Tutorial – Cat Eye Liner, Liquid Liner Tips, Neutral Eye

This tutorial is designed to show you step-by-step how to line your upper lash line and wing out the liner subtly, which is typically called a cat-eye. This is a perfect look to wear for the holidays and New Year’s Eve parties that are happening frequently. It is also a great match when you want to go for retro-matte red lips or even an ultra glossy lip. Bold lips are always amazing when paired with such a neutral, natural eye.

You will need: Liquid black liner of your choice (Prescriptives), wash of a neutral, low-shimmer color of your choice (Ricepaper), semi-matte darker brown for the crease (Soft Brown), and highlight color of your choice (Casablanca).

Brushes: 239, 219, 266/209

Learn how I do my liquid liner…

1. Start with a clean eye-space; if you fill-in your brows, you’re welcome to do them now [or later].

2. Apply your wash of neutral eyeshadow onto your lid using a fluffy eyeshadow brush (like the 239).

3. Pull it outwards to be able to cover your entire lid area.

4. This is what it should look like. The color is only slightly lighter than my natural lid color.

5. Apply your highlight color starting below the inner portion of the brow.

6. Pull the brow outwards along the underside of the brow, following its natural arch.

7. Using the 239, apply your semi-matte deeper brown into the outer crease.

8. Pull your brush outwards towards the outermost portion of the crease.

9. This is how it should look at this point.

10. Go back and gently brush out the crease color to blend it a bit.

11. Now, with your liquid liner, use the applicator it came with if that suits you (this is what I did), and apply a fairly thin line along your upper lashes. If you do not like the applicator that comes with your liquid liner, you may want to try a fine-pointed liner brush like the 209 or an angled brush like the 266. I find that if you tilt your head up and look down at the mirror, your lid will close enough to allow you to get close to your upper lash line while still being able to see. If there’s too much liquid liner on your brush, don’t fret, just wipe a bit of the excess on the back of your hand – remember, less is more. You can always build the liner’s intensity and thickness up, but it’s harder to correct it once it’s already there!

Here are some additional tips for working with liquid liner:

  • If you are completely new to liquid lining, don’t bother doing it when you’ve already created a hot eyeshadow look. Work on your liquid lining skills with just a bare eye – when you’ve gotten the hang of it, that’s when you incorporate it into your looks. It is really hard to correct big mistakes (small ones you can usually cover!), so why ruin a look you have already created?
  • Try to rest your elbow onto the countertop so it can help steady your hands.
  • Keep cotton swabs and eye makeup remover handy. Dip the cotton swab into the remover, and use it to erase any mistakes and make that line look even.
  • Sometimes you may feel better lining in sections (think of three sections – inner upper lash line, middle upper lash line, and outer upper lash line), because you can slowly go through the process.
  • Cheat your way through liquid liner by applying it first, and then putting eyeshadows on top. When you use black liquid liner, it is often quite apparent despite shadows falling on top of it. This way, you can just go back lightly to intensify the color afterwards, but you will have already gotten your perfect shape.

12. Taking your liquid liner brush and using the bottom lash line as a guide, act as if you are extending your lower lash line upwards towards the end of the brow (like you’re drawing a line towards it) by making a small flick.

13. Where you have made the flick, use your liquid liner applicator to “connect” the flick back to the upper lash line. You almost create a kind of triangle this way.

14. This is how it should look.

15. Using the 219, apply your highlighter color to your inner tearduct. Also, apply black liner to your lower lashes if you wish.

16. Pull the 219 outwards a bit so the highlighter color isn’t so stark.

17. This is how it should look right now.

18. Add your favorite mascara, and voila, you are finished.