Treat Beauty – Lip Scrub and Lip Butter Review

Treat Beauty was founded by Marnie Massie who found herself having sensitive skin, but couldn’t find the right set of products available to her, so what did she do? Create her own line of natural alternatives to soothe her dry skin! Marnie wanted her products to not only be natural and cruelty-free, but delicious, and she really hit the mark. I recently tested out these two lip products from Treat Beauty: Kiss and Make It Butter lip scrub and Sweet butter Rose Tinted lip balm.

I really loved the lip scrub, because it smelled like lemonade and when I got a bit of the taste on my tongue (not intentional!), it was delectably sweet. It’s sugar based with shea butter, and its purpose is to smooth lips through exfoliation. I put a small amount and massaged it into my lips, and rinsed them off with lukewarm water; I felt my lips tingle a bit from the abrasiveness from the sugar, but they felt so smooth to the touch! The scrub isn’t drying, either; I keep my lips well moisturized throughout the day (I’m compulsive about it), but they felt fairly moisturized immediately after the lip scrub–without any balm.

The tinted lip balm is a fun product to throw in your purse to use for on-the-go moments and as an easy way to add a tiny kick to your lips. I always find that just the slightest pink tint to lips can really brighten up the face, which is why I adore lip stains and tints quite a bit. Soft and smells like rose blossoms, with a great lightweight texture on my lips.  It worked well in conjunction with the lip scrub, which makes sense as for the holiday season, Treat packaged a coordinating set of their lip scrub with a lip balm!

Both retail for $10 and can be found at and upscale boutiques.