Too Faced Sweet Peach Now at Sephora!

Too Faced Sweet Peach Eyeshadow Palette
Too Faced Sweet Peach Eyeshadow Palette

Too Faced Sweet Peach Eyeshadow Palette ($49.00 for 0.54 oz.) is now online at Sephora 🙂 I know a lot of you have been trying to snag one, so consider this your alert!

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Well, that literally sold out in the five minutes it took for me to set the post up and hit publish. If I see it again, I’ll put it in our deal alert section (top of the site) 🙂


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Nicole Avatar

OMG! I’m about ready to say forget it! why would they not make enough of these? ! The more time I spend checking on it, the less I want it and the more i think I can dupe it in my mufe self made stash. i may need to add a few. Ugh.
Sorry, I’m trying to get tons of work done and snag this thing. I have a laptop. my ipad and my phone going all at once and the bio clean people are making a ton of noise downstairs in my basement,. I feel like at this point they should just be handing these things out! lol!

Nancy T Avatar

Oh goodness, I feel your pain, Nicole! Hazmat in the basement sucks! My parents house of which l grew up in, had flooding in the basement on the regular: snow melting=flooded basement,steady day of rain=flooded basement, etc. They finally installed a sub pump. But now I have to wonder what all that mold and mildew did to us. I hope your crew gets everything fixed up, and perhaps puts in a sub pump!
As for this palette, it feels like TF took a page from UD’s unscrupulous teasings. Which is just terrible!!!

Nicole Avatar

Nancy, thank you for the sympathy in the countless men stomping through my house- in the not a good way( wink ,wink ?) Fortunately and unfortunately, my hazmat situation is literally cleaning up more than water. It turned out the main pipes to our hous was blocked up. So, when I ran a load of wash, it went nuts. It happened to be raining that day. But, the plumber said it was just a matter of time and the rain had nothing to do with it. We have to get rid of everything that was touched by the water since it contained sewage. Eww! . The entire house smells so awful from the chemicals used in the cleaning. My TN has been awful from the smell. But, I’m putting my insurance to work with this place.
On the TF thing. It’s ridiculous. I can’t watch a computer for hours in order to give a company my money. I’ll try when The stores get it in maybe. But, by then I may have spent all my $ on this house and Tom Ford! Lol

Melanie Avatar

I love Too Face but this has been a pass for me since I first heard of it. I have a personally policy when it comes to palettes / holiday gift sets. I must be able to use 90% of the item. Temptalia gave some of the shades poor ratings and the palette in general does not “wow” me. Its only unique as far as the “peach scent” and just be overly hyped on Instagram and Youtube. I wish cosmetic companies would invest more time/effort in putting out a quality product instead of something new coming out every 5 seconds.

Jen Avatar

The hype and demand, I’ve found, is mostly by folks trying to resell this on ebay. HSN has this on backorder, so I’m sure it’s going to be restocked, and if not it’ll be available in brick and mortar Ulta and Sephora stores within the next few weeks. DO NOT pay the ridiculous markups on ebay. And honestly… If it wasn’t for the “LE” aspect of it, I doubt it’d be selling like this at all– especially after reading the reviews on it. Apparently, it’s not a great palette when compared to the other Too Faced Palettes, and some of the shadows are horribly patchy.

Kylie5 Avatar

Think so, too. Here in Germany it is the same with Mac Limited Editions. No Chance to get it online and then 2 days After the Release you can See all the things on eBay.
In General I hate this soooo much and cannot say what I think of such persons. And people like me who Are collectors do not get their wishlist products.

Janessa Avatar

I feel like TF is releasing this in small batches to drive up the hype. I’m not sure I believe them when they say that they’re not restocking on and at this point they have to make it perm. I was able to snag one this morning and with my flash shipping will hopefully be here by the weekend. I also have a backorder order with HSN that I don’t think I’m going to cancel. I have a few GFs that have been trying to get the palette but keep missing, I’ll give one of them the HSN order.

Marissa Avatar

it looks pretty but honestly idk but i’m not awed about it… and after reading the review on here… still not awed. hope everyone who wants it gets a hold of it though! keep trying? …

Deborah S. Avatar

Like so many I had been trying to get this palette for some time. The whole website snafu kept me up for several hours until I finally called it quits about 4 AM. Then it is sold out when I checked later. I don’t get the whole order 12,000 palettes and then hype it up on our Instagram where we have 4.9 million followers and see what happens. I was happy that I hadn’t ordered when I saw the review here and have no plans to order it whether they have enough or make it permanent. I am done with companies that do this and there have been a lot of them lately.

Nancy T Avatar

They are going the way of UD, and this is horrible! I didn’t even hear about til Christine posted it with the edit that it had already sold out. But just like UD, just watch, it will pop up somewhere again, and again with NO advance warning!!! ?

KJH Avatar

Too funny! More of a stampede than Kiss Me Elmo or Frozen Fatheads. I get the markup crowd, but I was thinking Jarrod arranged to buy back all the Sephora stock, just to drive up the frenzy. Then release it again in dribs and drabs. If it weren’t so foolish and so Mac-ish, it would be pretty pathetic. Think someone should start the Tempest in a Teapot Cosmetics Co. TTCC. at least we’d be prepared for mass hysteria. Unfortunately, this seems to be a trend, and unlike UD, they don’t man up, due to demand. (Like rereleasing Spectrum.) They revel in it….and maybe laugh at consumers behind our backs. All the way to the bank.

Carly Avatar

I honestly don’t get the hype for this palette. The colors aren’t that unique IMO. Peach scent serves no purpose and will fade when applied so what’s so special about it?? Not worth this much effort to get one.

lisa Avatar

If it becomes permanent or goes in stock long enough for me to order it, I might. I’m so over stalking sites and playing these games. I spent years doing it with MAC and as a result I hardly buy their stuff anymore (although they’ve recently gotten better with their limited releases). To be honest, I really just want this for the packaging since it didn’t even get great reviews.

Alisx Avatar

Thank god, or should I say thanks to Christine I no longer want this palette. I fell in love with the promo pics and couldn’t wait to get it but after seeing swatches and then the review I lost interest. I’ve learned my lesson before not to buy anything without seeing Temptalia’s review first lol thanks for everything you do Christine!

BonnieBBon Avatar

I don’t understand why with this palette. Someone, anyone please help me get it because I just don’t. And the peach smell?? I get it with chocolate. They use cocoa powder for antioxidant reasons blah blah but if that was the claim why peach now?It isn’t peach based retinoids or whatever. Why add a smell to EYESHADOW? But I digress. What am I missing about this palette that makes it sell out? I don’t understand ::: wails ::;

Celesta Avatar

It’s a cute concept, but meh. Not too interested. I have most of these colors in my collection as it is. I love my TF Chocolate Bon Bon’s palette, and can always buy the OG Chocolate Bar palette for some warmer colors. Definitely not worth the hype, especially if the peachy colors that the palette showcases don’t perform well.

LauraR Avatar

I’m just going to grab it when it hits stores. I don’t want to chase it online, and I’ll be able to go on the 15th and get it pretty easily (I have several Ultas and Sephoras close by).

Michelle Oates Avatar

At this point I am kind of just annoyed at the company. I have SO MANY Too Faced palettes. They are fine but I SO don’t need this. I would have bought it if they made it reasonably possible but since they have made it a CHORE to try and GIVE THEM MY MONEY…I feel like why should I work that hard to be a customer? Customers keep them in business. It should not be a privilege to do so. All this time that I haven’t been able to get it has made me realize I really can live without one more thing in my stash.

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