallic purple with violet shift
  • Backfire Burgundy satin with purple shift
  • Lounge Brick red satin with green shift
  • Fringe Bright metallic teal
  • Paralyzed Navy with tonal metallic shift

Urban Decay Afterdark Palette for Spring 2017
Urban Decay Afterdark Palette for Spring 2017

Urban Decay Afterdark Palette for Spring 2017
Urban Decay Afterdark Palette for Spring 2017

Urban Decay Afterdark Palette for Spring 2017
Urban Decay Afterdark Palette for Spring 2017

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Oh Heather. Don’t say that. Glitter always works. Maybe not in the amount we used to wear it. but a little glitter in the inside and outside corners of the eye never hurt a soul. DO IT! LOL 🙂

Yes, I thought that too. My initial knee-jerk reaction was “I want, I NEED”, then I took a longer look at the shades and realized that they look almost exactly like the metals that I already have in the KVD palette. Not to mention that I would be willing to bet money that the quality is not even close to on par with the metal matte palette.

Pretty palette, too many blues and greens for me though.

Also… “druggie?” Come on. I like the innuendoes but that one is more than a little too much. It’s very… literal. And depressing. ?

Actually, they’ve had a loose white shadow called “Yeyo”, a recent other light color called “Bump”.. they do this all the time. I’m not conservative when it comes to drugs, but pretending that coke is cool is just stupid. Really makes me avoid their products and stick with KVD.

I’m really interested in how Supersonic is going to perform! It looks similar to a shade Colourpop has that I haven’t found a satisfactory dupe for yet… I’ve been trying to avoid buying from them for moral reasons, but warm metallic pinkish shades are so tempting…!

Supersonic was actually in the Vice 4 palette if you want to see what it looks like. It’s one of my favorites. I’m excited to see it in another palette. Now I can use it a bit more often lol.

Hi Bonnie, this fall Colourpop had a bit of a naming fiasco with several of its products. I was very impressed when they had the good sense to apologize for and rename their darker skin tone products. My Romani friends and I asked via Twitter/Facebook/etc. if they would be willing to do the same with two releases named Gypsy and Zingara (which is Italian for “gypsy”). Both words are considered ethnic slurs for the Romani people, with Zingara being slightly more offensive due to the root word’s etymology. They changed the lipstick Gypsy to “Calypso,” but if you look, the shade’s URL is still “/gypsy,” and they completely ignored the request for Zingara.

It might seem strange and almost nitpicky to someone who doesn’t know the words’ histories, but their use is incredibly hurtful to Romani people. “Zingara” is almost like “inhuman trash.” I could never feel good with their products on my body with that hovering in the back of my thoughts, you know? So even though I’m in love with a few products, I can’t personally bring myself to use them.

Ok. So I’m on fire. Literally. And NOT in a good way, either: DRUGGIE??? Seriously??? Bump was at least obscure enough that most didn’t catch on, but this lowers the bar WAY too far. Sad part is that I really love most of these shades, but that highly offensive shade name just disgusts me. I do own some UD and other brand’s products that do have some more insinuatory names, such as MAC Heaux lipstick and UD Snow and Gash eyeshadows, but this really goes much too far.

KJH, it is such a gorgeous berry-hued red (or red-hued berry?) and I really had a *moment* when I wore it to my house of worship and got compliments, then breathed a huge sigh of relief because thankfully no one asked me for its name!

Omg Nancy!!! Can you imagine telling someone the name of your lipstick is “ho”?? Oh jeez. For a long time I thought maybe it was pronounced like hoax or something tho. Just wasn’t sure.

I’m with you Nancy. I hate it that UD does this. Sometimes they take their “edginess” a step to far into just gross and trashy. Druggie fall into the latter category. Wende Zomnir (founder) is a grown ass professional businesswoman now, I don’t see why she insists on glamorizing drug use like she’s a rebellious angsty teenager trying to piss off her parents.

Bonnie, yes, it’s bad enough that one of my favorite shades of lipstick from UD is called Violate. I would HATE to say it’s name to a non-makeup affish! Wende honestly needs to tone it down. Way down. Nothing “cool” about glorifying substance abuse, sexual assault or that ilk.

I know…the names. Really, how much longer til we get names like “Sexual Assault” and “Crack Wh*re” and “Methadone Clinic”?? Drugs and violence are killing young people (and not so young people) and destroying lives. There is absolutely nothing edgy, cool or “clever” about using names associated with that sort of behaviour to sell makeup! I’m seriously getting to the point where I’m ready to boycott brands that do this and all in the name of the all-mighty dollar (heck, it’s only a few steps removed from selling the actual drugs themselves, when you stop to think of it).

Mariella, you put this issue into words perfectly. It really IS only a few steps removed from actually selling the drugs, the lifestyle, and all by glamorizing and glorifying them. Getting a bit too much.

The colors look so pretty and I love UD! But I’ll probably pass because it’s all metallic finishes — unless, of course, you give it rave reviews, Christine! And please, UD, stop with the stupid names (IMO they are not edgy, just silly).

Okay so I may have to break my no-buy until after Christmas pledge. I know it isn’t a stand alone palette and usually that is a deal breaker for me but these look beautiful and while I have Lounge in a single and I have Raw from KVD for the red shade I don’t have any of the blues, teals, purples that are good. I hope these swatch/review beautifully.

It’s about damn time they released something else akin to the Electric Palette. I am assuming this is a sequel of sorts. I am not sure why it took them so damn long. This better perform as well. Wasn’t Fringe in Electric also?

If the quality is as good as Electric I am getting it.

After the recent letdown of the Full Spectrum palette, I’m a little afraid to get excited. I LOVE Urban Decay, but I need the quality to be there with these shadows. I was SOOO disappointed by the reviews and swatches of the Full Spectrum palette (Thanks, KVD Metal Matte for making me feel better), that as much as I know I want it, I’ll be downright bitter at UD if the quality of this palette turns out to be sub-par so I’m not getting my hopes up.

As someone else mentioned I think these look a lot like the metallic shades in the KVD Metal Matte palette! I’m trying to decide if I need it. I was also disappointed by the Full Spectrum palette and if I already have similar shades with KVD I might hold off…

Gettin’ it!!! Yeah, a name or two may be offensive, but Kat Von D took the cake when she decided to name her shades after demonds. And now she’s putting out highlighters inside a triangle shaped package. Illuminati anyone? A touch of deep darkness representation? Are we contributing to devil worshiping? Hmm…

Yawn… did they raid Kat Von D’s makeup drawer? Shade shifting duotones are everywhere- at every price point. They might be new names for UD but I know I already have multiples of these exact shades.
This one will surely hit the clearance bin at some point. If you love the brand then support it- but those awful names have to go before I buy anything from them again.

Trish, that’s how I feel, too. “Druggie” is an even more offensive name than “Junkie”, due to the fact that one can be a clothing junkie or makeup junkie,but a druggie has no such alternate word usage. Disgusting of UD to make light of something SO serious!

Druggie? OK, that is just a bridge too far and then some. It’s inappropriate, disrespectful to people who deal with a very serious illness, and just plain stupid. Honestly, UD. Grow up.

I didn’t notice the name until I read your comment Linda, and you are absolutely right. How immature is this from UD? It is like NARS with their sexualised names for their products.

The only way this could have been better is if they’d included Fireball. Otherwise… An Urban Decay palette with so many duochromes is my dream. I will absolutely be getting this!

Lounge is part of their permanent line and the green that you see in the picture is the duo-chrome shift. The background color when applied is a brick red/brown color. Hope that explains it a little. May have made it more confusing for you but I hope not.

UD is certainly pushing the glitter/sparkly/metallic barrow at the moment, with this palette and the recently released Moondust shadows.
Very similar shades to the Kat Von D. Metal/Matte palette.

OMG!!! I’m so glad this is coming out before January 1st when I’ve said my New Years resolution is to start a “no buy” period, lol.

I’m only interested in the shade Alter.

But, even if I was interested in the other colours, I wouldn’t buy this on principal.

As a person in the mental health field, and as a person who’s best friend is a recovering drug addict. I would NEVER EVER want to support a pallet with the name “Druggie” in it.

That is way beyond “cheeky” and “Cute” that’s just insensitive and gross!

Amen, Shannon. UD went MUCH too far this time. Anyone who lived, struggled and then gave up that lifestyle can tell Wende Z. that there is literally nothing glam or cool about that scene!


I’v seen my best friend through the roller coaster of sobriety. And it’s been TOUGH. There’s been many tears shed, many hugs, and lots of fights.

But she’s a year clean now. And she’s in therapy etc.

Clearly, the creator (Wende Z) has never watched one of her loved ones waste away, and lose their spirit like that. ugh!

Sorry to go off on a rant. I’m just so passionate about this!!

Shannon, believe me, I definitely understand. Your friend is one of the fortunate ones, having survived and achieving sobriety. Congrats to her on 1 full year! It’s hard.
So many do not make it. Some make it but go back and forth. Others achieve sobriety, but are left with lifelong medical and or mental health issues. Drug addiction is a MONSTER. Not something for Wende Z to make light of.

I think it’s actually really funny how up in arms people are about Druggie. It makes me want this palette even though all of these are shades I have from UD. Scene looks exactly like X. Fringe looks like a more saturated Shattered or a more blue Flipside. Paralyzed looks like Adore. Druggie looks like Omen. Also, how did they pass up calling Off Duty something “Baked”? Like maybe Baked Brownie?

This really goes back to comments about their assortment being blah lately. There are two colors in here I’d like to have (Scene because I’m out of X and Off Duty) but it isn’t worth buying the whole palette for those. Pass for sure.

I’m not sure why it’s funny. Druggie and Paralyzed are just plain insensitive names not cheeky or cool or whatever they were aiming for there. I liked the colors but this is an easy pass for me.

I’m all over this one! I LOVE when UD does shifts. I have Lounge already but I’m perfectly ok with more cuz it’s fabulous. I’m wondering if Scene will be anything like fireball… I heart that one too.
As far as the Druggie name,ugh I give up. I’ve tried 3x now and I sound sarcastic every time even though I’m trying not to be. I will just say I don’t agree that it’s such an awful over the line name. There’s a lot worse but I will keep my examples to myself because “I respect your right to have an opinion different than mine” lol if this year has taught me anything it’s making that my mantra!
But seriously…. I’m so freaking excited for this!! Don’t let me down UD. Please make this one awesome. Summer 2015 collection level awesome please!!

That looks exactly like KVD Metal Matte top row. The only color that’s new is supersonic. Everything else is petty much an exact dupe. Also what the heck is wrong with UD lately? Since when it’s okay to glorify drug use? This palette insinuates that everybody who goes to a club automatically will be doing drugs. “Druggie” is just offensive and unacceptable. I have the same problem with “Junkie” from Electric palette, but this one takes it up a notch. I would not buy this palette for my niece or younger cousin! UD is targeting a younger audience, and, at the same time, promoting drug use, by trying to make it sound “fun” and okay. It’s not okay! I expect a wave of backlash, which I’ll happily participate in.

I love it! Prolly never use the yellow or dark pink. Druggie name is stupid but it’s not that serious to me.

They just want to create a buzz best to ignore stupid stuff I think. Not any worse than the NARS stuff as Genieve mentioned also stupid.

I love the shiny stuff but end up not wearing it much.

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