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I’ve tried Laniege Bb cushion pact. I like it. I especially love the puff that comes with it because it spreads out product easily. It’s light to medium coverage.

Not yet , but I’m really curious. I don’t know where to start, and they are so expensive that I don’t want to make a mistake and buy something that doesn’t work or match my skin. Maybe you can do some reviews?

Katherine, if you are interested, I’d be happy to help you begin. 🙂 I might be a bit slow because I’m sick, but helping is a wonderful distraction! I would love to expose people to what would be a great item to get to know! 🙂

Lotus, what would you recommend trying? I have normal-to-dry skin, fair to light medium complexion, yellow-neutral undertones, looking for medium coverage, no fragrance or very light fragrance, and good SFP. Also, something that’s easy to return in case it doesn’t work out.

Hi Katherine! I sure do! Go to sokoglam.com! They are based in New York and contain a carefully selected curated array of the best items! The owner is actually responsible for the most korean beauty research and bringing it to us Americans! They are friendly here, I shop here, and they talk to you quickly upon any questions! The IOPE is the greatest for your needs! Select a color most like yours and be sure it is from the C range for coverage instead of a shimmer finish! It’s beautiful! Hydrating, balancing, long wear, flawless, SPF!!! 😀


All information about cushions are here as well! IOPE is very gentle, which is why I went the extra $ first! Plus, it comes with a refill product! It’s a great deal that way! I’ve looked, believe me! Thank you for your interest! Please let me know how this goes for you! 🙂 Thank you!

Also, since Amazon backs up every purchase, I find anything can be returnable! You’d want to talk to talk to sokoglam first, explain your situation, and they usually would be willing to make an exception of it didn’t work out, but they always do! For your peace of mind, communicate with them or try one from an all natural company called Innisfree! From Amazon:
INNISFREE LONG WEAR CUSHION SPF50+/PA+++ (13 Light Beige) That’s your color, and ordering either from Cosmetic Love or Rescue Warrior Inc are the quickest overseas shippers! You’d get in in less than 2 weeks! I still recommend IOPE with the deal offered at sokoglam, who also carries this version as well as Etude House, which is great if you get the long wear! 😀 Have a look through sokoglam! That will be most informational and they can and do offer help sand will guide you to what is best even if they don’t carry it! We all start somewhere! Their kindness is lovely. Often, sales with percentages off! I’ll check for a code!

Nope, just a 24 hr flash sale on Missha products that has ended. 20% off Missha using code MISSHA .. It was for October 31st or until supplies run out. Their first treatment essence is better than Sk-II and cheaper! I LOVE it. 🙂

For easiest returns, and because all are basically owned by AMOREPACIFIC, try Sephora! They’ve excellent returns, easy & effortless! Here’s the link to a wonderful product I love as well! There are deeper color options here!
Check out this product at Sephora.com – AmorePacific Color Control Cushion Compact Broad Spectrum SPF 50+ – 104 Tan Blush

I hope the link works! I’m mobile, atm! This is a safe, really safe, way to try it. And, it’s trusted! Check the reviews! 😀 I really hope I’m helping, I hope you follow up if anything intrigues you or not! xo Lotus

Yes, that particular brand came out with the packaging and allows you to fill it up with your fave liquid foundation – but other brands have developed their own foundation formula with the same type of packaging 🙂

There are empty ones sold, they’re brilliantly easy! Here’s what happens: The container which will house the product soaked micro-sponge is empty. You may fill it about 1/3-1/2 the cup with whatever mixture you’d like! If you prefer to mix foundation color and finishes or add a shimmer or spf, primer, color corrector or BB cream, you just dump it in and stir. Then you take the micro-sponge and stuff it into that compartment where it will fill and expand, containing your preferred base makeup or even liquid/cream blush or highlight! You let it set and it will finish. The air puff sponge for application does NOT absorb product at all, allowing you to press it over the “cushion” you’ve made, brining up only an amount you need to tap and press into skin gently, coverage becomes great w/o flaking or use of excess product because the air puff used for application truly takes up all you should need and lets you dab until your satisfied! You can touch up anytime! 😀 I hope that helped and confusion! 😀 ( Many brands have empty DIY cushions available! A’ pieu has a lovely one for around $19 and it fits all the major brand air puff applicators! 😀

Do you have a recommendation for very fair skin with neutral undertones, that is oily? I’m also sensitive to very strong perfumy scents on my face.

Thanks for helping educate us, especially when you are ill. I hope you feel better soon!

Hi, Rachel! You are so sweet! Thank you very much for your kind words! 🙂 Most cushions are geared to be helpful supplying moisture, coverage, comfort, and protection. While many of the lesser quality ones won’t set into an even slightly matte finish, there are really only two that stand out as far as oily skin goes. First, only cushions made by AmorePacific and its subsidiary companies have been guaranteed safe, effective, etc., and although the mother of them all, the IOPE Air Cushion XP isn’t necessarily for oily skin, it adjusts to your skin, balancing it, and settling down to a semi-matte finish with flawless coverage and that’s why all skin types keep this a number 1 seller! I’m so pale, neutral like you, leaning cool, and the lightest one is very forgiving, as they meld to your skin just beautifully! They come in three finishes; natural, cover, and shimmer, N, S, C, respectively.. Natural leaves a bright glow, Shimmer is very glowy, and Cover is the best coverage of them! Glowing skin is important over there, so coverage won’t seem too much over here if you choose that option! Special minerals and peptides work to make pores flawless! (These have treatment in them for skin which most foundations lack) The IOPE Air Cushion XP is the very first air cushion that was launched and it is still the best selling one so you know people like it. Semi-dewy to matte finish after it sets but it cooperates depending on your skin type! The newest one to hit is spectacular and from another subsidiary of AmorePacific, called the Verite UV Multi Cushion, and although it delivers incredible skin care benefits, it’s ability to cover, as well as its mattifying properties, is a first with cushions! The Verite UV Multi Cushion is definitely on the matte side and stays on well with a full, possibly fullest of all, coverage, though, which is a characteristic that undoubtedly is lacking from others! It is the first to accomplish this finish! The lightest shade is accommodating to skin like both yours and mine and I would stick to these if you’re very interested because you will be safe with a product allowed to be sold as is! These are both great choices, yet it is your choice as to what you feel suits you. It is always recommended to begin with IOPE, yet from a basically identical company, both owned by AmorePacific, both choices will be lovely and gentle. They come with a full product refill as well which makes it worth the price as these aren’t something that are used up quickly and they have a special mechanism which keeps them from drying out! An investment in new technology, especially when helpful and fun, beneficial for skin care, is worth it! I’m genuinely happy to help and I deeply hope this information is helpful and possibly adds something new into your life that brings you happiness! 😀 I’m going to sleep now, but if you need anything further, I will respond as I can, guaranteed. I’m happy to be able to contribute something valuable to an already perfect beauty blog! I’m honored to add a bit! And, if you already have a foundation or base product that is wonderful with your skin, you can make one with that! All you have to get is the DIY KIT, which there are many, and I can happily assist you in finding a great one to make your own! (Same companies & supplies, minus their brews, haha) 🙂 Goodnight, be well!

Thank you, that is very helpful. They sound good for the cooler months, when my skin is not as sweaty and oily as the summer. The indoor heat dries the skin out more, too.

It sounds like a great system. I will check out IOPE and AmorePacific.

You’re welcome, Rachel! They are so fun to tote for touch-ups as well! AmorePacific owns IOPE 🙂 Good choices! 😀 Please let me know how everything works for you. 🙂

I googled it….it seems pretty and interesting but i’m concerned about hygiene :-s that’s why i don’t use compact foundations, tho i hear they cover well(but the ones i tried felt kinda heavy. 🙁

I tried CC cushion,BB cushion of two or three brands and I don’t think they’re different from a normal tube/bottle products but somehow they’re more expencive thought some people like it because it’s easy to use

I do like cushion makeup products when I am in a hurry cuz they r just sooooo easy to use! And the result and finish is pretty good.
My problem with cushion products is that they tend to come off when I am in a hot weather or whenever my face gets oily…..

i used Laneige BB cream cushion makeup. Very good product with one serious problem: cushion makeup harbours bacteria. If you feel like growing bacterial cultures in your bathroom, this is ideal. I now only use foundations and BB creams that come in pump bottles or tubes.

I can’t see the appeal of this. I’ve never been fond of sponges, and having one perma-soaked in product that I keep wiping on my face seems kind of… Unhygienic. Is the normal way of applying Bb, Cc, or foundation products so hard?? Just seems unnecessary and gross. I guess it might be convenient if you’re in a hurry, but don’t these need to be blended further into the skin with fingers at least?? I don’t see the advantage tbh.

wow. I am surprised that people here do not know it. It is like the best way for touch ups for dry skin. I hate the powder foundation because it is so dry. It is perfect for on-the-go. but I wouldn’t use it in the morning because it is pricy! I just use my normal BB cream in the morning. I also worry about the hygiene but screw the hygiene. it is so convenient haha.

I tried the AmorePacific one at Sephora last year and was an instant love. It’s very quick to apply, light to medium coverage, which is what I look for in the summer, and very easy to stick in your purse for touch ups. It’s my go-to product for the summer months. Have not tried other brands

it strikes me as a strange gimmick. I think they look neat, but I haven’t quite understood what any supposed benefit is to them, and it seems kind of gross, TBH. I have oily acne prone skin and I have to be super diligent about keeping my brushes and puffs clean; it took a lot of convincing for me to even get on board with Beauty Blender style sponges, and I can clean those every day, as opposed to having a sponge soaked in product just lounging around in the filthy recesses of my purse. I love BB creams but I’ll sit this trend out, I think!

Actually, the invention of the applicator, which is an air filled puff, kinda like rubber-ish, does not actually absorb ANY product. It sets on the air puff and allows for even, clean, distribution of product! Snail bb creams are great for acne! I’ve created my own for my skin’s needs. It helped my acne! That’s why I got into them! 🙂

I tried an Almay foundation *years* ago (maybe 10, or so?), and while I absolutely loved the product/formula, I realized how unsanitary it really was… The foundation was on shelves for less than a year, and not much was mentioned about it, so I’m guessing others felt the same, LOL!

I tried Dr. Jart’s cushion-bounce BB before they put the screen into it, so I would just use it with a stippling brush. I’m partial to Dr. Jart’s BB’s though… The water fuse was the 1st one I ever used, then the cushion-bounce, & now I use the Dr. Jart+ Premium BB as my only liquid base. I love it!

Oh Dr. Jart’s was an odd consistency, you could literally turn it upside down, squish the product around, tap on the top (technically the bottom since it was flipped), & nothing would fall out. It was really fun. A year later they added the screen so that you would get a certain amount of product as opposed to using too much or too little or whatever. …unless mine came without a screen… Does anyone know what I’m talking about?

The cushion that comes with them are washable and I heard from some korean beauty bloggers that the cushions are specially made to avoid accumulating germs. I’m skeptical about the latter but I would say the cushion is just as un- hygienic as any beauty blender sponge. I haven’t tried one but i really want to try the Hera UV bb cushion

Hera is super wonderful if you need extra moisture in your skin! It’s by far one of the best, also coming from Amorepacific, just as IOPE! Flawless finish..

They are specially made! And the applicator air puff doesn’t absorb product like sponges in compact foundations, thus it’s the most clean thing to use THATS been out so far! 🙂 If you use an exhorbitant amount, which this method prevents, (done accurately, which is so simple), than overuse will mean you clean your air puff! It is incredibly easy to wash, just don’t wring it out or fold it. Press the water out, massage-like, and let dry! 🙂 it’s brand new again!

I was going to respond only to @Artemis, but I think it’s time it’s I type this out and post to all! 🙂

If you don’t understand the concept of an anti-microbial sponge and air cushion to apply only the littlest amount thst your face actually needs so thst you look good flawlessly, as well as an anti-bacterial screen and how to wash things, then why comment? How often do you wash your fingers, brushes, brauty blenders? Bacteria gets into bottles more easily, factually. And you can great ones for $10 and make your own out of mixing whatever foundations you use! Add spf or a shimmer to customize it and you get to apply in even thin layers so you look effortlessly flawless! The first one was made by IOPE (Eye-oh-pay) which is owned by Amorepacific, who also owns most cushions made! Hera, etc. There’s so many! The face shop has an excellent one for maybe $12 that’s totally anti-bacterial so I mean this in the nicest way possible: Please don’t complain as if they are your thoughts when you haven’t experienced them to form any thought! It’s uninformed for those who can really benefit from these and save money! You will use less of whatever product you choose, and save money in the end. I love them, make my own, and the pressing motion is the MOST gentlest and natural way to apply anything onto skin, which is a fragile thing! Wonderful blog sites are out and true gritty information that if you really looked, you’d find they aren’t expensive, just like everything else, it’s how and what you buy, and it’s always your choice to be unsanitary! I like to set whatever I do with Nars Loose Reflective Powder. I suggest finding an inexpensive one, just to try out and SEE what it’s like! Not much is lost if you don’t like it, right? But when you realize the endless things and tricks you can do.. As you’ll meet others with information and really get stoked, you may just love it more than anything! I wanted to post this question because I think there are too many followers who don’t think for themselves, but instead think about how others will judge them, and stepping outside of the box goes to show how far people need to work on their inner beauty before they worry about makeup! Take care of yourself. You get one chance. Be whatever you want to see when you look in the mirror! Make it happen YOUR way! The best learning comes from this method, so I hope some here are made aware of how they are only trendy verses truly wanting to grasp everything there is to learn out there! It’s s big beautiful world that needs a lot of love!!! Find YOUR way! A new concept in a great first step! Thank you, Christine, for posting this. I really wanted to be able to get this message out through a tactful approach, as I’m finding it more necessary than ever with all the YOUTUBE craze and selling masked like fun vlogs.. Try a cushion today! Blush, too! Make your own Guerlain Cushion! Highlighter cushion! Blush cushion! Eyeliner cushion! Yes, they’re fabulous! I’m with a horrendous fever from something for awhile now, but I will answer any question and provide the best links possible, as I can, to help out Temptalia questions on this subject! Feel free! <3, Lotus

I live in the U.S. (east coast) do you know where I can buy an extra puff? I’ve torn mine a bit and I don’t think that it will apply similarly with a beauty blender etc.

Hi! Jinster, I also live on the east coast and as yours is currently ripped, ordering from Japan will take awhile, sometimes not though.. But there’s a great priced one here from an eBay seller in the USA 🙂 I hope this suits your needs! 😀 It will be the fastest way to replace yours! On Amazon, this one is a good deal and if you buy it from KollectionK, they are in the USA, so you’ll receive a new one quickly! 🙂 One is on EBay as well, from the USA.. The seller is: clairecosmetics213 and the listing is titled: IOPE face makeup puff. 3 for .. I can’t get the link to copy, but that’s the USA seller as your best bet there, but I trust the one from amazon more! I hope this helps you! 🙂 xo


Thank you very much for giving us all this information, Lotus. It is very helpful, and answers a lot of the questions I had. I assumed the sponge would be anti-bacterial, but it’s good to have it confirmed. I really like the idea of being able to make your own blends.

It sounds like a very convenient way to carry a liquid foundation for touch ups, too.

Plus it’s always fun to try new beauty technology!

You’re welcome. 🙂 I’ve learned so much from you and others here! This site & Christine, alone, is wonderful and I’m humbled to be able to contribute more than a snide comment! Hah! 😉 <3

i was skeptical until i was gifted with iope’s air cushion xp but now i totally love it. the coverage is just slightly less than my MUFE HD (i have it in the c range which is higher coverage) and it also works well with the beauty blender if you’re worried about hygiene. i even slept in it one night while i was sick and couldn’t make it upstairs to my bathroom and it looked ok the next day, a full 24hours later! the coverage had lessened but still looked good.

I’ve tried hera’s UV cushion makeup. I love it. it’s really light but gives a great even skin tone. I’d like to try dr. jart next, but I have so many foundations I feel I should use those first.

The only one readily available in Canada (so far as I know) is the one from IT Cosmetics and I don’t think it has received the most outstanding reviews. I believe Tarte sold one briefly on QVC (which doesn’t ship to Canada) and that one has received great reviews but it’s not even being sold on the Tarte site. I did contact them and they were nice enough to get back to me to say that they would be launching this “new” foundation more widely “eventually” but this was ages ago so I’m not holding my breath. But based on the great reviews (and assuming this is a cushion foundation – it was impossible to tell from the descriptions and even the photos), I really want to give the Tarte one a try.

I was skeptical at first, didn’t understand why I need BB cream, tinted moisturizer, foundation, and now a BB cream in a ‘cushion’ format! However, just came back from a trip from Korea. One of the first things I noticed was how everyone had PERFECT dewy skin! Finally asked a girl what she was using and she recommended a Hera cushion (it’s a makeup line under Amore Pacific). It’s supposed to be very similar to the Laneige version. Tried it without much enthousiasm, but now find myself reaching for it on a daily basis. It’s just great to do a few pats over the skin and be done, without having to get my hands dirty or use a brush. I’ve noticed my skin being happier due to the moisturizing properties as well. The coverage is light-medium. Pro: so EASY to use, great to throw in a purse, easy touch ups, lasts for 6-8 hours, quite buildable, dewy!, natural finish that looks like skin. Con: limited shade choices.

Wow- this is one of the best threads I’ve followed in a long time! Thanks Christine for allowing this discussion on your blog- and Thank You LOTUS for so much great info. I’ve been wanting to try the cushion compacts for months now- but didn’t know where to start. I have super dry skin due to thyroid issues so I’m going to try the Hera brand right off the bat. I’ve noticed it’s a bit more pricey- but I have way too many expensive foundations that just sit in my vanity drawer because they go flat and dry on me within a couple hours. The links are great Lotus- Thank You, Thank You! 🙂

Hi Trish! Aww! 😀 You are so kind & of course, always welcome! Thank YOU! Your excitement, enthusiasm and Gratitude means a lot to me and I’m sure to Christine as well! This blog, Christine’s communication & work has been a fundamental bright spot in my life! She gives so much! I’m happy to have something to give back!! I believe she does so much more than what it seems to many, and my respect for that is really high up there! I’ve gotten so much from my experience here and I feel it’s only fair I give back as much as possible as there’s so much taking and taking for granted in this world. Like her time she took to type out her entire story about getting into MAC! I loved reading that! More than most posts, because it really exemplifies her personality & passion. She’s been kind to me in difficult situations while I watch others bypass caring for her as well as she cares for us! What would I be to not offer something I have and do the same for a site that has done much for many beyond just me? I’m really glad the links and information is helpful! The majority of cushions are hydrating, a main purpose behind them, yet Hera, a wonderful subsidiary brand of AmorePacific is ultra hydrating! It is most difficult to not find hydrating cushions as they are a skin care as well, most containing essences and botanicals that improve skin’s texture and tone! My skin had issues that Korean skincare surprised me with miracles I’m still dumbfounded by! I learned everything I could to understand how the alternate way of caring for skin works, ingredients, etc., and for my dry/combo/sensitive skin, no cushion has bothered me! And it looks great easily, which helps me because I’m disabled and I struggle with my hands sometime. I am not alone but this information isn’t easy to find! I had to reach out if I could just hopefully help at least one person! I look forward to hearing back from you and others about how cushions worked for them! Again, thank you for your kind response. And, thank you, Christine, for posting this. <3 ( You can always buy a container and just one refill Hera sponge to try it, btw! Refill soaked sponges are sold separately, though there is an extra included in your first purchase of a system. But because most sponges fit most cases, shoving a Hera refill in your desired color into a cheap case.. It's a way to try it, and switch out brands or make your own! When product is used up, you can pull the sponge out and super clean it, then load your own mix into the case and re-use the cushion sponge! YEAH! just a tip) 😉

tried the amore pacifica samples from big S. The first color (of the cool selections) was quite warm. Haven’t tired the second. It’s rather fun to use, but the small sponge in the sample size would not really work for rolling or patting. and the applicator sponge certainly DID soak up the product, not just lie on top of it. i think you don’t get the true cushion experience, unless you go full size. Most of the reviews i have read were not major flattering. Were I to get a fill compact, i think i might be tempted to put it in my fridge. PC confirmed me into a no jar or open packaging person, esp. for foundation/TM/BB/CC, etc. I doubt i would ever buy full size, but i love how Korean brands are revolutionizing the cosmetics world.

I’m a fair skinned 54 year old woman. I use the Laneige from Target and the IOPE one from an AmorePacific cushion compact in the #23 color and love them after putting on my own sunscreen first. I don’t fully cover all areas outside my T-zone. I am a teacher and many of my adolescent Korean students wear it and they look dewy and nicely made up. Yup, they’re so convenient to take on the go and such an easy way to do so many things at once: prime, moisturize, sunscreen and cover at once. Think of the economics of using one product to do all this. Try the Laneige at Target so you can easily return it is you don’t like it. Yup, in Korean there seem to be only two colors #21 or #23 but #23 works on my fair neutralish skin. Don’t forget in Korean most women want to look whiter or paler than they actually are, unlike many of us white women who use bronzer and such to look darker. I doubt this would work well for women of color but I believe Target even has three choices instead of two. I rarely stay with one foundation but with this one I will.

Found this topic so interesting I came back to read more comments! Reading again, I’m kind of understanding the concept more? To dispense less product for a better finish and avoiding waste? I don’t waste my face products without this, and honestly, the right tools and technique will give you a flawless finish anyway.

The one pro I can see is it’s a super convenient idea for on the go touch ups, if you don’t want to get a compact foundation. I am so guilty of actually touting my foundation bottle and brush around sometimes in case of emergencies, lol! This would make my life easier.

That being said, this still sounds like a gimmick/fad type product. I really don’t see any absolute advantages this has over any existing makeup innovation. I’d buy an empty one to try, depending on the price, just for the convenience factor for touchups, but I’m not going to go out of my way to acquire one, either.

I have more than a few and I think they’re like the “Showgirls” of my foundation collection… totally stupid but mostly enjoyable and definitely something that makes me laugh! IMO the idea is rediculous and completely gimmicky but I don’t mind ridiculous much (see previous comment re: Showgirls). I like them for touchups throughout the day – for that they are actually quite handy. It’s nice to have a little compact of portable liquid foundation. Otherwise I think it’s personal preference. I haven’t used any that really excell over any other foundation – it’s all about the package and application. Apply a liquid or cream foundation using a decent sponge applicator and you’ll get the same look.

Haha! 😀 I love how you classify them! I really agree with you! For me, I’d rather not wear foundation and look like pretty skin from foundation.. That’s why I like specific cushions: The additional skin benefits to what I already do and making my own creation saves time mixing things, and my skin looks like skin. It takes much more time and other products to get that healthy look without it being obvious makeup! You’ve mastered the techniques and can do them much more quickly than I, I’m sure! (Fumble hands) Do you have any other products you’ve nicknamed? 😛 Thanks for the laugh and making me smile, Dusty! <3

Laniege BB Cushion! I heard cushion foundation isnt long lasting at all for the purpose is to give a very fresh glowy makeup(think about the Korean girl makeup) so you have to reapply it over and over. But makeup last well on my face generally so Im happy with it. It definitely gives a nomakeup makeup look and is super lightweight.

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