Tutorial – Eyebrows & Face

Eyebrow tutorial with photos & text-only “tutorial” of how I apply my face makeup and powders.

Skill Level: Beginner

Supplies: Expresso eyeshadow (use the shade that correctly matches your brows!), thick angled brush (like the 266), thin angled brush; moisturizing before with a facial cream is also a good way to help get the powder shadow to stay on longer (wait for the moisturizer to dry for the most part, though!).

Using a thick angled brush, pick up the brow color and begin filling in the thickest part of your brows (or the innermost portion) by starting at the top.

Blend outwards and upwards, make sure to repeat only starting at the bottom instead of the top.

Your results…

Using a thin angled brush, pick up the brow color and place directly under the portion of your brow that may need slight darkening. For me, it is just past the thickest part of my brow.

Move your brush along the underside of your eyebrow upwards and outwards.

Continue along the tail of your brow until you reach the end of your brow.

Repeat the process as before, only along the upperside of the brow following it until the end of the tail part of the brow.

You should get something that looks like this. This is a tad messy, and when you do your eye makeup, your highlight helps bring it altogether in the end ๐Ÿ™‚ It is also a good idea to take a clean mascara wand to help straighten out your brow hairs so they look all clean and proper!

Face Tutorial

Foundation: Apply your foundation using a fluffy brush, whether it be the 182, 187, or a blush/powder brush. This works best with liquid foundations, not powder or pressed ones. You can use either your fingers or the brush itself to pick up the liquid foundation and apply it to your face in a series of “spots” or “streaks” that will later be blended out. I usually apply a bit to each cheek, my chin, and the middle of my forehead. If you use a brush like the 187 that is not as easy to blend in circles as the 182, the best method is to stroke sideways and at an angle. I find that the 187 gives some “streakage” around corner areas like the nose and underneath the eyes, so I end up using my fingers to blend these areas at the end. The 182, however, allows you to blend in a circular motion, as well as to the sides, and it eliminates most of the need to do any last-minute finger-blending at the end.

Contouring: I only contour the hollows of my cheeks because I’m fairly happy with the thick/thinness of my nose. I do this by sucking in my cheeks and making a fish face (attractive, I know). I use an angled fluffy brush and pick up bronzer and apply my contour line a little after the hollow begins by my mouth and brush it along the emphasized hollow to your ears. If you do not plan to put any other color on your cheeks/face, you can easily blend this out using a fluffy powder brush (my favorite is the 182). Otherwise, leave the line as it is, as unblended as it appears.

Blush: I use a fluffy blush brush and pick up the blush color and apply to the apples of my cheeks. You can figure out where your “apples” are by smiling real big. You’ll apply the color there and pull it towards your temples. After this, blend it downwards towards the contour line with what residual color is left on your brush. I usually only pick up color once or twice, and the bulk of it ends up on the apples of my cheeks. You can easily blend the two colors by placing the brush so that it touches both of them at the lowest point (closest to your mouth) and pulling your brush upwards along both of them towards your ear. You can swish the brush sideways as you move upwards to facilitate blending, as well. I prefer to take the 182 for the blending procedure after the color has been applied, because it is supremely amazing when it comes to rounding everything out.

Highlighting: I usually highlight using some sort of pigment (like Pink Opal), and a good brush to apply this is the 182, but also the 187. The 187 has special bristles that allow for a very light application, so you can get the highlight color to fall just over the apples of your cheeks and by your temples without much trouble. Again, smile really big, and notice the apples of your cheeks. You want to apply the highlight color just above the apples, basically just before they flatten out at the top, but before the space underneath your eye begins.