Have you tried a product that seemed unnecessary that then became a must for you?

Have you tried a product that seemed unnecessary that then became a must for you? Share!

Finishing powders!! Love, love the subtle effect.

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I’ve only started to feel like my poor sleep patterns (I just have never slept well – usually wake up 2-3 times a night, maybe six hours in total) have caught up to me and now I need under eye concealer! I feel you!!

Nars blush in Taj Mahal is now a go too for my deep skin tone when I head out!

I initially bought it solely for a specific occasion last year (unnecessary since that occasion happens only once a year) but now I automatically include it in my routine. It was also my first Nars purchase (together w Nars lipstick in Autumn Leaves)! It was these two products that turned me into a #Narsissist heh

I always thought lip liners were redundant until a friend gave me UD Paranoid, and I noticed my lipstick lasting longer and not migrating/smudging as much!

Eyebrow pencils. I naturally have quite full eyebrows so I thought I didn’t need it, when I finally tried it I was amazed at the difference it made. If I’m putting makeup on any other part of my face now I put on my brows.

Face primers. I never quite understood the appeal and they never did anything (and I could feel the extra layer on my face). But following Rae Morris’ advice of either moisteriser OR primer and by using a non silicone primer I enjoy using them. Well, the one that I have haha

The laterst is the Rouge G in Rouge Parade from Guerlain.
I thought i would never wear red lips, but the packaging is just too gorg.
I tried it and loooved it. Now i’m wearing red lips ! Cant believe i waited so long before to try red lips !

Eyebrow powder (actually a dark brown matte eyeshadow). I never felt the need to do anything to my brows (they have a decent natural shape), but once I started darkening them just a little, I realised how much easier it is to wear darker/bolder lipsticks and eye makeup looks!

Yes, I completely agree with this. I found it makes a really noticeable difference even if it’s not always easy for other people to pinpoint what I’ve done differently.

Definitely facial scrub. My sensitive skin hated scrubs until I started using the Antipodes Reincarnation exfoliator about 7 months ago. Now it’s a must in my skincare routine!

Agree! Finishing powders and also loose powder. I think finding the right products are key, otherwise, both these can look like too much makeup or run cakey. I’m a huge fan of Hourglass finishing powders and La Mer ‘The Powder’..both are just phenomenal products.

Primer..never even knew such a thing existed until i read about it on beauty blogs..tried it just to know what was the big deal about it.Now i cant imagine wearing foundation without primer :).Right now in the process of testing different types of primers.
I agree finishing powders are also intriguing but hourglass trio n nars translucent finishing powder didnt do anything fr me (nc44).Im hoping to find a suitable finishing powder soon.

Blush. I’m usually pretty rosy cheeked naturally and that usually shows even through foundation. But adding a very orange blush creates wonderful coral tones. I’ve also started wearing heavier foundation as a result of how my skin changed when I moved further south and my flushing is in part due to some environmental allergies I moved away from (and moved towards others that affect my lungs, gah) so now I even try blushes with some pinks.

Smashbox’s moisturizing under-eye primer. I have dry skin, but dark circles. The primer helps make sure my concealer doesn’t drag on application, or settle into lines.

Way back, it was probably foundation primers which seems so funny to me now (though I still often don’t bother, depending on both the foundation product and the sort of day ahead). Also setting/finishing powders. Some of them make such a difference in how the “finished product” looks; others help my makeup last longer and stay fresher looking and some do both.

Eyeshadow primer! I received a small bottle of UD primer potion with Naked 1 years ago and had never even heard of it, but now I never wear eyeshadow without it.

highlighters. Thought I didn’t need them, but now I feel lackluster without a bit of something! Haven’t tried many finishing powders, only one from Fyrinnae. I don’t use it enough yet to determine if it’s totally necessary (yet!).

I used to find highlighters really unnecessary for me because I have oily skin and it’s like “why would I want to make my face even MORE shiny?” But I learned that all the people I was watching on youtube were using pretty dramatic highlights and when I discovered MAC’s lightscapade, I was like “where has this been all my life?” It gives me a really subtle sort of sheen on my cheeks and I’ve learned where to put it so I don’t look too shiny but really subtly glowy instead. Subtle highlights for the win!!

The Omorovicza Queen of Hungary Mist. I got a sample of it and my first thought was, “Who on Earth would spend that much money on this ridiculous, over-hyped, totally unnecessary product.” Now I know who – me. LOL. It’s the perfect summer refresher and locks in some seriously needed moisture in the winter. Plus, it smells so, so good and feels all tingly when sprayed on. Convert, for sure.

Yes. Asian style toner lotions. My favorites are SKII Cellumination Mask In Lotion and La Mer The Treatment. Using different toner lotions lets me tweek my routine to best suit my skincare needs at any particular time without straying from my tried and true ritual. After cleansing, pour about a 1/4 teaspoon into the palm of your hand and pat all over your face neck, and chest; follow with your regular skincare products. They’re not understood real well here in the US yet, but they’re catching on.

AMEN! I <3 This stuff! I found Missha's Time Revolution The First Treatment Essence to be better than SKII & less expensive! I'm also on board with snail toners as well as others. La Mer fisappointed me but are wonderful and saved my skin years ago! I'm happy you also treat your skin as it feels it needs! Good answer! 😀

Mac Fix+! I thought it was just hype, but it does reset everything and re-fresh it seem pleased back together! As well, the bronzer brush by MJB! It’s expensive but changes lives! Haha! I love it so much, yet never expected it to be THAT good! Finishing owders are also something I agree with, given the correct ones for their proper use! 🙂 They really do add the finishing touches which make skin look beautiful! 😀

When I was young, I didn’t realize the importance of doing my eyebrows, now I do mine everyday. Primer used to be a must but after taking extra good care of my skin (exfoliants, retinol, sunscreens), I can now skip it. Initially, the Hourglass Ambient Powder and the Becca Shimmering Skin Spotlights (the one in the tube) were optional, but they lend such a beautiful glow to the face, that they are now musts.

Clear eyebrow gels. I thought it won’t make any difference but I was wrong. Now it’s a must on my desk, both tinted and clear ones. It kept things in place during the hottest, most humid weather even at beach.

Ahhh, Fuji!! Yes! My favorite one and done is HG for me! I love Marc Jacob’s brow groomer or whatever it is titled as! I’m guessing you’ve tried it? You like MJB a lot as do I! (Totally getting the rose copper twinkle pop! 😀 (Waiting to see the sake maneuvers as Black Friday nears) 🙂

Eyeshadow primer. I’d tried a few big names but they never did much of anything more than even out my lid. Than I tried the NARS and it helped some of my sheerer shades or really sparkly ones stick.

Cleansing oils! I have oily combo skin and never thought adding oil to my face to emulsify foundations, etc. for makeup removal would be effective. Added Shu Uemura and other face oils to my regimen this year – boy, what a difference!

I have to say blush, concealer and eyebrow pencil/powders. I don’t have sparse eyebrows but I’ve realized that a little bit of filling in can make such a big difference. I can’t do without an under eye concealer because I feel good and look awake with it on. And I always assumed that blushes don’t show up on darker skin tones,but I now love the look of a nicely blended natural looking blush. Great topic!

Bronzer. I always thought I’d never need it since I don’t tan, and I’m not into faking one, either. Once I found the right shades for my skin, though, and learned how to apply it more like a contour, I love it. It does contour my face and give a hint of color when not applied all over the whole face.

Mascara! My lashes have always been pretty long and dark naturally, so I never thought mascara was necessary. I never even wore it to parties or anything, but then after starting university, I decided to start trying it and it’s added so much more oomph to my eyes! (They’re Real! by Benefit is amazing!)

I’ve fallen in love with using cleansing oil. :). I used to think, I spend so much time trying to de-oil my face, why would i intentionally ADD oil to it? Plus, I get the occasional zit and use Retin-A every other night. Until I read your reviews, Christine, and then….
I was born with mostly dry skin, and Retin-A does make it more susceptible to dryness. My face no longer has that uncomfortable, “tight” feeling after I wash it. I started out with Garnier Cleansing Oil and I really like it, but I have a sample of Shu I got with a makeup order… :). Thanks for the recommendation!

MAC Fix+. I didn’t think I’d really have a need for it until I tried it with my powder foundation. It makes everything look all smooth and natural. Now I can’t get enough of it!

Brow products. I never paid attention to my brows until I started watching youtube videos and took a “trip” to a Benefit counter at one lunch break……. Life changing experience really! ;o)

That and a glycolic lotion that is a staple now for me on alternate nights. I have been really consistent with this little step for 1 year plus now and I would like to think that is making a difference in my skin.

Guerlain Meteorites were like this. At the time, I believe they were only $50. I always thought, “Those stupid little overpriced balls are pointless”. I bought them for the first time at a duty free shop in Brussels… then bought the compact on the way home. That was many years ago and I usually buy a couple of containers every year. Yes, they are piling up, but when I wear them, I always hear “Wow, your skin looks amazing!” So yes… I am sticking with them.

I second that! I’ve been using Milani eye primer for about a year now, and I love it; it’s like a concealer and primer all in one product. With all of the props to Nars on this thread, I’m jonesing to try that one now. 😉

Same here. Having very dry skin, I never used powder for my face. Now I’m using finishing powder whenever I wear makeup. The good ones can make a such a difference in my complexion without looking like makeup.

Like a few others in the thread, I’m going with cleansing oils – but also treatment oils! With oily skin, I would’ve never thought to use so many kinds of oils on my skin. But it’s an essential & I can’t believe I was stripping my skin with foamy cleansers & not moisturizing properly for years!

Clinique’s Bottom Lash Mascara. That seemed SO unnecessary and I ignored it for over 2 years! Then I got it in a gift set and fell in love! It’s absolutely a must have…unfortunately I can’t find it anymore where I live, I think it has been discontinued or at least isn’t sold anymore where I live…

oh gosh, just about everything that has already been mentioned. Seems as the years go by the face fades more. Eye brows are a must for anyone over the age of 40 (or younger if their hair is light), eye liner is necessary, eye primer for those that need their makeup to last for more than 4 or 5 hours. Face primer for everyone that wants their makeup to lay correctly and to protect their skin. Lip liner if your lips are fading (that is one area I’m luckier than some), and highlighter if you want to lift the eye area. I didn’t mention blush/bronzer or contour because those items would never seem unnecessary!

I never saw the point of primers and setting powders until I tried them and realized how much longer my makeup lasts when using them! I feel I use less foundation now because it doesn’t wear off as fast.

Moisturizer. I have very oily skin and thought it would make me even more oily. Quite the opposite- moisturizing has reduced my oiliness! I also “fell down the rabbithole” with skincare, and now that I know I have rosacea, my red, oily, spotty skin that I always thought was acne is now clear and pink!

Hair primer! I thought it was a gimmick until I tried a sample from Living Proof and it changed my life. It made my half-assed blowout last 2-3 times longer. I bought a full size and am very happy with it. I’m working mom with two small kids so it’s very helpful not having to fix my hair every morning between shampoos.

This might sound crazy, but it’s mascara.

If I’m not wearing eye makeup, I find mascara completely unnecessary. Thing is, I wear eye makeup all the time now, so mascara is a daily thing. And mascara, along with my basic face products (foundation, powder) is now one of the few products I’m guaranteed to go through and need to buy replacements of!

Yes, lash primer! Now if I skip it I have a bad eyelash day even with my favorite mascaras. I use my Dior Maximizer lash plumping serum every single day & even bought a back up in case I lost mine/ran out/it dried out unexpectedly. I can’t live with out it!

Guerlain Meteorites, Clair 2. Beautiful ethereal effect but would not have known from the colors and wouldn’t have risked the price without Tempalia review. Also bought the brush and LOVE the product. Thank you.

After reading suggestions.I must add Fairview e and eye primers and brow color too. Huge difference. Also love classic cleansing oils followed a gentle cleanser with a Clairiso brush. I’m 65 and my skin looks 15-20 years younger. No Sun.

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion in Eden…got it as a four pack sample with the Naked 3 palette, didn’t bother using it for eleven months, and for some reason, decided to try it last week. On a whim, after seeing how it brightened my eye area, I applied it to the dark circles under my eyes…and it took ten years off my face. Tried it as a concealer on a couple of other areas, and it was amazing. Just bought a full size. I’m already seeing some issues with it if I haven’t moisturized properly beforehand, but that isn’t usually an issue for me. I have no idea why it took me so long to try it!

I can honestly say that so much of my makeup routine has changed in the last year, I have several products that I used to think were totally unnecessary, and now can’t live without. Setting powder and setting spray both, primer for my entire face but also eyeshadow primer, and eyebrow products. The more products I explore, the more I find that I absolutely love and need to add to my routine. I used to take about 5 minutes to do my face, now it takes at least 30 minutes even for a basic day. But I am having so much more fun with my makeup, and really pampering myself!

Brows. Haha. I used to never ever put anything on my brows or pluck them or anything because I thought they looked fine, but once that first ABH dipbrow went on, I was a goner. Now, If I could only do two things in the morning, it would be lashes and brows.

luminizers & bronzers, and when primers & mineral powder foundation first appeared i figured it was just another gimmick to make money, boy was i wrong primer makes a world of difference ! and mineral powder foundation is my must i thought yep its just regular powder & they named it that ! but it is foundation after all lol, i am able to build it full coverage

Makeup brushes! I used to loathe them, exept for blush brushes. Imagine all the unblended eyeshadow… I did make it work though (finger makeup that is lol), but once I started playing with brushes… Let’s just say there’s no coming back from that!

For me it’s been setting powder specifically the RCMA No Color Powder. I never used to use it (any setting powder) but since I got my RCMA No Color powder, I can’t live without it. All the previous powders I used were translucent but still gave me some color & since I usually couldn’t find a perfect match, everything just looked off. Also most powders are too dry for me, they make me look & feel dry…hope that makes sense haha

Brow products. I didn’t realize the difference brows can make in framing one’s face til I played around with filling mine in, which are thin but a little unruly when they grow out. I don’t care if I don’t wear any other product, I rarely leave the house without at least filling/shaping my brows!

Eyebrow powder! I have naturally very full pitch black eyebrows so I always thought I didn’t need any products but when I tried a bit of powder I was amazed at the difference. I don’t need to do much but by just barely lengthening my brows or defining the arch it really pulls my look together! Plus is was handy to have on hand when I had them waxed a few months ago and they took off a huge chunk by mistake!

Another product I love now and didn’t think I would is Bare Minerals Well Rested or its much cheaper dupe Wet N Wild shadow single in Brulee. A quick light dusting under the eye just brightens me up.

Eyelash curler! I never thought I would use it, but now I don’t seem to step out without curling my lashes. My curled lashes get even more love then.. ^_^

Highlighter! I have super oily skin and thought I didn’t need more shine. Since I’ve finally gotten a good oil controlling skincare and makeup routine I now love love to highlight the top of my cheekbones and will not skip this step. I’ll use subtle highlighters for every day wear and brighter for nights out.

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