ThermaClear Acne Treatment Device Review, Effectiveness

ThermaClear Acne Treatment Device ($149.00) is meant to help significantly reduce the time it takes for a pimple to develop and clear. It is essentially the technology rival to Zeno, which is also geared towards clearing pimples that are spotted by the user. It is recommended for mild to moderate inflammatory acne, but it is not claiming to help counteract blackheads or cystic acne (though user experience shows me that it does help, but it is not as effective as on other types of acne). ThermaClear works by using a pulse of heat directly on the pimple’s surface, which helps to neutralize the underlying bacteria that causes pimples.

ThermaClear claims to “clear pimples up to four times faster than those not treated with ThermaClear.” I would agree that it does a good job minimizing the effects of pimples you just know will take at least a week to go away, if not more. Unlike the Zeno, ThermaClear takes less time to use; it takes ten seconds to turn on, and then you apply it to the pimple. The pulse of heat takes about two seconds (but let the device sit there for about 5 seconds), and it is ready to go again within ten seconds. It is advised that treatment may be done up to three times in a 24-hour period and no more than once in an hour period. One of the things I disliked about Zeno was that after 3 usages, the safety mechanism kicked in and made you wait two minutse before it would reset; ThermaClear you can treat as many as you want in a sitting. ThermaClear also works on regular AA batteries making it convenient and you don’t have to worry about an internal battery that could bust sometime down the road.

There is one caveat to ThermaClear, and it is simply that it can hurt. The pulse of heat is very much like a zap that lasts two seconds, and it can be more painful on certain pimples than others (depending on their size, type, and location). I can handle the pain, and so was my boyfriend, but it isn’t pain-free. The Zeno uses two-minutes of constant heat which is not at all jarring or painful, which may make it a better option for those more sensitive to pain. ThermaClear does have a high and low setting, though the low setting is much less effective than the high one, from my usage.

Remember why I only liked the Zeno? It was because of continuous cost beyond purchase price. ThermaClear suggests and recommends that you replace its tip twice a year ($19.95 each), but here’s the thing — it doesn’t force you to. ThermaClear won’t quit on you after X amount of uses. I just don’t have to worry and attempt to maximize my uses out of the device. I don’t have to question whether it’s worth it or not to use a treatment on a pimple. The cost of a Zeno tip replacement is about $35, and I know, for me, I’m looking at a minimum of three replacement tips a year, if not more.

In an effectiveness comparison Zeno and ThermaClear, they are about equal. Both of them work and work well. ThermaClear is faster, and less expensive in the long run, which is why I love ThermaClear.

You should be able to find ThermaClear at many local drugstores and retailers, which means there is often a generous return policy that will allow you to try the device our and see whether it works for you–and I so urge you to give it a shot!  Banish that pimple that wants to ruin your big date night out!

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