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I think it’s more socially accepted for younger people to wear anything, whereas a woman in her 40s or 50s wearing bright blue shadow may get some funny looks.. but really, to me, I will always wear what I feel like, and makes me happy no matter what age I am 🙂

Merry christmas Christine!!!! <3

For me..I’ve noticed the older I get,the less frost I can wear.Also that I look better with less eyeliner or even no eyeliner.Actually,I look better with less makeup overall which is sort of a blow given the size of my makeup collection..LOL

Thanks for asking! As a member of the 4% of Temptalia survey responders who are over 40 – I think a women in her 40’s and 50’s can wear anything that puts a wiggle in their step. However, we all go through personal stages and I find that I don’t WANT to wear the same look that I wore in my 20’s. Personal choice. I still wear frosts – but I usually pair them with mattes or velvets. I never reach for my makeup and think “I am too old for this look” but I DO reach for my makeup, smile, and think “I am past that stage”.

Hey Tricia! I’m glad the site can appeal to older women, because like MAC, I am so about all ages, all races, and all sexes. It’s all about what makes you feel good and what you like. I’m so glad to hear you’re still rockin’ whatever it is you like on yourself!

i dont think there are rules, but i feel like theres a natural progression of style that women go through as theyre lifestyle evolves. it sucks but its just like clothes. just like most people wont take you seriously as youre older if you keep wearing midriff bearing clothing and fishnets, they wont take you seriously if youre wear bright aqua and yellow eyeshadow from lashline to browbone. for instance, if i go into an internship interview, just as i can show up in cut off shorts and a tank top, im not gonna show up in crazy neon green eyeshadow. some of the freshmen that live in my hall in the dorms were like “What major is Ivy?” and my roomate replied that i was premed biochemistry and one of them responded as “wow she really doesnt look like one”. insinuating that i cant possibly be smart because im a makeupartist and sleep alot.

I personally live by no rules for ‘age’ appropriate makeup except!!!women who have wrinkles around their eyes should not wear frosty.shimmery or glittery products. Just my opinion. =)

I don’t think there is a hard and fast rule, but I will say that once a woman becomes a certain age she might be pulling a Tammy Fay/drag-queen with some of the “younger” color choices. I shop at Ross all the time and there is a older (50’ish) sales lady there who wears sooooooooo much make-up that she just looks clownish, really bright colors and well its just really bad. I can’t help picture her when I am at the MAC store looking at something the color of a peacock. Obviously it depends a lot of skin tones and hair color etc….but I think the older I get the better I look with less eye make-up and more natural colors. Black eyeliner is also just an all around bad idea….looks like some kinda emo boy reject. But I am fair skinned and never really looked good in day glo colors or black eyeliner, the difference is that at 16 I didn’t care, I just wanted to be fashionable despite those colors being a really bad match for me.

Merry Christmas, Tanya! I can definitely see that – none of us want to have the Mimi-effect (from Drew Carey). I hope I can wear black eyeliner in twenty years, I might cry if I can’t!

Yes, but only if you want to look classy and beautiful.
I’m 38 years old, and although I love the vibrant and glittery eyeshadows/pigments that MAC is especially known for, I found that as I get older, I can only pull off a softer version of it. Too much makeup tends to accentuate the undereye circles and tiny lines that are starting to appear, and can make me look 10 years older.

If you look at pictures of older celebrities at any awards ceremony, all of them use classic understated makeup to look beautiful.

Hey Teresa! I’m happy to hear that even though you feel you can’t pull off the ultra vibrant, at least you’ve found a way to use them in a versio nthat suits you better now. 🙂

There’s a lot more to consider when deciding on make up than age – skin tone and condition, hair color etc and even clothes, to some extent. A person with good skin can generally wear anything and those with wrinkles should wear the minimum amount and no shimmery products to avoid highlighting crow’s feet and laugh lines.

I have noticed most olive skinned women in their 50’s and 60’s can wear bright colors and even black eyeliner. I agree that black eyeliner and even black mascara tend to add more years and switching to brown is a lot better – and I plan on doing this when I hit my 50’s 😉

I do hope I age well – I can’t think of not wearing bright red lipstick anymore!

That’s very true – sometimes the stage our skin in can determine how much and what kind of makeup we use. I know I’ll tone down the shimmer if I happen to break out on my cheeks or something.

I think we ALL hope we age well, lol!

I think society dictates certain rules when it comes to make-up and age, and I find that unfortunate. Make-up is an extremely personal thing and varies from person to person. We should be able to wear whatever we want, when we want. But like someone else mentioned, we are bound to feel more or less comfortable in certain things with age anyway, whether it is our own personal comfort level or social conditioning. All in all, I think people should wear whatever they are comfortable wearing. And if you get strange looks for that, that is just the sign of someone who is insecure and envious that you are comfortable enough with who you are to wear whatever you want, even if it goes against the silly ‘beauty standards’ the media has created.

personally, i never really wore much makeup in my early 20s. i didn’t know how and i couldn’t really afford what i have now. now that i’m older and the purchases i make are classic and good quality so i can see myself wearing these for a long time. i think i can wear whatever i want as long as i like it. what sets the rule for me is my skin tone. i think you can wear anything as long as you know how and where to put it. it really depends, not everyone looks better with lighter makeup when they grow older. my features were sharper when i was young, so i’m just trying to keep my features sharp and going lighter actually makes me look older and sickly looking. trust me i’ve studied my photos.

Yes, I do think age determines makeup style, but perhaps in a different way than many of you.

A 12 y.o does not need to be going to middle school with a smokey eye and white browbone highlights and fake beauty marks.

As far as older women are concerned, as long as it makes them look and feel good, go for it. They’ve paid their dues, and personally, they aren’t me.

Some looks though are timeless. You’re never too old for a classic red lip and a bit of mascara.

Very true… timeless looks are great for so many, if not everyone. I have to admit that I don’t feel comfortable with super young girls (like 12) playing with much makeup… it seems unnecessary at that age.

I think in terms of color anything goes as long as it’s done tastefully and doesn’t overwhelm your face. But I think as we get older anything glittery has to be avoided 🙂

I feel it’s a freedom of choice..I’m 40 but I look like I’m 27 or early 30’s..
I wear what I ever I feel at that moment..I can rock glitters, frost, satins, pigments, whatever..because of my age and the wisdom I have, please myself because when it’s all said and done..I have the final say so..For all you young ladies in your 20’s, when you get in your 40’s I want for you to remember what you said this day, because please believe me you will not feel the same way..Makeup is a form of expression..do what you like, wear what you want..age is nothing but a number

While I’m all for doing whatever you like, after a certain point you are expected to dress in a certain way. Like short skirts aren’t really accetable for a 50 year old, and neither is bright makeup. I AM all for self expression, but there’s a point where you have to grow up and wear whats appropriate. But other than the extremes, I think it has way more to do with personality than age. Most people wouldn’t wear bright purple lipstick-regardless if they are 12, 20, or 60 🙂

I think that the items you use change as you adapt to your skin possibly looking more crepe-y or liners not working like they used to, but I have been practicing on my mom and there are ways to “fake” the same looks, with smudging and using products with different consistencies. I think that whoever put out this myth that you can’t wear frosty shadows if you’re older should be shot- I went to a seminar with a makeup artist for MAC recently through Nordstrom and this woman who wasn’t a day over 35 kept having a public hissy fit, saying “Well can you still wear that look if you aren’t 21?” The shadow in question was All That Glitters, which of course is something you normally would only wear on the lid anyway, and after about the third outburst I had just about had it with this poor lady. Try it and if it doesn’t work for you, don’t buy it for goodness’ sake!

Hey Erin! Interesting experience at the MAC seminar! I think with proper prepping (especially primers that “fill in” lines and skin inconsistencies), women can wear so much. It’s all about what you feel comfortable in. I mean, hey, there are plenty of the 20-something crowd who would never wear bright blue!

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