Too Faced x Kat Von D Better Together Collection

Too Faced x Kat Von D Better Together Collection
Too Faced x Kat Von D Better Together Collection

Better Together is a totally unprecedented collaboration between your favorite makeup icons, Kat Von D and Too Faced Cosmetics. Celebrate love, true friendship, and a passion for makeup with this must-have, collectible set that includes everything you need for fun and fearless eye looks.

December 26th, 2016

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The Details

Better Together Ultimate Eye Collection, $65.00 (Limited Edition)

Kat and Jerrod each curated six brand new eye shadows for their respective sides of the palette. Inspired by a BFF heart necklace, the palette has a magnetic center panel, so you can separate the two halves of the palette. Create a look using just one side of the palette, or mix and match shades from both sides.

  • BFF Matte vanilla
  • Lovely Matte baby pink
  • Friendspiration Metallic bronze
  • Heart of Gold Gold glitter
  • Power Couple Antique gold glitter
  • Better Together Plum glitter
  • Por Vida Matte white
  • Lovestruck Iridescent peach
  • Darling Metallic pewter
  • Swoon Metallic scarlet
  • Yours Matte stone gray
  • Devotion Matte jet balck
  • Trooper Satin black (Tattoo Liner)
  • Better Than Sex Mascara Black

Better Together Cheek & Lip Makeup Bag Set, $38.00 (Limited Edition)

A heart-shaped makeup bag, featuring Kat Von D and Jerrod Blandino’s beloved pets—plus, four minis in just-released, exclusive shades.

  • Muse Shimmering nude (Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick)
  • XO Matte oxblood (Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick)
  • So Happy Together Peony pink (Too Faced Love Flush Blush)
  • Rosy Glow Golden sheer (Too Faced Candlelight Glow Powder)
  • Double-Sided Makeup Bag Heart-shaped

Better Together Bestselling Mascara & Liner Duo, $20.00 (Limited Edition)

A mini duo of Kat Von D and Jerrod Blandino’s most-loved bestsellers: Tattoo Liner for precise lining and a super-volumizing Better Than Sex Mascara.

  • Trooper Satin black (Tattoo Liner)
  • Better Than Sex Mascara Black

Too Faced x Kat Von D Better Together Collection
Too Faced x Kat Von D Better Together Collection

Too Faced x Kat Von D Better Together Collection
Too Faced x Kat Von D Better Together Collection

Too Faced x Kat Von D Better Together Collection
Too Faced x Kat Von D Better Together Collection


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Michele @Binxcat4ever Avatar

So conflicted about these. On the one hand, I’d like the larger palette. Problem is, I don’t care for the Too Faced mascara and I already have the KVD liner (and several other similar ones) so I don’t want those components. $65 seems like a lot when I’m going to pitch the mascara and liner. Plus the shadows in the palette seems very very similar to the recent TF and KVD shadow releases (which I already have). #3 is completely out…leaving #2. Which is ridiculously adorable. But….Not sure I’d wear Muse (would depend on how it looked on me), have dupes of the KVD lippie, just bought the Pixi set in Rose which has a duo identical (seriously, I mean identical!) to the Too Face one, and have a gazillion blushes…but could probably use the Peony Pink. I think ultimately if I get anything, it will be #2 since there really isn’t too much original in this release.

xamyx Avatar

I’m with you, LOL! I have no interest in the TF side, but the KvD side looks amazing. This is one of those products that I kind of want, but I won’t be terribly disappointed if I miss out. I can always give the TF side to my daughter, after some careful depotting…

Emmy Avatar

This is a kind of interesting concept but the packaging design on the duel eyeshadow palette is bizarre. You’d have to TRY to come up with a weirder assortment of colors. Swing and a miss to me.

MacKenzie Avatar

As cute as the palette is, I see very few looks I could come up with that I’d wear on a regular basis. I wish the two halves had been better curated to compliment one another. For a collab touting “better together” you’d think the colors in the palette would actually go together. The little bag kit looks cute though, so maybe I’ll look at that once it hits stores and I can swatch stuff. Thank you for this post Christine, super helpful!

Katherine T. Avatar

IDK, this looks like a very odd collection that they just kind of slapped together. The shadow palette looks like a very odd mix of colors, and $65??? Yikes, could get a Chanel quad for that price, or spend $15 more and get Viseart palette or Tom Ford quad. The lip/blush set looks ok, don’t really need it but the colors look pretty, is on maybe list. I already have free deluxe samples of the mascara/eye liner from Sephora.

AB Avatar

I’ve done almost none of either brand, so I come from an uninformed place (perhaps the formulations jive somehow). This said: this seems such an odd pairing, almost so opposite on all key dimensions as to be past compare/contrast into jarring; it makes me uncomfortable for some reason. Looking past that, the only part of any of this that interests me is the Kat von D half of the eyeshadow palette. So, an easy pass for me.

Brenda Peterson Avatar

When I first saw this on instagram I was totally going for it just because of the KVD side and that red eyeshadow. However, I picked up Colourpop’s paradox and every time I wear it I want to love it but I don’t; so now I’m really rethinking about purchasing this one. I will wait for your review Christine before I pull the trigger.

BonnieBBon Avatar

The better together one gives me the heebie jeebies!! It must be a mental ocd thing, or ya know a million other things I’m also unqualified to diagnose or speak of but for whatever reason I can’t look at it without wanting to look away really bad. It makes me like antsy and nervous……oh my. I’m really weird. Carry on…..nothing else to read here…

J Avatar

I do not find this concept or launch appealing or interesting – it just seems like two brands put sample sizes together rather than actually create a collaboration.

Mariella Avatar

I understand that the idea behind this is to pair 2 very “opposite” brands but, honestly, it all just looks weird and discordant to me. And the eye palette seems rather pricey for what you’re getting – it’s a whopping $79 here in Canada. I think there’s a lot better value to be had for that price (even the $65 US seems high).

Christina Avatar

I like the shades on the TF side. I really don’t like the packaging. (What’s with that annoying flap in the middle?) And KVD went with a black, white, and gray?! Why not a vampy purple and navy?

I just don’t understand, Christine, and it bothers me more than it should.

Alecto Avatar

It’s not a flap in the middle — the two sides are two completely separate palettes (unconnected), and what looks like a flap in the middle is the two covers of the two palettes being held together to show the two palettes side by side. There are actually two heart-shaped palettes in this set, but they’re only heart-shaped when you open the covers.

Asche Avatar

There’s something about this collab that I just don’t like, and I think Kimberly Clark figured it out. The brand/products are too close to the people behind them. Like the written notes in the palette from Jarrod and KVD, and their pets faces on the bag. It’s too much for me, too over the top. I love my cat too, but I wouldn’t stick his face on a makeup bag and expect the world to buy it. At the end of the day, I want to purchase a good product. Not a sparkly pink bag with some guys dog on it. This whole collab is so unappealing to me, which is a shame because I do typically like both brands.

Hex Avatar

i love Kimberly Clark too! and it’s true, he put it so well. It’s like these founders think the consumer really cares about their life story or something. I didn’t even know or care about the guy who owns Too Faced. It’s just Too Faced to me. Maybe with Kat it’s a bit different because her name is the brand, but come on. I agree, I really don’t care about their dumb pets and “what a great experience this collaboration” was. it’s just a business deal.

Mo Merrell Avatar

ummmmm yea not interested lol. For one I dislike heart shapes for anything other than valentines day, Too Faced has just gone Tarte on me.

Right off the bat I do not think the Ultimate eye collection is worth $65, that’s pushing it. I’d say $45 and not a penny higher even with all that you get, we know it’s not large.

The Better together set is right on the money. I love it BUT they could have added a too faced melted lippie mini instead of KVD and then a KVD shadow with the Too Faced blush and that would have been stellar and worth a purchase.

Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara is not better than anything. it’s a clumpy mess for me. Tattoo liner is awesome.

Overall I’m just blahed by this mainly because I don’t see these two collabing at all. It’s like night and day and not in a good way.

Hex Avatar

Unlike some of the ladies here, I do think this collaboration is kinda genius on the part of the companies, and for its concept. This collection perfectly represents the dichotomy of my soul: the goth side, and the girly side. And I’m sure there are several women who have 2 sides to them like that as well.
I haven’t tried Too Faced before, though I have admired their products online, but I’m a big KVD fan. The brands are banking on people like me who have brand loyalty to one of the brands to try out the other one in this collaboration. And this way if I buy this because I like KVD, Too Faced will also profit. So in that way it is pretty smart. And in fact I do want to try Too Faced.
I’m not a fan of the price though. $79 in Canada? It’s a tad high. I know you get the full size mascara and liner but it’s too much. And I personally wouldn’t wear half the colours in the TF side sadly (i don’t wear gold and bronze)
As for the sample bag, I don’t pay for samples. sorry bout it.

kjh Avatar

Products and relationship aside (though I do sense some sidelong daggers at jeffree) what I want to know is, who mfgs this stuff? tf is being acquired by EL, and last I looked, kvd was mfgd by Kendo, the Sephora brands’ mfg arm. Or is it mfgd separately, as the big thing pulls apart, so clearly can go back together? It’s like a crossover tv episode! Interesting concept, but prob not indulging.

Alecto Avatar

This is actually a great idea — there are always a lot of complaints when Too Faced palettes come out that they’re “more of the same,” but the KVD side gives this an edge that TF alone never has. The two sides look like they’d work well together (though Lovestruck and Friendspiration seem unreasonably close in color).

I don’t really need any of these; if I did I’d be happy to get the eye and face palette to support the collaborative effort (after searching for swatches to make sure they’re decent, of course). As it is, I hope they do well with it. The whole thing seems uncomfortably cute to me, but to each their own. If I had to choose between sweetness overload and the ridiculous NARS Steven Klein “boundary-pushing,” I choose sweetness, thoguh I can’t identify with it at all.

Alecto Avatar

Actually, I just got a look at the swatches at Perilously Pale, and they weren’t what I was expecting. Other than BFF and Lovely, they all look very pigmented, and the colors were slightly different from the pan photos (Lovestruck and Friendship *aren’t* close). The KVD red is a. ma. zing. I can see now that there are 3 colors I don’t have anything close to, but, again, can’t justify the whole palette for that. The cheeck colors I don’t need at all. Oh well.

Annaham Avatar

I went ahead and bought the lip/cheek set, mostly because I love the KvD Everlasting Liquid Lipstick shade that I already own (in Project CHIMPS) and thought that the makeup bag included in the lip/cheek set is way too adorable.

Tamara Avatar

I’m going to try to say no to this one. I doubt that I could figure out how to wear that KVD red eyeshadow even though I want it, and I have those TF shadows a million times over (we all do). Merry Macarons and Funfetti, Jerrod. Those are awfully close. I hate BTS mascara, and already have Trooper and Rosy Glow. Muse wouldn’t look good on me. I’m craving MAC and NARS right now, not this. I’m in a lipstick phase.

MermaidInk Avatar

I think people are not understanding the concept at all of this. The name of the palette is BETTER TOGETHER. Opposites attract, even the most different of people can come together to make something beautiful and it’s about making two things that wouldn’t normally go together, come together and make something unique. The trooper liner is by far one of the best liners i have ever used, and same goes for the mascara by too faced. They took 1 of the best products from each line and included it and when you look at the price point, you are really only paying like 20 bucks for the palette itself, which i think is pretty awesome. You can rarely even find a palette in the drugstore for that price these days.

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