Too Faced Peanut Butter and Honey Palette for Spring 2017

Too Faced Peanut Butter and Honey Palette for Spring 2017
Too Faced Peanut Butter and Honey Palette for Spring 2017

It’s an eye shadow palette with good-for-you ingredients and a decadent scent.

Early access for Ulta Platinum Members 2/20, March 2017 for everyone else

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The Details

Peanut Butter and Honey Palette, $36.00 (New, Limited Edition)

  • Creamed Honey Very pale peach
  • Peanut Butter Matte medium orange brown
  • Honey Brittle Matte peach
  • Queen Bee Vanilla cream
  • Bee Sweet Matte lightly peachy pink
  • Honey Buns Matte honey yellow
  • Feelin’ Nutty Matte caramel
  • Going Nuts Bronzed mocha
  • Bees Knees Burnt orange with gold sparkle

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I have loved some Too Faced products in past but it honestly seems like they’re starting to target very young teens with some of their marketing. This has no appeal for me whatsoever and I know I sound like a broken record but I wish they would STOP with this trend of theirs of putting themed fragrances in eye products. Maybe I should consider myself lucky that the Enchanted Glamourland palette I got years ago doesn’t smell of crushed up fairies and elves! Or that the Smokey one doesn’t smell like the bottom of an ashtray!

Oh my goodness, yes, Mariella! Everything you said! And I’m roflmbo at ashtray-smelling lids or smelling of crushed up fairies and elves!!! ?

I just really and truly don’t understand it. Because I’m, like, 100 years old, I remember when Clinique first hit the market and the whole idea of hypoallergenic and fragrance free were so revolutionary (although no product is truly “hypoallergenic and I believe Clinique does have a masking fragrance). Unscented and fewer chemicals seem to be selling points for many companies and for good reason. Now, I like that Dior mascara smells like roses but beyond that, I cannot understand the “wisdom” behind adding gratuitous fragrance to EYE PRODUCTS. I’ve been saying this since the original Chocolate Bar palette came out. And I am not someone who has reactions to scented products but to add them to eye shadow is just really dumb and totally lacking in any consideration of the millions of women who DO have problems with fragrance in cosmetics.

Totally agree with you Mariella ! I’ve never had a bad reaction to scented makeup products until I bought the TF Matte Chocolate Chip palette back in December (my first TF palette). Apart from the fact that half of the eyeshadows are so dry that are unusable, when applying the other half, the scent was so strong that irritated my eyes. Couldn’t keep them on my eyes more than ten minutes. I let the lid opened and I gave it a try the next day and the day after, but to no avail. There must a chemical irritant in the formula. So I stay far away from the TF scented products.

I’ve never had a problem even with the scented TF palettes (I’ve got the original and Chocolate Bon Bons) but it still struck me as so unnecessary to have any fragrance. I’ve been lucky with the TF products I have – several palettes including the original Natural Eye (the one that was bulky and included a drawer for a small brush and one of the worst glitter-bomb eyeshadows ever; it rivaled UD’s MCRA). They replaced that shadow (and, sadly, one or two others that were excellent) when they revamped the palette. I’ve also got Romantic, Smokey, Natural at Night, Boudoir Eyes and several big eye/face palettes and I’ve never had problems with any of them and most are products I really enjoy using. But adding totally unnecessary scent? And from what Nancy T said (I think it was Nancy T), there is some saccharide ingredient that is a huge problem for her and maybe it’s your problem as well.

You know it’s funny — the chocolate scented products never bothered me because somehow I convinced myself that they was more “natural” because the scent in part came from the cocoa powder that they claimed they infused their products with. (I know it’s silly — but somehow I bought it, and I never found the scent to be cloying.)

HOWEVER, I’ve been really turned off by the whole new peach collection and the way those are scented. I bought the eye shadow palette, the blush and a lip gloss and I think I’m going to have to return the lip gloss because I had a reaction to it — the fragrance is SO strong, sickeningly sweet — and I just don’t get it.

It’s time to let the fragrance thing go!

Thank you Mariella! Happy to hear that you’re enjoying the TF eye shadows :). Like you, I use the Dior mascaras and I have no problems.
It must be some skin irritant(s) that I’ve become reactive to, at least in the TF Matte Chocolate Chip eye shadows. They contain sodium saccharin, indeed; the EWG Skin Deep Cosmetics database, Paula’s Choice and others give a “low hazard” rating to this ingredient but who knows? I was worried however when I read about the cheap talc used by some companies when manufacturing their eye shadows, especially when the first ingredient listed is talc. While talc, when added in small quantities and if of high-quality is not harmful, a cheap form of talc may contain asbestiform fibers which apparently are not regulated and can be added in quite significant quantities to the talc and they can cause itchy, teary, swollen eyes, not to mention that they are potentially carcinogenic. In the case of the TF Matte Chocolate Cheap, for each eye shadow, talc is listed as the first ingredient. I had a look for instance at the ingredients for the ABH Modern Renaissance palette and I don’t see talc. I find that the same ingredients are usually used by different companies for the eye shadows, unless they are mineral/natural. However, it’s more difficult to find out about the quality/source of these ingredients. I have to go to Sephora on Wednesday and I will try the TF original Chocolate Bar to see if I get the same reaction.

I completely agree Mariella, I can’t wear any scented eyeshadows as my eyes will be streaming all day. Not happy that Tarte are following Too Faced’s example, I looove the Tarlette In Bloom Palette but same story with streaming eyes 🙁

The first thing I thought when I saw this post’s title was “but why?” and I think you’ve nailed it with the target market for Too Faced getting very young. I also might be the only person out there who isn’t much of a fan of honey as a food, AND there’s no way that yellow shadow will fly on my coloring, so this palette is a total miss for me…

BeckBeck, you’re not alone. I recently got a small tube of Farmacy Honey balm and it’s really great for dry lips but I can’t stand the smell in the same way I cannot stand the smell of honey. I’m always amazed by “honey scented” body products because it’s a smell I find so unappealing that I’d never give them a try. I do use honey (when I have a cold or sore throat, manuka honey is very soothing and mixed with lemon and some hot water, even more so) but it’s not something I like either.

but isn’t that what perfume is for??? People who want to wear it can and can “have some fun” with it, and those who are troubled by it don’t need to put it on. It just seems a really dumb move to put unneeded fragrance in products that go right near your eyes.

Perfume makes you smell, Too Faced palettes don’t. They smell only when you’re doing your makeup and stop when you close them.
I get it, it’s not for you. I’ll buy it instead 🙂

It seems to be “not for you” for a lot of people – just look at the comments here and replies to my comment. That’s what I don’t understand…why would a company persist in making products that are totally unacceptable for a large # of otherwise prospective purchasers. For those who truly are bothered by unnecessary scent in products (particularly in an eyeshadow!), it may seem downright insulting. That’s not even addressing the other issues people might have with this palette (that it’s ugly or repetitive, etc.) – it’s just immediately a “no go” for a lot of people

Not feeling this one. I bought the PB&J palette (even though it’s too warm-toned for me) because it looked so cute. This one would be alright if it wasn’t for that yellow. It is throwing the whole thing off for me. Easy pass.

This seems (obviously) very similar in color scheme to the PB&J palette…but instead of weird purples, we’re getting weird matte yellows? I’d be excited, but Too Faced isn’t exactly known for their matte formula.

I was excited to get the email about the early access, and I pounced! Although I don’t think I’ll ever buy any more TooFaced palettes in shallow cardboard packaging like their holiday ones, I’ve liked every one of theirs I’ve gotten in metal containers such as the Chocolate Bar ones and the PB&J. Much better quality. This yellow will be something I don’t have a dupe of already.

They have dug themselves into a hole. And they are running out of ideas with this food theme palette idea so much they are combining two old ideas? Time to go back to the drawing board Too Faced lol

Very apt! It’s like they have run aground. I think they were better off being more cheeky (like the bedroom eyes palette) rather than juvenile. Most Asian brands have taken them to task on cutesy packaging, this just feels half-assed.

I’m curious to see what that yellow looks like… I’m having a hard time figuring out if it’s too cool for me lol

This is going to be a perfect purchase for someone looking for these specific colors! Alas, I’ve never been one for the mustard-shadow trend, and I’ve met my quota with warm shadows with the Coloured Rain Queen of Hearts palette. Still, I hope the shadows rate well!

hmm I have the original peanut butter and jelly palette and I don’t like the fact that peanut butter is a repeated eyeshadow here although I suppose it makes sense to repeat…but it has cast some doubt to what I had previously assumed would be a surefire purchase

I really want to like this palette because, although I don’t own it, I like the idea of the PB&J palette. I personally think it’s fun to have scent infused cosmetics and if there’s really honey in this (I’m unaware of it currently), then it’s a great natural antiseptic for skin. Even if it’s just a scent, it can sometimes be a unique little gimmick that makes it collectable for weirdos like me who will buy makeup simply for how it looks/not to use. My main issue with Too Faced, much like with Tarte who I also want to like, is they keep repeating the same damn colors. I get it makes it nice to have repeating colors in other palettes so you can really buy the one that encompasses everything you want, but… every palette has one “weird” color with neutral/nude shades, aside from the one they had call Too Cute or whatever.

This is a pretty cute palette. Not feeling the scents. My chocolate one is awesome and the smell doesn’t bother me anymore but this is like over kill. Honey does not smell great to me even though I love honey

I used to buy Too Faced palettes right out of the gate, but they’ve had so many duds now that I wait for your reviews. I wear warm toned eyeshadows, but this is way too warm and dark for me. I’ll be looking for your review though.

Again, Too Faced?!?!? More scented crap with the diabolical ingredient of sodium saccharin? What will it take to stop this nonsensical inclusion of a KNOWN serious allergen for many millions of people, many of whom get caught unawares? A class action lawsuit? Because really, this has gone too far. Someone WILL eventually lose their eyesight, if this hasn’t occurred already. [rant over]

The shades look alright, but I will get that CP dupe of Honey Buns.

I agree! I don’t have problems with fragrances in cosmetics but I do have issues with sodium saccharin. I own both Chocolate Bar palettes and I didn’t know that they had the additive when I bought them. Even at that, I didn’t think I’d have a problem since I’m not ingesting it. However, I get headaches every time I use them. It’s frustrating because I love those palettes! But because of the ingredients, I can’t use them very often.

This is exactly what I’m afraid of when seeing Too Faced eyeshadows: their “decadent scent”. Whatever they put in the formula, it makes my eyes watery to the point that I have to take the eyeshadows off.


We don’t have Ulta in Canada, so I’m not even going to bother looking at this,

I remember last year when PBJ palette came out, and I was SO excited. But then I got so sad because it was only at ulta!!

It is pretty similar to the Peanut butter and Jelly palette. I have that one and haven’t used it much. I like warm colours but for some odd reason, I just don’t find myself attracted to this palette.

I bought the peanut butter and jelly palette and I love it (the colors are so strong that I almost have to be careful). I will definitely be excited to swatch this (although I am not a big Ulta fan so I dread giving them money and going to their stores). I am always a sucker for yellow and warm colors though <3

I’m such a sucker for these 9-pan Too Faced palettes. I love the portability so much. I really want this, even if I don’t need it, and I plan on getting it.

Nope they burnt me with white chocolate chip and the peach lip oils. Just not interested and it feels like it’s designed for my 12 year old not a 43 year old grown woman.

I love PB & J palette, but I’m so sure about this one. The color scheme isn’t grabbing me. I might have to see it in person. I usually end up loving these 9-pan palettes, though.

The Natural Mattte palette has been my travel go-to for a while, but I think I can have more fun and get more versatility with this one. I already ordered, but I’m anxiously awaiting your review!

Ha – maybe they’ll shift gears a bit and move on to a substantial main course and give us something like “Spaghetti and Meatballs”!!! Can you imagine? Complete with scents of tomato and oregano? Maybe a bit of eau de Parmesan thrown in !

What REALLY annoys me is this whole scented thing started with the chocolate soleil bronzer. The cocoa in that was supposed to have natural antioxidants hence the marketing pitch was it smelled delicious like chocolate but it was there for a PURPOSE. Jillian Barbari was still really active as the face of the brand and she sold that chocolate antioxidant heal your skin while you wear our bronzer hardcore. The smell was part of the sell but it wasn’t the core, skincare benefits were. I don’t know if cocoa powder is good for the skin or not I’m just old enough to remember where the chocolate train started for too faced. Years later when the first chocolate bar palette came out and changed everything suddenly they flipped the script and skincare benefits, words that scream *old* in buzzword marketing speak were dropped entirely. When the peach palette came out I lost all respect. They weren’t even pretending to care about skin health or customers long term benefits. Jillian now in her 40’s was shuffled to hsn and a parade of youtubers have taken her place. It’s like they really truly expected their long time fans to forget the smell was there for a REASON. I’m so annoyed and peeved especially with the increasingly shoddy products. And every time they parade another new smell I think of the YEARS they promoted the antioxidant benefits of cocoa powder and why they used it, to help their clients maintain their pretty in the words of Jerrod. Eye roll. I’m so annoyed with Too Faced. That’s sad because I really love the brand, I just wish they would reboot.

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