Tutorial – Multi-colored (Tropical)

This tutorial is for a look that involves using multiple colors, and colors that you would necessarily group together. The emphasis is definitely on learning to mix and match by using blending techniques that do not muddy up your colors. I don’t feel it is a very hard tutorial to follow, but try it yourself!

Skill Level: Beginner-Moderate

You’re going to need the following supplies: I’m using the following brushes: MAC 252, MAC 219, Philosophy Blending, Philosophy Shadow, and a craft store paint brush.I will be using the following products: mixing medium (water based), True Chartreuse pigment, Lucky Green e/s, Tease ‘n Teal e/s, Aquadisiac e/s, Deep Truth e/s, Stars ‘n Rockets e/s, Hepcat e/s, Say Yeah! e/s, Covergirl Sterling Sage e/l, Maybelline Full ‘n Soft mascara, Dainty Cake l/s, and Negligee l/g.

The mixing medium I use is homemade and contains 3 parts water, 1 part glycerin (available at drug stores) but it is supposed to be the equivalent of MAC’s mixing medium available at PRO stores. I’m using True Chartreuse pigment as my base, so you can use Chartru paint or Chartreuse pigment or even Lucky Jade shadestick instead. I am using a combination of teal, navy, purple, and neutral colored eyeshadows – substitute as necessary!

Start with a bare canvas! Me with no makeup!

I took my craftstore paint brush, dipped it just a TINY bit into the mixing medium (you don’t want your brush to be too wet, just damp), and then dabbed on some True Chartreuse pigment. Press the brush flat against your lid, starting from the inside, and slowly making sweeping arches going somewhat past your crease (maybe 1/3rd of your lid’s heighth above) all the way to your outer corner. Go lightly when it’s above your crease, make it sort of heavy towards your lashline and fade as you get to your crease. The photo is to show you the beginning shape, then you simply fill in and go over any parts that aren’t dark enough.

It should look like the photo above when you’ve finished applying the pigment.

Take your 252 brush and get some Tease ‘n Teal e/s on it. Hold it sideways against your outer lid and press softly and drag the color about a third to halfway of your lid. Because you are slowly applying the color initially, it should almost naturally soften and fade as you pull it inwards. You can then pack on color on your outer lid as you feel is necessary.

This is what you should have at this point.

Similar to the previous step, you use the 252 to apply Lucky Green e/s, but you start from the inside corner of your lid, so you will have to flatten your brush against your lid instead of sideways in order to angle it into that area. Again, slowly draw out the color so that it is naturally fading into the Tease ‘n Teal e/s you applied before.

Just like so.

Still using the 252, get a little bit of Aquadisiac e/s on your brush, and position sideways against the middle of your lid, close to where the Tease ‘n Teal e/s ends, and tap lightly, and then go back to where you started and slowly bring in the Aquadisiac e/s towards the middle of your lid.

It should resemble the photo above. The Aquadisiac e/s helps to soften the difference between the green and teal eyeshadows, and I feel it adds a bit of dimension, too.

I’m going to use my Philosophy shadow brush here, which is a smaller, slightly fluffier version of the 252, to do my crease work. Using the brush, get a good amount of Stars ‘n Rocket e/s (a sparkly purple color) and apply the color in the middle, keeping the brush in your crease and drag it towards the outside part of your crease, bring it back and then bring towards your inner crease. You want to repeat this, only you will be applying more of the color above your crease to make a bolder, thicker line of the coloring.

This is what you should see after you have done that step. The purple shadow will mesh with the green/teal to create a bit of blue.

I forgot to take a picture of a small step, but you can see what I did in this photo, so I’ll explain it as best I can! Using the same brush as the previous step, pick up a bit of Deep Truth e/s (navy blue) and gently place your brush on the outer edge of your lid and very gingerly bring the color inwards so that it helps to darken the teal color from earlier. Also, extend the dark color upwards into your outer corner/crease to also darken the purple you put in your crease. Continue using this brush and pick up Say Yeah! e/s (neutral) and place the brush at the end of the purple crease work you did and brush upwards and outwards.

Using your brush, go along where the purple and the neutral colors meet, and use upward strokes slanted slightly to the outside of your eye to facilitate in blending away the harsh line.

There is not much left to do to complete the look.

Taking the 219, get a little bit of Tease ‘n Teal e/s and line your lower lash line with the color to about the midway point starting from the outside and working inwards. After that, pick up some Lucky Green e/s and start at the inside part of your lower lash line and work your way outwards, going slightly over where you stopped with the Tease ‘n Teal e/s.

Apply your choice of eyeliner, the one that I am using is comparable to MAC’s Minted eye kohl. Then apply your favorite mascara and lipstick/gloss.

And voila! You are all finished with your look 🙂 Below are photos of my eyes all finished.

I love, love to hear your feedback (good or bad), and I have no problem answering any questions you might have 🙂 This tutorial took almost two hours to put together (picture taking, cropping, and then the writing of it!), so please, please, please! do me a favor and give me some commentary on whether it was useful or if you thought I could improve somewhere. Thanks so much!