Tidbits on MAC’s Fall 2009 Collections

Upcoming Info on MAC’s Fall 2009 Collections

According to The Rose Sheet:

MAC’s fall line launches Aug. 20 in North America, with an international rollout to follow.

Five new lipsticks will roll out at summer’s end, including Front Lit (light white yellow), High Strung (deep pink silver) and Hold the Pose (brown plum with pearl).

Four lipglasses will also debut, from Young Thing (yellow neutral with gold pearl) to On Display (purple with yellow pearl). All items will retail for $14 apiece.

MAC will introduce new eyeshadows, priced at $14.50 each, including (rich yellow) Crest the Wave, (light turquoise blue) Haunting, and (deep blue purple) Violet Trance. Alternatively, consumers can pick up any of three eye shadow sets – Skintone, Private Viewing, and Photo Realism – each consisting of four shades, for $36 apiece.

New Technakohl eyeliner comes in five hues – Color Matters (bright lime), Obviously Orange (dirty coral), Artistic License (bright turquoise blue), Full of Fuchsia (deep blue magenta), and Graphblack (rich graphic black). Each retails for $14.50.

Powder blush in (dirty pale pink) The Perfect Cheek and (dirty brick brown red) Notable also launch in August for $18 apiece.

Reflects Copper and Reflects Rust roll out under MAC’s reflects Glitter line for $19.50 each. New MAC pigments, also $19.50 each, include Cocomotion (dirty gold bronze with gold pearl), Brash & Bold (Bright Magenta) and Heritage Rouge (dirty brown plum).

Too much to read? Check out our breakdown!

New Lipsticks

  • Front Lit Light white yellow
  • High Strung Deep pink silver
  • Hold the Pose Brown plum with pearl

New Lipglasses

  • Young Thing Yellow neutral with gold pearl
  • On Display Purple with yellow pearl

New Eyeshadows

  • Crest the Wave Rich yellow (Repromote – Naughty Nauticals)
  • Haunting Light turquoise blue (Repromote – McQueen)
  • Violet Trance Deep blue purple (Repromote – Pandamonium Quad)

3 New Quads (Likely follow-up to Cult of Cherry)

  • Skintone
  • Private Viewing
  • Photo Realism

New Technakohl Liners

  • Color Matters Bright lime
  • Obviously Orange Dirty coral
  • Artistic License Bright turquoise blue
  • Full of Fuchsia Deep blue magenta
  • Graphblack Rich graphic black

New Blushes

  • The Perfect Cheek Dirty pale pink
  • Notable Dirty brick brown red

Glitters and Pigments

  • Reflects Copper
  • Reflects Rust
  • Cocomotion Dirty gold bronze with gold pearl
  • Brash & Bold Bright magenta
  • Heritage Rouge Dirty brown plum

Source: “The Rose Sheet” May 25, 2009 (page 8) via [email protected]