Too Faced White Chocolate Bar Palette for Holiday 2017

Too Faced White Chocolate Bar Palette for Holiday 2017
Too Faced White Chocolate Bar Palette for Holiday 2017

The Details

Create mesmerising eye looks with Too Faced’s indulgent White Chocolate Bar Eye Shadow Palette. Scented with the enticing smell of sweet chocolate, it comprises of 16 luscious shades in a selection of matte and shimmer finishes. Formulated with pure, antioxidant-rich cocoa powder for a fully-pigmented payoff, it’s the perfect excuse to pamper and creative with creamy pastels and rich nudes.

Coming soon to U.S., now at Selfridges

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White Chocolate Bar Palette, (Limited Edition)

  • Mint Chocolate
  • Glaze
  • Cake Batter
  • Exotica
  • Chocolate Syrup
  • Pearl Candy
  • Raspberry Rose
  • Indulge
  • Lavender Cake
  • Guilt-Free
  • Smoked Sea Salt
  • Frosted Apricot
  • Cookie Dough
  • Sugared Raisin
  • Black Sugar
  • Banana Date

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Another palette of smelly eyeshadows? I don’t find this one very interesting and some of the shades just look dry, like Mint Chocolate and Lavender Cake. Putting actual cocoa powder on my eyes seems weird. Is that just a gimmick?

I’m been lamenting this since the first Chocolate Bar palette and I’m not even someone who has trouble with scented products. And they didn’t stop with Chocolate….then came PEACH. Imagine if Urban Decay followed suit…we’d have eyeshadows that smelled like Mushroom, Asphalt, Mildew (eeeew), Smog and Oil Slick (and this is just for starters!)

Yes, if ingested. Minimal if in an eyeshadow. And considering you expose it to air every time you open it and then if you ever sanitize with alcohol, any such benefit is lost early on

I know you can’t reinvent the wheel with every palette release (though taking a break from novelty releases might help!), but raspberry rose and frosted apricot look a lot like shades from the peach palette.

I don’t think Too Faced is even capable of releasing a palette that doesn’t have a shimmery baby pink, which bothers me because it’s a shade that flatters almost no one. Same with the matte larger-pan shadows – Too Faced always picks light shades to fill those spots, which I presume are meant to be all-over lid or transition shades, and they really only suit light skin tones. Pearl Candy could be nice on the inner eye/tear duct but again, shimmery whites are so overdone and a little passé if you ask me!
I also think lavender cake and mint chocolate are odd shades.

I think that pastels are unflattering for the majority of people so I don’t know how accessible this palette is. But I’m a basic girl who’s a sucker for mid-tone matte and shimmer nudes, so despite all this I may end up buying this to complete my Chocolate Bar collection. -_-

I do think Cookie Dough looks like an interesting shade – it looks to be a mid-tone nude matte with gold shimmer, which is something I haven’t seen before! It could be fun to add dimension to a simple or “no-makeup” look.

I’m going to agree 100% with you about the shimmery baby pink that flatters no one, the larger pan shadows that only seem to suit light skin tones and both mint chocolate and lavender cake shades both being really out of place. With that said, I too will likely pick this palette up as well. I have no shame.

No offense to anyone who likes this colour selection.

But my goodness. I can’t think of any looks out of this. It looks so bleh. And boring imo!

I’m not feeling this color selection at all. The colors don’t seem to go together and there is no uniformity. Also, this doesn’t seem very fall or holiday inspired.

I just don’t understand this color selection, it looks like a handful of really common shades combined with a bunch of random shades, many of which aren’t easy to work with or aren’t flattering on most skin tones. I also wish TF would stop making matte eyeshadows with chunks of glitter, the glitter never sticks so essentially what you have is a fussy matte shadow.

If you gravitate to lighter shades, this could appeal. But given the track record of tf, the scent, and the probable/possible saccharine, count me out. I might be interested in some dupes, but suggest that Christine does not waste her valuable time. Holiday? tf? We’ve read it before, and there’s little evidence anything has changed or improved. Cutesy, low quality, massive mass production, bad-for-skin ingredients, and quite likely PRC. No, thanks.

What’s next, I wonder, in this litany of “chocolate” themes? Dark Chocolate Palette? Bittersweet Chocolate Palette? Chocolate and Chili Chocolate palette? I guess they’re going to milk this (no pun intended) for all it’s worth. And as Rachel said, I’m also not really feeling this colour selection. Smoked Sea Salt and Chocolate Syrup look nice; the others…well, I’ll wait to see your reviews. Didn’t they do a white chocolate themed palette – more the shape of their original 9-pans – a few years ago and it was pretty bad?

Yes, they had two mini-Chocolate Bar palettes: Chocolate Chip and White Chocolate Chip. They both were terrible quality, so I have no idea why they would take crappy shades from that palette and make them into a full-sized version. Seems like a poor choice.

They could have done Chocolate Cherry or something and put out a palette with burgundies – they’re so hot right now and missing from the TF range (and better for holiday). Or White Chocolate around Spring/Easter with more wearable pastels and shimmers, but these are not very appealing.

Oh no….here we go again. I’m willing to bet that this is going to have the same sucky quality as last year’s awful White Chocolate Chip Palette. Plus, it will also very likely have Sodium Saccharin adding injury to insult. ?

Almost half of these shades were already in last year’s Chocolate Shop Christmas in New-York palette, and they were pretty awful… so I hope for the people who’ll buy this that TF reformulated them.
I will definitely pass on it.

So many people are hating on this and I’d be willing to bet that a lot of people are biased because it’s Too Faced. Put these colors in an ABH palette and everyone would go nuts.

I could make so many unique looks with this palette! If I could afford it, I’d probably buy every palette like this that Too Faced has released. I’m seriously considering that gold chocolate bar palette that’s coming eventually.

Right??? I’ve noticed a lot of regular commentators on this blog are Too-Faced brand haters. I personally love my chocolate bar, Love and peach palettes & their melted mattes lip paints are amazing. I have 7 colors and have found all of them to be great quality. I won’t be buying this palette because it’s too many pastels but I’m dying to swatch the chocolate gold palette!

Not true. I love my Sweet Peach Palette but this palette is so random. Not only is there a lot of dull brown shades, which everyone has a million times over but there is random chalky shades and a glittery black which are useless. Kudos to you for creating looks with it. This is a disappointment for me. I cannot create looks with a ton of shimmer and chalkiness. Love TF as a brand
Just not this.

Crystal, unless you can come up with some statistics re: how many of the regular commentators on this blog stated they hate the entire Too Faced brand, please don’t make such generalized statements. I’m pretty sure that you haven’t reviewed all the comments on this blog concerning the Too Faced products or the “Rant and Rave about a brand” section for that matter. There are other blogs where all day long, from behind the screen, there are people just criticizing and putting out hateful comments. This is not such a place. The commentators on this blog come from all walks of life, are of different ages and professions and share two things: love for/interest in makeup and decency. The last one is so rare to find nowadays, in a world where so often people don’t even bother to check the facts by themselves.

As you may have noticed, if some commentators don’t like certain products from a brand, they explain why. Nobody here behaves like a five-year old who just screams “I hate it” before even trying it. Personally, I have several TF products; I like their eyeshadow primer, their lipsticks but when I purchased their Matte Chocolate Chip Palette, half of the shades were so chalky that they were unusable. More than this, after seconds of applying the eyeshadows, my eyes were watery like when peeling onions and this reaction wouldn’t go away every time I tried the eyeshadows on. It was the first time I had this bad reaction. But I don’t hate the brand and I still enjoy the other products from them. I just wish they take out the artificial fragrance from all their products because scent/perfume/fragrance in beauty products = 100+ chemicals that are not regulated in North America (therefore not required to be disclosed in terms of % and ingredients) and we can do just fine without them.

NICOLE: I’ve been reading this blog for well over 2 years. My profile is new but I’ve read every single Too faced palette review in the past 18 months as I like to see Christine’s swatches before I buy their products. (I always order directly from the company online as I get email discounts and stock up whenever I get their 20% off discount).
I don’t have the time or energy to make you a statistical flow chart, (as you are requesting) however I’ve definitely noticed a trend of regulars posting negative remarks on too faced products that aren’t even in their vanity or stating strong negative remarks about a palette they haven’t even tried.
Perhaps the term “haters” was not the best definition, but I stand by my original statement’s intent.

Crystal, everyone on this blog can make their opinion known, it doesn’t matter that they have a new or not so new profile. The vanity is not a good indicator of someone’s stash though. I’m sure you’ve probably seen the recent comments on “how do you keep track of your makeup/beauty collection” and you must have noticed that the vanity function is not the tool of choice used by most of the readers when comes to keeping track of their makeup (count me in). I get your point; for someone to say that they hate a brand without even trying some products, it doesn’t make sense. That’s my point with a five-year old analogy. To say that you’re not drawn to the brand or that you dislike some products for x reasons, that’s different imo.
If you read the two “Rant and Rave: Too Faced” threads from 2015 and from October 2016, you will see a very good snapshot of the motivated opinions for why the readers like or dislike TF. The same opinions are repeated in the comments under specific TF products. And there are various reasons. Some readers dislike/are not drawn to the brand’s aesthetic, packaging or the fact that they use cheap manufacturing for the holiday collections, thus sacrificing the quality, and they say so. Others dislike their strongly scented eyeshadows etc., but I haven’t seen someone to just state purely and simply that they hate the brand just because it’s TF. There are also those who have been using TF for the past 10 years and can draw comparisons between the previous and the recent products. Strong negative opinions based on objective reasons (i.e. quality issues) or on more subjective ones (i.e. aesthetic, packaging), are different, imo, that just saying I hate or I cannot stand this brand. I’m sure it’s a question of semantics as you pointed out (hateful comments vs strong negative remarks) 🙂

Crystal – I’ve also noticed it, it isn’t just you. I’ve also noticed people like to make sweeping generalizations about what people like/have based on their own preferences and limited perception(like baby pink eye shadow being universally unflattering or certain shades being something EVERYONE has) but heaven forbid you pick up on a trend in the comments on this site.

Sorry, no. The palette doesn’t appeal to me. It could have Natasha Denona or Viseart stamped on it and I’d still be blech.

It has a bunch of browns, base shades that will only work for fair skinned white people, and weird pops of color.

I love my other Chocolate palettes, so I’m reserving judgment till I see reviews. I’m not sure about these colors, but I wasn’t sure about KVD Saint + Sinner, either, and I ended up loving the colors in it.

I think a lot of readers remember how good Too Faced can be, and just hate seeing some of the duds that have been cropping a lot lately. They used to be a lot more consistent. I bet most of the haters would be thrilled if this turns out to be an amazing palette.

I might be the odd ball here but I actually like a lot of these shades, and being fair, I gravitate towards a lot of these lighter shades. The only thing I’m iffy about is the black sugar shade lol. I really hope this matte with glitter thing goes away.

It is nice to see something other than oranges and reds but these colors are not calling out to me. If this palette is the same size as Choc. Bar, Semi Sweet, etc then I find it strange it is limited. It also makes me suspect that these won’t have the same quality as the perms.

No no and no again! I will not, under any circumstances, put anything “scented” on/anywhere near my sensative eyes. It’s a pass for me. That’s my big gripe with these chocolates, peanut butter, peach and now this eye palette…why must they make eyeshadows scented? I really do not get the point. Is it to cover up some weird smell from another ingredient? Thats just asking for a bad reaction in my opinion. I don’t know how scented eyeshadows even became popular.

It’s purely a gimmick. They could just as easily sell their chocolate bar theme without scent and it would still sell the same. They claim it has antioxidant benefit but tbh, to get optimal antioxidant benefit, you have to ingest the cocoa powder. Putting it in eyeshadow isn’t going to do much for you

I don’t want to offend or hurt anyone’s feelings, I’m all for going with what you love! In my opinion, for me, these shades clash and some are just not attractive. There’s no harmony. I just don’t get it. Maybe that’s the problem. But most palettes have flow. Even if there isn’t a theme the shade placement makes sense. Nothing about this makes sense to me, it’s discordant and jangly.

The colors seem so random. None of it particularly screams holiday to me. I used to think it was nice that TF had large base shades. Now I think they do to fill space. I really wish there was one larger pan and the other was taken up by two different color shades. This is such a miss and most likely I’ll see it end up at Nordstrom Rack or Marshalls

I dont understand this color selection. Might as well not wear any shadow. Also, quality of TF shadows can be a hit or miss. I personally LOVE the Peach palette (that first original one, released 2nd time around.)
I’d rather wait for the Clover palette.

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