This or That: Copper Cream Eyeshadow ft. Danessa Myricks vs. Smashbox

More cream eyeshadows to compare! This time, let’s look at two more liquid-based cream eyeshadows as they both come in a squeezy tube.

Learn how to make more critical comparisons between two products when you’re choosing between two options, whether you’re in decluttering mode or considering a new purchase or have been tempted by something new and shiny!

Danessa Myricks Rustic vs. Smashbox Sienna

The Analysis

  RUSTIC Danessa Myricks SIENNA Smashbox
Finish Matte Matte
Color Medium copper with moderate, warm undertones–leaned slightly more orange than red Medium-dark copper with moderate, warm undertones–leaned slightly more red than orange
Pigmentation Opaque Opaque
Texture Soft, moderately emollient, slightly dense Thin, velvety, lightweight, budge-proof finish once set, quick to set
Longevity Started fading after 10 hours Started creasing faintly after 8.5 hours
Application Applied well dry and could be used with a dampened brush Applied well dry and could be used with a dampened brush
Accessibility Mostly online only but wide global distribution and carried at larger retailers Online and in-store, global distribution and carried at larger retailers
Price/Size $18.00/0.34 fl. oz. $22.00/034 fl. oz.
Packaging Squeeze tube Squeeze tube

Reasons for Danessa Myricks Rustic: The biggest plus for Rustic is that it is a multi-use product (and actually functioned well as such) and can be used as an eyeshadow, blush, and lip product. It is strongest as an eyeshadow and blush, though it was surprisingly good as a lip product for those who like more liquid lipsticks that dry down. The formula is quick-drying but retains some blendability after it is mostly dried down, and it is particularly long-wearing with more fading than creasing at the end of the day. It’s very pigmented where a little went a long way, so it is ideal for someone looking for more opaque effects. I think this formula will work better for someone who prefers using brushes over fingertips (fingertips do work well, though, but brushes edge them out, in my experience). This finish is less matte and seemed to sit better on my skin sometimes.

Reasons for Smashbox Sienna: I think the formula is easier to sheer out for those who prefer more semi-sheer to medium coverage in a cream eyeshadow. It has less of a learning curve with respect to pigmentation than Rustic as Sienna is pigmented but didn’t require as much care not to over-apply it. The finish is also very matte, so if one wants an extreme matte finish, this is the better choice. I found that this product, as it was more velvety, seemed slightly more fingertip-friendly for application compared to Rustic, so if you tend to use fingertips for thin, layer of cream eyeshadow, this might be more suitable (by a fraction!).

Editor’s Pick: While I thought they were fairly comparable at a glance, Rustic was the clear pick for me. It just outdid Rustic in every day; it was more pigmented, more versatile, more affordable, and longer-wearing. Both formulas had some learning curve for me, but after working with the Danessa Myricks matte Colorfix, they really can be beyond stunning after getting the hang of it (a few uses at most).

Bottom Line: Rustic came out as a superior product, so I think the ability to see Sienna in-store more readily might be its major advantage followed by its very matte finish.