Transcript of Eve’s Live Chat

If you weren’t there, couldn’t make it, or want a copy of it – here it is: transcript of the live chat with the famous Eve and her personal make up artist, JJ.

We asked Eve: If you could only take five products with you, which would they be?
She replied: Face and Body, Loose Bronze in Golden Bronze, definitely Pro Lash Mascara, any Viva Glam not only becuase it’s a great cause but the colors look great on me and Studio Moisture Fix.

MAC_Cosmetics_Moderator: Welcome to the MAC Cosmetics Live Chat Event with Eve and Makeup Artist, JJ.
MAC_Cosmetics_Moderator: You may begin submitting questions.
Michele__My_Fashion_Life_Blog: Eve – What beauty product couldn?t you live without?
Eve: Probably Face and Body! It’s easy for me to use when JJ’s not around!
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Julia_Coney__All_about_the_Pretty_Blog: Eve and JJ: You have been a team for years, how does the collaboration process begin for videos and events?
Eve: First of all, Eve is very advanced with her fashion as we know. We all come together as a team with the director and build on that. Eve overlooks the whole project! We come together to decide what the whole look will be.
Eve: I am reluctant sometimes to do new things but JJ is always right! JJ’s advanced in her makeup direction.
Paige: Does Eve wear MAC makeup at all of her appearances?
JJ: Yes she does. Coming from MAC I can tell you Eve has always been into MAC. I was so excited for Eve when she became our Viva Glam Spokesperson. She always wore MAC products!
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JJ: You know how Eve loves Louis Vuitton handbags? MAC is like Louis Vuitton for Eve!
Eve: Prayer – I’m just playing. If I’m really tired and I have to be somewhere, I definitely hydrate! It’s that old cliche – water cures everything. It’s true. It’s one of the best things ever – but Preparation H doesn’t hurt either!
JJ: She means Fast Eye Response!
Toya__Life_of_a_Ladybug_Blog: What made C-Shock the perfect collection to use in the “Tambourineâ€