Tutorial – Glowy Cheeks

This tutorial is designed to show you how to contour face, use a darker blush, and light highlight for glowy, dramatic cheeks.

Skill Level: Moderate

Note: This tutorial is designed for more advanced users who grasp and understand the basic concepts of makeup application, blending, and other related techniques. I strongly suggest viewing some of the more detailed articles and tutorials that better describe basic techniques for less advanced users. To view a more detailed tutorial to gain a better understanding of the techniques applied here, please view this previous tutorial.

Eyes: If you’d like to compliment the cheeks, try Apricot Pink pigment (mixed with MAC’s water-based mixing medium as your base), Firespot eyeshadow (warm orange color), Cranberry eyeshadow (raspberry color), Sable Wrap eyeshadow (same as Saturnal eyeshadow, dirty dark olive green), Say Yeah (highlighter with pink undertones), Grain eyeshadow (highlighter with neutral undertones), Graphblack technakohl (black kohl liner), and black mascara.
Face: Afterdusk blush (darker pink-purple) on apples of cheeks, Astral Rays glimmershimmer (creamy white-beige) on top of cheeks and temple, and Harmony blush (brown/gray) to contour cheeks.
Lips: For matching lips, try New York Apple lipstick (deep raspberry) with face lipglass (peachy pink).

Using an angled fluffy brush like the 168 of 169, pick up your contour color of choice (Harmony blush for me in this tutorial) and place it in the hollow of your cheeks.

This is what it should look like; it doesn’t need to be blended at this particular moment.

When I use glimmershimmers, I find it easier to apply them before powder products (plus the powder products tend to help it set and stay better throughout the day). Take a touch of Astral Rays glimmershimmer and spread it on top of my cheek using a flat stiff brush like the 190.

Using a fluffy buffer brush like the 182, blend Astral Rays glimmershimmer into cheeks by making small circles.

All glowy, kind of?

Using a fluffy powder brush like the 150, apply After Dusk blush to apple of cheeks.

Smile to help show you where your “apples” are – they’re the bulging part of your face!

Using the fluffy powder brush (150), blend upwards towards temples and make small circles to help blend the color into cheeks.

Like so.

Using a fluffy buffer brush like the 182, make large, soft circles all over your cheeks to buff everything together. Do not spend too long or else you might over-blend!

Even by your temples!


This is your finished product.

To view more pictures of the finished product, please view the original look here.