Do you try out new or current trends?

Do you try out new or current trends? Do you end up incorporating them into your routine or stick with what has worked for you in the past?

As long as it’s not a really extreme trend, I’m likely to try it at least once! If it ends up working well or being something I like, then it might be something that I do again and again.

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For me, it depends on the type of trend. I really don’t care what colors other people are wearing, for instance, I just keep on wearing whatever. But I get on board with some of the product type trends…I’ve got several textured polishes, for instance (and I got a few crackles, magnetics, holos, etc), and I enjoy chubby lip pencils. Oh, I very occasionally will do the accent nail thing, but I usually paint all ten nails the same way. 🙂

Lol! 😀 that wasn’t my question! Hehe 😀 My question was more along the lines of.. What is your first priority? Do you find it more important to stay on trend with current products, or to just use what you already know works? Anyway…

Ah! I pressed return too soon!
Anyway…. For you, Christine, your answer is the epitome of what this blog is all about, so your answer naturally encompasses this lifestyle, unconditionally, as it’s your job. 😀 I meant on a personal, real life, day to day level… I was inspired to ask due to what I observed of young adults recently. I thought it would be interesting to see where the majority of participants’ priorities really are or wish to be. Thank you, though. 🙂 <3 xo

Sometimes. At least I’ll try it out at home (or approximate the look as best I can) and see how I like it. The trend for the last few years of bright or richly colored lipsticks has influenced me in being more open to wearing color on my lips. Before the bright lips trend took off I used to be really conservative about lip color and if I wore anything at all I only wore mlbb type colors. Now I’m open to a lot more possibilities.

Though if a trend requires expensive tools or products or significant amounts of time to create I’m FAR less likely to try it (esp. ones that take a lot of time because realistically I know that most days I’m never going to spend more than 5 minutes on my makeup).

I try to stay contemporary in my looks in general and to avoid using techniques that are dated like a very shimmery brow bone and frosty lips, but I don’t really follow trends.

Experimentation is part of the joy so yes, I like to try out new trends. Sometimes it just comes down to tweaking the trend to make it work for me; to become what I feel is age appropriate (read: comfortable for me) and real life appropriate (read: yes, I would wear this outside the house). It’s a balancing act whereby I do not want my makeup to look stuck in some bygone era, but neither do I feel the need to be way out there sporting the latest advant guard trend. There are lots of trends I can love on other people, but do not feel like ‘me’. Good example: dramatic winged out black liner. I completely love the look, but it doesn’t work super well with my slightly hooded lids, nor the fact my 50 year old eyes are slowly becoming more crepey. I can wear it, but I have to turn it down a notch or two and be content with little wings 😉 I cannot carry off the dramatic long thicker look.

It depends. There are lots of new trends that I don’t like or I know they don’t suit me. So I skip those. But if I think it will enhance my looks I’ll try it.

I am always keen to try out any bold lip trends. I’m pretty lazy when it comes to eye makeup, so it is rare that I try out an eye trend, unless it has to do with brows.

I don’t follow trends for the sake of following them, but if one pops up that happens to catch my eye, fits into my lifestyle/station in life, and personal aesthetic/style, then I’ll try it. I’m not going to wear orange lipstick just because it’s popular when nudes are so much more flattering…

I think it’s completely ridiculous to say that you’re not at ALL affected by current trends. You can’t help but be a part of your own context, and even if you’re rebelling against trends, you’re still being affected by them.

Anyway… I think I like to keep my look current. If a trend comes out in stores (tonnes of liquid matte lipsticks, vamps…) and it’s really to my taste, I’ll absolutely go for it and incorporate it into my routine. I’m always open to new ideas, but if something strikes me as being not my style (the recent gloss-lipstick hybrids, most pastel, ombre, nail art) I’ll just dismiss it. I have a very confident grasp of my own style and what’s to my taste.

Rebellious or going with the flow.. Those are both trends that created trends. So you may call me ridiculous because, you know what? I find that knowing and being secure within myself, having an ultra sense of self awareness and love for things beyond myself.. That’s what is important! I don’t look at magazines, know what’s trending, often if so do, I just catch a look at something I did 15 years ago, do I don’t care. I will not allow my SELF be affected by anything other what natural instinct dictates, and that has served me well throughout the entirety of my life this far. I love checking in on products due to the color curiosity and creative artist within me. Color and scent are one and the same for me, both attached to unique personality and soul which is lovely to manifest in myriad ways! 😀 I think and do for myself. I’m happy being ridiculous. <3 Self reflection & compassion last longer than any trend, and inner beauty will always show on the outside however put together, radiating luminously! Trust, and the trends disappear. 🙂 And you find you love yourself more & judge less. 😀 XO

Sorta? I mean, I compulsively research products before buying and it’s easier to find reviews of new trendy items that a billion bloggers got pr samples of. So the items I’m forming opinions on are more likely to be on trend then not. When I’m standing in front of the mirror I tend to simply enthusiastically paint bright colors on based on my mood. My mood will of course reflect the seasons – I’m much more likely to reach for gold in winter and pastels in spring (pastels? in spring? how original.).

It depends. Sometimes I see something that I think is really pretty and I want to try it out right away. Other times, I pass. I never could get myself to draw cat eyes on with eyeliner. It’s just not “me”. But sometimes I see a new eyeshadow shade or placement or something featuring a new product or something I never have tried or used before and I’m all over it like wite on rice. It really depends on what strikes my fancy.

Hm… I don’t really follow trends, per se, because it’s too expensive and risky here! I have, however, fully embraced the (continuing) trend for coral lipstick! 😀 I was dubious about it at first (<– afraid of orange), but once I saw how much love it was getting from all corners, I decided to try it!

TL, DR: I tend to wait for a trend to become very well established for the right reasons before I try it! 😛

I like to try out different trends, but now that I am in my 50’s, I can only pull off some things. I love color but the things I was able to pull off in my 20’s and 30’s just seem to be too much now. I like the nude or no makeup look now, but if I do go out for the evening, I get a little more dramatic. I have green eyes, and wore Urban Decay Potholes in my younger years. Eden’s Expressway was a favorite as well as Plague. I still have backups of these colors even though I can’t pull them off anymore. I did see some makeup trends in some trade magazines over the winter, so I am going to try to pull off some new eye looks. I can’t pull off corals at all, they make my skin look extremely yellow, but I am going to try out some of the latest color pairings to see if I can get away with those combinations. I just don’t want to look like I have black eyes. Some colors I used to wear all the time just make me look like a beat u Barbie, and that look isn’t good on me.

I’m not very trendy, especially fashion-wise, but I can still recognize that I’m affected by trends. I still notice what people are wearing this year that they weren’t last year, what colours or textures or styles are “in”. If one of those trends happens to mesh with my personal style, I’m all for it.

Makeup-wise, I love to be in on the latest thing bloggers are raving about. I love to read about it, see what makes the product great and then experience it for myself! I’m not very trendy about makeup application because I always prefer a natural barely-there look (with the occasional bold lip) but I get a rush trying new products and evaluating it in all ways.

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