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Tom Ford Fall 2015 Color Collection

Tom Ford Beauty for Fall 2015
Tom Ford Beauty for Fall 2015

Eye & Cheek Shadow ($65.00) (TBA)

Tom Ford Eye and Cheek Shadow is a multipurpose ombré powder that offers a visionary new way to add color to the face. The silky powder infused with light-catching pearls creates depth and dimension to the eyes and sculpts cheeks with a radiant, blended ombré effect. Includes specially designed brush applicator. Made in France.

  • Bronze Ombre
  • Peach Ombre
  • Pink Ombre
  • Plum Ombre

Brow Sculpting Kit ($72.00) (TBA)

The Tom Ford Brow Sculpting Kit creates the shaped and groomed brow that is essential for defining the features and bringing structure to the face. Two highly pigmented, easily blendable shades can be applied separately or blended for a personalized, natural-looking shade. The colorless wax sets brow shape and gives a polished look. The dual-ended applicator combines a spiral comb for grooming and a brush for applying color. Made in France.

  • Light
  • Medium

Ultra Shine Lip Gloss ($46.00) (TBA)

  • Naked
  • Love Bruise
  • Sugar Pink (Repromote)
  • Peach Absolut


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Tom Ford Beauty for Fall 2015
Tom Ford Beauty for Fall 2015

Tom Ford Beauty for Fall 2015
Tom Ford Beauty for Fall 2015

Tom Ford Beauty for Fall 2015
Tom Ford Beauty for Fall 2015

Tom Ford Beauty for Fall 2015
Tom Ford Beauty for Fall 2015

Tom Ford Beauty for Fall 2015
Tom Ford Beauty for Fall 2015

Tom Ford Beauty for Fall 2015
Tom Ford Beauty for Fall 2015

Tom Ford Beauty for Fall 2015
Tom Ford Beauty for Fall 2015


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Stacey Avatar

Tom Ford is getting ridiculous. Far more ridiculous tha charging crazy marked up amounts for Japanese cosmetics at Ichibankao.

These eyeshadows reminds me of colors from Maybelline.
The brow set may be pretty but the price is crazy.
Makes Cle de Peau seem like a bargain.

The blushes went up $3.00 recently.
The lipsticks, $2.00.

I know these are for the rich, but really?

Mary Avatar

I fully agree. I have recently become educated regarding markup vs. actual manufacturing costs, and I cannot abide some of these designers’ prices. Especially when the product is not absolutely singular or outstandingly innovative. An example of worthy pricing would be the Armani beauty line, as that team is consistently pushing boundaries and researching skin beneficial ingredients. Expensive, but certainly worth the money. The Korean brand Pacific Amore and its line, Laneige, are worth the dollars spent, for cutting edge skincare which all other prestige brands are trying to copy. My method is to look at the ingredients first, packaging and branding, second and third. Difficult, I know! ;{}

Jane Avatar

Did you see the prices of the new Loubouton lipsticks?

Clinique jumped the price of my beloved essence lotion by TEN DOLLARS. Ugh.

More on topic: I like Tom Ford’s products, but they pretty much never go home with me, mainly because of the price.

Aging Ophelia Avatar

Well, I dig the blushery colors, and the brow/shadow kits, but those lip colors are just a “meh,” after seeing so many similar tones all spring and summer. Nice, but no kind of stand-out, you know?

wendy Avatar

i saw the promotional ads with model daphne using the plum colors. it looked gorgeous on her, of course. i wish there would be more pictures of her wearing the other colors. she’s not wearing any liner and it doesn’t look like anything else which. would be such an easy effortless look. but, i have to have some liner around my eye before i leave the house. i’m feeling a bit disappointed….maybe too early until reviews.

Mariella Avatar

The prices are just way too high for me, considering what the products are ($65 for what’s basically a light coloured eyeshadow you can also put on your cheeks?). I often wonder if the folks at Tom Ford, Louboutin and some other companies sit around a boardroom table and chuckle, while rubbing their hands together gleefully, speculating on just how much they can charge for this or that item and how just how many women will line up and happily part with the cash.

Kylee Avatar

I am a unimpressed by this collection, honestly, and I own a decent amount of TF and Louboutin. For example, the Pink Glow palette for summer was worth the $95 to me…quality is outstanding, it’s eyes and cheeks in one, and it’s neutral-y but showstopping in the best way. The blushes are everyday products for me, and the lipsticks will generally withstand the apocalypse. And I don’t own a ton of Louboutin polishes, but they’ve been the best quality I’ve ever used and honestly the bottle is gorgeous and half the price right there (I hunted down probably the last Scarabee I on earth and I just want to stare at it in the bottle, it’s so pretty!). I’ll absolutely spend the money if I think it’s worth it, or for just one piece of a unique collection (not even gonna say I won’t buy one $90 Louboutin lipstick when they launch because they’re insane and they definitely go all-out with their packaging, but I will), but I’m so meh on this collection. There’s nothing standout that makes it worth the money to me. I loved the summer collection, so I have no problem passing on the stuff here.

Nancy T Avatar

The Pink Glow palette was the one thing I would have gladly forked over those kind of $$$’s for, because it was flawless and not average or plain, but had such a gorgeousn-ess to it! But THIS stuff??? No . Nada. Nope.

Katherine T. Avatar

I’m with you on the pricing. It seems like there’s an arms race among the cosmetic companies to see who can charge the most for their products. Louboutin is coming out with $90 lipstick! Pretty soon, we’ll be paying $50 for a single eye shadow, and $200 for a “value kit”. It’s getting kind of ridiculous. Thank goodness for dupes. I love the dupe section of this blog-it’s saved me so much time and money, when I realize I can get the same color for a fraction of the price, or I already have a dupe in my stash

Mariella Avatar

Isn’t the Dupe List amazing? I remember what it was when I first started coming here but it was still the best one available. Then Christine redid it a few years ago and it was really good but now, it is outstanding! I love that the dupes are arranged from closest to less “dupe-y” and also that when you click the “back” button, you can get back to the full “Glossover” list, if that’s where you have navigated from. With the previous Dupe List, you would always have to click “Click to reveal more glossovers”. Christine, I wasn’t quite sure where to say this but this seems as good a place as any – this relaunch/revamp is simply outstanding! As much as I’m having a bit of trouble remembering where to find stuff or where I managed to find stuff, I’m getting there but, oh my, what a great site you have. It has always been first rate but now, you’re off in the stratosphere, lady!

Christine Avatar

Thank you, Mariella!

With the recent redesign, we really tried to focus on what people were using and where. In general, we feel like the site is AWESOME!SAUCE! but that there is a LOT on the site, and people use the site differently, so one of the things we really wanted to do was hone in some of the best stuff while still tying back to all the components of the site (like the Reader Reviews summary that gets inserted underneath my review to highlight that we have a whole review system readers can use).

Of course, this does mean that we moved certain things around, so there is some re-learning, but so far, it seems like it is for the greater good 😉 My entire process has changed on the back end for how I write reviews (what order, how things get placed), so I’m still working on getting myself acquainted and streamlining!

Nancy T Avatar

I echo Mariella’s sentiments on this! The changes have been fantastic, yes there’s a learning curve, but I believe that ALL great things do continue progressing and evolving, so a little brain exercise is well worth the effort to re-instruct our thought processes. Yes, this site really is AWSOME!SAUCE!!!

Katherine T. Avatar

Christine, there used to be a Like or Not Like button for each posting. Is it gone or did it get moved? From reader comments, it looks like a thumbs down, and if this were the Coliseum, the lions would be munching on Tom Ford cosmetics and maybe Mr. Ford himself

Joyce Avatar

Love the new format Christine. The only thing i miss is the date at the top. I use the date as a way to reference which posts I have seen/not seen. some time the brain doesn’t remember but for some reason dates work, especially when I’m looking for an old review where a product has been re-promoted x times.

Jill Avatar

I really liked the TF summer collection. Now I am hooked! I have already ordered the illuminating powder duo for fall. The ombre blushes look interesting, although I would prob never use it on my eyes.I will pass on the brow kit. I have one and there are so many good ones out there already. Lastly, I am in love with only Chanel lip glosses currently, sorry TF.
I caught a peek of a lovely navy cream/powder shadow duo TF is bringing for holiday. I will save up for that next.

Nicole Avatar

Christine, do you know anything about the new lipsticks coming out? I think I heard there are maybe 2 new ones and a repromote . I’m not sure if they are LE or not. They are called Misbehavin’ and So Vain, I believe. Flamingo is the repromote – (I think that is what she said) for fall.
I love the Cheek ad Eye ombre’s. but, man the prices are a killer. I wish Mr. Ford would release earlier. because a this point I have spent so much! I can’t wait for reviews!

Nicole Avatar

Oh, Okay! I wonder why they release later than everyone else it seems?! That’s a totally rhetorical question. I just am going to have to being more disciplined I guess if I am going to get his stuff!

Christine Avatar

No idea! I know as far as info goes, I’m considered “short-lead media,” which can often mean just-as-it-launches info for a lot of brands. Will be following-up with their PR early next week, so we’ll see if I get more insight then.

Not with respect to Tom Ford or their PR, but in general, most brands will not acknowledge something exists, even if there are 50 different blogs with info up if they’re not ready to release the info.

Nicole Avatar

Well, that’s confusing for everyone! It’s not a big deal. It just kinda is frustrating to me as a consumer because I wait and stash away money to spend and then it takes forever…like Christmas when you’re a little kid. And then Chanel and every other brand for that matter is coming out with flashy, pretty stuff and my daughter wants 5 pair of new shoes for school..ya’ know. So, it’s getting harder to keep that money for Tom Ford. One would think he would get his uber expensive stuff out there right away. That’s my though process though. I appreciate all the hard work you do to get the word out for us asap.:) The SA at the counter didn’t even have a date last week. She said they just get the shipment when they get it basically.

Eileen Avatar

Christine, I’m sure TF’s reticence to give you info is frustrating seeing as most of us read blogs from around the world and have already seen pictures and gotten info about the fall collections, Lips & Boys, and Holiday. It doesn’t make any since at all to embargo bloggers in the U.S. when info and pictures about the upcoming collections is just a click away.

Eileen Avatar

According to British blogs (which get TF info ahead of us), Misbehavin’ and So Vain are the new ones and Flamingo is a repromote. I’m sure all the long time TF fans remember Flamingo.

Nicole Avatar

Thanks. I thought I had seen it on Really . You’re right. She does announce the Tom Ford releases way ahead of time but gives no specifics on US dates which is what I want! lol

Nicole Avatar

Christine, have you ever reviewed Flamingo? I an typing in “Tom Ford Flamingo” in the search box and it’s pulling everything that has to do with Tom Ford and anything with Flamingo in it’s name. But, I can not locate that lipstick except in a 2011 page that looks like an intro page for the collection maybe..not sure really. Should I search differently?

Nicole Avatar

There was a cream out in early fall. It may still be around. Idk why it wasn’t advertised much and it’s not the usual TF eye cream texture. I think it’s made for a dual use. It’s a nice shade. I use mine a lot as a base. It’s just called fall AW ’15 or something odd like the spring one was.

Eileen Avatar

There’s nothing in this particular release to tempt me, but the upcoming release of this year’s version of Lips & Boys looks exciting. Sneak peaks are indicating 25 of the shades are repromotes and 25 of the shades are new. Woo-hoo! I’m also looking forward to the holiday collection which has a cream eyeshadow duo (like the summer ones) in a deep navy shade that looks lux and dramatic. Although I’m saving my money now, I have the feeling I’ll be splurging all too soon ?

Elena Avatar

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Good one, Tom Ford!!! If I were to pre-order the brow sculpting kit it’d run me a meager 95 CAN$ before taxes and shipping. This company is hysterical! For this price that thing better also tweeze the strays, apply organic azulene oil and give a facial massage all on its own. They can keep their luxurious “exclusivity” (along with their desperate and tacky fragrance ads) since it looks like this is what they desire the most. To be truthful, the collection looks drugstore.

Mariella Avatar

I’m so excited that Burberry is coming to Sephora. If I splurge on anything, it will be some single shadows from them. Tom Ford can keep his “exclusivity”. I wonder when women will come to their senses about how ridiculous some of these prices are. Factor in the crummy Canadian dollar or even think about people who can’t manage to feed their families and some of this just seems a bit obscene.

Nancy T Avatar

Well this is squirrel-nuts ridiculous-ness; basic, boring, drugstore looking products at exorbitant prices. Thoroughly appalled by this blah but uber pricey collection. Maybelline or Nyx does this stuff at a 10th of these prices. Again: APPALLING.

Atika Avatar

Dear Christine, I went to the TF Boutique on Madison Avenue here in NYC yesterday, they had the eye/cheek ombres and 16 new lipsticks as well the AW 15 runway colour. I swatched the ombre shades and on my south asian/slightly olive toned complexion they did not show up, it was a faint powdery streak which left me unimpressed. The new lipsticks were interesting and I really fell in love with a shade called showgirl which was a beautiful bright pink. As with most TF lipsticks it applied beautifully and was luxuriously pigmented. I was intrigued and will go back for another look at them. I also swatched the the AW 15 runway colour which lacked the nuance and beauty of past cream shadows and look and felt like a cheap imitation in terms of feel, application and even its visual impact in the pot.

Helene Avatar

So far I don’t own anything TF. The brand has been availabe for a year or a bit longer here, but I, dare I say it, don’t gett any wow-factor at all when going to the counter to have a look. I’m not sure why, but it could be the lighting, something I’ve talked to the staff about. All the eyeshadows look a bit “muddy”, and they don’t, do they, I mean really?
I have been looking at an eyeshadow palette, but it’s not on the counter so you can swatch it, so I’m not even sure it’s not one of the “muddy” ones, in a better lighting. Next time I’ll ask.
The ones I have swatched haven’t overwhelmed me either. Nor does this collection.
Now please be kind, let me know I’m wrong, but dont bite my head off 🙂

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