Tutorial – Purple

This is a super easy tutorial! It is for a simplistic purple look, and I think just about anyone can be successful at it.

Skill Level: Beginner

Get your purples out! In order left to right, top to bottom: Can’t remember, Nocturnelle, Stars ‘n Rockets, Hepcat, Push-up Pink, Sketch, Endless Love. I’m actually only going to be using Stars ‘n Rockets, as it turns out, from the picture. I’m also going to be using Contrast e/s, Goldmine e/s, and Violet pigment with water-based mixing medium. In terms of brushes, I am using a cheap paintbrush I picked up from a craftstore to apply the pigment, and I’m using Philosophy’s blending brush for everything else.

First apply Violet pigment mixed with MAC’s water-based mixing medium onto your lid.

Go slightly above your natural crease.

Like so.

Take your eyeshadow brush and pick up some Stars ‘n Rockets e/s and apply it to the inner half of your lid.

Nobody can tell, boo! You should have kept mostly within the shape you made with the pigment, though.

Now pick up some Contrast e/s and apply it to your outer lid/corner.

So it looks like this. Unblended!

Using your brush, blend Contrast e/s up and into your crease. You don’t want to bring too much of the color, though, so do this lightly, gently pulling the dark purple into the Violet pigment.

A little darker, I guess.

Take a tiny bit of Goldmin e/s and apply it to the very inner part of your lid.

This is going to create dimension. Might look funny, but it’ll be less funny later; I promise.

Using Thunder e/s, a softer purple-pink color, or any highlighter type color of your choice, apply it to your brow area and above your crease.

Once you’ve applied the color to your brow, you want to decrease the harshness between the Violet pigment and your brow highlighting color. You can easily do this by blending from the dark color into the light one, by gently pulling the color upwards and outwards (not straight up!).

Repeat the process only pull the remaining harsh line upwards and inwards towards the bridge of your nose.

Taking a bit of Contrast e/s, pat it just underneath your lower lash line on the outer portion. Gently drag the color inwards, towards your inner corner. Repeat this using Stars ‘n Rockets, only starting from the inner lower lash line and moving towards the outer portion.

Apply your eyeliner, mascara, etc. of your choice. I also picked Magnetique l/g for my lips to pair with my eyes.

And voila, you get…

I used Violent pigment on lid, Stars ‘n Rockets e/s on inner lid, Contrast e/s on outer lid and crease, Thunder e/s on brow, Goldmine e/s on inner corner, Stars ‘n Rockets e/s on lower lash line, and Contrast e/s on lower lash line. I used Magnetique l/g on my lips.